Monday, 2013-12-23

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flaper87ykaplan: good morning! Glad to see you around!09:14
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sebasmagriflaper87: hey!11:17
flaper87sebasmagri: yo yo yo11:17
sebasmagriso, how are you?11:18
* flaper87 is doing juuuuuuust fine!11:18
flaper87kinda hungry TBH11:18
sebasmagriflaper87: I had a nice weekend reading git logs, etherpads and code reviews.11:18
sebasmagrime too, I'm waiting for my breakfast...11:18
flaper87which means you now know *everything* about Marconi11:19
sebasmagriwell, if you mean this i'd probable not have too many questions... ;)11:20
flaper87kgriffs_afk: btw, sebasmagri fell in love with Marconi, he's going to do some experiments with MQTT as a transport. That'll be very useful for notifications11:21
* flaper87 played Cupid last week and made them fall in love with each other11:21
sebasmagriflaper87: with qpid it was predictable right?11:23
flaper87kgriffs_afk: and I know you probably won't be around 'til next week so I'll keep bothering your afk-self11:23
flaper87sebasmagri: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL11:23
sebasmagriflaper87: so... I'm really thinking about delaying the transport stuff for when the base API is ready... to avoid reworking...11:25
sebasmagriand, to work on other stuff to get to know marconi better...11:25
flaper87sebasmagri: what about doing something along the lines of what I did with websocket? You could start implementing the network stuff for your transport and translate that to wsgi requests.11:26
flaper87which you'll then pass to the wsgi transport11:26
flaper87it won't be full-featured nor good performance wise but you could at least do something with it11:27
flaper87anyway, helping with fixing bugs or implementing other blueprints sounds like a good plan as well11:27
* flaper87 will be back in a bit!11:27
flaper87lunch time11:27
sebasmagriflaper87: that'd work, yes... but I believe that helping to shape the base for more neat stuff is still better.11:29
sebasmagriflaper87: kk, bon apettite11:29
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flaper87guess who's back?
flaper87sebasmagri: yeha, that sounds good to me!12:29
sebasmagriflaper87: so, I see claims are still missing in the client. Are you working on it?12:30
sebasmagrithe other interesting thing, client side, is async.12:31
flaper87sebasmagri: not yet, I was going to BUT if you want to take them, please go ahead12:31
flaper87sebasmagri: well, not yet, there are plans to make it async, I added a callback kwarg to the core module but there's nothing there yet12:31
flaper87I'm planing to get rid of that kwarg until we finally add support for it, you know... YAGNI12:32
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sebasmagriflaper87: ok then, I can start with that tonight...12:33
sebasmagriflaper87: have any other OS client library implemented async? just to know what is the common approach...12:33
flaper87sebasmagri: cool, I'm fixing a bug in the Message code right now. Make sure you base your work on the latest patch here:,n,z12:33
flaper87sebasmagri: nope12:34
sebasmagrithen we should make it right... heheh12:34
flaper87sebasmagri: I was thinking about using:
flaper87but I'm not a huge fan of the actor models12:34
sebasmagriflaper87: ok12:34
sebasmagriflaper87: why not just use futures?12:34
flaper87I'm not a huge fan of callbacks either12:34
sebasmagrithere's a backport of py3k's in pypi12:35
flaper87sebasmagri: Pykka has support for Future types12:35
sebasmagriI mean, it seems like it will be the standard anyway.12:35
flaper87oh you mean, python's futures12:35
sebasmagriflaper87: I mean concurrent.futures12:36
flaper87yeah, that's an option12:37
flaper87pykka has support for futures but I'm not sure how it's implemented there12:37
sebasmagriflaper87: I'd love to know when you guys are going to meet to discuss this stuff btw12:37
flaper87sebasmagri: Marconi's meetings are every Tuesday at 15UTC12:37
flaper87well, we won't meet tomorrow for sure12:38
flaper87nor next week12:38
sebasmagriok ok...12:38
sebasmagriany public calendar hanging around?12:38
flaper87and the agenda is free, I mean, if you've something you'd like to discuss just put it in there12:38
flaper87there you go12:38
flaper87that being said, I was planning to bring this up once the API v1 is fully implemented12:39
