Tuesday, 2017-10-10

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openstackgerritJude Cross proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Create scenario tests for loadbalancers  https://review.openstack.org/48677500:45
openstackgerritJude Cross proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: WIP: Failover test  https://review.openstack.org/50155900:45
rm_workkong: hold on i need to read backlog of what you were just talking about00:45
rm_workkong: but we just pushed up some ... changes00:45
rm_workkong: you should probably review that first patch00:46
rm_workkong: and yes, getting the amphora roles and compute-ids was one of the primary reasons I made the amphorae-api00:47
rm_workkong: i use it heavily in the failover test we just committed00:47
kongrm_work: have you reviewed the tempest patch?00:48
rm_workkong: JudeC and I spent all day working with it00:48
rm_workkong: we just pushed up another patchset with some significant changes00:48
rm_workto make it compatible with more than just "devstack"00:48
kongok, looking forwad to that, i can't wait for it to be merged00:49
rm_workkong: testing shows it works in Devstack right now00:49
kongi don't doubt that, i tested for many times00:49
rm_work(not the failover patch, but the main LB one: https://review.openstack.org/486775)00:49
rm_workwell, it DID NOT work in devstack for us, originally00:49
rm_workwe had to do significant changes to make it functional in our devstack testing :/00:50
kongyeah, would be happy to review the changes00:50
JudeCthanks kong :)00:50
rm_workahhh hold on00:51
rm_worksomehow this is merge conflicting <_<00:51
rm_workah that's zuuuuul00:51
rm_workone sec00:51
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Create scenario tests for loadbalancers  https://review.openstack.org/48677500:52
rm_workyeah no idea why zuul is unhappy00:53
rm_workbut i think it's a zuulv3 bug00:53
rm_workthat patch is NOT in merge conflict :(00:53
rm_workkong: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486775/25..27/00:54
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johnsomIgnore the zuul gates for now.  They should not block anything.  Jenkins is the one that matters.01:52
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas-dashboard master: Imported Translations from Zanata  https://review.openstack.org/50955508:26
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/octavia-dashboard master: Imported Translations from Zanata  https://review.openstack.org/51033508:47
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maestropandyHi all.. in devstack/ocata.. while doing autoscaling using lbaas .. getting error as "required extension lbaas in neutron service is not available" I have added lbaas in local.conf file ..13:51
maestropandyhere is my local.conf file http://paste.openstack.org/show/623190/13:52
maestropandyI have checked neutron.conf file .. here the file http://paste.openstack.org/show/62323813:53
maestropandywhether need to change service plugin or fine ?13:56
maestropandyI couldn't able find q-lbaas in devstack, though i added in plugins13:57
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas-dashboard master: Imported Translations from Zanata  https://review.openstack.org/50955514:14
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johnsomJust an FYI, they release gates failed on the newton releases last night.  Infra is working on the issue.15:12
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johnsomAnother FYI: We anticipate an outage for the CI system of somewhere between 30-6015:18
johnsomminutes starting at 11:00 UTC on Wednesday October 11.15:18
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johnsomZuulv3 rollout, round two...15:22
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johnsomMerged openstack/releases master: Revert "Revert "Revert "Final newton release of Octavia and neutron-lbaas"""15:28
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johnsomWell, at least we canary'd another issue for OpenStack....15:28
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johnsommaestropandy I think your issue is your local.conf, the enable_service line should be comma seperated.15:34
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openstackgerritNuman Siddique proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: [WIP] Support OVN driver for lbaas v2  https://review.openstack.org/51092115:54
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Fix a tempest deprecation warning for tempest  https://review.openstack.org/51097418:05
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Fix a tempest deprecation warning  https://review.openstack.org/51097418:05
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia-dashboard master: Imported Translations from Zanata  https://review.openstack.org/51033518:06
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sinvalhi folks, I'm trying to run LBaaS service on Ocata, and while configuring the lbaas_agent with the HAproxy driver I'm receiving this warning: WARNING neutron_lbaas.drivers.haproxy.namespace_driver [-] Stats socket not found for loadbalancer uuid...19:43
sinvaldoes anyone have any adea what can cause this warning?19:43
sinvaland I'm also getting a "Could not load neutron_lbaas.drivers.haproxy.namespace_driver.HaproxyNSDriver" message when starting the lbaas_agent19:44
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slaweqjohnsom: hello19:49
slaweqjohnsom: can You maybe take a look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/509708/ ?19:50
slaweqthx in advance19:50
slaweqalso maybe other lbaas core reviewers can look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/509708/ ?19:50
johnsomslaweq I will have a look, but we really aren't adding new features to neutron-lbaas anymore19:51
slaweqah, ok19:51
slaweqI didn't know19:52
