Friday, 2021-08-06

opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia master: Enable debug of pip-extra-reqs/pip-missing-reqs
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia master: Add caps for pip-extra-reqs/pip-missing-reqs
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mephmanxjohnsom I got your response to my Octavia email.  I dont see any errors in glance logs on any controllers.  It looks like the octavia.conf file is correct, no image driver (if it defaults to glance, thats good) and no glance endpoint configured (which if it looks up, that is also good....unless that is issue).  Should there be some logs in glance?  Maybe its not looking up settings correctly?  How could I check that?14:55
johnsommephmanx Hi, sorry you are running into problems. I'm happy to help you debug and get you going.14:56
mephmanxjohnsom Thanks!  I do see the amphora image tag being populated correctly so I think it is connecting to glance ok...14:57
mephmanxjohnsom I can get you access to the infra if that would help...14:57
johnsomopenstack endpoint list --service glance14:58
johnsomThat will show the endpoints it will try to connect to14:58
mephmanxjohnsom +----------------------------------+---------+--------------+--------------+---------+-----------+---------------------------------------------------+ | ID                               | Region  | Service Name | Service Type | Enabled | Interface | URL                                               | +----------------------------------+---------+--------------+--------------+---------+-----------+------------------14:58
johnsomOh, no glance listed there?14:59
mephmanxjohnsom that didnt format well...14:59
mephmanxjohnsom havent used that before...I couldent paste into it...looking for link to create my own...  sorry, a bit new to irc...15:00
johnsomIf the glance endpoint isn't in the service catalog, Octavia can't automatically find it. So you will either need to add glance to the service catalog or set the [glance] settings in octavia.conf15:00
mephmanxjohnsom it is in there...bad formatting....15:01
johnsomNo worries, irc is fun.15:01
mephmanxjohnsom the external endpoint is accessible from the internet15:01
johnsomOk. So, the public interface has TLS. Maybe it's the internal setting. On second and I will give you something to try.15:01
johnsomIn the [glance] section of octavia.conf, set the endpoint_type to "internalURL" (uncommented), then restart all of the octavia controller processes.15:03
mephmanxjohnsom ok, Ill do that.  Give me a few min.  Thank you again15:04
johnsomI would have expected a different error to log in the octavia log if this is the issue, but let's try it15:04
gmannjohnsom: cgoncalves  gthiemonge can any of you please ack the train-last tag release for octavia-tempest-plugin
mephmanxjohnsom made change, didnt seem to work but restarting control nodes to make sure...15:15
mephmanxjohnsom once it comes back up Ill try again and look to see what logs appear15:16
johnsommephmanx Ok. Yeah, I would expect to see something in the glance API log.15:21
johnsomgmann ack15:21
mephmanxjohnsom taking a bit to get things back up...15:24
johnsommephmanx No worries, I'm here all day. grin15:25
gmannjohnsom: thanks 15:26
mephmanxjohnsom still working on coming back up....15:33
johnsomNo problem15:33
mephmanxjohnsom statup error...have to restart some machines...  osrry about the dealy...15:56
johnsomHa, no worries. We have all been there15:56
mephmanxjohnsom I might have to do more to get things up...seems like something else went wrong.  This is only a dev env so it can be rebuilt but that might take a bit.  I might have to try over the weekend or next week.  Ill reconnect asap.16:47
johnsommephmanx Ok, no problem. You know where to find us16:47

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