Wednesday, 2020-03-11

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johnsomYeah, I can load old barbican containers fine, even up to master branch. So, not sure what is happening for Jorge00:11
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dawzonI'm wondering how existing listeners should be migrated to the new configuration where every listener will have its own cipher string.  My first thought is to just set them to the built-in default (OWASP recommendations), would this cause any issues with existing deployments?  I suppose that existing deployments never chose their ciphers in the first place, so switching the ciphers may not be a big deal.03:23
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rm_workdawzon: if the default is the same as whatever HAProxy does by default, then there will be no change -- not sure if that's exactly the same as OWASP, but that should be the setting for OLD stuff, I think, and NEW stuff can default to the OWASP list06:19
rm_workwould be awesome if they line up but not sure they will exactly06:19
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emccormickis there any way to get a loadbalancer in error state to reset and retry?07:31
emccormickIt would be really painful to have to delete and recreate them as several are part of a heat stack07:31
emccormickthe amphorae went awol during an upgrade because of a config error. I can make new LBs but the old ones won't spawn again07:32
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emccormickok, failover was the magic trick08:10
emccormick(for anyone that reads this history and wants an answer) to my stupidity)08:11
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The mail server for is currently not handling emails. The infra team will investigate and fix during US morning.10:26
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lucadelmonte90hello, i have a question regarding octavia amphora lb, probably a dumb one, i deployed a test openstack infrastracture, and manage ti deploy a loadbalancer, but when i try to add some serverto the pool or listener to the lb, the operating status is Offline, i connected to the amphora instance and the backend server are not reachable, also the10:27
lucadelmonte90amphora instance has only one network card connected to the managment octavia network (amp_boot_network_list), no ips on the backend network, wich i assigned when creating the load balancer, is that normal? Are backend server reached by the amphora instance in some other way ( router?)?10:27
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openstackgerritAnn Taraday proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: TEST
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-octaviaclient stable/queens: Fix long CLI error messages
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-octaviaclient stable/stein: Fix long CLI error messages
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-octaviaclient stable/train: Fix long CLI error messages
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cgoncalveslucadelmonte90, hi. you should have a network namespace named amphora-haproxy in the amphora. check with "ip netns exec amphora-haproxy ip a"11:26
lucadelmonte90cgoncalves thanks! you are right, and using that namespace to execute a curl i can reach the backend servers11:29
lucadelmonte90cgoncalves why the operating status is reporting Offline?11:30
cgoncalveslucadelmonte90, could you please clarify of which object is the operating status reporting offline?11:31
cgoncalvesis it the load balancer? pool? health monitor? members?11:31
lucadelmonte90cgoncalves the lodbalancer, loadbalancer,listener,pool11:32
lucadelmonte90the healt monitor is insted reporting  Online11:32
lucadelmonte90root@amphora-63d97a66-1909-45c0-ad1e-beadc51432bb:~# ip netns exec amphora-haproxy netstat -nlputActive Internet connections (only servers)Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State       PID/Program name    tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      1231/haproxy11:33
lucadelmonte90but this command times out root@amphora-63d97a66-1909-45c0-ad1e-beadc51432bb:~# ip netns exec amphora-haproxy curl
cgoncalveslucadelmonte90, OFFLINE operating status means the resource is administratively disabled. could you please share the output of "openstack loadbalancer status show $LB_ID"?11:37
lucadelmonte90[root@ostackkolla ~]# openstack loadbalancer status show lb2{    "loadbalancer": {        "name": "lb2",         "listeners": [            {                "pools": [                    {                        "name": "Pool1",                         "provisioning_status": "ACTIVE",                         "health_monitor": {11:37
lucadelmonte90"name": "monitorHTTP",                             "type": "HTTP",                             "id": "f6333447-2249-4de5-9b32-3f14f3608fba",                             "operating_status": "ONLINE",                             "provisioning_status": "ACTIVE"                        },                         "members": [                            {11:37
lucadelmonte90"name": "Test",                                 "provisioning_status": "ACTIVE",                                 "address": "",                                 "protocol_port": 80,                                 "id": "02fc6366-182f-4d54-89dd-9517b70aae2a",                                 "operating_status": "NO_MONITOR"11:37
lucadelmonte90},                             {                                "name": "test2",                                 "provisioning_status": "ACTIVE",                                 "address": "",                                 "protocol_port": 80,                                 "id": "c7d629bb-17f4-4c28-83bd-1a00f37c37df",11:37
