Monday, 2018-04-16

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xgerman_mnaser: johnsom os_octavia does not deploy the legacy policy by default:03:19
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openstackgerritGanpat Agarwal proposed openstack/octavia master: Active-Active: ExaBGP amphora L3 distributor driver
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openstackgerritJacky Hu proposed openstack/octavia-dashboard master: Allow detail pages to auto refresh upon action
openstackgerritJacky Hu proposed openstack/octavia-dashboard master: Allow detail pages to auto refresh upon action
openstackgerritJacky Hu proposed openstack/octavia-dashboard master: Allow detail pages to auto refresh upon action
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openstackgerritGanpat Agarwal proposed openstack/octavia master: Active-Active: ExaBGP amphora L3 distributor driver
nmagnezidayou, thanks for the answer :) I'm re-stacking so will review it later today08:54
dayounmagnezi, thanks :)08:57
nmagnezidayou, np. let me know when you think the auto refresh patch is ready08:58
cgoncalvesdayou, thanks a zillion for the auto-refresh!08:59
dayounmagnezi,, you needs some patching on horizon side08:59
dayoucgoncalves, my pleasure :)09:00
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openstackgerritJacky Hu proposed openstack/octavia-dashboard master: Allow detail pages to auto refresh upon action
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openstackgerritJacky Hu proposed openstack/octavia master: Allow default pool without a name on single create
dayounmagnezi, auto refresh patch should be ready for review12:29
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mnaserxgerman_: awesome so i'm using the newer one :)12:47
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gokhanhi folks, I installed octavia with openstack ansible . when I try to create loadbalancer ı am getting amphora not found instance couldn't be found error. This is error log: . How can ı solve this problem what is your opinions??13:33
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openstackgerritJacky Hu proposed openstack/octavia-dashboard master: Allow detail pages to auto refresh upon action
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xgerman_gokhan: the kog before that error should have it tryign to reach the amphora agent until it gives up… when I looked at your network config I didn’t see the veth pair between br-vlan and the octavia conatiner. Wonde rif you cna post an outout of `brctl show`15:42
xgerman_johnsom: rm_work my periodic job for osa borks on the diskimage build (need to replace that part with the download eventually)
xgerman_anything we know about DOB breakage?15:45
johnsomYeah, DIB and devstack were both impacted by the pip 10 release over the weekend16:13
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gokhan27hi xgerman_  again, I created veth pairs. this is my last network config: and this is my openstack_user_config.yml file for provider networks:
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gokhan27do you think which I may miss ?17:15
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xgerman_you have the `brctl show` outout?17:17
xgerman_also some `ip a ` on the octavia cintainer is helpul17:18
gokhan27xgerman_: and this output of brctl Show:
xgerman_ok, that looks good17:18
gokhan27xgerman_: and output of ip a in Octavia container:
gokhan27xgerman_: ı see that Octavia management network is created by service Project not admin Project, is that be problem ?17:21
xgerman_no, shouldn;t be17:21
xgerman_that all looks fine17:21
xgerman_johnsom: and I had out fair share of network debugging :-)17:22
xgerman_there are two possible next steps:17:23
xgerman_1) enable some more advanced debug settings in Octavia OR17:23
xgerman_2) boot up a vm on the octavia management net and ping it from an octavia container (after the security groups are not blocking ICMP)17:23
gokhan27xgerman_: I made Octavia network share and public and created an instance with amphora agent image. I can reach this instance and ping it from Octavia container17:25
xgerman_ok, that’s good ;-)17:25
gokhan27xgerman_: when run 'openstack loadbalancer create lb --vip-subnet Octavia-subnet '17:26
gokhan27instance is created but it is shutdown :(17:26
xgerman_yes, if it can’t reach it’s REST API it will do that17:26
