Thursday, 2017-09-07

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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: WIP: Failover test
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nmagnezirm_work, o/08:07
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rm_workworking on a real tempest test that will test our failover mechanism in active/standby08:31
rm_workbecause right now we don't ever test failover and so we don't realize we broke it until much later usually <_<08:31
nmagnezirm_work, awesome! I'll make sure to review it when it's ready08:32
nmagnezirm_work, so I think I'm okay with
nmagnezirm_work, i didn't test it, but you did so it's good enough for me to know it's safe to merge it08:33
nmagnezirm_work, do you want me to give it a spin anyways?08:33
rm_workif you want, though that one should be easy enough to verify just from the unit tests -- they do a render using it, and you can compare by hand and see the changes are only to fix whitespace08:34
nmagnezirm_work, fair point. and i see unit tests ran okay08:37
nmagnezirm_work, well, you got my vote :)08:37
rm_workthanks -- sometimes I like to take some time out and just focus on minor quality-of-life improvements that we normally don't really get to spend time on08:42
rm_workthe other similar one in that vein would be
rm_workthough apparently Josh left some comments for me that I need to read08:43
nmagnezirm_work, +108:44
nmagnezirm_work, added to my review queue08:44
nmagnezirm_work, and about what you asked in regards to the weekly meeting hour08:44
nmagnezirm_work, Since i didn't attend most meeting after this change I cannot answer but if it didn't help to draw more participates maybe we can revote. If it did, maybe it's okay after all08:45
rm_workit seems like participation is exactly what it was BEFORE, except without me or you, lol08:48
nmagnezirm_work, maybe that's a topic for the PTG.. i dunno (i'm not attending)08:49
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yamamoto_where neutron-lbaas bugs are tracked these days?09:16
openstackgerritYAMAMOTO Takashi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Stop registering "graphs" resource to quota
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nmagneziyamamoto, under octavia in launchpad13:17
yamamotonmagnezi: it was my understanding. but i couldn't file a bug at
nmagneziyamamoto, oh, i think it might got migrated to StoryBoard. johnsom mentioned something about it in yesterdays meeting13:21
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nmagnezijohnsom, o/16:19
johnsomnmagnezi o/16:20
nmagnezijohnsom, hi :)16:20
nmagnezijohnsom, a question related to lbaas and Octavia16:20
nmagnezijohnsom, do we still need to deploy neutron-lbaas if we use Octavia as it's own endpoint?16:20
johnsomSure thing, what is up?16:20
johnsomNope.  The new endpoint removes the need for neutron-lbaas16:21
nmagnezicool! :)16:21
johnsomWhich makes it easier to deploy and speeds up the API16:21
nmagnezimaybe we should add a comment to our devstack examples
nmagnezijohnsom, i imagined n-lbaas is no longer needed but just wanted to make sure16:22
johnsomOh, yeah, I haven't looked at that stuff.  It could probably use a full review.  Would you have time to look at that?16:22
nmagnezijohnsom, sure. you want me to just try it out? or actually examine some areas in the code? (or both)16:24
johnsomWell, a quick look I have some comments....  Maybe I should open a story (bug) and assign it to you.  Is that ok?16:25
nmagnezijohnsom, also, if we remove neutron-lbaas from those examples, do we want to add our client to LIBS_FROM_GIT ? I know it will get installed by dep' thanks to your patch but maybe we should add it anyway16:25
nmagnezijohnsom, sure16:25
johnsomYeah, it's nice to grab the latest version vs. the released version for dev16:26
johnsomAwesome, thanks!16:26
nmagnezijohnsom, now I need to get used to storyboard  i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯16:26
johnsomYeah, that is what I have been doing yesterday and today.16:26
johnsomPlus getting issues re-organized.16:26
nmagnezijohnsom, sounds good. I don't even know if I have an account to storyboard (or maybe it's SSO)16:28
johnsomnmagnezi I don't know if this sends e-mail, but here is the story.  I will work on updating it over the next hour or so.!/story/200118316:29
johnsomYou do, I just assigned a bug to you....  Grin16:29
johnsomIt's the OpenStack SSO16:29
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johnsomnmagnezi Ok, I think that story and tasks are reasonable.  At least my top-of-head thoughts16:51
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Add 'futures' to requirements, as we use it multiple places
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rm_workhey johnsom21:48
rm_workseeing something WEIRD21:48
rm_workso I've got loadbalancer AAAA21:48
rm_workand loadbalancer BBBB21:48
johnsomEat more raw chicken?21:48
rm_worknormally, loadbalancer AAAA would also have a security-group "lb-AAAA" and it'd be attached to the ports for the amphorae allocated to AAAA21:49
rm_worksomehow I'm seeing the security group "lb-AAAA" attached to ports that are on the amps for loadbalancer BBBB21:49
rm_workworking up a pastebin, one sec21:50
rm_worknoticed this because one of my LBs won't delete, because of security-group in-use21:50
johnsomHmm, spares pool?21:50