slaweqso now new features are only in Octavia repo, right?19:52
johnsomYeah, neutron-lbaas will likely go deprecated during Queens.  All development has shifted to Octavia.19:52
slaweqok, thx19:52
johnsomslaweq We haven't officially deprecated yet, so we can talk about new features, but it will likely be a hard sell19:53
johnsomWe will continue to bug fixes until the deprecation time ends19:54
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sinvalwhat means "WARNING neutron_lbaas.drivers.haproxy.namespace_driver [-] Stats socket not found for loadbalancer"? in the lbaas_agent log?19:58
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johnsomsinval With that old haproxy namespace driver, if the listener has not yet been configured it posts those messages20:14
sinvaljohnsom so, when I assign a listener to the lb it will stop?20:16
johnsomsinval Most likely yes20:17
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sinvaljohnsom you're right, however I'm afraid that the HAproxy is not working20:22
sinvalbecause I get that "Could not load neutron_lbaas.drivers.haproxy.namespace_driver.HaproxyNSDriver" message at the lbaas_agent start20:22
johnsomsinval Most of us don't use that driver, so have some patience with us20:23
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johnsomI think that warning about the driver is just a bug in neutron and that it actually loads just fine20:23
johnsomHmm, the bot is sleeping again...  I rebased the nlbaas-proxy patch20:31
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sinvaljohnsom I already have a listener and a member under the 80 port on the loadblancer20:49
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sinvaljohnsom however, when I try a simple curl on the load balancer nothing is received... and after a time it answers a 503 service unavailabe20:50
johnsom503 means no members are responding20:51
johnsomOr not reachable20:51
sinvalbut I have an http server running on the 80 of the node atached to the LB, it strange20:52
sinvalit's like the loadbalancer is not passing down the request20:52
johnsomNot likely20:52
johnsommy guess is security group issue, or the subnet for the member cannot reach the member IP or something similar20:53
sinvalthe loadbalancer is in the same subnet of the http server (the member) and I followed the ocata guide to setup the security group, the http rules is allowed20:55
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johnsomWell, I think the first debug step is on the lbaas agent host enter the network namespace and try to curl your member from there.20:56
sinvalyou mean by running curl using ip netns exec ?20:57
johnsomYeah, that old driver creates a netns to run haproxy in20:58
sinvalI see, I'm running a netstat -anp while I send the request to the LB and I can see him trying to connect to the member20:58
sinvalit shows:           SYN_SENT    31955/haproxy20:59
sinval172.16.4.8:80 is the member20:59
sinval172.16.4.5:45434  is the LB ip  + outgoing port...20:59
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sinvaljohnsom I tried to curl and it is also haging21:01
johnsomYeah, if you got 503 it's not the haproxy issue21:02
sinvalit is stil hanging, I can ping the address, but nothing on the 80 port21:02
sinvalI'm trying a telnet on the 80 and it's Trying...21:03
sinvalI'm running a traceroute to the member ip and nothing comes21:10
johnsomsinval Out of curiosity, why aren't you using the octavia driver?21:11
sinvalwell, I find the setup doc using devstack but did not try21:13
kongrm_work: i left a comment on the patch21:13
sinvalmy installation it's a lab, and we will move to production soon21:13
sinvalis there any doc to configure octavia without devstack?21:14
rm_workkong: k will get to it shortly21:14
johnsomsinval I highly recommend you do not try to use the old haproxy namespace driver in production.  It has many limitations21:14
kongrm_work, johnsom, what do you think about this small feature: https://storyboard.openstack.org/?#!/story/2001224?21:14
johnsomsinval There is an overview here: https://docs.openstack.org/octavia/latest/contributor/guides/dev-quick-start.html21:15
kongor there is already a way for that?21:15
johnsomsinval You can also use any of the deployment tools: OpenStack Ansible, puppet, etc.21:15
sinvalah, will I need to have an ubuntu to run it? because my setup is redhat21:15
johnsomsinval The steps are also in code for the devstack plugin: https://github.com/openstack/octavia/blob/master/devstack/plugin.sh21:16
sinvalI see, I can try it in redhat21:16
johnsomsinval Yeah, RedHat is not a problem.  One of the octavia cores is a RedHat employee21:16
sinvalso, basically it is a service that runs on the controller node?21:18
johnsomsinval You also might want to consider deploying native Octavia and not using neutron-lbaas at all.  It will save you upgrade issues.  You can do that with the Pike release.  You can also deploy Pike Octavia with version of Openstack back to at least Mitaka, if not earlier21:18
sinvallike the lbaas_agent21:18
johnsomsinval There are control plane processes, but the actual load balancing happens in service VMs in your compute space.  Thus scales as your compute scales.21:19
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johnsomsinval https://docs.openstack.org/octavia/latest/reference/introduction.html21:19
johnsomkong The API supports it https://developer.openstack.org/api-ref/load-balancer/v2/index.html#filtering-and-column-selection21:21
johnsomkong But I do not see it enabled in the OSC plugin, so maybe this is a python-octaviaclient story.21:22
sinvaljohnsom thanks for the help, I'll try the octavia21:22
johnsomsinval Yeah, if you deploy Pike octavia with the native endpoint you will be much happier.  Most, if not all production deployments are using Octavia and not the namespace haproxy driver.21:22
sinvalall right, will do, thanks21:23
