Wednesday, 2019-07-10

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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Make amphora use a single HAProxy instance
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straldiHi all I install and configure octavia in a Rocky deployment in two CentOS7 hosts. (1 controller and 1 compute). For octavia I follow the doc in the wiki and this one: change some details. Now when I try to create a loadbalancer I obtain: openstack loadbalancer create --n10:12
straldiame lb1 --vip-subnet-id d5ae489f-958f-43ea-9bfe-47a561c2ac5bValidation failure: Missing project ID in request where one is required. (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-0d870131-a87c-4149-ba44-c967f2c707f1)  bu the project fild is not mandatory. If I had the --procjet everything work fine. In the log file I didn't find anything usefull. I found one other u10:12
straldiser found it but using heat. Now I just create a  balancer from command line. Any hints?10:12
straldiI used packstack to configure controller and compute and for octavia I configured installed everything in bash to have more control and learn better the structure.10:16
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ut2k3Hi johnsom. Do you have some minutes to help me out? We had a Ceph outage and therefore had to reboot all VMS ... all load balancer recovered by triggering a failover ... except one which gives me a `SubnetNotFound: subnet not found (subnet id: None).`13:14
ut2k3Do you have an idea how to fix that?13:14
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sapd1ut2k3, your vip_subnet_id is deleted, right?13:17
sapd1check the vip subnet, `openstack loadbalancer show <lb_id>`13:18
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ut2k3`vip_subnet_id       | 843f80f1-cf5c-4b16-a04b-b234bb6b4e88  `13:20
ut2k3Which exists.13:20
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rm_workneed someone else to run the meeting today -- schedule is conflicting. cgoncalves or johnsom, rock paper scissors :)13:22
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Make amphora use a single HAProxy instance
dulekQuick question - will o-api fail a request if I add timeout_client_data to a listener creation request when Octavia is too old to understand it?13:52
johnsomut2k3 That is interesting. I'm not sure which version of Octavia you have ( is not an upstream Octavia version). However that code hasn't changed in a while, so I will take a guess.  So if you look in neutron, there should be two ports assigned to the amphora. One is an allowed-address-pairs port (which is a fake port in neutron), one is a base port. One enabled, one not. My guess is that if you do a port14:08
johnsomshow on each of those, one is missing it's subnet/fixed IP information.14:08
johnsomut2k3 The code looks up the port in neutron, then tries to query for the subnet information.14:08
johnsomdulek Yes, you should get a 400 error response to the user14:09
spateljohnsom: morning, how do i delete loadbalancer forcefully?   by mistake i have delete amphora manually but now i am not able to delete VIP :(14:09
-spatel- +--------------------------------------+--------+----------------------------------+-------------+---------------------+----------+14:10
-spatel- | id | name | project_id | vip_address | provisioning_status | provider |14:10
-spatel- +--------------------------------------+--------+----------------------------------+-------------+---------------------+----------+14:10
-spatel- | 6b159203-6062-4d08-9199-aa6c8c0f7594 | lb-foo | 6297c04e9593466d9c6747874e379444 | | ERROR | amphora |14:10
-spatel- +--------------------------------------+--------+----------------------------------+-------------+---------------------+----------+14:10
johnsomstraldi That is an octavia configuration issue. Check your "service_auth" and "keystone_authtoken" sections are properly filled in. I think someone else may have seen this bug in packstack. I hope they reported it to the packstack team.14:11
straldiok I'm looking th conf14:12
johnsomstraldi Here is an example config from our testing gates:
johnsomstraldi Don't copy the timeout values as they are set for the test gates, but it will show you the sections that are typically configured.14:13
straldiI have:14:14
straldiproject_domain_name = Default14:14
straldiproject_name = service14:14
straldiuser_domain_name = Default14:14
johnsomspatel Users can delete objects that are in provisioning_status ERROR and recreate them14:14
straldipassword = bb9333e171bb4b4f14:14
straldiusername = octavia14:14
straldiauth_type = password14:14
straldiauth_url =
straldiand also in keystone:14:14
