Monday, 2014-02-10

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alcabreraGood morning. :)13:58
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flaper87I can't even w00t14:22
flaper87alcabrera: GOOD MORNING!14:22
flaper87sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, message deletion is almsot there14:22
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alcabreraflaper87: good morning, flavio. :)14:23
alcabrerasqlalchemy message deletion?14:24
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flaper87alcabrera: yeah, I was stuck because of an "error in the query"14:24
flaper87which turned out being a side-effect of an error happening somewhere else14:24
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alcabrerathat's awesome progress14:25
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flwangalcabrera: ping14:40
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alcabreraflwang: hey!14:44
flwangalcabrera: are you working on the no-auth for /health bug?14:47
flwangalcabrera: or do you have any idea to do that?14:47
alcabrerano, not at the moment, flwang14:47
alcabreraI'm not entirely sure on how to go about it, either. flaper87, any ideas on how to define a policy that indicates that /health should be an auth-less endpoint?14:48
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flwangalcabrera: you know, based on our design, we're going to make /ping as auth-less, and the new /health is authorized14:50
flaper87alcabrera: so, the idea was to check the request headers14:50
flaper87and have a config option where people could specify a list of (header, endpoint) for endpoints that don't require auth14:51
flaper87or something along those lines14:51
alcabreraahh, that sounds good flaper87 - thanks! Also, thanks for correcting me, flwang! I get the two endpoints mixed up since I haven't thought of them in some time. :)14:52
flwangalcabrera: as for the cpu utilization of marconi server instance, as we discussed last time14:54
flwangalcabrera: should I assume there are many instances or only one?14:54
alcabrerajust one, flwang14:58
alcabreraI want each launched marconi-server to be able to report it's own CPU utilization14:58
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flwangalcabrera: so seems we can just leverage psutil to search the marconi-server process and call get_cpu_percent(), make sense?14:59
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alcabrerayup. :)15:00
alcabreraThat's what I had in mind.15:00
alcabreraI was happy to see psutil in the openstack/global-requirements, so feel free to make use of that!15:00
flwangalcabrera: yep, me too. you know, psutil is a powerful tool15:00
flwangalcabrera: btw, would you mind talking more about 'I want each launched marconi-server to be able to report it's own CPU utilization'15:01
alcabrerasure. :)15:01
flwangalcabrera: I'm a little bit confused15:01
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alcabreraI envision it as - when the user asks for GET /stats, and /stats => the CPU percentage, it'd be reporting the CPU percentage for the process that handles the request.15:02
alcabreraRequest -> Process pid -> CPU_percent pid -> Response15:03
alcabrerasomething like that15:03
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flwangalcabrera: got, so I will follow the same assumption for the new /health endpoint, does that make sense?15:04
flwangflaper87: ping15:05
flaper87flwang: pong15:06
flwangflaper87: as for the /ping endpoint, based on my understanding, I will just clone it from current /health to avoid breaking current marconi client, and then update the marconi client code to support /ping, then implement the new /health endpoint, is it ok for you?15:07
alcabreraflwang: makes sense, and sounds good to me.15:08
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flwangalcabrera: cool, but we will be blocked by kgriffs_afk's work, right? we need to wait for the v1.1 code branch, right? pls correct me15:09
flaper87and the list method is done!15:09
flaper870_= - - - - - - (pufff)15:10
flwangflaper87: ???15:10
flaper87flwang: that sounds good to me15:10
flaper87flwang: don't pay attention to my craziness15:10
flwangflaper87: cool, thanks for you guys confirmation15:11
flaper873 errors and 1 fail to go15:11
alcabreraflwang: hmmm, I think it's safe to create a marconi.queues.transport.v1_1 directory and implement the new health controller there15:12
