Wednesday, 2014-02-12

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flwangflaper87: ping08:10
flaper87flwang: pong08:10
flwangflaper87: may i ask some question about the old /health endpoint?08:11
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flwangbased on my understanding against the Marconi deployment architecture, there are two important layers, transport and the storage08:12
flwangflaper87: and seems current /health only focus on provide the 'health' of the storage backend status, is it?08:13
flaper87flwang: correct, that's what we actually care about08:14
flaper87the transport just implements the api to talk to the storage08:14
flaper87They're isolated nodes that share the same storage08:14
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flwangflaper87: i see, sounds like we deploy the transport layers ( the core of Marconi ) on node A, and which will access the storage, like mongodb on node B, is it?08:15
flaper87pretty much08:16
flwangflaper87: so there is a question08:16
flaper87flwang: 2 secs, let me get something for you08:16
flwangflaper87: based on the design, KPI we'd like to collected for new /health endpoint, seems we are trying to collect both the info against both the transport layer and the storage layer08:17
flaper87flwang: why? What is the info you're trying to collect?08:18
flwangflaper87: for example, we're trying to know the CPU utilization of marconi-server process08:18
* flaper87 is missing something08:18
flwangI assume it's on the transport layer08:18
flaper87ah yeah, that's because the transport and storage layer are deployed together in the same process08:18
flwangand obviously, we also want to know the status of the storage08:19
flaper87marconi-server is the transport AND storage layer together08:19
flaper87they're logically separated08:19
flaper87not phisically08:19
flaper87erm, physically08:19
flaper87flwang: does that make sense?08:20
flwangflaper87: O:-)08:20
flwangflaper87: I think it depends how to define the layers08:20
flwangflaper87: let me raise some stupid questions here08:21
flwangflaper87: AFAIK, typical scenario is, there is only one marconi-server process which is deployed on node A08:21
flwangand we have a mongodb deployed on node b08:21
flwangso should/could we say node A is the transport layer and node B is the storage layer, NOTE, there is no any Marconi code on node B08:22
flaper87mongodb is the storage, not the storage layer08:23
flaper87the storage layer is the code within marconi that talks to the storage08:23
flwangand then let me ask the next question, based on current code, as for the /health endpoint, what's the status we're really care about?08:24
flwangthe storage or the storage LAYER?08:24
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flwangflaper87: the reason why I ask above questions, is I want to figure out if we need a new class to place the health() method to collect info from both transport layer and the storage layer08:30
flwangflaper87: pls beat me if it doesn't make sense for you08:33
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flaper87flwang: sorry, back09:00
flaper87flwang: mmh, I'm not sure we need a new one, TBH09:00
flaper87unless it gets very complex09:00
flaper87but I'd like it not to be complex09:00
flwangok, so we can just add it under DataDriver, just like is_live, right?09:01
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flaper87flwang: right09:40
flwangflaper87: ok, got it. thanks for the opinion and above all comments, very helpful09:40
flaper87flwang: my pleasure, thank you for contributing to marconi09:41
flwangflaper87: yep, sure, I got a lot of fun from Marconi :D09:41
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openstackgerritLin Tan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Use six.moves.urllib.parse instead of urlparse
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack/marconi: adds docs directory with dev guide
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack/marconi: adds docs directory with dev guide
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack/marconi: adds docs directory with dev guide
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alcabreraGood morning! :)13:22
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flaper87alcabrera: GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING14:02
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alcabreraflaper87: heeeeey~!14:05
alcabreraHow goes?14:05
flaper87alcabrera: all good, you?14:09