lucadelmonte90"operating_status": "NO_MONITOR"                            }                        ],                         "id": "8c583f04-3684-42b0-ab49-86950b26e2f5",                         "operating_status": "OFFLINE"                    }                ],                 "name": "HTTP",                 "id": "7967857b-f281-4934-88cc-86ed98d816d3",11:37
lucadelmonte90"operating_status": "OFFLINE",                 "provisioning_status": "ACTIVE"            }        ],         "id": "8127ce81-7b94-42f1-a6d6-b401386acfa5",         "operating_status": "OFFLINE",         "provisioning_status": "ACTIVE"    }}11:37
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cgoncalvesthanks for the pastebin. so the load balancer, listener and pool are in operating status OFFLINE. IIRC, this may indicate our network is not properly configured to allow the periodic health messages from the amphora to be received by the controller11:42
cgoncalveslucadelmonte90, please check that the network allows the amphora to reach the node where the octavia health manager service is running on port UDP/5555 and no firewall is dropping those packets11:43
lucadelmonte90cgoncalves i see, thanks for the help, i' ll investigate11:49
cgoncalvesoops, s/indicate our network/indicate the network/. sorry for the dyslexia :)11:50
lucadelmonte90no problem, :D11:50
lucadelmonte90my mistake is probably that the mgnt network that i used for testing the load balancer is an external network11:51
lucadelmonte90i deployed with kolla, and the control node where the octavia-health-manager container is is not reachable in that subnet11:52
lucadelmonte90i see that the healt_manager is binded to the mngmt network, which is not reachable from the network specified in amp_boot_network_list11:54
cgoncalvesI see. I'm not familiar with kolla-ansible deployments. maybe someone else here as experience and could help. best would be to contact #openstack-kolla11:55
lucadelmonte90the amphora sends the healtchecks to the controller via the default namespace right ( so the network specified in amp_boot_network_list), and not from the amphora netns11:57
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lucadelmonte90perfect, thank you very much for the clarifications, you have been very helpful : )11:58
cgoncalvesit sends to all controller nodes listed under controller_ip_port_list config in a round-robin way11:58
cgoncalvesglad we could help. feel free to reach out again anytime for octavia questions :)11:59
openstackgerritAnn Taraday proposed openstack/octavia master: Check
openstackgerritAnn Taraday proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: TEST
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johnsomSigh, yet another person struggling because they used kolla. I wish someone would go fix kolla to not be broken out of the box.14:27
johnsomcgoncalves: Thanks for helping them out.14:27
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rm_workI don't understand how it'd be possible to fix that? it TOTALLY depends on how your network is set up?15:00
rm_workthere's no automated way to make that happen AFAIU :/15:00
johnsomrm_work Kolla is the only deployment tool for OpenStack that doesn't setup the network for the user15:01
rm_worki have no idea how the other ones could possibly do it15:01
rm_worki assume they make assumptions and only work like 20% of the time or something15:02
* rm_work shrugs15:02
rm_worklike, conceptually it seems impossible to do, every deployment is completely different IME15:03
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rm_work#startmeeting Octavia16:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Mar 11 16:01:05 2020 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is rm_work. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'octavia'16:01
rm_work#chair johnsom16:01
openstackCurrent chairs: johnsom rm_work16:01
rm_work#chair cgoncalves16:01
openstackCurrent chairs: cgoncalves johnsom rm_work16:01
rm_workhey, carlos can you run this? both johnsom and I are in meetings internally that are running over16:01
cgoncalvesI am on a call too :/16:02
johnsomDaylight time is fun!16:02
cgoncalves#topic Announcements16:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:02
cgoncalvesI have not prepared anything, sorry. is there anything relevant to share?16:03
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johnsomThe last release of octavia-lib date is coming up quickly16:04
johnsomWeek of March 3016:04
cgoncalvesAny other announcements this week?16:05
cgoncalves#topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review16:06
*** openstack changes topic to "Brief progress reports / bugs needing review (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:06
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ataraday_Hightlight for #link
johnsomOye, Ummmm, I'm down to just the network driver testing work. I have had some internal distractions that have slowed this down.16:07
johnsomI also needed to address a few other small bugs, you probably saw the patches for.16:07
johnsomPlan is to wrap failover as soon as possible and start the v2 driver work on it.16:08
ataraday_And wanted to raise attention for this bug #link!/story/2007340 - please share you thoughts.16:08
johnsomI saw it, but have not had time to read/understand it.16:09
cgoncalvesI have been busy internally and with tripleo. I did some work in the octavia tempest plugin side to add coverage for the allowed CIDRs. sadly the jobs fail occasionally, it is a shortcoming in Neutron where the SG rule doesn't get configured in the agent faster than Octavia completes its flow, returns and tempest sends checks if the allowed CIDR is applied in the listener.16:10