alcabrerathat should unblock things15:12
flwangalcabrera: in the same level with wsgi/zmp?15:14
* alcabrera thought he had seen a v1 directory for some reason15:16
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alcabreraahah, I see what I did15:17
alcabreraI saw cpallares' work on marconi.queues.transport.api.v115:17
alcabreraand completely forgot that we haven't migrated over to that approach yet overall.15:17
alcabreraflwang: could you implement the new /health for the moment in and not connect it to the available routes?15:18
alcabreraI'll add the discussion about what to do with new /health and api v1.1 for tomorrow's meeting.15:19
alcabreraWhat do you think?15:19
flwangsounds good for me15:19
flwangwe just need a consistent way to follow up15:20
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alcabreracool. I'll got us both down for the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, flwang:
flwangalcabrera: cool, thanks15:28
flwangalcabrera: flaper87: back to the no-auth issue, does mean user won't be required auth even we have enabled the keystone as the auth strategy?15:30
alcabreraflwang: that's the plan, for the no-auth endpoints.15:33
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flwanggot it15:37
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flaper87expired test fixed!15:40
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flaper87erm, houston, I'm having troubles with getting the last inserted IDS :(16:02
flaper87stupid thing16:02
flaper87so, there's no easy way to do it16:04
flaper87either we generate the ids ourselves (pretty much as zyuan did) or we do a final query at the end16:05
kgriffsflaper87: sqlalchemy limitation?16:05
flaper87kgriffs: databases limitation16:05
flaper87or, database drivers limitation16:05
flaper87and that hasn't changed apparently16:06
kgriffsonce upon a time I used SQL Server (before I came to the light) and it let you do it16:06
*** rongze has quit IRC16:06
kgriffsbut, that wasn't from Python.16:06
*** nosnos has quit IRC16:06
flaper87kgriffs: 1 id or several ids ?16:06
kgriffsbad python libraries16:06
kgriffsflaper87: hmm, good question16:07
kgriffsi can't remember16:07
flaper87the limitation is for bulk inserts16:07
kgriffsso, if you generate the id before hand does that give us the problems we have with mongodb?16:08
kgriffsi mean, you will have race condition16:09
kgriffslike, you generate x ids for this batch, but a parallel request does as well, then you try to insert and once wins, the other fails with unique key constraint, and you have to retry16:10
flaper87I'll just get them from the database after the insert16:10
flaper87since it's in the same transaction it should be safe to get the last N inserted16:11
* alcabrera reads above information and frowns16:11
kgriffsflaper87: ah, good point - if the followup read is within the transaction, it will be cool16:11
flaper87it is so, I'll do that16:11
kgriffsother option is stored procedures16:11
* flaper87 runs away16:12
kgriffsyou could generate the ids inside the transaction if you did that (I think?)16:12
kgriffsstored procs are't exactly generic16:12
kgriffsso, nevermind16:12
kgriffssomeone can write a special super-optimized pg backend or something if they want16:12
* kgriffs carries on16:13
flaper87last time I had something to dow ith a stored procedure I cried. I had no idea what I was going to be working with and unfortunately it wasn't good. Turns out that some genious thought that using store procedures for business logic was actually a good thing16:14
kgriffsflaper87: there is that school of thought16:14
alcabrerastored procedures make me cringe16:14
flaper87kgriffs: yeah, unfortunately I must say16:14
kgriffssome people advocate for 100% stored procedures16:14
kgriffsyou aren't allowed to touch the DB unless it is through a proc16:15
flaper87it was a C# app literally mapped to a stored procedure that was executed hourly16:15
kgriffspersonally, I suspect it is just the DBA trying to ensure job security16:15
flaper87and the stored procedure invoked other stored procedures that invoked some other stored procedures16:15
kgriffsoh my16:15
kgriffsnow, that's just sick and wrong16:15
flaper87now you get my point16:16
flaper87I was like: Yeah, how bad could a stored procedure be?16:16
flaper87What could possibly go wrong?16:16
flaper87man, I had no idea16:16
* alcabrera listens to flaper87's horror stories of SQL16:17
