Friday, 2022-12-02

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skraynevHi folks. I need some advice about two unexpected behaviours for Octavia in yoga. 1. when I create LB - it stuck in OFFLINE operating state. provisioning is ACTIVE.  On some previous release it goes to ONLINE directly after creation. (without creation other things like listener and etc.) is it expected? if yes - what should I do to make it ONLINE? 2. when I tries to create LB in one  Fully Populated  request - all resources go to OFFLINE and13:41
skraynev stuck in PENDING CREATE. The loadbalancer itself goes to ACTIVE/OFFLINE. and as result I could not remove it without hacking DB. what I could do here incorrect? and how could I debug it?13:41
gthiemongeskraynev: hi13:42
gthiemongefor 1. I need to check the code13:43
skraynevgthiemonge: hey. btw - thank you for the help with previous issue :)13:43
gthiemongeskraynev: for your 2nd pbl, there's a open patch that fixes a similar behavior:
gthiemongeskraynev: hey, np ;-)13:44
gthiemongeskraynev: could you share the payload you send to the API for your 2nd issue?13:46
gthiemongeskraynev: in my env, a LB is ONLINE after creation (no listener, etc...)13:51
gthiemongeskraynev: resources in OFFLINE status might been the result of an issue with the heartbeat packets that are sent by the amphorae to the health-manager service13:52
skraynevgthiemonge. please see payload here:
gthiemongeskraynev: which resources are in PENDING_CREATE? all? do you see errors in the logs?13:54
skraynevgthiemonge: it's a good information, that on your env it works. It means, that I really have issue in my env and now I know what is expected result! could it be an issue, if I use amphora image from previous release? should I create new one according my current octavia release an use it? is any approach how to debug missed heartbeat packets? do I need read logs in amphora or in health-manager? sorry for the naive questions :) I am not enough13:57
skraynev familiar with octavia (hope, yet) 13:57
skraynevgthiemonge:  regarding PENDING CREATE. I see, that all resources except LB stay in such state. I did not find any tracebacks in logs... but maybe it's because I have log filtering and I already thought about removing filter and reading ALL logs13:59
tweiningone way of debugging heartbeats could be to run "tcpdump -nn -i o-hm0 udp" on the controller I think14:04
gthiemongeFYI I'm on master, but I don't remember that we had an issue with the op status since yoga14:04
gthiemongean old amphora would be fine, but you will skip some bugfixes from yoga14:04
gthiemongewhen debug is enabled, the hm logs print a line for each received heartbeat message 14:07
skraynevgthiemonge: I have a yoga release :)14:09
skraynevor you mean, that it should be presented on yoga? I probably misunderstood your answer14:10
skraynevtweining: do you mean directly on the node, where I have octavia daemons? right?14:11
gthiemongeskraynev: sorry, I mean that yoga should be fine, no known issue regarding the op status14:13
tweiningYes, where the hm service runs14:14
skraynevgthiemonge, tweining: thank you for the help! now I know the direction for debugging! ;) 14:18
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Add scenario test for Prometheus over TLS

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