alcabreraflaper87: lovely. I became fascinated with stream processing yesterday in distributed systems and have been on a bit of a reading kick since then. :)14:10
alcabrerait was all thanks to this article:
* alcabrera needs a shortcut14:10
flaper87I'll read it, thanks for sharing!14:11
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maliniflaper87: is there a nightly job etc. that usually approves patches tht already have +2s ?15:15
flaper87malini: nope15:15
flaper87we wouldn't be able to know when "night" is15:16
* flaper87 is messing with malini15:16
flaper87anyway, nope, there isn't15:16
malini*is already messed up*15:16
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maliniguess I'll have to just keep stalking ppl to get my devstack patch merged15:17
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flaper87kgriffs: ping15:56
kgriffsflaper87: pong15:56
flaper87kgriffs: 'sup man?15:56
kgriffsyo yo15:57
flaper87kgriffs: did you read the bits about the "pop" endpoint in the meeting logs?15:57
kgriffsit's cold in Texas15:57
kgriffsso strange15:57
flaper87:D :D :D :D15:57
maliniits snowing in ATL..strange too :-P15:57
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alcabrerakgriffs, flaper87: I'm going to write that talk proposal now. My head has been in the clouds all morning. ;)15:59
flaper87alcabrera: that sounds like a good state of mind for openstack developers16:00
kgriffsalcabrera: were you tasked for writing the marconi talk proposal?16:00
alcabrerakgriffs: yup!16:00
alcabreraI volunteered for it.16:00
alcabreraflaper87: oh yes. :)16:01
kgriffslets talk about that and then I'd like to swing back around to touch on v1.1 stuff as I read the mtg log16:01
alcabrerasounds good to me16:01
kgriffsso, I'd like to propose the following basic outline for the talk:16:01
kgriffs1. Brief overview of Marconi features (I'm talking like, 1 slide)16:02
balajiiyer1kgriffs:  after v1.1 I would like to talk about pecan. While I have you and flaper87 and alcabrera here16:02
kgriffs2. Deep dive into a sample application, highlighting at least 2 messaging patterns, and show off code, using python-marconiclient and stuff16:02
* alcabrera takes notes16:03
kgriffs3. Briefly highlight features that devs can look forward to in the Juno release, and <strike>beg</strike> encourage people in the audience to come hang out with us and help build these things16:04
alcabreraThat leads to a pretty sweet flow.16:04
kgriffsso, re 2. I want something real, not contrived like our past demos16:04
alcabreradefining that real application is going to be interesting16:05
kgriffsaudience box you will check is application developers building on top of OpenStack services16:05
kgriffsalcabrera: yes, and we need to start building it as soon as icehouse-3 is locked and loaded16:05
kgriffsit will take a few weeks16:05
kgriffson the upside, it gives us something we can use as a sample app for years to come16:06
alcabreraso, I can envision the producer/consumer pattern16:06
alcabrerathis is where marconi shines16:06
kgriffsso, in the proposal we don't have to tell what the app is exactly; just say it will be totally awesome and stuff16:06
alcabrerathe publish/subscribe pattern is a little more awkward16:07
kgriffsalcabrera: I've got some ideas about that, but let's talk about it in a couple weeks16:07
kgriffshelp me remember16:07
alcabrerawill do. :)16:07
alcabreraI'll put it on my calendar16:07
kgriffsok, anyone vehemently object to that outline?16:08
kgriffsalcabrera: p.s. - be sure to run the proposal by Allan and the Rackspace Speaker's Bureau before submitting16:09
kgriffsflaper87: what do you think about that outline?16:09
alcabrerakgriffs: good idea16:09
* flaper87 catches up16:09
balajiiyer1kgriffs: while talking about Juno features, do you think it would be valuable to talk about some operator friendly features as well?16:10
flaper87the outline sounds good16:10
flaper87alcabrera: you'll have to add kgriffs and me manually as speakers16:10
kgriffsAllan expressed some interest in speaking but... I feel like we are starting to get ridiculous with the number of speakers16:11
kgriffsTBH, I'd like to see two speakers16:11
kgriffsperhaps flaper87 and alcabrera16:12
alcabreraI'd have fun speaking. :)16:12
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kgriffsIt isn't like I don't mind speaking, but I think it is important to get someone else a chance to shine16:13
kgriffsi think there are two natural topic areas16:14
kgriffsone is marconi features: current and future16:14
kgriffsthe other is walkthrough of the demo app16:14
