Tuesday, 2013-12-17

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chandankumari want to contribute to this marconi.14:06
chandankumarbut i am not getting easier bugs to get started.14:07
chandankumarwill you please provide one for me?14:07
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flaper87chandankumar: hello14:46
flaper87chandankumar: how are you doing?14:46
flaper87I'm very glad to hear that14:46
flaper87chandankumar: let me help you with that14:46
flaper87chandankumar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/123983414:48
flaper87I just tagged that bug as low-hanging-fruit, Feel free to take it14:48
flaper87mpanetta: 'sup ?14:48
chandankumarflaper87, thank you flapper14:48
mpanettamornin flaper8714:48
mpanettaI thought I was going crazy for a second, only seeing one side of the conversation heh14:48
flaper87mpanetta: you're going crazy but this is not the reason...14:50
chandankumarflaper87, http://vmartinezdelacruz.com/getting-started-with-marconi-the-message-queue-for-openstack/14:50
flaper87mpanetta: and good morning! :)14:50
chandankumarflaper87, i am following to install marconi on f1914:50
flaper87chandankumar: awesome, it should still be valid, however, installing marconi is pretty simple14:50
flaper87chandankumar: https://github.com/openstack/marconi14:51
flaper87the readme has enough information14:51
flaper87not all steps are required14:51
flaper87for example, you can skip the config copying steps14:51
flaper87and the mongodb thing14:51
flaper87for development, sqlite is good enough14:51
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* mpanetta is going crazier ;)14:53
mpanettaI'm reading about the thing that does everything including making your breakfast, uwsgi...14:53
cpallaresflaper87, mpanetta: o/14:53
flaper87mpanetta: thanks god it doesn't do lunch!14:54
flaper87cpallares: helloooo!!!14:54
flaper87there you are! How is the best mentee ever doing today?14:55
cpallaresflaper87: :D14:55
cpallaresflaper87: I'm good, thank you. How are you doing today?14:55
mpanettamornin cpallares :)14:55
chandankumarflaper87, thanks :)14:55
cpallaresgood morning mpanetta14:56
mpanettaflaper87: yes, it is a bit excessive ;)14:56
flaper87cpallares: I'm doing well! :)14:57
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flaper87kgriffs: yo yo yo yo15:06
notmynamewhat your current take on the openstack gate? any issues? any frustrations?15:07
notmynameI'm not sure how much marconi is using it yet....15:07
kgriffsnotmyname: be back in a bit - mtg15:08
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alcabreraGood morning/afternoon! :)15:46
cpallaresalcabrera: o/15:47
amettsalejandro: we're all in #openstack-meeting-alt15:48
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flaper87cpallares: you need to reference this blueprints in the patches you submited: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/marconi/+spec/cross-transport-api-spec15:53
flaper87Just amend the commit message and add Partially-Implements: cross-transport-api-spec15:54
alcabreracpallares: good morning! :)15:54
cpallareswhich patches?15:55
flaper87notmyname: we're working towards being fully integrated with the gate. The devstack lib for marconi landed a couple of weeks ago and malini is working on the tempest support15:55
flaper87cpallares: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/61476/ and the schema one15:55
flaper87the ones you're working on that fix bugs need to have Closes-bug: #bugnumber15:55
notmynamewhat I've been tracking is http://not.mn/gate_status.html and that isn't a pretty picture15:56
notmynamekgriffs: BTW, we're definitely willing to discuss webob->swob or whatever you've got there15:57
cpallaresflaper87, malini: speaking of which, what's the verdict on the schema patch and jsonschema package? Do I move it back to /api/v1?16:00
flaper87cpallares: I vote for moving it back to /api/v116:01
flaper87We won't support another schema lib, not for now. So, I'd like to avoid the extra package, path etc16:02
flaper87malini: thoughts?16:02
malinisounds good16:02
alcabreraI set the next meeting for Jan. 7, 2013, kgriffs, flaper87.16:02
openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Added a request and response file to common  https://review.openstack.org/6147616:02
* flaper87 goes and gets an espresso16:02
maliniI'll update my patch accordingly16:02
flaper87alcabrera: sounds good16:02
kgriffsnotmyname: gtk, thanks! I just started playing around with swob yesterday. Nice work!16:05
notmynamekgriffs: I didn't really follow your overall questions (I just saw "swift" mentioned)16:05
kgriffsnotmyname: ah, I was just checking it out to see how it compared to webob16:06
kgriffsI promised the pecan guys at the summit to look at their stuff, and they mentioned how fuuugly webob was16:06
openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Map HTTP request codes in jsonschema  https://review.openstack.org/5950816:07
notmynamekgriffs: "mostly drop in replacement" for webob was the goal16:07
kgriffsnotmyname: yeah, it looked pretty similar at first glance, albeit with much nicer code16:07
notmynamekgriffs: the main impetus was the fact that webob had a nasty habit of breaking compat on minor version bumps16:08
kgriffsmakes sense. I remember seeing a note about that in the comments.16:09
kgriffsnotmyname: it doesn't hurt that swob doesn't spool to a temp file, either.16:09
notmynamewhen does it do that?16:09
kgriffswebob can make an input stream seekable16:10
kgriffslooking at the code, it seemed to do that by default, but I could be wrong16:10
notmynamehmm..interesting. we never used that functionality in swift16:11
alcabreraI'll be back in a bit.16:11
kgriffsnotmyname: I'll have to take another look to see when it does it for sure16:11
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kgriffsbut anyway, i think the world could use a webob2 or webob-lite16:12
kgriffsjust my $0.0216:12
notmynamewhat functionality does pecan provide?16:12
kgriffsPecan is a full-blown web app framework16:12
kgriffssort of like a lighter django or rails16:13
kgriffsbut heavier than, say, flask or bottle (or falcon)16:13
notmynamedoes it have an internal server? if so, is it any good for prod, or do you have to run it behind something else?16:14
notmynameis it compatible with eventlet?16:14
kgriffsfrom what I understand, you run it behind a WSGI server of your choosing16:14
kgriffswrt eventlet, i'm not sure16:15
kgriffsnotmyname: hmm - I don't see eventlet a dep. in pecan's requirements.txt16:16
openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: DRY queues storage error message format  https://review.openstack.org/6270116:17
kgriffsnotmyname: just grepped for eventlet - only mention is in deployment.rst16:18
kgriffsI assume it is eventlet-compatible, but they don't do anything explicit with it16:18
notmynameok, just curious. I've seen it mentioned in various places, but I wasn't sure what functionality it was providing16:18
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mpanettaWhat he do to get klined?16:37
* alcabrera just learned what k-linking is16:44
kgriffsflaper87: I saw your note about the link table thing16:45
kgriffsi'm OK with doing it in another iteration16:45
kgriffsbut, keep in mind, that it may be easier to write the queries without the join table in the first place16:45
mpanettakgriffs: I fixed the bastion issue.16:52
mpanettaIt was looking at both the new marconiconf and the old marconi-queues.conf, deleting the old marconi-queues.conf file and restarting fixed it.16:53
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alcabrerampanetta: sweet16:57
alcabreragood to hear that the fix was simple16:57
alcabreraThough it's a little distressing that it attempted to use *all* the config files16:58
flaper87kgriffs: back, sorry. Yeah, What I'd like to do is implement the driver and the queue controller first16:58
flaper87then change that part before working on the message driver16:58
flaper87so we can test it for sure, right away16:58
flaper87hope that makes sense16:58
flaper87guys, could you help me testing this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/32544/16:59
flaper87it works for me but it keeps failing in the gate16:59
flaper87I'd like to make sure my laptop is not damned with eternal success17:00
openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Verify response jsonschema for List Messages by ID  https://review.openstack.org/6085817:01
