Friday, 2021-07-30

simbojacgoncalves, gthiemonge or johnson: I want to know13:51
simbojaI working on the Kuryr-kubernetes project and needs a way to call octavia13:52
simbojais there  a reason for this not to be on base tempest?13:52
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johnsomLol, didn’t stick around for an answer….14:31
ltomasbojohnsom, he has not reliable connection, so it is getting connected/disconnected14:35
johnsomAh, will he read the log?14:36
ltomasboyep, he should!14:37
ltomasboI think he is reconnecting at the moment anyway, so should be here soon14:37
johnsomOk, I will give an answer then.  Thanks ltomasbo14:38
ltomasbojohnsom, thank you for answering!! 14:38
digitalsimbojasorry i got disconnected due to network14:39
johnsomHi there. All tempest projects are moving out of the main tempest repositories into plugins. Some slower than others.14:39
johnsomThe plan is to have the service clients in tempest plugins so you can load only the code you need for your deployment and/or tests.14:40
ltomasbojohnsom, yeah, I know about moving the tests out (we also have kuryr-tempest-plugin for that reason), but I think digitalsimboja was looking for a way to have the service client, without having to add a dependency on octaiva-tempest-plugin14:41
ltomasbogryf, ^14:41
johnsomThis also allows the project teams to improve the tempest code at a higher rate as the don’t need to wait for tempest core reviewers to review and merge patches.14:41
ltomasbojohnsom, so, the plan is that the clients will move from octavia-tempest-plugin back to tempest side?14:42
johnsomltomasbo: No, the plan is to move all service clients out of tempest into plugins like Octavia has.14:43
ltomasbojohnsom, or how are we suppose to use the octavia client from kuryr-tempest-plugin without having to add a dependency on the octavia-tempest-plugin (in the same way as we use today for the compute, neutron clients)14:43
johnsomNeutron is already about 70% out into a plugin now as well.14:43
johnsomYou will have have to load the octavia-tempest-plugin into tempest.14:45
ltomasboyou mean this will eventually be removed?
johnsomThis should not be a problem. All of the integration gates do this.14:45
ltomasbook! thanks!14:46
digitalsimbojaThanks Johnson14:46
johnsomYeah, the history is.... odd. It went from "in-tree tempest", to "templest lib", to "everything is a plugin"....14:47
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opendevreviewPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Fix wrong protocol in UDP pool tests
gryfjohnsom, ack, thanks for explaining :)16:40
johnsomNo problem16:41

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