xgerman_mmh, we usually use not the Octavia management net for the VIP net but we have people for whom that works…17:28
gokhan27xgerman_: and ampora instances are taking 2 ips from neutron17:29
gokhan27may be it can not create communicate with neutron correctly17:30
xgerman_yep, one for the menagement net and one for the VIP net17:30
gokhan27xgerman_: hımm can ı use any private subnet for VIP ?17:30
gokhan27xgerman_: sorry ı am new to Octavia and ı am asking a lot of questions :(17:31
gokhan27xgerman_: ok ı am trying now with private subnet17:31
xgerman_sounds good17:32
gokhan27xgerman_: after ı source my demo Project and try create loadbalancer , ı am getting http 403 error. ı can not reach Octavia ? What is the reason of this ?17:37
johnsom403 means the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is not allowing you to do that.17:38
johnsomIf you want the simpler RBAC config (owner or admin) copy into your /etc/octavia directory as policy.json and restart the API processes17:40
gokhan27johnsom: ok but openstack-ansible-os_octavia does not install policy.yaml with default. I will add it now.17:41
johnsomgokhan27: right, it OSA runs with the default advanced RBAC enabled which does not require a policy file17:43
xgerman_yep, but we will create the roles ;-)17:43
gokhan27xgerman_: I really thank you for Octavia role :) it is good work. I have problems because ı do not have enough information about Octavia :(17:47
xgerman_no worries - make sure to submit a patch updating the docs so the next perosn has an easier time17:48
gokhan27xgerman_: yep if ı achieve create loadbalancers, I will submit a patch. where do I need define policy.yaml file in Octavia.conf?17:53
xgerman_or you can add the loadbalancer_member role to the user you are using17:54
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gokhan27xgerman_: ok thanks17:59
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gokhan27xgerman_: ı am getting errors on health manager this is weird18:50
xgerman_yep, so if we recive haleth message from an amphora we don;t have in our DB we will log things like that — so this is ‘ok’ and the system will work/ignore them — but question is why are there amphoras which are not accounted for?18:53
xgerman_(we just added that so maybe need some “nicer” error message)18:53
gokhan27xgerman_: ı can see three amphora on db. I have HA installation and have 3 controllers. may be beacouse of that18:57
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xgerman_yeha, ther emigth be a decrepancy between what’s in the DN and what’s in nova list18:58
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gokhan27xgerman_: ok if ı can ignore them, it is not problem :)19:00
xgerman_well, if it’s not too many it’s fine — if it gets out of hand it will chew up resources (we have like mnore then a 100 once and that was a drag)19:01
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: WIP: Test l7 proxy to octavia
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rm_workxgerman_ / gokhan27 err, i don't think you should see *tracebacks*. That's wonky19:07
rm_workand, if you have amps that aren't in your system, that's generally a bad sign, as it would be a symptom of something broken19:08
xgerman_rm_work: yep, we clearly need to improve those error messages19:09
rm_workerr but why is that happening19:11
xgerman_1) If you start amphora by hand19:12
xgerman_2) I have seen amps related  to  failing over an ERROR LB19:13
xgerman_or maybe not19:13
xgerman_3) If we send a nova dleete and nova doesn’t do it19:14
xgerman_(2) is speculation since that might also be part of (3)19:14
rm_workyeah 3 is not great if that's happening19:18
rm_worksomething is busted in your env and it's only going to get worse19:18
rm_worki had another "big hammer" change for that19:18
rm_workbut dunno what approach we want to take19:19
gokhan27xgerman_: I create load balancer with private subnet and it is now active :)19:20
xgerman_yeah, you are good19:20
xgerman_rm_work: I am on the fence of hammering #3 - on the one hand people should run an HA nova and if they do planned maintenance stop Octavia - on the other hand we should be able to handle short API outages19:21
johnsomI have a patch in flight to fix that traceback error.  Now how you got an amp in that state is a different question19:24
xgerman_he said earlier he started one amp by hand19:25
