Thursday, 2014-02-27

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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Register sqlalchemy endpoints
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Don't raise `DoesNotExist` on claims deletion
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Enable pragma foreign key for sqlite
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Fix message's get and deletion
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Deprecate sqlite in favor of sqlalchemy
flaper87flwang: ping08:05
flwangflaper87: pong08:05
flwangflaper87: what's up?08:07
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flwangflaper87: code review?08:12
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flaper87flwang: hey08:20
flaper87sorry, this notification-daemon is failing for me08:21
flaper87flwang: just wanted to know if you are fine with my comments08:21
flaper87I mean, adding a better coverage in a follow-up patch08:21
flaper87I'm planning to re-factor some parts08:21
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flwangflaper87: sure, I saw it08:32
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flwangflaper87:  did you see the comments from kgriffs_afk against the /health patch?
flwangflaper87: seems he want to see a plugin structure against the KPI, IIUC08:36
flwangflaper87: that's what I mentioned with you recently08:36
flaper87flwang: yup, but he agrees with me. He says that we should first work on providing CPU and memory, then the plugin architecture08:40
flaper87I'm not sure we need a plugin architecture for this08:40
flaper87I need to think a bit more about it08:40
flwangflaper87: maybe we can discuss it on the summit :) if I can make it08:41
flwangbtw, do you think we should let the Ceilometer take care baby Marconi?08:41
flwangis it a reasonable idea?08:41
flaper87flwang: as in doing metrics ?08:42
flwangsuch as the health status of Marconi08:42
flwangsuch as how many queues we have, etc08:43
flwangin other words, as an admin, I'd like to know the metrics of my queue service from Ceilometer08:43
flwangi'm saying do we want to let Ceilometer support Marconi metrics08:44
flwanggiven Ceilometer will be the metering center in OpenStack cloud, so I'm curious how the RAX is billing the Marconi users08:45
flwangflaper87: so i'm thinking if we can provide a rich /health endpoint for both the deployer/administrator and Ceilometer for billing purpose08:47
flwangflaper87: maybe Rackers can answer this08:48
flaper87yes, I've talked about that with other ceilo guys, I believe that will happen at some point08:48
flwangflaper87: cool08:52
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vkmcHi all :)12:33
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flaper87vkmc: hey hey hey12:39
flaper87how are you doing?12:39
flaper87ready to hack on Marconi???? :D :D :D12:40
vkmcflaper87, Hey :) All good, you? Really looking forward for that!12:41
ekarlsohow is marconi doing atm ?12:41
flwangflaper87: ping12:42
flwangflaper87: are you available for a moment to discuss the /health?12:43
flaper87flwang: absolutely12:44
flaper87ekarlso: in terms of stability, feature or final user support?12:44
flaper87vkmc: AWESOME! And I'm looking forward to see your patches12:44
ekarlsoflaper87: all :p12:44
flwangflaper87: like kgriffs_afk mentioned in the comments, any idea to split the localhost KPI and the stoage backend API? actually I discussed that with you as well, some days ago12:45
vkmcflaper87, I took one bug that looks pretty innocent to break the ice... will see how it goes :)12:46
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flaper87ekarlso: so, stability I'd say 99,9999999999 (you know, murphy), feature: v1 is frozen and v1.1 recently landed. kgriffs_afk has been adding new features to it and user support: we're 1 patch away from having a full-featured client12:50
flaper87and I'm actually reviewing that patch12:51
flaper87vkmc: ICE as in "Internal compiler error" ?12:51
flaper87flwang: the one I put in the review12:51
ekarlsoflaper87: what does one use if not mongo ?12:51
flaper87ekarlso: sqlalchemy (pgsql, mysql, PUT_SOME_SQL_DATABASE_HERE)12:52
flaper87well, to be completely fair, there are some patches under review that will fix some issues in sqlalchemy, that driver is brand new12:52
flaper87and it was brought to us by ykaplan12:52
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ekarlsoflaper87: won't that be like sloooow ?12:53
ekarlsois amqp going in soon ?12:58
flaper87ekarlso: well, it really depends, TBH.12:58
flaper87ekarlso: I've sort of a POC locally for AMQP12:59
flaper87I haven't finished it because we were heads down on the graduation requirements, sqlalchemy being one of them12:59
ykaplanflaper87, are  there any more needed fixes?12:59
ekarlsowhat about casandra ?13:00
flaper87ekarlso: have you ever been kicked out of an IRC channel?13:00