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi16:18
flaper87alcabrera: seriously, I'd have rather done Java...16:20
alcabrerathose are serious words, flaper87. :P16:20
alcabrerasql/stored and java are close to the same tier of cringe on my boat16:21
malinican I get some reviews plz ..This is another devstack patch , needed for tempest integration16:27
malinihas just 2 lines & one of them is a comment ;)16:27
alcabreraI don't know malini - 1 LOC is going to take *awhile* to parse. :P16:28
alcabrerawell, I did it faster than jenkins - +1 malini!16:29
malinibeware..they might replace jenkins with you!16:30
malinithanks alcabrera!!16:30
kgriffsflaper87: it would be SUPER AWESOME if you could finish reviewing
kgriffsand this too:
* flaper87 is so ashamed now16:31
flaper87I did start reviewing that16:31
flaper87and then.... forgot16:31
*** reed has quit IRC16:31
flaper87sorry about that, I'll review them both today16:31
*** reed_ has joined #openstack-marconi16:31
alcabreramalini: no, don't replace jenkins with me. I'd sleep on the job. My uptime would be in the mid 30%s. :P16:32
* kgriffs slips flaper87 a pop-tart which neatly conceals several carefully-rolled bills which sport a surprisingly large denomination.16:33
* kgriffs promises twice that amount when the job is done16:34
* alcabrera sends kgriffs and flaper87 each 1 dogecoin and 1 dogetart16:34
* flaper87 starts eating his carefully selected pop-tart16:34
kgriffsalcabrera, flwang: once those patches above are in, I can branch the api so we can get to work on 1.116:35
kgriffsalcabrera: LOL16:35
flwangkgriffs: coooooooooooool16:35
kgriffsare dogetarts the new scooby snacks?16:35
alcabrerathey're better - they have much flavor16:35
kgriffscan I buy an ASIC to make them for me?16:35
kgriffsalcabrera: LOL16:35
kgriffsmuch more flavor16:36
*** reed_ has quit IRC16:36
* kgriffs enjoys his treat and tries not to wag his tail16:36
kgriffsor should I say16:36
* kgriffs enjoy much treat16:36
kgriffsI think we need an StackCoin16:37
*** tedross has quit IRC16:37
alcabrerastack coin supports a self-regulating economy. Users who have too much would experience wallet overflow errors16:39
kgriffsfolks, if you have anything else for teh agenda, please add now:
alcabrerahmm, I might have something16:42
alcabreraI'm not sure where in Openstack this kind of thing is handled: Google Summer of Code 201416:42
kgriffsalcabrera: I would ping Anne Gentle about that16:43
alcabreragood idea, kgriffs16:43
kgriffsshe has been involved with OS interns in the past16:43
alcabreraI've already listed us on the ideas page:
alcabreraflaper87: ^^16:43
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*** igor has joined #openstack-marconi16:47
flaper87alcabrera: Thanks for that, big time!16:49
* flaper87 got get_bulk working16:49
*** igor has quit IRC16:52
flaper87alcabrera: re Marconi talk for the summit, any idea?16:52
flaper87kgriffs: ^ ?16:52
alcabreraI'm coming up a little short in things *I* would like to talk about marconi. I wonder what kinds of things people would like to ehar about marconi... :x16:55
*** tedross has joined #openstack-marconi16:55
maliniinteresting !! oz_akan_ & me were just chatting abt that :D16:55
kgriffsflaper87: ah, I was going to bring that up too16:57
kgriffsflaper87: have you already submitted a proposal?16:57
flaper87kgriffs: not marconi related yet16:58
*** rongze has joined #openstack-marconi16:58
kgriffsOK. the last two summits the talks have basically been the same "intro to marconi and a demo"16:59
flaper87kgriffs: I was thinking that we should talk about where we are and where we're headed16:59
flaper87I don't think we need an intro this time around16:59
*** saju_m has quit IRC16:59
flaper87more something like: "This is what we're targetting"16:59
flaper87ideas, features, how to implement etc16:59
alcabreratags, content-based filtering, topics, exchanges16:59
flaper87or, we could do a: "Marconi for enterprise: Integrate your apps using Marconi"17:00
flaper87something along those lines17:00
kgriffsflaper87: ok, so assume people know what Marconi is already17:00
kgriffsflaper87: hmmm17:00
flaper87We've a library now and we have more things to talk about17:00
flaper87yeah, I wouldn't worry about folks that don't know what marconi is17:01
flaper87not anymore, this is our third summit17:01
flaper87and we've made some noise already17:01
kgriffsI like the idea of having a very practical talk17:01