straldiauth_url =
straldiusername = octavia14:15
straldipassword = bb9333e171bb4b4f14:15
straldiproject_name = service14:15
straldiin /etc/ocatvia/octavia.conf file I have this14:15
dulekjohnsom: Ha, interesting, given that it seems there's no API version I can base my detection on…14:16
dulekjohnsom: Well, I'm guaranteed that it's there at least from 2.1.14:16
dulekBut for some 2.0 it would work as well.14:17
spateljohnsom: i am admin but still lot able to delete that lb. let me try from GUI14:17
johnsomdulek There is a version discovery document on most of the API releases. It was backported to most releases, so maybe just a bug fix release behind?14:17
dulekjohnsom: Okay, might be.14:18
spatelif i am deleting from GUI its saying "Pending Delete" and going back to error, strange behavior let me splunk logs14:20
johnsomdulek The document is described here: in API Discovery section14:20
dulekjohnsom: Yes, yes, just I see this commit haven't bumped the 2.x version:
spateljohnsom: I am experiencing same issue -
openstackLaunchpad bug 1607502 in octavia "duplicate for #1595269 delete load balancers in ERROR state" [Undecided,Fix released]14:23
johnsomdulek Ah, sigh, good point. Hmm, but we documented that it's new in 2.1, so there must be a follow up patch that fixed that.14:23
dulekjohnsom: Okay, good! So 2.1, thank you!14:23
johnsomspatel That bug has long since been fixed. We don't even use launchpad for bugs for over a year.14:24
spatelIn my case i delete amphora before deleting VIP. not if i can force delete lb or not14:24
spatelwhere i should report bugs in this situation?14:25
johnsomspatel No, you should not be attempting to delete the amphora or the VIP manually. You will get lost resources in neutron, etc.14:29
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johnsomspatel OpenStack is migrating off of launchpad to StoryBoard. It is here: https://storyboard.openstack.org14:30
johnsomIf you go to the launchpad bugs link for Octavia, you will see it is closed.14:30
spatelOh okay..!14:30
spatelso did i hit wall here?  what are the option i have to delete this vip?14:31
johnsomspatel So, deleting resources in ERROR does work. I would look in the logs to see what issue you are hitting.14:31
straldiI try to put having a look to your conf file the [keystone_authtoken]14:32
straldimemcached_servers = localhost:1121114:32
straldiauth_url =
straldiusername = octavia14:32
straldipassword = bb9333e171bb4b4f14:32
straldiproject_name = service14:32
straldiproject_domain_name = Default14:32
straldiauth_type = password14:32
straldiand the [service_auth]14:32
straldimemcached_servers =
straldiproject_domain_name = Default14:32
straldiproject_name = admin14:32
straldiuser_domain_name = Default14:32
straldipassword = bb9333e171bb4b4f14:32
spateljohnsom: very nasty error -
johnsomspatel So that is pretty clear, neutron endpoint is down14:35
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spateljohnsom: something is not right with rabbitmq
spatelvery strange15:00
johnsomspatel Don't know on that, it's not an Octavia issue.15:01
spatelyup.. i didn't see any IRC channel for rabbit15:02
johnsomYeah, it's going to either be #openstack-nova or #openstack-neutron for you15:03
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ivveso while running octavia, if my entire openstack dies due to poweroutage or something and once it comes back up octavia deletes the amphoras and the loadbalancer ends up in ERROR, is there any way to get it to spawn new amphoras?15:20
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ivvefailover doesn't seem to work, it goes into pending and then back to error (as admin)15:22
johnsomivve Yeah, so it sounds like the other services were not up and functional when the health manager came up and tried to repair them. The failover APIs are the way to recover.15:23
ivvejohnsom: you're saying restart healthmanager?15:23
ivvei tried that15:23
johnsomNo, that is what happened15:24
ivveis there a way to force retry?15:24
ivvethat repair15:24
johnsomHM came up, saw the load balancers were down, started working to recover them, but the other services were failing.15:24
ivveyes, thats very possible15:24
johnsomThe failover API is the tool to fix these.15:24
johnsomIf that is not working, dig into the logs and see why.15:25
johnsomAlso, what version are you running? Are you patched up?15:25
ivveopenstack loadbalancer failover <uuid> ?15:25
sapd1ivve, you have to check your octavia-worker and octavia-healthmanager to figure out the problem.15:25
ivvei guess i could download latest stein containers15:25
johnsomNah, I just looked, even the base stein release should be good for you15:26