rm_workactually no, one sec21:50
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rm_workhold on21:54
rm_worknope false alarm21:55
johnsomOh good21:56
rm_workjust that the first 5 characters of the ID are the same and that's what I was looking at21:56
johnsomThat SG code is in a nice place in the flows, so would have been surprised21:56
rm_workthe actual problem is that the amphora entry and the associated VM are deleted21:56
rm_workbut the port didn't get deleted21:56
rm_workit's stuck in "BUILD"21:56
johnsomAh, in nova21:57
rm_workand there's no way in code to find ports via security group is there?21:57
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konghi, guys, quick question, is octavia already a separate service in keystone catalog?21:58
kongrm_work: so, don't need neutron for api access?21:58
johnsomkong Hi, long time no-chat.  Yes, as of Pike21:58
kongjohnsom: yeah21:58
rm_workif you are using pike, then yes21:58
rm_workno need for n-lbaas anymore21:59
kongi will have a meeting half an hour later, our kickoff meeting for lbaas deployment21:59
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kongwe are waiting for a long time21:59
kongit's decided lbaas is the next big thing in our public cloud22:00
kongso, i appears :-)22:00
kongneed to re-construct my knowledge for octavia22:01
johnsomCool, yeah with Pike you have a standalone Octavia endpoint, no need for neutron-lbaas, OpenStack Client plugin.  The Horizon dashboard changes are up for review now in octavia-dashboard.22:02
kongjohnsom, rm_work, if we use release before pike, is there a smooth way to upgrade?22:02
kongjohnsom, rm_work, i'd really like to hear your suggestions :-)22:03
johnsomWell, many folks are running master/pike octavia with older clouds.  If you do run an older LBaaS with neutron-lbass there are some things that can smooth it out, but it takes more work.22:04
johnsomThere is a proxy plugin for neutron-lbaas that accepts requests to neutron API and proxies them to octavia api.  This is up for review.  The command line is harder, as neutron-lbaas uses the deprecated neutron client, but octavia uses the openstack client.22:06
kongjohnsom: 'master/pike octavia with older clouds', do you mean, pike octavia with (maybe) mitaka version of nova/neutron/glance, etc.?22:07
johnsomYeah, I think one operator is running Pike Octavia with Liberty rest of the cloud22:07
kongwell, we will be in the same situation :-)22:08
johnsomThe only thing I know is an issue is DVR in neutron prior to Pike had floating IP bugs22:08
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johnsomIf you aren't running DVR you are probably good to go22:09
kongfortunately, we don't support DVR22:09
kongjohnsom, rm_work, thanks for your answer, i will prepare something for the meeting, and maybe will bug you a lot in the next few weeks.22:10
johnsomOk, next week is the PTG, so most of us will be busy but feel free to ping us22:11
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kongjohnsom: i will, thanks22:12
*** sshank has joined #openstack-lbaas22:12
xgerman_johnsom more of your wisdom needed: [WIP] Generate Octavia Amphora image artefact22:13
johnsomJust saw that22:13
xgerman_yeah, would cut down some gate ties for ansible-octavia22:14
xgerman_oh, I have another crazy idea maybe we should have an amphora-image project to decouple that so we can speed up build times22:15
rm_work^^ considered22:15
rm_workcould revisit if we have time22:15
johnsomThat is basically the "split our amphora agent into new repo" discussion22:16
johnsomfollowed by the octavia-lib discussion22:16
johnsomNot saying it's not a worthy idea, I actually think it is the right answer to some degree.  Just cross gate stuffs, shared code, etc.22:17
johnsomUgh, equifax22:19
xgerman_yeah, I think we will have a multi image future (+/- exabgp, lvs, L4-LB, etc.)22:19
johnsomHmmm, not sure some of those *need* to be a different image, but maybe22:20
xgerman_yeah, we need to draw a line somewhere22:22
* xgerman_ added it to PTG etherpad22:23
xgerman_but agree might be too early to cross that bridge — so far those things are small. Would feel different if something big arrives (e.g. nginx or so)22:24
johnsomYep.  nginix would be a whole different animal22:24
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia master: Add 'futures' to requirements, as we use it multiple places
johnsomxgerman Posted some comments on the build job22:29
johnsomThough tox also puked on you22:29
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johnsomSorry, didn't mean that to come off as  harsh, just "in addition to my comments"22:36
johnsomxgerman_ Another comment, one more place to update for the template. Also, any chance we can publish that to a directory other than tarballs?22:39
johnsomIt's going to make that directory bloat up with a bunch of image files that should not be confused for release components....22:40
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johnsomOr, I guess since it just overwrites, maybe name it "master" like the master tarball?22:41
xgerman_ok, I was mad at tox22:44
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xgerman_anyhow, I will do the adjustments22:44
johnsomYeah, I thought the template of the name would fix that tox error, but I guess not. hmmm22:46
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