Thursday, 2020-07-23

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openstackgerritGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia master: Fix memory consumption issues with default connection_limit
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openstackgerritCarlos Goncalves proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce an image driver interface
openstackgerritCarlos Goncalves proposed openstack/octavia master: Add amphora image tag capability to Octavia flavors
laerlingHi. Is there any way to expose a new Octavia API endpoint (for additional provider driver functionality) without changing the upstream code? I don't see any, but I want to be sure.12:38
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johnsomlaerling I'm not sure I fully understand the question, but provider drivers can be added without code changes. They are simply installed via pip or similar and then enabled in the configuration file via "enabled_provider_drivers".13:13
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openstackgerritGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia master: Add some details on enable_anti_affinity option
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johnsomcgoncalves FYI, I have incorporated your anti-affinity fix and unit tests in the v2 failover patch. The next post will include it16:45
cgoncalvescool, thank you16:50
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openstackgerritAnushka Singh proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Update statistics tests for response time metric
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openstackgerritAnushka Singh proposed openstack/octavia master: Added new metric - response time
openstackgerritAnushka Singh proposed openstack/octavia master: Refactoring amphora stats driver interface
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laerlingjohnsom: Yes, I know. I was asking whether a driver can alter the API exposed by Octavia by any means. I mean the API that e. g. the Openstack CLI talks to.18:15
johnsomlaerling No, OpenStack APIs are defined APIs and features would need to be added by code. That said, drivers can expose proprietary features via the flavors feature.18:17
aannuusshhkkaahey johnsom, can you please review soon?18:20
aannuusshhkkaaThank you!18:22
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openstackgerritBrian Haley proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Always pass subnet ID to member_create()
openstackgerritBrian Haley proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Always pass subnet ID to member_create()
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redrobotHi Octavia friends!20:01
johnsomHi neighbor!20:01
redrobotI had a quick question about Octavia->Barbican context.  Someone was asking me about Horizon errors when using the Octavia UI.  Seems like a policy error where Barbican is denying access to a secret.20:05
redrobotWhat context does octavia_dashboard pass to barbican?20:05
redrobotis it the user's context?20:05
redrobotor octavia-service-user's context?20:05
rm_workNo, we use our admin context20:05
rm_workand Barbican ACLs20:05
johnsomredrobot They are OSA users I suspect.20:07
rm_work* octavia-service-user's context?20:07
rm_work^^ that20:07
johnsomOSA had a bug where it was installing mis-matched versions of octavia dashboard and openstacksdk.20:08
rm_workcgoncalves: remove your -W on and
redrobotcool beans, thanks rm_work johnsom!20:09
redrobotI'm sure I'll be back with more questions eventually :)20:09
rm_workWe still really need to clean up our Barbican story20:09
rm_workthere's a couple things left20:09
rm_workfixing secrets to use Certificate type and then filter on those20:09
redrobotrm_work, let me know if you need any help with that20:10
rm_work(in horizon)20:10
rm_worksince Secrets can be set to that type, right? which is totally informational20:10
redrobotah yes, I still have that RFE to add sorting by secret type20:10
rm_workbut we may want to standardize on that20:10
rm_workdidn't know that was still waiting on barbican change :D20:10
redrobotthe ask was to do something like GET /v1/secrets?type=certificate righ?20:11
redrobotcool, yeah should be fairly straight-forward to do.20:13
redrobotrm_work, maybe I'm not reading this right, but it looks like it's using the request's token?
rm_workto create ACLs20:17
redrobotooooooh, OK20:17
rm_workbut when the backend actually gets the cert, we use the octavia-service-tenant20:18
johnsomrm_work That is dashboard20:18
johnsomIt's using the user's token to get the list of available certs20:18
rm_workRIGHT sorry20:18
rm_workyeah in dashboard because it is an active user context, we use that20:18
rm_worki am talking about the octavia api / worker T_T20:18
redrobotno worries20:18
redrobotI appreciate the help, y'all!20:19
* redrobot is trying to squash a policy bug20:19
johnsomredrobot We had this issue:
johnsomBut that was a long time ago20:19
johnsomNot sure what version you are running20:20
johnsomBut I don't think that would present as a policy error20:20
redrobotIt's a bug report for Queens.  Stacktrace is for barbicanclient denying access, so maybe not related to that bug.20:21
johnsomYeah, ok20:21
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johnsomIf you would like a second set of eyes, send the BZ or story link20:23
redrobotjohnsom, bug 1853507 in openstack-barbican "Elevate project level users access to complete tasks in Horizon causing issues for other users" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to alee20:26
redrobotI _think_ what's going on is that the new role they added is for a project that is different than the project that owns the lb20:27
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johnsomredrobot Oye, I see a bunch of issues with that BZ. For one, tripleo disables the "advanced RBAC", so load-balancer_observer shouldn't exist.20:29
johnsomMaybe they are trying to turn it on?20:30
redrobotjohnsom, I think they're trying to add a new role "project_load-balancer_admin", and adding the default roles as to not break anything20:31
redrobotbut they're also missing "load-balancer_admin"20:31
johnsomYeah, so first read through, they are only adding Octavia roles, there is no role for barbican there20:32
redrobotYeah, that's the main issue, I think.  I just wanted to make sure octavia was using the user's context, to recommend that the users get barbican roles assigned to them.20:33
johnsomYeah. Reading the customer case now to see if there is more detail there20:34
johnsomredrobot Yeah, pretty sure the user doesn't have a barbican role.20:42
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cgoncalvesrm_work, removed -W. thank you20:49
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