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alcabreraflaper87: I'll give it a spin17:06
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alcabreraflaper87: does 'tox -e py27 -- tests.unit.test_memorycache' look right to you?17:07
flaper87alcabrera: thank you, btw!17:08
alcabrerayou're welcome. :)17:09
alcabreraI'm looking forward to seeing oslo.cache land, so I'm happy to help that along17:09
* alcabrera is creating a py27 env for oslo-incubator - it's massive17:09
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flaper87alcabrera: I've to step out now, we're having #PythonMilan today. Feel free to ping me on IRC, I'll read the messages later17:11
flaper87maybe drop me a prv message17:11
flaper87thank you very much!17:11
mpanettaMilan :)17:11
mpanettaI flew there on the way to Lugano heh17:12
* flaper87 lives like 20km from Lugano17:12
* flaper87 lives in Lake Como17:12
mpanettaThat place is beautiful17:12
flaper87mpanetta: it definitely is, I really love it!17:12
flaper87kk, gtg17:12
flaper87back in a bit17:12
mpanettahave a good night :)17:12
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openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Verify response jsonschema for List Messages by ID  https://review.openstack.org/6085817:13
alcabreraflaper87|afk: enjoy!17:15
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cpallaresalcabrera, is tox -e py27 -- tests.x.x.x how you test files individually?17:18
alcabreracpallares: yup!17:20
alcabreraIf you want to dive into an even more specific test, you can do17:20
alcabreratox -e <env> -- tests.unit.queues.storage.test_mongodb_impl:TestSuiteName.test_method_name17:20
cpallaresalcabrera: oh nice. I'm saving that somewhere.17:22
cpallarestox takes forever on my laptop17:22
alcabreracool. It took me some time to figure it out.17:22
alcabreraI figured it out exactly because of that!17:22
alcabreratox took too long! :P17:22
alcabreraespecially when all I wanted to know was - "Is this new Redis driver queue operation working?"17:23
alcabrera"How about now?"17:23
alcabrera"Maybe now?"17:23
cpallaresI feel your pain.17:23
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alcabreraBe back in a bit.18:52
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jraimkgriffs ping20:30
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kgriffsjraim: pong20:35
kgriffsflaper87|afk: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/62751/20:42
jraimkgriffs was marconi a rax only thing when it first got started?20:43
kgriffsjraim: no20:46
kgriffsi mean, I initiated it20:46
kgriffsbut it happened in an unconference session a few summits back20:47
kgriffsbasically, i got a bunch of people from different companies in a room and first got consensus that this is something the community wanted20:47
kgriffsthen, brainstormed requirements20:47
kgriffsthen I went home and HP helped me set up a project on stackforge with gerrit and such20:48
kgriffsand I set up a wiki, and started writing up some stuff based on the unconference session20:48
kgriffsnot long after we got someone from Red Hat to join in as a core contributor and we were off to the races20:48
kgriffsjraim: probably more than you wanted to know, but there it is. :)20:49
kgriffsamitgandhi: So, i guess this is relevant to your CDN idea20:50
amitgandhii want to start engaging the community come january on it20:50
kgriffsi think the key is to get stakeholders in the room for an initial brainstorming session20:50
kgriffsi did that with notifications as qell20:50
kgriffsyou can seed the idea in the mailing list (openstack-dev)20:51
kgriffsbut, IMO, email is a low-bandwidth, high-latency communication channel that is best avoided when it can be done20:51
kgriffsamitgandhi: so, you might want to round some people up for a meeting in openstack-meeting-alt and talk through and etherpad or something20:52
kgriffsmay take several sessions and iterations over a few weeks20:52
amitgandhiyeh, i know the topic of an openstack cdn has come up a few times, but nothing has ever come of it (lower on the priority list)20:52
amitgandhibut i think now is the time, and need to get the players involved again20:52