johnsomThe bug fixes are not important here.15:26
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ivveok found the issue15:30
ivveill come back if i still have problems :)15:30
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spateljohnsom: it was rabbitmq issue, after reloading whole cluster it fixed issue and i am able to delete vip15:57
johnsomspatel Nice.15:57
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johnsom#startmeeting Octavia16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Jul 10 16:00:03 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is johnsom. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'octavia'16:00
johnsomHi folks!  Another exciting week in the land of Octavia.16:00
johnsomI will be your host this week as our PTL had a conflict.16:00
xgermanjohnsom: is back as PTL. All hail the new/old king!16:01
johnsomxgerman Ha, didn't say that. Just wearing the hat this week.16:01
johnsomOr today I guess16:01
johnsomOk, I am going to get the ball rolling as I have a ton of unit test work to do today. sigh16:02
johnsom#topic Announcements16:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:02
johnsomnova-lxd is retiring16:02
johnsomJust an FYI, the nova-lxd project is spinning down.16:02
rm_workerk whelp, turns out my schedule freed up, but you're doing a great job :D16:02
johnsomWe have a proof-of-concept using LXD for the amphora, but I guess that is not a path forward anymore.16:03
johnsomAlso, planning is starting for the Summit/PTG in Shanghai.16:03
johnsomrm_work I think you have submitted our plan for the PTG?16:04
rm_workI filled out the survey for us -- I said we'd need between 1.5 and 2.5 days, and expected maybe 6 people to attend?16:04
rm_workand I think I said we weren't really interested in doing an onboarding16:04
johnsomOk, cool.16:04
johnsomI expect we will still do a project update16:04
rm_workthough there was no explicit question about that16:05
johnsomYeah, sometimes those come much closer to the event.16:05
johnsomNext up is a reminder, we are a few weeks out from Train milestone-2.16:05
johnsomI think we all know what the big items are and are locked in on those for Train.16:06
rm_workWe should maybe enumerate them here though for posterity/clarity :D16:06
johnsomUm, ok, sure.16:07
johnsomJob board16:07
johnsomSingle process16:07
johnsomoctavia-lib getters16:07
johnsommember flow refactor / fixes16:07
johnsomWhat am I forgetting?16:07
rm_workalso the TC goals? ipv6 and py37 (i think we're good on py37, ipv6 is ongoing)16:08
cgoncalvesVIP ACL16:08
johnsomAh, yes, TC goals. It's IPv6 and PDF docs16:08
johnsompy37 is, kind of a goal, but as you said, we are already there so mostly a no-op16:08
rm_worki thought they were continuing with the py3 goal stuff16:08
johnsomVIP ACL is another good one16:08
rm_workyeah k16:08
rm_workipv6 is stagnating while i'm split between multi-vip, single process, and starting work on active-active16:09
johnsomPDF docs, maybe isn't really ready to be a goal, but I started playing with it.16:09
rm_worki believe cgoncalves was the one originally working on that anyway -- will you have time to continue with that carlos? once you're done with... the centos stuff?16:09
johnsomYeah, my work item queue is overflowing frankly.16:09
cgoncalvesrm_work, I might be done with the centos stuff by stop banging my head on it. close to giving up for a while :/16:11
* johnsom is sad 16:11
rm_work:( yeah i feel like i'm way over tasked16:12
cgoncalvesjust to be clear: this centos stuff is something that only reproduces on TCG virtualization which, hopefully, no one uses in production16:12
rm_workdo we have anyone else who can pick up anything? xgerman feel like doing some volunteer work? :D since you keep showing up to these ^_^16:12
rm_workor did i miss something and you're still on octavia at your new gig? lol16:12
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rm_workcgoncalves: ah i thought you were still fixing the centos gate issue16:13
rm_workbecause that was super annoying16:13
xgermanI got called into a meeting myself… will look at the scroll back later :-)16:13
johnsomYeah, TCG is... just bad16:13
cgoncalvesrm_work, yes. that is what I'm talking about16:13
rm_workhmm k16:13
rm_workyeah we do need that gate working :(16:13
johnsomCan we just turn the timeouts to like "11"?16:13
cgoncalvesbelieve me, I know we do need it. tomorrow marks 2 weeks working almost full time on that16:14
* johnsom acknowledges the cheesy meme he just referenced.16:14
cgoncalvesincreasing the timeouts help, yes16:14
openstackgerritAnn Taraday proposed openstack/octavia master: [WIP] Transition amphora flows to dicts
