Monday, 2021-01-04

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia master: Fix periodic image builder jobs
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admin0is it possible to provide security-groups to load balancer as a user ?12:01
admin0also when launching a new lb, is it possible to tell it to not use but a different router ip for its default route ?12:24
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johnsomadmin0 Correct, security groups are fully managed by Octavia to limit access to the required ports. If you need to restrict the source IPs, use the allowed_cidrs listener API:16:03
johnsomadmin0 The routes are handled by neutron. So if you configure alternate "host routes" on the subnet, Octavia will honor those.16:04
admin0johnsom, so a security-group for every loadbalancer can only be done by user octavia and not by a normal user ?16:11
johnsomadmin0 Right, Octavia will manage the security groups automatically and undo any manual changes. Normal users can use the allowed CIDRs API.16:14
admin0how can a normal user say that in the load balancer, which has say port 80 allowed from all, deny X.y.z/ ip address16:14
admin0johnsom, thanks .. i found something :)16:21
johnsomThe allowed cidrs API allows that16:22
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