kgriffsif we had three speakers, would we be able to split up the demo app?16:14
kgriffswould it be too much to have *two* sample app walkthroughs?16:15
kgriffs(each could demonstrate a different messaging pattern)16:15
alcabreraI'm tempted to suggest that we create the demo app session as a workshop16:16
alcabreralots of interaction with attending devs16:16
alcabrerabuild it together16:16
alcabreraand have the primary talk be about marconi: current and future16:16
alcabrera(workshops == 90 min)16:16
alcabrerakgriffs, flaper87: ^16:17
flwangmay I know how many time slots we can in last design summit for design sessions?16:17
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amitgandhidid anyone touch base with oz on his deploying marconi talk?16:18
* flaper87 catches up again16:19
alcabrerano, amitgandhi. I meant to do so yesterday. :P16:19
flaper87I also think 3 speakers confuse people more thant what they manage to present16:20
flaper87TBH, I think it's fine to put our names there, we'll figure this out later16:20
flaper87No one will cry if one of us isn't on the stage16:21
alcabreraflaper87: sounds like a reasonable approach. :)16:22
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kgriffsok, we can put our names there and sort out later16:28
kgriffsI wanted to talk about alcabrera's workshop suggestion for a moment16:28
kgriffswhat if we did the talk as proposed16:29
kgriffsbut we don't go into quite so much detail on the sample app(s)16:29
kgriffsand then we also propose a workshop where we walk people through building those same apps from scratch16:29
kgriffsif we want to do t-shirts again, we can hand them out at the workshop16:30
alcabrerathat's what I'm thinking, kgriffs~16:30
alcabreraoooh, t-shirts16:30
alcabrerabring in the t-shirt hungry hoarde for great learning!~16:30
kgriffsthat would give us more space to talk about features present and future16:30
kgriffsso, let's make an app that runs on a rpi16:31
kgriffsand demo it during the talk16:31
alcabrerawhat's the standard length of a talk?16:31
kgriffsto show people how light and easy Marconi is. :p16:31
alcabreraI've been assuming 1h16:31
kgriffsmmm, let me check16:31
kgriffsit is less than 1h16:31
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flaper87The workshope sounds good but it requires quite more time16:33
flaper87It may clash with some of the other summit activities and design sessions16:33
kgriffsre clashing, I know swiftstack does one each year to good effect16:34
kgriffsI guess they manage to avoid conflicts with design sessions16:35
alcabrerait'll be worthwhile in figuring out how to avoid those clashes16:35
flaper87FWIW, I like the workshop idea16:36
alcabreraif it is the case that clashes might happen, it helps that there are at least 3 core of us to divide up the effort. Also, the target audience for the workshop might be different than the design session.16:36
alcabreraso, going back to the core talk proposal -16:40
alcabreramarconi: present and future16:40
alcabreraI suppose we'll need to walk through current BPs to figure out what's next. :)16:41
kgriffsalcabrera: the audience for the workshop will overlap some with ATCs but will mainly target cloud app developers who came more for the "conference" and less for the "design summit"16:41
flaper87kgriffs: +116:41
kgriffsalcabrera: we will need to wait to finalize the "what's next" until after the design sessions, if possible16:41
kgriffsif not, we will make our best guesses and only include things we are pretty confident about16:42
kgriffsok, so title for the talk?16:42
kgriffsI want the title to imply this isn't just a boring overview talk16:43
alcabreraagreed. :)16:43
balajiiyer1'Marconi: Queue up for Profit' or 'Marconi: Queue up for Science'  :)16:44
alcabreraI'm still fond of our previous title "All Your Message are Belong to Us"16:44
balajiiyer1alcabrera: with the current NSA clout, do you really want to have that title?16:45
kgriffsbalajiiyer1: lol, we could include lots of NSA jokes16:46
kgriffspersonally, I think we should include lots of references to the Lego Movie16:47
kgriffsI think devs would appreciate that. :)16:47
kgriffseven better: Lego My Little Pony16:47
kgriffseven better-er: Lego Transformer My Little Ponies16:48
alcabreraoh geez16:48
alcabreraFriendship is Legos16:48
*** ayoung has quit IRC16:48
kgriffseveryone loves legos. And the games and movies have some pretty funny lines16:48
kgriffsso anyway...16:49
kgriffsback to the title16:49
kgriffsMarconi for Humans16:49
kgriffsMarconi: Let's Get Real16:49