kgriffsso, first key is to bring people to the table early on, and at critical points20:52
kgriffsfor example, with marconi, i also held a series of API review meetings with the community20:53
amitgandhiyeh thats def the way i want to do it20:53
kgriffssecond key is to get two core contributors from 2 companies - think of them as your anchor team members20:53
amitgandhifirst step i guess is identifying who wants input and participation20:53
kgriffsthe solum guys did a good job with publicity at the HK summit20:54
kgriffsyou can try for something similar in Atlanta20:54
amitgandhifor sure20:54
kgriffsdo a lightning talk that advertises an unconference session20:54
amitgandhitry to get some basic seeded ideas before hand, and then ramp up at ATL20:54
kgriffsand bring t-shirts20:54
kgriffsand talk to people at cocktail parties20:55
kgriffsstuff like that20:55
amitgandhiu still owe me a marconi tshirt20:55
amitgandhibtw megan has your cloud queues one20:55
kgriffsamitgandhi: gtk20:55
kgriffsamitgandhi: what size do you where?20:55
kgriffsyou're in luck!20:55
kgriffsi only have like 3-4 left, and some of those are M20:55
kgriffsso, now all we need is a good excuse to meet up20:56
alcabrerakgriffs: hmmm, marconi shirt - and I also wear a M... :D20:57
amitgandhikgriffs: xmas party on thur20:58
amitgandhikgriffs: thanks for the info above21:00
amitgandhii'll look into getting thoughts early in the new year once everyone is back into working mode21:00
mpanettaI think I want to play with taskflow...21:11
mpanettakgriffs, alcabrera have either of you guys looked at taskflow at all?21:17
alcabrerampanetta: I've only looked at it a tiny bit21:21
mpanettaI want to use it for https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TaskFlow#Service_stop.2Fupgrade.2Frestart_.28at_any_time.2921:22
alcabreraI can only tell you as much as you might;ve read, that it's associated with Mirantis' Mistral OS project, and that it looks pretty cool21:22
mpanettaMistral looks real cool21:22
mpanettaI only need local workflow though for now.21:22
alcabrerampanetta: looking at that, it's making me think of Cloud Upstart21:23
alcabreraor something like that21:23
mpanettaI want to have a way to be able to have more robust upgrade flows, and salt does not have a concept of rollback.21:23
mpanettaBut I could have a salt state the could rollback and use something like taskflow to invoke it if some part of the upgrade fails.21:24
mpanettaalcabrera: Not familiar with that.21:24
mpanettaI am looking for the best way to do full tasks, I don't know if I should hack salt to do it or wrap salt to do it.21:25
mpanettaOr I am over thinking things again21:25
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alcabrerampanetta: this thing: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/21:29
mpanettaoh that21:29
alcabrerathe initd replacement(?)21:29
mpanettaI just have not heard of it in the context of cloud :)21:30
alcabreraGotcha. My bad for not being clear. :)21:32
mpanettaNo probs :)21:32
alcabreraThe taskflow project makes me think of upstart, but cloud-enabled. :D21:32
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kgriffsamitgandhi: a couple more thoughts on starting an OS project21:46
* amitgandhi listens21:47
*** tedross has quit IRC21:48
kgriffsyou will want to get Monty Taylor to set you up with stackforge from the beginning. Also, see if you can get a few technical committee members to assist in the beginning with code reviews. Finally, set up regular IRC meetings ala the core projects ASAP.21:48
kgriffsMonty Taylor - mordred on IRC - HP, works on openstack-infra team, member of TC and board21:49
*** mpanetta has quit IRC21:50
kgriffsanyway, the idea is to engage OS leadership from the beginning, and do things "the OpenStack way" from the beginning21:50
kgriffsI'm sure you'll come up with lots of other clever strategies too.21:51
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amitgandhiwill keep that in mind21:58
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kgriffsamitgandhi: tbh, I learned some of these tricks talking to the Trove guys22:04
kgriffsthe topic of that discussion was "what *not* to do"22:04
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