johnsomMust have configured it too19:26
gokhan27xgerman_: I started more than one :)19:29
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rm_workxgerman_: i mean, api outages is one thing, but nova consistently saying "deleted successfully!" and then leaving servers around, is another issue altogether19:56
rm_workjohnsom: oh, do we have a plan for PIP? is that "not our problem" since it's primarily a DIB issue? is someone working it?19:56
johnsomWell, I think devstack is getting back into good shape, there are a few patches there, mine included.19:57
johnsomI have been poking at DIB this morning.19:57
johnsomIt's a bit complicated as cloud-init has a depends-on for the ubuntu pyyaml package.19:58
johnsomSo, still working on that one19:58
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rm_workjohnsom: ok, i'm focusing internally until gate issues are resolved then, as it seems it's handled, and i can't do much upstream21:16
rm_workunless there's stuff that needs eyes21:16
* rm_work checks reviews etherpad21:16
johnsomYeah, everything is stuck at the moment, plus I'm getting pulled internal too21:17
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nmagnezijohnsom, rm_work, yikes. and I thought that this breakage only occurs in my node and I should just deploy a clean one21:20
johnsomNo, it's the pip version 10 issue21:21
johnsomIt doesn't like distribution packages of python modules21:21
nmagnezican't we force it back to pip 9.x until it gets fixed? where is that bump coming from?21:22
johnsomYeah, that is what they did for devstack.21:22
johnsomI'm poking at DIB to see if there is another fix or not21:22
nmagnezianything I can do to help?21:23
nmagnezijohnsom, ?21:26
johnsomWell, I don't want to keep you up all night....21:26
nmagneziit's morning somewhere in the world I guess.. :)21:27
johnsomIf you are highly motivated: somewhere in here:
johnsomWe need to pin the version of pip like they did for devstack
johnsomThis is the script
johnsomdevstack uses.21:28
johnsomSomeone could propose that patch while I keep playing with the elements to see if I can work around the problem package.21:29
nmagneziwill try to find my way around there21:30
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: When SG delete fails on vip deallocate, try harder
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nmagnezijohnsom, (I still need to test it)21:53
nmagnezijohnsom,I'm building an image locally, will report soon21:58
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nmagnezijohnsom, still not working :<22:03
nmagnezi2018-04-16 22:02:22.513 |   Found existing installation: PyYAML 3.1122:03
nmagnezi2018-04-16 22:02:23.173 | Cannot uninstall 'PyYAML'. It is a distutils installed project and thus we cannot accurately determine which files belong to it which would lead to only a partial uninstall.22:03
nmagnezijohnsom, another fix is on the way
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nmagnezijohnsom, the log does not explain why it does not work22:18
nmagnezibut maybe it's just worth waiting for ?22:18
johnsomnmagnezi Ian claims his fix will solve this.  I didn't understand that from looking at the patch, but that is cool22:19
* nmagnezi crossing fingers for Ian22:19
johnsomI'm not sure how he is doing it.... I'm running into nasty cross-package issues22:19
nmagnezimaybe worth commenting this in the patch22:19
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rm_mobileThat was not where I meant to type that23:20
xgerman_it’s almost rm_work and rm_mobile are different people23:22
rm_workalmost :P23:22
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johnsomWe only worry if they start talking to each other23:23
rm_workmulti-sleeving is punishable by Real Death23:23
rm_workI wouldn't dare23:23
rm_work(referencing Altered Carbon, for those who haven't seen it yet)23:25
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rm_workwait.. wut23:29
rm_workhow did... wut23:29
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rm_workah nm23:31
rm_workjohnsom: err, this didn't set correctly:
rm_workdid I do it wrong?23:36
johnsomLooks fine there, let me check where you use it23:38
rm_workthat was the log-line i linked23:46
rm_workit was just blank23:46
rm_workit didn't get set in the localrc23:48
rm_worknothing about PROXY23:49
rm_workso obviously I set it wrong23:49
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