Wednesday, 2020-01-08

johnsomYeah: oslo_config.cfg.ConfigFilesNotFoundError: Failed to find some config files: /etc/foobar00:01
johnsomAdded to octavia/api/app.py00:02
johnsomand --pyargv "--config-file /etc/foobar" to the systemd service definition00:02
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rm_workjohnsom: wait so you had to make changes for it to work? or no01:07
rm_workbecause i did exactly that and it didn't seem to make a difference01:07
johnsomYes, I had to change octavia/api/app.py01:07
rm_workah k01:07
rm_workso i guess maybe we should do that :D01:07
rm_workwan to ... git review? :D01:08
johnsomAre you asking if I want to post a patch?01:08
rm_workyes :D if you already made the change01:11
johnsomSure, just a sec01:12
rm_workor was it on some random VM somewhere01:12
johnsomTaking longer to write up the commit message than the patch01:12
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Allow the Octavia wsgi to accept argv parameters
johnsomYeah, I ran that on my devstack local vm.01:14
johnsomThat change and --pyargv "--config-file /etc/foobar" on the uwsgi command line (or ini if you want) caused oslo config to throw a "not found" exception01:15
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rm_workIs it time?16:01
rm_work#startmeeting Octavia16:01
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rm_workWelcome back folks16:02
johnsomI did put a quick agenda together16:02
rm_workAh, you want to drive?16:03
rm_workI'm on mobile16:03
johnsom#topic Announcements16:03
johnsomI just have two things here16:04
johnsomHappy New Year!16:04
johnsomand an FYI:16:04
johnsomPython-octaviaclient 2.0.0 release proposed - First release to no longer support python 2.x16:04
johnsomI bumped the client to 2.x.x. to reflect that it no longer supports python 2.x16:05
johnsomAny other announcements today?16:05
johnsom#topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review16:06
johnsomOk, moving on.16:06
johnsomI have been on holiday for a few weeks, so not a lot to report.16:06
rm_workSame kinda16:06
johnsomI am again focused on fixing the issues with the failover flow. I have standalone failover in a pretty good place now, just need to wrap that up, then I will enhance it for active/standby.  Still a lot of work to do here around act/stdby, updating for the v2 flows, and test updates.16:08
johnsomThat and internal work will probably be my focus for the next week.16:09
johnsomI did allocate some review time yesterday as well, trying to catch up on what happened over my time off16:10
johnsomAny other updates this week?16:11
haleybI've been trying to continue the py2 deprecation work, and doing a little deprecation cleanup16:11
johnsomYes, thanks!16:11
haleybalso noticed there should be some follow-on once the jobboard code merges to get some of the constants into octavia-lib perhaps16:12
cgoncalvesI'll be spending time this week with reviews and internal work16:12
johnsomYeah, I have three open patches for the constants, though they are very out of date now....16:12
haleybjohnsom: ack, i'll try and find them before opening new ones16:13
johnsomhaleyb The chain starts here:16:13
johnsomThose kind of got caught up in the Octavia velocity and got out of date quickly16:14
haleyb1 year, 1 month ago, yikes!16:14
johnsomSadly I have older open patches... lol16:14
johnsomWe may want to wait on those until the jobboard -> dict work merges as they will definitely conflict.16:15
haleybjohnsom: yeah, there's a lot of updates in those patches, should definitely go first16:16
johnsomAny other updates, or should we move on?16:17
johnsom#topic Open Discussion16:18
johnsomAny other topics today?16:18
haleybi have one...16:18
haleybthe grafana dashboard merged last month actually, so we can look back a while in failure history16:19
haleybgate is at the top, check the bottom16:19
johnsomlol, doesn't look like it saw a lot of runs over the break.16:20
haleybit's split into failures on the left, number of jobs on the right16:20
haleybor over the weekend(s)16:20
cgoncalvesthanks for working on the dashboard, haleyb!16:20
johnsomYeah, thanks for updating those16:20
cgoncalvesdo you have the link to the dashboard patch handy?16:20
haleyband just an fyi that there can be failures in the check queue that are simply "bad" patches, but at least there's some data there16:21
cgoncalveswhich jobs do we want to see reported in the dashboard?16:21
johnsomAre there graphs for the periodic jobs as well?16:22
haleybat least there's info now for when you want to move something to voting16:22