rm_workit did look like you had improved boot speed of centos amps by a lot?16:15
rm_workwhich seems great?16:15
rm_workanyway, getting off topic16:15
rm_workbut yeah, if you're not making progress... maybe try the ipv6 side of the house? :/16:16
cgoncalvestrue, still not good enough. it passed two times in a row and then started timing out again on next CI runs16:16
johnsomOk, finally the last (related) announcement.16:17
johnsomWe have a large backlog of patches that need reviews. Please, take some time to help clear the backlog.16:17
johnsomRemember, it's not just core reviewers that matter, every review is super helpful.16:18
johnsomShout out to gthiemonge for some of those super helpful reviews.16:18
johnsomOk, any other announcements?16:19
johnsom#topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review16:20
*** openstack changes topic to "Brief progress reports / bugs needing review (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:20
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johnsomI have had my head buried in the single process patch with rm_work. I have created a tempest test that can reproduce the issue. We are making good progress, the scenario tests passed this morning. But we still have some cleanup to do on the patch.16:21
ataraday_Looking forward this change got merged  - johnsom could you take a look?16:21
rm_work... a lot of cleanup, there's still stuff that's totally broken :D16:21
ataraday_rm_work, I added comment could you check - if needed I will add new patch set16:22
cgoncalvesa sincere thank you for working on this, johnsom and rm_work, and gthiemonge for reporting the issue and helping with reviews16:22
johnsomBut it mostly works.... lol  It is a lot more efficient inside the amp too.  This will be a good change16:22
gthiemongeI have few commits related to UDP load balancers in review:
johnsomUgh, yeah, that UDP work is an example of patches waiting on review too long16:23
ataraday_And working on transition of db obj to dicts..
johnsomataraday_ I will try to make some time today for that patch16:24
ataraday_johnsom, Thanks!16:25
johnsomOk, I think we have covered the updates. Thank you everyone for your hard work.16:26
johnsom#topic Open Discussion16:26
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:26
johnsomOther topics this week?16:26
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johnsomWe seem to be getting some people coming to the channel with OpenStack Ansible and packstack problems.16:26
sapd1how about boot amphora from volume ? :))16:27
johnsomWith 8+ deployment tools supporting Octavia, I know I can't keep up with all of them. I hope the folks using them will help support those deployment tools.16:27
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johnsomsapd1 If it's ready for review, it's good to mention it in the updates section of the meeting to raise attention.  It's another one that has been open for a long time16:28
rm_worksapd1: i did think about you the other day sapd1, yeah, i owe you a review for like 3 months now T_T16:29
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rm_workmy devstack system has been otherwise occupied almost non-stop though since i got it back up and running16:29
rm_worki think once we wrap up single-process, I can get to some other stuff finally16:30
sapd1rm_work, johnsom no problem :D16:30
johnsomrm_work It might be time to re-evaluate the core reviewer list as well.16:30
johnsomJust saying.....16:30
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johnsomOk, any other topics to discuss today?16:34
johnsomI'm still pretty happy with the velocity. We have good stuff going on.16:34
johnsomCode/patches. Reviews, that velocity is too low IMO16:35
*** ccamposr has joined #openstack-lbaas16:36
cgoncalvesI take part of the blame for slow velocity on reviews. sorry, folks16:36
*** henriqueof has joined #openstack-lbaas16:37
johnsomOk then, thanks folks! Have a great week.16:38
*** openstack changes topic to "Discussions for OpenStack Octavia | Train PTG etherpad:"16:38
openstackMeeting ended Wed Jul 10 16:38:52 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:38
openstackMinutes (text):
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spateljohnsom: if use SINGLE scenario in that case octavia create amphora automatically if it die somehow?17:28
johnsomYes, SINGLE topology load balancers will automatically failover, but you will experience some downtime. Less than a minute on typical clouds. Active/Standby is failover in a few seconds depending on your configuration.17:32
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