Monday, 2013-09-30

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acabreraMorning! :D12:45
flaper87acabrera: YO YO!12:45
acabreraflaper87: How are you? :)12:46
flaper87acabrera: I'm doing well, I'm about to re-install my whole laptop sooooo, I'm a bit down :D12:46
flaper87this process is soooo drepessing12:46
flaper87having to re-install everything, from scratch12:46
flaper87damn! Anyway, what about you?12:47
acabreraflaper87: why the reinstall?12:47
flaper87Having some issues with my current installation (Most of them are all my fault :D)12:49
flaper87so, I'm going to wipe everything and install from scratch12:49
flaper87still not sure if I'll do that today :D12:49
acabreraflaper87: dang. :P12:50
acabreraI've botched my system  before, mostly while tinkering with user-library versions (using GTK 3.0+ on a system that expected GTK 2.6~)12:50
acabrera*user-interface library12:50
acabreraSo I've stopped messing with that. >.>12:51
flaper87yeah, plus, I need it to JFW (just fucking work)12:51
flaper87can't waste time fixing things that I "unfixed"12:51
acabreraflaper87: hahaha, yeah... :P12:51
acabreraThings go well for me, though. I had a good weekend relaxing with my wife and friends.12:51
flaper87acabrera: awesome!!! So glad you had a great weekend!!! I stayed away from my laptop as well. Went to friend's and had A LOT OF FOOD!!!!!!!!12:53
acabreraflaper87: awesome!12:54
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fvolleroMooorning! (Afternooon for who's in UTC+2)13:01
fvolleroflaper87: I'm waiting to reinstall everything on my new hd... (2 months i'm staling it)13:02
acabreraflaper87: Good morning! :D13:03
acabrerafvollero: Good morning! (heh, autocomplete. I already greeted flaper87. :P )13:04
mpanettamorning all13:04
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acabrerampanetta: morning!13:04
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fvollerompanetta: morning!13:05
fvollerompanetta: i'm wondering how your nick come from :)13:05
mpanettaJust my name :)13:05
mpanettaSo how goes?13:07
acabreraIt was a good weekend, and it's been a good morning so far. How about you, mpanetta? :)13:08
mpanettaPretty much the same here :)13:08
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* flaper87 is back13:35
acabreraflaper87: wb!13:36
acabreraI accumulated about 100 emails this weekend being AFK. Sorting through all that now before taking care of reviews. :D13:36
acabreraInteresting news: Guido (of Python) is pushing to make Tulip in 3.4 a reality, even if it's a beta release of Tulip.13:37
zyuan(that's so interesting)13:39
zyuan(in contrast, C++ committee took std::optional out of C++14 even some people think it's already out-of-beta)13:40
acabrerazyuan: std::optional, which was supposed to mirror Maybe a -> Nothing | Just a?13:41
zyuanacabrera: yes13:42
acabrerazyuan: Why was it removed/13:42
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zyuanwe spend an LWG/LEWG joint session to discussion its comparism operators, and got a consensus about those. but considering this part is still "new" and may receive negative comments from the users, we decided to move it into the Fundamental TS (like TR1, but called TS, the first one).13:45
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flaper87zyuan: heeeyy :D13:46
flaper87how are you doing?13:46
zyuan"design by committee" or "design by staw polls" are usually not good. we lost confidence about our design; TS is better way to let user try it first.13:46
mpanettaYay, my connection is going wonky again.  Maaybe I will be able to capture enough that IT can resolve it...13:46
zyuanflaper87: alive13:47
acabrerazyuan: I see. The path of design by committee strikes again. :P13:50
zyuanacabrera: yea, people know it, and they killed the result to prevent this...13:51
flaper87brb guys, I'll re-install everything now13:54
flaper87wish me luck13:54
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acabreraflaper87|afk: Good luck!13:55
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acabreramalini: Good morning!13:56
malinigood morning!!13:57
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fvolleromalini: Morning to you :)14:23
maliniGood afternoon (?) fvollero!14:23
fvolleromalini: +114:48
fvolleroacabrera: some task for me ? :)14:51
maliniacabrera: do you know if somebody is already looking at ?14:52
acabreramalini: I think not.14:53
acabrerafvollero: lemme see what I can find. :)14:54
fvolleroacabrera: something easy plz :)14:54
acabrerafvollero: sure thing - what kinds of things would you like to work on? where do your interests lie?14:54
fvolleroacabrera: hard to say it's just 1 thing :) Surprise me :)14:55
acabrerafvollero: how do you feel about this one?