kgriffsMarconi: All Your Message are Belong to Us16:49
kgriffsMarconi: Much More Message16:49
kgriffsBuilding Apps with Marconi for Fun and Profit16:50
kgriffsMarconi: Just use it already!16:51
kgriffsMarconi: Advil for RabbitMQ Users16:51
kgriffsMarconi: Awesomesauce for Your Apps16:52
alcabreraso many greats16:53
alcabreraI love "Much More Message"16:53
kgriffsMarconi: If You Only Go to One Talk, You Should Go to This One16:53
alcabreraMarconi: Please Leave a Message16:54
kgriffsnot bad16:54
balajiiyer1alcabrera: +116:55
kgriffsI like doing something a little funny, because that stays true to our team culture16:55
kgriffs(funny and witty)16:55
alcabreravery true - and I hope that it continues to be true. :)16:56
kgriffsfound the pad from last talk:16:57
kgriffsso, I am going to assume talks are again 40 minutes16:57
kgriffsso, we really only have 30 minutes of content16:57
kgriffs(to leave time for q&a)16:57
alcabreraall the more reason to separarte out the demo/app workshop16:58
alcabrera40 minutes isn't a whole lot16:58
kgriffsI kind of think of the talk as advertising for the workshop16:58
kgriffsok, so we have the following leaders for title:16:58
kgriffsMarconi: Much More Message16:58
kgriffsMarconi: Please Leave a Message16:58
kgriffsBuilding Apps with Marconi for Fun and Profit16:59
kgriffsflaper87: thoughts? ^^^16:59
flaper87damn, you guys are TALKING!17:01
* flaper87 catches up17:01
kgriffsit was an accident17:01
* flaper87 has been a bit distracted17:01
kgriffsflaper87, alcabrera: I want to have the talk and workshop in the can BEFORE we go to the summit17:02
kgriffsthe last couple of times we put them together last minute and it sort of...sucked17:02
kgriffswe can practice and tweak while we are there, but I don't want to scramble17:02
flaper87so, "Much More Message" +117:02
*** thomasem_ has joined #openstack-marconi17:03
flaper87and Please Leave a Message is my favorite17:03
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kgriffshow about17:03
kgriffsthis for the talk:17:03
kgriffsMarconi: Please Leave a Message17:03
kgriffsand this for the workshop:17:03
kgriffsBuilding Apps with Marconi for Fun and Profit17:03
alcabrera+1 kgriffs17:03
* alcabrera catches up17:04
flaper87(who gives more?)17:04
flaper87(who gives more?)17:04
flaper87(who gives more?)17:04
flaper87(who gives more?)17:04
flaper874 at 117:04
*** thomasem_ has quit IRC17:04
flaper874 at 217:04
flaper874 at 317:04
kgriffsnow we just prove +117:04
kgriffsand then we have an inductive proof17:04
sriramto infinity and beyond!17:04
alcabrerabase, induce, reduce for great proofiness17:04
alcabrerawe are such Nats17:05
alcabrerare: preparation - I'll give a practice version of the talk and workshop at rax:atl during late April.17:05
*** thomasem has quit IRC17:05
alcabreraThat'll give us some solid feedback on what we can do better before the summit.17:06
alcabrera(and gives me some extra deadlines to work with)17:06
kgriffsalcabrera: good idea17:06
kgriffswe could all give talks at meetups and stuff17:06
kgriffsto practice17:06
kgriffsok, so everyone cool with those titles17:08
kgriffsworkshop one could be tweaked17:08
kgriffsbut, I'm pretty happy with them myself17:08
alcabreraI'm happy with the outcome of this discussion17:11
alcabreraI feel better about the new direction of things. :)17:11
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alcabrerakgriffs, flaper87: with the new direction in mind, my commitment is to get the proposals written down in an etherpad so that we can review them tomorrow. I'll also pass them along to rax:speaker_resources for additional commentary by EOD.17:19
alcabreraAh, an aside - I've been working on the Openstack GSoC proposals page:
flaper87alcabrera: Awesome, thanks for working on the proposal and GSoC17:27
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openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(sql/driver): expose ControlDriver, more config
openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(sqlalchemy): add shards controller
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openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(sqlalchemy): add shards controller
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openstackgerritAlejandro Cabrera proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(sql/catalogue): add catalogue controller
alcabreraw00t - the catalogue controller is in!19:46
alcabreraflaper87, kgriffs: ^^19:46
alcabrerawe just need to clean up the messages controller and implement [queues, claims], and then test it all with malini's help. :D19:47