flaper87I'm not saying we're THE QUEUING SERVICE but, you know...17:01
kgriffslike, this is how you install it, this is how you use it17:01
flaper87this is how you shard17:01
kgriffsand then maybe a "what's coming in Juno" at the end17:01
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC17:01
flaper87this is how you talk to Marconi17:01
kgriffsyeah, like for reals17:01
kgriffsnot just hand-waving17:02
flaper87realz* d00d17:02
flaper87with z17:02
kgriffsMarconi: Let's get real17:02
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi17:02
alcabreraohhhh, nice kgriffs !17:02
alcabreraI like that.17:02
kgriffsand no, this isn't a talk about using Marconi with RoR17:02
flaper87exactly, I want the message to be: "This is Marconi and we're not AFRAIIIIID"17:02
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi17:02
kgriffsRoR aside, i kinda like that title17:02
kgriffsother suggestions for a title?17:03
alcabreraMarconi: Get the Message17:03
*** rongze has quit IRC17:04
flaper87lol at Marconi: Get the message17:04
*** saju_m has joined #openstack-marconi17:04
alcabreraMarconi: Stake Your Claim17:05
flaper87Unbelievable: Error at line 404, go to line 404 and find out it is empty17:07
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC17:07
flaper87Computers play nasty17:07
alcabreraflaper87: "I remember that for 100 years we have fought these machines." - I've been reading too much Dijkstra lately. All I can think about is this same scene with EDJ speaking against Java, COBOL, and BASIC.17:07
flaper87alcabrera: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL17:07
flaper87ok, I got to the point where everything seems to work17:10
flaper87*seems to work*17:10
flaper87now, I need the claims controller17:10
flaper87ykaplan_: ^^^^^^17:10
alcabreraI'll be pushing out the catalogue controller between tomorrow and wednesday. :)17:12
alcabrerawith that - we'd have: queues, shards, catalogue by wednesday17:12
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi17:16
flaper87gtg guys, bbl17:16
alcabreraflaper87: take care!17:17
*** saju_m has quit IRC17:19
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk17:28
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oz_akan_I haven't read all the history.. but I was thinking about talking about how to deploy marconi17:44
oz_akan_which focuses on installing / configuring different apps like memcached, mongodb, uwsgi and eom (probably) and then how to create a shard and send the first request etc..17:44
kgriffsoz_akan_: ah... so maybe we can have two talks?17:44
kgriffsone on deploying, one on building apps with it?17:44
alcabrerakgriffs: +117:45
kgriffspersonally, I'm tired of trying to cram too much content into a single talk17:45
kgriffsoz_akan_: ok, that would be cool. Will you submit a talk proposal then?17:45
oz_akan_kgriffs: I agree, better choose an audience and target the talk for them17:45
oz_akan_kgriffs: I will, I would ask speaker buroeueoe first17:46
oz_akan_thanks for the link kgriffs17:52
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oz_akan_kgriffs: flaper87 I submitted the talk "Deploying Marconi for Production"18:58
balajiiyer\nick balajiiyer18:58
oz_akan_I should put "web scale" somewhere :)18:59
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kgriffsoz_akan_: awesome!19:01
kgriffsbalajiiyer: how would you like to speak at the summit?19:01
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kgriffsalcabrera: let's just use a cliche and call the talk: Marconi: All your message are belong to us19:43
* kgriffs is kidding19:44
* kgriffs kind of19:44
alcabrerano, really. :D19:44
alcabrerameme's are a great source of connection19:44
alcabreraFor example19:44
alcabreraBodil Stokke uses My Little Pony to great effect in all her talks:
alcabrerathey often turn out pretty awesome19:45
* kgriffs clicks19:45
mpanettaI must confess, I am a bit of a broney :P19:45
alcabreraI was only a little sad that Trixie wasn't mentioned in the above noted talk.19:45
kgriffsSkylanders probably wouldn't be quite as awesome, would it?19:46
kgriffseveryone likes legos19:46
kgriffsespecially now because the Lego Movie is...19:47
mpanettaI still need to see it19:47
alcabreraI haven't even heard of it. :D19:47
kgriffsoh man19:47
kgriffsit's AWESOME19:47
kgriffsin fact, I'd have to say that just about EVERYTHING in it is AWESOME19:47
alcabreraI'll bug jess about it. Maybe it's time (after the current polar vortex subsides) for a family movie night,.19:48
