Thursday, 2021-06-03

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opendevreviewlikui proposed openstack/octavia-lib master: Reuse the docs deps to benefit from constraints
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opendevreviewArkady Shtempler proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Adding 3 traffic based test cases.
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opendevreviewGeorge Melikov proposed openstack/octavia master: Use `ip route` for VIP configure with `onlink'
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johnsomHmm, these: may be out of date now that devstack is doing some things in parallel17:10
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/python-octaviaclient master: Improve the client performance on large clouds
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spateljohnsom hey!21:11
spatelHow are you?21:11
johnsomspatel Hi, keeping overly busy as usual. You?21:11
spatelgood! i may need your help to make my haproxy use multiple source address in backend21:12
johnsomHa, ok. We don't have that feature in the code right now, so I assume you are doing this manually?21:12
spatelnot octavia21:13
spatelI am talking about manual way21:13
johnsomWhat? Not Octavia??? There is no such thing. grin21:14
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spatelI have customer want to launch app which has 1 million connection so thinking to build haproxy by hand and add bunch or IPs21:14
johnsomOk, so you will want 2.x version of HAProxy, multiple cores and yeah, will need some source addresses21:15
spatelmy issue is my haproxy running out of local port range :(21:15
spatelI am reading your old bookmark which you said use source address21:15
spateldoes this source address map with one-o-one ?21:16
spatellike source1---->web121:16
spatelsomething like that?21:16
johnsomNo, you don't have to do that. You can, by configuring them on the server lines, but you don't have to21:17
johnsomCan you paste back the bookmark, so I can be on the same page as what I said before? grin21:17
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spateloh so you are saying just add 10 source address in config and it will do automatically round-robin ?21:19
johnsomAh, yeah, the page I probably linked you to has multiple server lines, each with a source IP21:19
johnsomThis will definitely balance more predictably21:20
spatelIn last example i am assuming is going to be my web-servers IPs rights?21:21
johnsomYeah, that should work fine as you pasted.21:21
johnsomYes, that would be the web server addresses21:21
spateldoes this look like one-o-one mapping ? - server app1 source
spateli have 5 web servers so should i add 5 ips only?21:23
johnsomYou can repeat the source addresses across the web server addresses.21:23
johnsomIf you want.21:23
johnsomWell, here are a couple of things to consider:21:24
johnsom1. Set your "sysctl net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range to be wider than the default.21:24
johnsom2. Take into account that some source ports are going to be used for the health checks.21:25
spateli already expend my local_port range to max :)21:26
johnsom3. Take the number of source ports you have available, minus the health checks, then divide up the 1 million concurrent connections  across that.21:26
spatelstill running out of port because of millions of connection21:26
johnsomThat should give you an idea of how many source IPs you will need.21:26
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spateli am installing haproxy to test it out21:28
johnsomOk. Also, if you aren't using the latest haproxy, check your http-reuse settings:21:32
johnsomHAProxy can piple connections, so you don't have to always re-open another TCP port to service requests21:33
spatelthat is good point21:35
spateli will sure test that out21:35
spateljohnsom already started building lab :) -
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