Thursday, 2018-09-13

abaindurhey, want to confirm... a loadbalancer == an amphora?00:18
abaindurspinning up a new loadbalancer will create new amphora, right?00:19
abaindurwe've used AVI before where it will re-use an existing service engine VM (equivalent to an amphora), to loadbalance traffic for entirely different loadbalancers00:19
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lxkongjohnsom, rm_work, hi, could either of you review and We really need both of them for our new internal release00:34
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johnsomabaindur Load balancer == one or more amphroa.  two in the case of active/standby06:00
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huseyinHello everyone. After creating certs, keys, intermediates and payloads on barbican, when I want to use these from octavia I get the following error:10:21
huseyinOctaviaClientException: Could not retrieve certificate:10:21
huseyinACL for admin, project user and octavia user is defined10:22
huseyinDoes anyone have an idea to resolve?10:22
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huseyin| Operation Type | Project Access | Users                                                                                                           | Created                   | Updated                   | Secret ACL Ref                                                           |10:24
huseyin| read           | True           | [u'1fa597e23ac64a00a324094f7f65e03a', u'a756d5ed747b49308494ae45b4bda301', u'fe520c3d73dd4fb49c351f2ca1c3c0ae'] | 2018-09-13T09:28:00+00:00 | 2018-09-13T10:07:41+00:00 | http://testcont:9311/v1/secrets/c85dd5d8-1877-4cc2-9c28-27d03fd7f5cb/acl |10:24
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huseyinProject user has a creator role on barbican10:27
huseyinI can list and get all the certs, keys, and payloads with the user10:27
huseyinWhen I want to create a listener with tls-termination it fails with the HTTP 400 OctaviaClientException: Could not retrieve certificate error10:28
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia master: Fix batch update members
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jlaffaye_what are the requirements on neutron ? in my deployment my network use bgp and not l3 router, I have the VIP port which is down, I dont understand why12:42
huseyinjlaffaye: i am also struggling with the similar problem. as far as i understand neutron also requires read access on the barbican side to access container when you create tls-terminated listener12:58
huseyinjlaffaye_: adding observer role to the neutron user is enough I think12:58
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johnsomjlaffaye_ Note, Octavia uses two neutron "ports" but one is really a "fake" port.  One will always be down, one will be up.15:07
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johnsomnmagnezi Are you around by chance?17:46
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colin-any suggestions for the best place to learn about consuming containers for amphora? i see the disk image builder guide talks about building them appropriately but in terms of compute driver support i only see in stable/rocky and figured i must have misunderstood something18:59
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rm_workcolin-: we don't yet support containers unfortunately19:18
rm_workwork is underway, and we've discussed it this week at the PTG meetup19:18
rm_workso, hopefully this will happen sometime soon, but it is definitely not supported *yet*19:19
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia master: Make health checks resilient to DB outages
johnsomcolin- Yeah, we have made a few attempts at containerizing the amphora (this is why we call them amphora and not just service VMs), but so far we have run into bugs.  At this point there is hope in Zun and and maybe nova-lxd, if we have folks that can work on it.20:14
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johnsomrm_work Would you be able to re-join us?20:46
rm_workyeah i can prolly20:47
rm_workwere you looking to discuss something now/soon?20:47
rm_workjohnsom: ^^20:51
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colin-thanks for the feedback folks i'll take these notes and consider our options21:00
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abaindurHow do we just disable TLS altogether for the haproxy rest api?23:22
abaindurThe CA cert expiry requiring failover of amphora is just too complicated, and not easy to automate since it requires staggering and can overload the system, and also leads to donwtime for SINGLE topology23:22
abaindurif the hosts themselves are secured well enough behind a firewall, is there any real risk?23:23
colin-i was thinking about these operations earlier and wondered if anyone successfully leveraged barbican for these cert needs or if that's only for terminating vips23:44

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