johnsomI think the old dashboard had that16:22
haleybi don't remember finding much info on periodic jobs in graphite16:22
haleybare there still any post-zuulv3 migration?16:23
johnsomIt was on line 28 in the old dashboard config file in the patch you just posted16:23
johnsomOh yes16:23
johnsomWe have narrowed the image builds:16:23
haleybi'm having either ffox or gerrit load issues so can't see the review16:24
johnsomThere are also a bunch of bit-rot jobs and oslo cross-project jobs16:24
haleybif i can find the info in graphite i'll add a periodic job panel16:25
cgoncalvesoctavia has a lot of jobs. would it be of interest to still add missing jobs to the dashboard? like barbican, active-standby, spare pool, amphora v2, etc.16:25
johnsomOk, thanks. I was trying to get a zuul health page that had the list, but they have changed the UI again, so it's taking me a bit to find16:26
haleybif you haven't gone there, has a lot16:26
haleybcgoncalves: yes, i'd consider that dashboard a work in progress as we add/remove jobs16:27
haleybor just have ones i missed16:27
cgoncalveshaleyb, ok. simply trying to understand if too many jobs is a good/desired or bad/undesired thing16:27
johnsomHere are some:16:27
johnsomI don't see the unit test runs on the stable branches there though.16:28
johnsomI wonder if those got dropped/moved in the parent zuul configs and we don't have those any longer.16:29
johnsomWe have been backporting a lot, so at least we have had coverage on them16:29
* haleyb shrugs16:30
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johnsomOn another topic, I would like to ask that we all review the Protocol validation patch:16:31
johnsomIt's #2 on the priority list and we have been getting more questions about it recently.16:31
johnsomThis has also sat for way too long IMO.16:31
johnsomI think it also needs an update and I'm not sure the original author is still working on it, so if someone wants to pick that up..... Please consider it16:32
cgoncalvesagreed. will review it this week16:32
cgoncalvesI can help with that, I think16:32
johnsomCool, thank you!16:33
cgoncalvesI have a question related to 3rd party providers16:34
johnsomI will also carve some review time today16:34
cgoncalvesis octavia open to have 3rd party CI jobs reporting in Gerrit? if yes, voting or non-voting?16:34
johnsomThere is a process for third party jobs. Let me find a link:16:35
cgoncalvesIMO 3rd party CI jobs should always be non-voting16:35
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johnsomI have run third party CI for octavia in the past.16:35
johnsomThis process works very well16:36
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cgoncalvesso, skimming that page it looks like they should always be non-voting. good.16:36
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johnsomAs for voting, yes, since the third party driver code is out of the main project tree, and typically requires equipment/code/licenses that upstream does not have access to, they should be limited to non-voting.16:37
johnsomI.e. There isn't much we can do to fix the third-party code when it breaks.16:37
cgoncalveswhat about Zuul jobs by 3rd party providers available in Opendev Gerrit, how should they be set up?16:38
cgoncalvesbecause in that case I think they wouldn't be external CI, or whatever they are called16:38
cgoncalvesinstead they would have to be added to octavia check queue16:39
johnsomYeah, that is a new situation for sure.16:39
johnsomMy vote would be to add them at the bottom of the list (clearly labeled thrid-party somehow) and leave them non-voting.16:39
johnsomThere is value to having them such that we can make sure we don't break them if they are following our guidelines for providers.16:40
cgoncalvessounds good16:41
johnsomThose are my opinions, what do others think?16:41
haleyb+1, all neutron reviews list third-party jobs in a sepearte section16:44
haleybat least the cloudbase one is separate16:45
cgoncalvesthanks for the input!16:47
johnsomOther topics for today?16:49
johnsomOk, thank you folks! Chat with you next week.16:52
johnsomhmmm, rm_work may need to end the meeting16:52
johnsomI bet all of my topics didn't log either16:53
rm_workReally... Eugh16:53
*** openstack changes topic to "Discussions for OpenStack Octavia | Priority bug review list:"16:53
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openstackMinutes (text):
johnsomYep, no topics in the notes...16:54
johnsomI think there is a chair command, I will find it for future reference16:54
johnsomYeah, it's <pound>chair16:55
johnsomI will fix the wiki up for the new year now as well.16:57
