Saturday, 2018-08-18

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sapd1Hi johnsom , I would like to custom number of process in haproxy in amphora. But I can't find any haproxy template in source code. Please give me. :D02:38
johnsomsapd1: multi process haproxy breaks the active standby ha capability02:41
sapd1johnsom: I don't know why?02:42
johnsomThe templates are under octavia/common02:42
johnsomsapd1: yes, all of the session sync breaks with proc more than 1.02:42
sapd1johnsom: I thought in amphorae backend.02:43
sapd1I got it./02:43
johnsomsapd1: bionic with haproxy 1.8 should allow us to start scaling with the cpus02:43
sapd1johnsom: I'm trying to build amphora image with haproxy 1.802:43
johnsomSo, coming with stein release02:43
sapd1Because when benchmark amphora I just got 10k concurrent request per second but just consume 20% CPU02:45
johnsomYeah, I can get 30k with 1vcpu amphora02:45
johnsomProc setting in haproxy won’t help 20% utilization02:46
sapd1johnsom: Do you have special config or tuning for amphora?02:47
johnsomsapd1: I have some enhancement I will post soon for stein.02:47
johnsomsapd1: a big one is http reuse safe02:47
johnsomsapd1: allows backend connection reuse02:48
johnsomAssuming you mean http protocol. With TCP I got 14gbps out of an 1vcpu amp02:49
sapd1are you using Linuxbridge? because Bandwidth of my instance just got 8Gbps.02:50
sapd1with bonding two 10Gbps NIC02:50
johnsomYeah, linux bridge all local, so no under cloud performance issue02:50
johnsomUnder cloud networking is a whole different issue02:51
johnsomNics, jumbo frames, switch config, etc02:51
johnsomThough I think ovs is faster than linux bridge, more so with dpdk02:52
sapd1johnsom: I'm using SR-IOV for VIP Network02:52
johnsomsapd1: do you really have an application that needs it, or just doing benchmarking?02:53
sapd1johnsom: just doing, Because I'm working for Public Cloud provider. So I need benchmark when release a product.02:53
johnsomYeah, 8gbps on a 10gbps nic is reasonable.  Bonded is per stream, so, not true 2002:54
johnsomYeah, I looked at this recently for a marketing team too02:54
sapd1johnsom: BW is not a problem. I would like to higher connection rate :D02:58
johnsomYeah, I could get 30k.  We need more work on optimization and maybe active/active to go more.  Plus 1.8 and threads.02:59
sapd1johnsom: I tested UDP on 3.0 RC release recently.03:04
sapd1johnsom: How plan about active/active? Maybe on Stein release or T release. :D03:04
johnsomYeah, UDP did pretty good for me03:05
johnsomSigh, I really want to focus and finish act/act but keep getting distractions03:05
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia master: Fix compat with Python >= 3.6
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sapd1johnsom: I'm really interested in A/A.04:59
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sapd1johnsom: I tested haproxy 1.8 on Octavia, If I use 1 thread I got 10k request/s, but when use 8 thread I just got 7k request/s08:42
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