johnsomsinval We are also able to help you a lot better with octavia21:23
sinvalI see21:23
johnsomkong Was your concern about being able to do that query via API or mostly the OSC?21:25
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Return availability_zone with the amphora record  https://review.openstack.org/51104521:26
rm_workjohnsom: ^^ alternate21:27
rm_worki don't like it21:27
rm_workso i'll be pretty tempted to merge the original internally as a patch, even though it does a schema change... which sucks :/21:27
johnsomrm_work So what don't you like about it?  I think we need to filter on the nova query, but otherwise looks reasonable21:32
rm_workah yeah i guess by our project? I figured it would be scoped by default but possibly not since we're admin?21:33
rm_workmight be worth doing just in case21:33
johnsomrm_work Plus we can filter on instance name at least.  I wouldn't mind if you wanted to add metadata to the instances to help search as well21:34
rm_workhow would we filter on instance name?21:34
johnsomWell, all of our instance names are amphora-*21:34
rm_workare they though? :P21:34
johnsomor something like that21:34
rm_work(hint: no they aren't)21:35
johnsomrm_work More local hacks?21:35
rm_workupstream hacks!21:35
rm_workremember the thing that added the name length restriction21:35
johnsomOh, you broke that didn't you21:35
rm_workanything in that project SHOULD be an amp tho, right?21:36
kongjohnsom: yeah, the filtering api is what i want, but can you remind me where the filters is handled in the code?21:36
kongaround https://github.com/openstack/octavia/blob/master/octavia/api/v2/controllers/listener.py#L75?21:36
johnsomrm_work Should yes21:36
johnsomrm_work at least that hack as optional.21:36
johnsomSo, yeah, think about maybe adding some metadata tags too21:37
rm_workbut WHY21:37
rm_workwhy do we need to filter anything21:37
johnsomkong https://github.com/openstack/octavia/blob/master/octavia/api/common/pagination.py#L19921:38
johnsomkong It's API code most of the projects use21:38
johnsomrm_work Yeah, I guess the way that is setup we need to look through them all anyway, it's an admin API21:39
johnsomrm_work so, yeah, by service account project ID21:39
kongjohnsom: ahh, i see, we use PecanHook for that21:40
johnsomkong So I will drop the octavia project from your story and leave the python-octaviaclient?21:40
kongjohnsom: sure, please21:41
rm_workjohnsom: umm, not sure if possible to include that filter on a list() T_T21:43
rm_workI'm looking at novaclient/v2/servers.py21:44
johnsomHmmm, we allow it on our API, but maybe their client is lame21:44
rm_workdef list(self, detailed=True, search_opts=None, marker=None, limit=None, sort_keys=None, sort_dirs=None)21:44
rm_worksearch_opts is ... not what we need21:44
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rm_workjohnsom: yeah AFAIU that client will ALREADY be scoped to our project22:07
rm_workah no maybe it isn't? >_>22:08
*** fnaval_ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:10
rm_workfff this is dumb22:11
rm_workfnaval_: you still alive? :P22:12
*** fnaval__ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:12
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Remove SCREEN_LOGDIR from devstack  https://review.openstack.org/50974522:15
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rm_workor maybe it IS scoped... fff22:16
rm_workcan't f'ing tell22:16
johnsomI saw fnaval on an internal meeting, so he is still alive at least....22:17
johnsomThat doesn't mean that isn't a run away znc however22:18
rm_workyeah lol22:18
rm_workok so I *think* this is project scoped22:18
rm_workit comes from the keystone auth session client generator thing22:18
rm_workwhich should have our project in it22:19
rm_workso, you good with this then?22:19
*** fnaval has joined #openstack-lbaas22:19
johnsomYeah, I think so22:19
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-lbaas22:19
fnavalhi - im still around.  i'm having network issues apparently22:19
fnavalif you're seeing me drop in and out22:19
rm_worki'd still rather do the other way, because then I could just do a DB query... but whatever22:19
rm_workfnaval: hey! cool, wasn't sure what happened to any of my ol' rax pals ;P22:20
johnsomfnaval Hi, rm_work was just asking about the fnaval__ login22:20
fnavalhi rm_work!22:20
rm_workhopefully ya'll are doing OK there22:20
fnavalyeah i'm still chugging along.  how about you22:21
fnavalwhat are you up to these days22:21
xgerman_fnaval long timeā€¦22:21
fnavalgood presentation xgerman_ on kubernetes btw22:21
*** sshank has joined #openstack-lbaas22:21
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rm_workstill just octavia-ing22:23
rm_workattempting to stay busy (and possibly being over-successful)22:24
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johnsomrm_work help me with this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/511045/2/octavia/tests/functional/api/v2/test_amphora.py line 15022:49
rm_workso the noop compute driver's "list" needs to return a server with a compute_id that matches the amphora22:49
rm_workand pecan is an absolute @*($% to mock with22:50
rm_workthe only way I could figure out to make it work is by making a var I can set in the noop driver class, and then setting it for the test22:50
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johnsomI think we can do it in a cleaner way with mock like here: https://github.com/openstack/octavia/blob/master/octavia/tests/functional/api/v2/test_load_balancer.py#L16422:58
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rm_workkong: erm, you're using `from tempest.lib.common import validation_resources` which... doesn't seem to be in the latest tempest release? only git-master?23:44
rm_workand we're not using tempest_lib *at all*, it seems23:44
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