johnsomataraday_ Are you keeping the priority review list up to date for the jobboard chain? I think in the next we or so we really need to prioritize getting the last base patches reviewed and merged. IMO, this is a *must* feature for U.16:12
ataraday_johnsom, yes, things are on track there. Just two changes left - one small I pointed earlier16:13
ataraday_and the main change16:13
johnsomOk, thank you16:14
johnsomAny other updates this week?16:15
johnsom#topic Open Discussion16:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Octavia)"16:16
johnsomOne item I wanted to mention today, the upstream periodic image building jobs are not working16:16
johnsomThey stopped early last month.16:16
johnsomIt appears the python "yaml" package issue is going on there.16:17
johnsomIf anyone has some time, it would be great if you could track that down.16:17
johnsomMaybe work with those DIB cores....  grin16:17
* cgoncalves wears the Octavia hat at all times16:18
johnsomI think I had some patches up for new image building jobs, but it's been such chaos recently I'm not 100% sure if those are related or not16:18
cgoncalvesI will check what is going on there16:18
rm_workweird ok, we have not had issues with this internally and we build centos images from master :/16:19
rm_workhave not seen any build failures16:19
johnsomAh, mine is just a "test" not a publish, so different issues16:19
johnsomI *think* this may just be that DIB has not released a fixed package for this issue yet, but not sure16:20
johnsomThat is the "test" job patch16:20
cgoncalvesianw released DIB 2.43.0 today (?)16:20
johnsomAh, yes, maybe that will fix it????16:21
cgoncalvesI can check16:21
johnsomThank you16:22
johnsomAny other topics today?16:22
cgoncalvesthanks for monitoring the periodic jobs!16:22
johnsomOk, if there are not any more topics we can close it out.16:24
johnsomMaybe our PTL rm_work can scrub the priority list and bring a proposed list of features that are at risk of not making Ussuri next week.16:24
johnsomWe are pretty much up to the feature in/out time.16:25
rm_workthat would be awesome if i could do that16:25
rm_workyes, so I have time in my sprint this week/next for actually working on the multi-vip stuff16:25
rm_workbut I am worried that may not make it into U even though the lib change did16:25
rm_workwhich is fine16:25
rm_workI think our real bottleneck is legitimately review cycles16:25
rm_workand even if the work can get done, there's no cycles to get people to review it16:26
rm_workfor instance, STILL waiting on reviews for outstanding AZ code bugs that are making AZ support unusable16:26
rm_work(thanks carlos for the +2 on the first one)16:26
rm_workso I will try to take some time to scrub that and make some decisions about what we will most likely have to delay till next cycle, and what we need to focus on for this cycle16:27
johnsomOk, any thing else today or  onward?16:27
johnsomOk, thanks everyone!16:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Discussions for OpenStack Octavia | Priority bug review list:"16:29
openstackMeeting ended Wed Mar 11 16:29:06 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:29
openstackMinutes (text):
rm_workwhelp, got out of my meeting in time to be here for 5 minutes of this one :D16:29
johnsomrm_work BTW, I tested the barbican client thing yesterday (with a master devstack) and it behaved as expected, so, not sure what is up with that story. Glad we stopped the revert.16:38
johnsomI think we need more information about what version they are running, etc.16:39
johnsomIt *seems* like they are passing a secret reference instead of the container into the listener create, but the story docs don't show that. If that is the case, the exception is valid.16:40
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dawzonSo I did a little bit of digging and it seems like HAProxy doesn't have any of its own built-in defaults for ciphers (   Either a list of defaults is specified at compile time, otherwise it uses the default cipher string provided by OpenSSL (i.e. there's not a master default we can rely on).  So there's potential for17:58
dawzonit to change between distros and different version of OpenSSL, although I can't say how much it actually varies in practice.  Seems like in an ideal scenario there would be a way to query the cipher strings of each instance of haproxy, then insert that into the database, but is there even a way to perform a migration like that?17:58
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johnsomdawzon Well, I don't see ciphers, only protocols even being exposed in haproxy and I don't really like the idea of trying to poll haproxy for that information.18:07
johnsomI think we either need to have some type of "undefined", such as "None" implies today, or set a default in the DB at migration time and add a release note for operators to failover to pick up the new default.18:09
johnsomrm_work What do you think?18:09
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rm_workthe least possibly impactful would be a None that just doesn't set this18:16
rm_workfor legacy objects18:17
rm_work(and we set the default on all new objects moving forward)18:17
rm_workBUT that introduces ongoing overhead for maintainability18:17
rm_workpicking defaults from OpenSSL and backfilling everything with that seems sane, except that will have the side effect of deploying a technically new and unrelated config option on the next touch of the LB, which could lead to things like "i added a member and suddenly the LB is rejecting my SSL requests"18:19
rm_workas a maintainer I prefer option 2, but the safer option is 118:19
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