Wednesday, 2022-06-15

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opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia stable/train: WIP Testing DIB on stable/train
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia stable/train: WIP Testing DIB on stable/train
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia stable/train: WIP Testing DIB on stable/train
manuvakery1johnsom: We use aodh for a lot of event notifications such as instance created,deleted,resized .. if octavia can sent out notifications  for lb its very useful .. I hope will get merged and with some minor changes in ceilometer I can get the required resources in gnocchi07:11
gthiemongemanuvakery1: this commit introduces 3 event types:
gthiemongemanuvakery1: do you think you will need more events?07:12
manuvakery1gthiemonge: I think these are enough 07:13
manuvakery1gthiemonge: the stats API is enough for other details .. Here I am more interested when an lb is created, updated, and deleted 07:15
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opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia stable/train: WIP Testing DIB on stable/train
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opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia stable/train: Fix amphora build on stable/train
gthiemongeEmilienM: ^ it should fix the gate for stable/train09:59
EmilienMgthiemonge: thanks a lot!11:10
EmilienMgthiemonge: can we also apply it to ussuri? I believe we have the issue there as well11:10
gthiemongeEmilienM: yep, I'll do it11:20
EmilienMgthiemonge: merci ;-)11:22
NamrataHi Folks,  I want to create octavia L7 policy redirecting URL. I am not able to figure out how can I redirect to Can someone help me with this?11:31
gthiemongeNamrata: Hi, did you take a look at the l7 cookbook?
Namrata@gthiemonge Yes, using the  --redirect-url parameter I can redirect to  but if I want to redirect to it dosen't help11:38
gthiemongeNamrata: in your case, /foo might be any URL? or is it always /foo?11:42
Namrataany url /courses, /dashboard, /about11:42
gthiemongeNamrata: so if I add a REDIRECT_PREFIX rule, for instance: openstack loadbalancer l7policy create --action REDIRECT_PREFIX --redirect-prefix --name policy1 listener111:56
gthiemongeand then a rule: openstack loadbalancer l7rule create --compare-type STARTS_WITH --type HOST_NAME --value policy111:56
gthiemongethe LB redirects any requests to to
gthiemongehmm compare-type should be EQUAL_TO12:01
Namrata@gthiemonge I also figured out REDIRECT_PREFIX, but you say I should set compare-type for every URL /courses, /dashboard, /about12:03
gthiemongeNamrata: you don't need to do it for every URL12:07
gthiemongeEmilienM: I don't see the same issue with DIB in ussuri, do you have logs on your side?12:11
gthiemongeEmilienM: my bad, there's something wrong with dib in ussuri, but maybe not the same error12:13
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia stable/ussuri: Fix amphora build on stable/ussuri
gthiemonge^ should fix it too12:16
Namrata@gthiemonge thanks for your help, this works fine. Thanks a lot12:19
gthiemongeNamrata: cool! np12:21
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prometheanfirehi, is anyone able to review it's blocking a requirements update to pyroute2, thanks15:28
johnsomprometheanfire Short answer, we need the taskflow release to land (networkx broke it), then we land a pylint fix, then we can land that pyroute2 patch.15:28
johnsomI think the taskflow thing is +w for upper-constraints, so the dominoes should start falling today.15:29
prometheanfirelol, kk15:31
johnsomThanks for the priority ping15:31
opendevreviewDr. Jens Harbott proposed openstack/octavia master: Fix pyroute2.netns mock in some tests
opendevreviewGregory Thiemonge proposed openstack/octavia master: Fix pyroute2.netns mock in some tests
gthiemonge#startmeeting Octavia16:00
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gthiemonge#topic Announcements16:01
gthiemongeI don't have any announcements... anyone? johnsom?16:01
johnsomJust that the taskflow fix is almost landed. Upper-constraints is in the gate jobs.16:02
johnsomSo we should be able to start landing the gate fixes today16:02
tweininghm, the naming scheme for the next cycle changed, right? I read somthing on the ML I think16:02
gthiemongejohnsom: thanks for working on it ;-)16:02
gthiemongeyeah it is in "[all][tc] Change OpenStack release naming policy proposal" on the ML16:03
tweiningk, seems not really new though16:04
gthiemongeyeah but I don't think we mentioned it in a previous meeting16:05
johnsomBasically removes the public vote process for picking a "name".16:05
tweiningalso I think tick-tock got a new name as well, but I don't remember16:05
johnsomI need to re-read that as I still don't have tick-tock in my brain.16:06