mpanettawe need to name a project polar vortex19:48
mpanettaBTW, the technical term for what is happening to cause this is
mpanettaI read about it yesterday after reading an in depth forcast...19:50
mpanettaApparently the prediction tools SUCK at predicting how they will play out.19:50
mpanettaOh when I say this I mean what is happening here in GA19:51
alcabrera+1 for Polar Vortex project19:52
alcabreraIt randomly freezes running Xen server instances19:52
alcabreraKind of like a VM-level chaos monkey19:52
balajiiyermpanetta: A polar vortex project would be very cool19:53
mpanettammm chaos.19:54
mpanettathey should rename that cold air damning...  A subtle but important distinction here in the Atl...19:56
mpanettabalajiiyer: The name sounds cool anyway.19:56
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Alex_Gaynorflaper87: You're involved with celery/kombu right?21:47
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: correct22:00
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: I just sent an initial PR for marconi support; it's very raw, but it passes all teh functional tests, would love if you could take a look at it22:00
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: awesome I certainly will, Thanks for that!22:00
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: what do you think about the client so far? Any feedback about the API?22:01
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: My biggest thing is it feels like there's a bit of an impedence mismatch between virtual transports in kombu, and how marconi seems to work -- internally marconi seems much closer toa  rabbitmq then e.g. the django backend22:02
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: agreed, we've been discussing a bit about that and adding things like `gack` - that won't be the final name - which would basically do a get and claim of a message. We've also discussed a bit about adding some kind of pop endpoint etc. This would make consuming messages from queues easier, hopefully.22:04
flaper87thanks for the feedback22:04
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: yes, I think "pop" is really what you want for marconi's virtual transport, and for many simpler use cases outside of frameworks it's probably close enough22:04
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: I'd love feedback from you on what I have, it feels very raw, but the functests do pass! :-)22:08
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: looking at it :)22:11
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flaper87Alex_Gaynor: thanks for the work there.22:25
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: Sure! Sorry it took so long to get done. Should we wait to merge it until after claims work?22:26
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: I think I also need to make it work with stuff other than localhost ;)22:26
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flaper87Alex_Gaynor: nah, I just commented there. I think it's fine to be merged TBH, I asked Ask if he's ok with me merging it :)22:27
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: localhost should proabbly block the merge, no?22:27
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: ah right, you hadcoded the url there22:27
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: yeah, you should use the broker url we have in kombu22:27
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Alex_Gaynorflaper87: yup, rebasing and will do that next22:28
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: awesome! thanks a lot!22:28
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: Just pushed the rebase and the option handling, let me know if the option stuff looks right22:34
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: looks good, you'll eventually want to handle keystone's auth options too.22:46
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: For sure, is there docs on how to do taht?22:46
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk22:47
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: unfortunately nope :( This is all I have for now:
flaper87I'll write some docs and let you know22:49
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: Cool, if you can just point me to an example of using it with Connection I'll add it22:49
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