sebasmagrimakes sense12:39
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flaper87ah btw, the thing about using futures is that we also need asynchronous support for notifications12:40
flaper87which means that we need some kind of executors running12:40
* flaper87 refuses to use the term Thread12:40
flaper87damnit, I just used it12:40
flaper87anyway, just saying in case you want to put some thoughts in there12:41
sebasmagriflaper87: ok...12:42
sebasmagriflaper87: is there an etherpad for this?12:43
sebasmagrithere is a lot of stuff to look at for this matter...12:43
flaper87sebasmagri: yep, there's one, 2 secs12:46
flaper87sebasmagri: client bps:
flaper87we can create a separate bp / etherpad for the async stuff12:46
flaper87actually, we should do that12:46
flaper87Do you want to do it?12:47
flaper87If you do, make it depend on
sebasmagriok no problem12:47
sebasmagriSo, lets complete the v1 API and brainstorm the async stuff in the mid time.12:49
sebasmagriflaper87: I need to go out for a while, I'm going to create the async bp...12:49
flaper87sebasmagri: rock on! Have a good one!12:50
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: chore: Bump version to icehouse-2 dev
sebasmagriflaper87: ;)12:55
sebasmagrisee you later.12:55
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add a Message resource and a MessageIterator
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add a Message resource and a MessageIterator
ykaplan_flaper87, hi :)13:51
flaper87ykaplan_: hellooooooo Girl!13:53
flaper87ykaplan_: how are you doing?13:55
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flaper87cpallares: ping16:35
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cpallaresflaper87: pong!18:39
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mpanettaHi all18:47
mpanettaslow day18:47
cpallaresmpanetta: o/18:48
mpanettahow goes cpallares?18:48
cpallaresmpanetta: good and you?18:49
mpanettaNot too bad18:49
mpanettaGlad it finally stopped raining18:49
cpallaresmpanetta: also happy holidays :D18:49
mpanettaSame to you! :)18:50
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maliniGuest76841: hello amit !! :D19:02
Guest76841wow random19:03
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mpanettaHi guys19:03
mpanettaand gals :)19:04
amitgandhigood thing i still answer to amit haha19:04
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mpanettaamitgandhi: Would you rather us call you Guest76841? :P19:04
malinimpanetta: he is coming back as Guest7684219:04
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mpanettaIt is far too quiet in here :P19:18
cpallaresmpanetta, it is19:31
* flaper87 back19:32
cpallareshi flaper87!19:33
* mpanetta is stuck19:33
* cpallares is stuck19:33
mpanettaYou are stuck too?19:34
flaper87are you both stuck? mpanetta cpallares19:34
mpanettaYes, apparently :P19:35
cpallaresmpanetta, haha yeah19:35
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openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: DRY queues storage error message format
flaper87cpallares: yay20:53
openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: DRY queues storage error message format
cpallaresflaper87: it still doesn't work :/21:01
flaper87lets see21:04
cpallaresflaper87: it's still the same mismatch error.21:05
flaper87cpallares: I'm running tests locally21:12
flaper87hold on21:12
flaper87sebasmagri: I don't remember if I alredy told you this21:12
flaper87sebasmagri: if you're planning to implement the claim thing in the client, make sure you base your code on
flaper87mpanetta: do you know if Kurt is going to be out the whole week?21:13
mpanettaflaper87: I do not.21:14
flaper87seriously, now I've seen things that you humans wouldn't believe21:25
flaper87cpallares: found the issue, I dropped a comment on the review21:29
flaper87mpanetta: oh boy, trust me, you don't want to know21:29
mpanettaOf course I do.  I am curious to a fault :P21:30
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cpallaresflaper87: ha! of course, i feel so silly right now21:49
cpallaresflaper87: thanks!21:55
openstackgerritCindy Pallares proposed a change to openstack/marconi: DRY queues storage error message format
flaper87cpallares: my pleasure! :)21:57
* flaper87 is going to eat some books22:01
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