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openstackgerritCarlos Goncalves proposed openstack/octavia master: Stop supporting CentOS 7 controllers and images
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johnsomFYI, talking in infra about getting the log archives fixed. Both the templated tox jobs and octavia tempest jobs are archiving broken files at the moment17:22
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rm_workOh is cgoncalves back? :P17:40
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johnsomHe was at the meeting17:47
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rm_worki ...18:02
rm_workwill be honest, i fell asleep almost immediately18:02
rm_workand woke up when you pinged me at the end T_T18:03
johnsomI guessed18:03
rm_workhad an imprint on my face from the edge of my laptop where i faceplanted >_>>18:03
johnsomI'm looking at how to fix the functional tests with that wsgi change18:03
rm_workoh, do they ... need fixing?18:04
johnsomYeah, since we run real code in the functional tests, my change picks up the tox argv stuff18:04
johnsomLooks like an easy fix. Just set argv=() when we launch the pecan test framework that loads the app18:08
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Allow the Octavia wsgi to accept argv parameters
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johnsomThat should do it18:11
johnsomI need to get involved in automotive linux.... Their meeting this year is in Hawaii18:14
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rm_workpoke harlowja :D18:17
rm_workhe went to plus.ai18:17
rm_work(the truck with the butter)18:17
johnsomThere is a sizable group of people working on the trucking stuff in PDX as well.18:18
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cgoncalvesrm_work, howdy. need me?18:24
rm_worknope :D just noticed you're back18:24
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johnsomrm_work Yep, that fixed the wsgi functional tests.19:15
johnsomThat was odd, IRC dropped a message.19:17
johnsomI only see functional-py37 as a tips job, not normal. When did that change?19:17
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rm_workis it just "functional" now?19:27
rm_workand no py-x19:28
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johnsomNope, just gone20:42
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openstackgerritBrian Haley proposed openstack/octavia master: Complete dropping py27 support goal
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Add listener and pool protocol validation
johnsomI updated the grid on that and rebased it. (it had been a while...)23:06
johnsomI now need to review the code and make sure it matches the grid23:06
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rm_workjohnsom: oh what was an example patch where you expected to see more than the py37 tips?23:35
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Add listener and pool protocol validation
rm_workok and what other tips would you expect?23:38
johnsomNo other tips, but would have expected a "normal" functional-py3723:39
rm_workwell technically should be in -cover23:39
rm_workso really that'd be redundant and a waste of a job :D23:40
johnsomcover is py3623:40
rm_workbut i am also curious where it went23:40
johnsomI am all for not duplicating, but I think we are just not running functional-py37 right now.23:41
rm_workummm so i wonder if we are just relying on an upstream thing23:41
rm_workand it changed23:41
rm_workbecause yeah... looking at one that merged recently too23:41
rm_workit ran....23:41
johnsomNo, our functionals are in our local project config23:41
rm_workno functionals in check23:41
rm_workand ... openstack-tox-functional-py36 in gate?!?!23:41
rm_workso was `openstack-tox-functional` actually py37?23:46
rm_workor is that py2 as i think was assumed23:46
johnsomThat should have been 2723:46
rm_workthen ... uhh23:46
rm_workwe just never added py37?>23:46
* rm_work shrugs23:46
johnsomFYI, I updated that protocol validation patch to align to what I think it should be. (Also rebased and made the grid look nicer)23:48
johnsomOthers please weigh in if you think that is right23:48
johnsomIn the future somewhere along here, we need to change how we handle some of those. Like "TERMINATED_HTTPS" should be also available as a "enable_tls" boolean since we can TLS offload TCP, etc. Same with proxy protocol, it should move to an enable as we can wrap backend protocols in a more flexible way.23:50

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