gthiemongeyeah same here16:07
tweiningright. an awful name if you ask me ;)16:08
gthiemongehaha, I agree16:09
johnsomsome of these recent TC docs have been hard to read. The rbac goal is rough reading too16:09
gthiemonge#topic CI Status16:11
gthiemongejohnsom already mentioned the taskflow/pylint issues on master and stable branches16:11
gthiemongethere's also a DIB issue on train and ussuri16:11
johnsomSome of the pylint fixes have one +2 already16:11
gthiemongejohnsom: yeah I will CR+2/W+1 them when the one on mater is merged/ready16:12
johnsomThe stable branches are not impacted by the networkx/taskflow issue16:12
gthiemongeah ok16:13
gthiemongethanks for the patches johnsom ;-)16:13
gthiemongeregarding train and ussuri, we're pulling DIB from the master branch and DIB has removed the support for py3616:13
gthiemongethe workaround/fix is to checkout the latest commit that supports py3616:13
johnsomDIB is branchless sadly16:14
gthiemongeyeah, old DIB releases have this git issue (permission issue), and new releases don't work with py3616:14
johnsomThere are tags though16:14
gthiemongeyeah we could use tags16:15
gthiemongelet me know in the review if you prefer another solution16:15
johnsomNot sure it matters that much. The SHA is probably fine.16:16
gthiemonge#topic Recheck policy16:17
gthiemongeanother CI/gerrit related topic16:17
gthiemongewe were asked to be really careful with "bare" rechecks in gerrit16:17
gthiemongeduring the PTG we had a discussion on adding a reason to the recheck messages16:18
gthiemongeex: recheck octavia-v2-dsvm-scenario story-200988716:18
gthiemonge(don't need a story, reason could be: mirror issue, nova timeout, etc...)16:18
gthiemongein the last 30 days, it seems that many rechecks didn't include a reason16:19
gthiemongethere's an etherpad that gathers all the recurrent CI issues in Octavia:16:19
gthiemongeif we find new "random" issues, we shouldadd them to this etherpad16:19
gthiemongeand don't hesitate, let me know if you don't know why a job has failed16:20
tweininghm, my impression was that there were no recheck without reason since PTG16:20
gthiemongetweining: they have a script :D16:20
gthiemongebut I need to check the output of the script before sharing the numbers :D16:21
gthiemongeand now...16:23
gthiemonge#topic Octavia Forum at the OpenInfra summit16:23
johnsomSurprise! 16:23
gthiemongenone of us (I mean the active contributors here) were at the OpenInfra summit but there was a Operator Forum on Octavia16:24
gthiemongeand there's an etherpad with the notes:16:24
gthiemongequick summary16:24
gthiemongelot of complaints towards octavia16:24
gthiemongemany non-sense issues16:24
johnsomIt wasn't on the official forum list either, so maybe just a session?16:25
gthiemonge(no UDP support, no security between the control plane and the amphora VMs)16:25
johnsomYeah, there was definitely some mis-information captured there.16:25
gthiemongeyeah, and we were not asked to participate to this session16:25
gthiemongeone good thing: it seesm they have found the link to storyboard16:26
johnsomI was tracking this page, which it was not on16:26
tweiningforum organizers should align those sessions better with the project teams in advance.16:26
johnsomAnyway, I added some after-the-fact comments to the etherpad to try to clarify some of the comments there.16:27
gthiemongejohnsom: thanks16:27
gthiemongeLet's hope those people will at least create stories if they have issues with Octavia16:28
johnsomYeah, it would be great if we got more operator feedback.16:29
johnsomWe have one core reviewer that is an operator, and a few others drop in every once in a while.16:29
gthiemonge#topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review16:32
tweiningwell, I could repeat my list from last time.16:33
tweining;) since then nothing has changed.16:33
gthiemongeI was not really active this last week... I need to check my review backlog16:33
tweiningthat one would be a good start:16:34
gthiemongetweining: I reviewed your failover threshold patch16:34
tweiningcool. thanks16:34
gthiemongeyeah I gave it +1 because we're waiting for this octavia-lib patch16:34
gthiemongeI aalso need to take another look at the notification patch16:36
johnsomFYI, taskflow upper-constraints just merged. I will recheck pylint16:36
johnsomOh, bummer, someone rechecked early, so have to wait....16:37
tweiningit's good that the whole release process is automated using Gerrit and Zuul, but it can take some time.16:38
gthiemonge#topic Open Discussion16:39
gthiemongeany other topics folks?16:39
tweiningnot really16:41
gthiemongethanks everyone16:41
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opendevreviewMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Fix pyroute2.netns mock in some tests

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