Monday, 2019-08-19

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dulekFolks, anyone ever saw this: ?14:12
dulekWe're suffering that on the stable/rocky.14:13
johnsomdulek What version of Rocky are you running?14:16
dulekjohnsom: It's in the gate, so I guess that's just HEAD of stable/rocky?14:17
dulekjohnsom: Seeing it here:
dulekAll the gates with Octavia are on FAILURE.14:17
cgoncalvesdulek, your job is checking out octavia master code14:18
dulekcgoncalves: Whoa, good thinking then. I'll double check that and get back to you.14:19
cgoncalvesalso, you're downloading master amphora image14:20
johnsomAt least the one job I'm looking at is Rocky: /usr/local/bin/octavia-worker version 3.1.2.dev814:20
johnsomThat would be a problem however...14:21
dulekcgoncalves: Ah, you mean Amphora. Okay, that totally makes sense. Thanks again!14:21
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ajay33hello all,15:41
ajay33I have exported the environment variable (DIB_REPOREF_amphora_agent) and created the amp image.15:41
ajay33Then, I had created a VM using openstack server create using above amp image and also, I had assigned a keypair to this VM.15:41
ajay33but when I try to login to this amp image using keypair, it still prompt me for the password.15:41
ajay33However the same keypair is working fine for cirros VM....15:42
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johnsomajay33 The SSH key for the VM is handled by nova and cloud-init. We don't do anything with it in our code or image configuration.15:44
ajay33@johnsom , Ok Thanks15:45
johnsomIf you do an "openstack server show" does it have the key_name filled in?15:45
ajay33yes, Its showing the keypair name15:46
johnsomYou can check the nova boot log (console log) to see that cloud-init pulled it in.15:46
ajay33ok @johnsom , Thanks15:47
johnsomajay33 Oh, I have an idea. Our images are set to exclusively use config drive. Maybe it booted in a way that didn't have the config drive present?15:47
johnsomFrom the README:15:49
johnsomSo, when booting by hand make sure you add --config-drive True15:52
ajay33where i should add this --config-drive parameter?15:53
johnsomIf you cloud doesn't have config drive enabled by default, you need to add it when you boot the VM. so "openstack server create --config-drive True ...."15:56
ajay33@johnsom Thanks I will check this option16:00
ajay33One more question, When I create a loadbalancer and if it goes to ERROR state then amphore VM also gets terminated/destroyed.16:01
ajay33Is there is any option to restrict this termination of amp VM ?16:02
johnsomYes, we automatically clean up any resources. Yes, you can disable *ALL* error recovery, including the resource cleanup with the "disable_revert" configuration option: But you really don't want to run that in a production environment as it disables all error handling.16:03
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ajay33@johnsom Ok16:10
ajay33Actually I want to create amp image compatible for stein controller.16:10
ajay33For this I had exported the "DIB_REPOREF_amphora_agent=stable/stein".16:10
ajay33But when amp image is created and if i go to /opt directory of amphore and check git branch, it shows the master.16:10
ajay33To confirm this, I want to restrict this resource termination16:10
johnsomMake sure you don't have an existing image in the build directory. Sometimes diskimage-builder will not create a new image if one exists.16:11
ajay33I am getting the amp image in below directory :16:14
ajay33you are refering this directory as build directory?16:14
johnsomIt's the directory you run the command from16:14
ajay33ok @johnsom , I will create a new directory and checkout the octavia code again. (just to create fresh environment for amp image)16:20
ajay33Thanks for your help !!16:20
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openstackgerritSwaminathan Vasudevan proposed openstack/octavia master: Update osutil support for SUSE distro
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