Monday, 2020-03-09

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dawzonWhen adding a REST field to parameters.yaml, what should I put for min_version?01:55
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johnsomdawzon When you extend the Octavia API, you will bump the API version in so whatever version your API extension is a part of would be the min_version for the docs.13:13
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Support HTTP and TCP checks in UDP healthmonitor
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openstackgerritNoah Mickus proposed openstack/octavia master: WIP: Adding The abllity to set a cipher blacklist
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rm_workjohnsom: err is there any way to see if the keepalived healthchecks are actually going?14:31
johnsomrm_work "going"?14:33
johnsomlike tcpdump?14:33
rm_workHmm yes I guess that's one way14:42
rm_workI was hoping for something like the haproxy HM log lines14:43
rm_workI want to see they are clearly happening and succeeding or failing14:43
rm_workAnd that if I cause the healthcheck to fail, it cycles out the member14:43
rm_workBasically, where are the keepalived logs, if any exist <_<14:44
rm_workI'm testing the patch that lets you add HTTP HMs to UDP listeners14:44
rm_workConfig LOOKS right... And the member is still up...14:45
rm_work(though the agent doesn't send anything for them in the health message, so the members still show as NO_MONITOR, will need to figure that part out)14:45
johnsomkeepalived is autonomous to the control plane.14:45
rm_workKeepalived that's serving the UDP members14:46
johnsomWe only capture in formation about health checks (I.e. user/tenant health) not the underlying autonomous bits14:46
rm_workNot the vrrp keepalived14:46
rm_workI'm not talking about the vrrp health14:47
johnsomAh, UDP, so that is LVS, not really keepalived. Keepalived is just a config tool for that.14:47
rm_workWe also use keepalived for UDP listeners, right?14:47
rm_workAh, ok so what I really am looking for is LVS logs14:48
johnsomLVS does not have logs really. You can get "status" information from the kernel in /proc14:48
rm_workIf such a thing exists14:48
rm_workSince it's kernel, yeah14:48
rm_workOk so I can look in /proc somewhere to see if the members are up?14:48
johnsomor use lvsadm which gives a pretty view14:48
rm_workAh k14:48
johnsomsorry, always get that wrong14:49
johnsomYeah, I thought you were talking about the actual keepalived health check scripts, etc.14:50
johnsomDifferent animal all together14:50
rm_workyeah, well the healthcheck config is in the keepalived.conf14:51
rm_workso the wording is difficult14:51
rm_workbecause it basically sounds the same i guess14:51
rm_workah, found one bug14:59
rm_workok cool, almost good15:02
rm_workjust need to fix the monitor15:02
rm_workerr, the agent reporting the monitor health15:03
rm_worknot sure honestly why it isn't working15:03
rm_work`_check_udp_listener_status` seems to look at /proc to get status for UDP members15:04
rm_workso it SHOULD be working -- this may be a larger bug?15:04
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rm_workjohnsom: wtf, this code makes no sense to me -- I kinda get the feeling our UDP member health code is bogus? or else I'm still not understanding what's going on15:08
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johnsomrm_work I didn't write I know there are a lot of conditionals in there....15:08
rm_workbasically the only way to go ACTIVE is ...15:08
rm_workby looking in the config file and seeing if the member is there? O_o15:09
rm_workah sorry i see, that's the listener status, not the member status15:10
rm_workAHAHA ok i see where the issue is15:13
johnsomYeah, I know when I reviewed some of that, it queries some areas under /proc and parses out the operating status info15:13
rm_workyeah anyway the issue was simpl15:18
rm_workCHECKER_REGEX = re.compile(r"MISC_CHECK")15:18
rm_workCHECKER_REGEX = re.compile(r"(MISC_CHECK|HTTP_GET|TCP_CHECK)")15:18
* rm_work blows his party kazoo15:18
rm_worki hate this vip-source-ip thing so much15:19
rm_workbecause it breaks healtchecks15:20
rm_workand also doesn't work for UDP lol15:20
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rm_worki always get suspicious when I make a change that fixes a bug, and run tests, and they still pass...15:27
johnsomI guess you still have coverage to add.... lol15:28
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rm_workmost assuredly15:49
rm_workalso found we never validated UDP HMs for single-create T_T15:50
johnsomThere is a good chance that failover will push us up to 93%15:50
rm_workso fixing that too15:50
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openstackgerritCarlos Goncalves proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Fix amphora list-show to run in a busy environment
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Support HTTP and TCP checks in UDP healthmonitor
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rm_workok, that is looking good16:38
rm_worktesting seems to be promising in my QE cloud16:39
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stevenglasfordmy slides took about 5 minutes to do, at a very reasonable speed19:14
stevenglasfordwrong chat lol19:14
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zigo Hi. One of my load balancer has both of its amphora in error, and it stays in PENDING_UPDATE.22:28
zigoWhat can I do to repair ?22:28
zigoWell, in fact, now it's in provisioning_status: ERROR ...22:31
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johnsomRight, it will move out of PENDING when it gives up trying whatever is broken in the cloud. Options are either load balancer failover or delete and recreate23:08
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