alcabrerathen we have sql19:47
flaper87alcabrera: awesome!19:48
flaper87alcabrera: did you have time to check the message controller?19:48
alcabreranot yet. I'll do that in the next hour, flaper87. :)19:48
alcabreraat least a cursory review19:48
*** saju_m has quit IRC19:48
flaper87alcabrera: awesome, it's not cleaned up or anything but the main idea is there19:49
flaper87it works except for th parts that depend on the claim controller19:49
alcabrerasweet, gtk!19:49
alcabreraI'll keep that in mind as I review19:49
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malinialcabrera: I am trying to run the functional test suite with the latest code20:24
maliniKeep getting
maliniany idea why?20:24
maliniI admit I havent run them for a while :-#20:24
*** cpallares has quit IRC20:26
* alcabrera clicks malini20:28
alcabrera's link20:28
alcabreraI'll need more context than that. :/20:28
alcabreraThough I vaguely did see some curious errors when running the unit tests in sharded mode.20:28
alcabreraLemme try them now20:28
maliniI am running them with nose20:35
alcabreraphew, they are explosive!20:40
alcabreraI think it's because of the changes in oslo.cache20:40
alcabreraRunning 'tox -e py27' generates *a lot* of errors in sharded mode.20:40
alcabreraso, I'm going to see if that's a quick one to fix20:41
malinithanks!20:42 did it get thru jenkins if the test fails20:42
maliniis it coz we are not testing mongo ?20:42
malinialcabrera: ^20:42
malinifinding out things to add on my to-do list20:43
alcabrerait's actually that -20:46
alcabrerawe're not testing in sharding mode in jenkins20:46
alcabrerawhich makes sense20:46
alcabrerabecause we don't have sharding support in sqlite20:46
alcabreraso, that means we'd benefit greatly from having sharded and non-sharded tests in temptest20:47
maliniwe shud find a way to do tht with devstack20:47
alcabrerathere's a cute trick I use for locally testing sharded patches (when I manually test... >.> )20:47
alcabreraI spin up 4 instances of mongo, each using a different dbpath and port20:47
alcabreraall on localhost20:47
alcabreramongod --dbpath=a --port=27017; mongod --dbpath=b --port=27018; ...20:48
alcabreraso we could likely leverage such a technique for devstack-style testing20:48
alcabreraI imagine one can run multiple postgresql/mysql servers locally using a similar technique20:48
maliniyeap..I'll update the sharding functional tests bug. so we dont forget20:49
alcabrera+1 malini20:50
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alcabreramalini: that bug doesn't look obvious21:18
alcabrerathere's two problems, from what I can see21:18
alcabrera1. - self._catalogue_ctrl.get(p, q)['shard'] is returning None (why?)21:18
alcabrera2. limit must be an int in POST claim21:19
alcabreraso something's definite;y a little wonky21:19
alcabreraI'm voting for a critical bug to be filed on this21:19
alcabreraanyone should be able to reproduce it by running 'MARCONI_TEST_MONGODB=1 tox -e py27' with 'sharding=True, admin=True' in the conf21:20
alcabreraI'm heading out for the day.21:20
alcabreraGood night, all!21:20
*** alcabrera has quit IRC21:21
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*** malini_afk is now known as malini22:29
maliniflaper87: ping22:35
flaper87malini: pong22:35
maliniyayy..I wasnt expecting you to be around now22:36
malinican you take a look at this one22:36
* flaper87 looking22:37
flaper87malini: ok, what's up with that ? :D22:38
flaper87seems sane22:38
malinihmm..I was hoping you would find it insane22:39
maliniI am trying to get my experimental job for tempest running22:39
maliniBut for some reason, it thinks marconi is not enabled in devstack22:40
flaper87malini: did you try running that in a shell?22:41
flaper87like importing marconi's lib and running `is_marocni_enabled`22:41
malinias in run devstack, import marconi lib ?22:42
*** jmckind has quit IRC22:43
flaper87nope, just open a terminal, export the ENABLED_SERVICES env (put marconi-server in there)22:43
flaper87the cd devstack/ && source lib/marconi && is_marconi_enabled22:44
flaper87or something like that22:44
flaper87see what it returns22:44
maliniit barfs with get_python_exec_prefix: command not found22:45
flaper87then copy that function into the shell22:49
flaper87and try to run it22:49
*** cpallares has quit IRC22:49
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openstackgerritAngus Salkeld proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add support for claims
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