fvolleroacabrera: /me status: NEED(MORE)INFO14:57
fvolleroacabrera: marconi/proxy/storage/mongodb/ ?14:59
acabrerafvollero: yup, and partitions.py14:59
acabrerain the same directory14:59
acabreraI updated the bug to add a little more detail.14:59
fvolleroacabrera: ok, we want to reduce the schema to just 1 field ?14:59
acabrerafvollero: it should return everything but the '_id' field.15:02
acabrerathat can be accomplished by just saying {'_id': 0} rather than saying {'_id': 0, 'field1': 1, 'field2': 1, ...}15:02
fvolleroacabrera: Yeah, fair enough for get, but I guess list method shouldn't be touched15:04
fvolleroacabrera: and how to run, i just need marconi-server or exist marconi-proxy ?15:05
acabrerafvollero: list() and get() should be fixed for both catalogue and partitions. There isn't a marconi-proxy yet, so to run the proxy, you'll need to... (going from the latest patch in review)15:06
acabreragunicorn  # with configuration stored in ~.marconi/marconi-proxy.conf15:07
acabreragunicorn  # handles forwarding, depends on a marconi-server instance running somewhere15:08
fvolleroacabrera: gracias :)15:08
acabrerafvollero: de nada. Ping me if you have any more questions. I'll be around. :D15:09
maliniacabrera: This one is for adding/editing hosts in an existing partition, rt ?15:16
acabreramalini: that's correct, as well as the weight of the partition.15:18
acabreraPUT /v1/partitions/taco/weight {'weight': 101} => HTTP 20015:19
maliniwhat abt removing hosts from an existing partition15:19
maliniwe'll need tht as well15:19
acabreramalini: good point. We have that in a sense. The PUT /v1/partitions/{name}/hosts is a replacing operation.15:19
acabreraif partition:hosts == ['', '']15:20
acabreraThen PUT /v1/partitions/taco/hosts {'hosts': ['']} => HTTP 20015:20
maliniI just added a comment on the patch,15:20
acabrerapartition:hosts == ['']15:20
acabreramalini: awesome! thanks for reviewing it. :(15:20
acabreramalini: this totally needs a rebase, heh.15:21
acabreramalini: I might also be able to simplify the implementation by using PATCH. I'll just need to double-check with the PTATCH implementation on PATCH /*/claims/{cid}15:22
malinicool !15:23
acabreramalini: I'm going to have lunch now before I tackle this, though. I'm starting to get pretty hungry. D:15:24
malinisure :)15:25
maliniEnjoy your lunch!15:25
fvolleroacabrera: i started scratching the puppet module for marconi, just in case :)15:27
acabrerafvollero: scratching, as in you started writing one? :)15:28
fvolleroacabrera: yep :)15:28
fvolleroacabrera: I contributed on puppet-* in openstack before so I guess could be a huge boost to have at least scratched a bit15:29
fvolleroacabrera: i'm doing something wrong, i guess. gunicorn die all the times :)15:35
acabrerafvollero: hmm...15:36
acabreraDid you branch off of to work on the fix?15:37
acabrera(That's the preferred approach. Instructions change a bit if you work off of master.)15:37
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kgriffsreminder: mtg in 10 mins15:51
acabrerakgriffs: o/15:53
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kgriffsmtg time16:03
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alcabreragood meeting - lots of ground covered, though we took 90 minutes this go 'round. :P17:31
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zyuani saw this
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openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: proxy: mirror structure of marconi queues + bootstrap
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: separate config for queues and proxy
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat: split proxy API into admin and public apps
alcabrerarebasing ^18:58
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat (proxy/admin): allow partition modifications
alcabreraflaper87|afk, kgriffs_afk, malini: There's the latest version of the modifiable partitions patch. I've just rebased it for the time being, changing drop to drop_all as per the feedback I was given in the mirror_queues_transport patch (47642) above.19:25
malinithanks alcabrera..will chk it out19:25
alcabreraChanging the one method to on_patch won't make a difference, IIUC. However, removing HostResource and WeightResource and adding on_patch to partitions.Resource would make a difference.19:26
alcabreramalini: thanks!19:26
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zyuanmalini_afk: !!!!!!!20:00
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zyuanmalini_afk: the parameter claim_id on get a specific message never exists.20:04
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alcabreraI'm wrapping up for the day. I've reviewed the multidb patch (kgriffs_afk) and it's looking pretty good. I'd like for flaper87|afk to sign off on it before we go ahead with it.20:12
alcabrerakgriffs_afk, flaper87|afk: whenever you guys get a chance, could you run a sanity check on:,, and
alcabreraThe only thing that's changed since you last reviewed those three is that drop -> drop_all. I think those three are ready for merging.20:14
alcabreraThose links are silly. Copy-paste betrayed me. :P20:14
* alcabrera tries again20:14
alcabrera1. (ready for merge - sanity check)20:15
alcabrera2. (ready for merge - sanity check)20:15
alcabrera3. (ready for merge - sanity check)20:15
alcabrera4. ...20:16
alcabrera3. 3. (as above)20:16
alcabrera4. (needs a little more thought - Resource:on_patch vs. HostsResource:on_put + WeightResource:on_put)20:16
alcabreraflaper87|afk, kgriffs_afk: thanks!20:17
alcabreraHave a good night, everyone.20:17
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malinizyuan: bad..So we'll just ignore the param?claim_id if it is there, rt?20:21
zyuanmalini: not ignore. it's never been there.20:21
malinilet me rephrase20:21
zyuanit's get a *specific* message20:21
zyuannot get message *s*20:22
mpanettamalini: let me know when code has been vetted to the point that we can load it on test system.  Thanks :)20:22
maliniso we'll ignore any invalid param , if it is in the url - correct?20:22
zyuanlike all other web service do20:22
malinimpanetta: we'll need the 4 patches reviewed & merged. We can load it to test env after tht20:22
mpanettamalini: Ok, just keep me posted. :)20:23
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openstackgerritZhihao Yuan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: fix(proxy): forward marconi headers
zyuan^^ can't catch up; removed the 204 -> 200 change20:36
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kgriffshi folks21:12
kgriffssorry i fell off the edge of the planet there for a few hours21:12
kgriffshad something come up21:12
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mpanettaHi :)21:13
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mpanettakgriffs: I had no idea this existed until just a few minutes ago.  I'm sure marconi isn't on this list!21:25
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zyuansee you tomorrow21:39
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openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: fix(wsgi): Non-ASCII characters in the queue name trigger 500 status

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