flaper87stop saying bad words13:00
flaper87just kidding13:00
flaper87so, we've brainstormed about several DB based backends13:00
flaper87and we came to the conclusion that we're going to allow just few backends in the code base and the rest can live elsewhere13:01
flaper87we've a really nice plugin-based storage layer that can be easily extended13:01
flaper87The backends we've considered so far are: mongo, sqla, redis and amqp13:01
flaper87redis is almost done, alcabrera has been working on that13:02
flaper87and amqp still needs a lot of work13:02
flaper87to be more precises, it'll require tweaking the API to fit some AMQP concepts13:02
flaper87ykaplan: there are, I had to fix some things because I deprecated sqlite in favor of sqlalchemy:,n,z13:03
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flaper87but there are still some other things to do13:03
flaper87ykaplan: I'll file some bugs and assign them all to you13:03
flaper87muahahahh muahahah muahahaha13:03
ekarlsois amqp a storage layer though ? :p13:03
ykaplanflaper87: you are so kind today ;)13:04
flaper87ekarlso: The one that will live within marconi yes, it'll be a storage backend13:04
flaper87however, it's possible to have a transport layer for AMQP13:04
ekarlsois amqp storage though ?13:04
flaper87ekarlso: to be fair, I think calling the storage backend storage is wrong and we should stop doing that. The storage backend (:P) is just a delivery layer. Whether it is store-forward, p2p etc. doesn't matter13:06
flaper87but calling it storage makes folk think that it *has* to store things13:06
flaper87and the amqp storage backend is just a backend driver capable of talking to amqp brokers13:07
flaper87ykaplan: ok ok, I'll assign them to you *AND* I'll also give you pop-tarts :D13:07
ykaplanflaper87, YUM :D13:08
ekarlsoflaper87: you should rename it then to avoid the confision ;p13:08
flaper87flwang: hey, so, KPIs. I think having a base method that does the localhost thing and a `_healt` abstract method that is overwritten by storage drivers is fine for now13:08
flaper87it's simple and flexible enough to cover what we want for v1.113:09
flaper87ekarlso: yeah, I agree.13:09
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Updated from global requirements
flaper87malini: ping13:23
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add python3 and pypy trove classifiers
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Fix misspellings in python marconiclient
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vkmcflaper87, Do you know which translation guidelines is kgriffs_afk referring in this bug report?
vkmcflaper87, Cannot find the thread13:59
flaper87vkmc: I bet he never sent that email :D14:01
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vkmcflaper87, Oh ok :) I guess that we don't need to translate debug messages14:02
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openstackgerritMike Panetta proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Remove termios support (and associated issues) Fixed pep8 issues
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vkmcIf someone has a moment, how do you run Marconi tests?14:48
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maliniseems like somebody already started on it..But dont know how far they got to14:51
malinisriram: is already merged14:51
flwangmalini: what's your question, AFAIK, Liang Chen has completed it14:51
maliniwe have our hackday today in office..sriram wanted to start playing around with heat..14:52
maliniSo even if its implemented, sriram can still play with it :)14:52
maliniI hope jenkins gets to mpanetta's patch soooon14:54
sriramthis is cool. let me have a look at it.14:54
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flaper87malini: ping14:56
flaper87vkmc: python testr14:57
maliniflaper87: pong14:57
vkmcflaper87, Thanks14:59
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vkmcDamn... I'm hitting this bug
flaper87malini: does devstack work now?15:08
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maliniflaper87: it shud work with use_screen=true15:09
flaper87so, no luck with the issue we were fixing yday15:09
maliniI hope mpanetta's patch will fix the issue we were seeing with the use_screen=false15:09
mpanettaIt should15:09
maliniI am waiting for mpanetta's patch to go thru jenkins & core reviewers :)15:10
mpanettaJust need it approved and merged.15:10
maliniI hope it'll fix all the problems & save the world15:10
mpanettaI hope I didn't miss anything else ;)  tox ran fine on that file after I fixed the issues it showed.15:10
malinimpanetta: jenkins is picky abt everything15:11
maliniit has some guidelines on commit messages15:11
mpanettaOh no, did my commit fail again?15:11
maliniI hope not15:12
maliniI just gave you the link :-P15:12
flaper87malini: could you remove the "fixed pep8 issues" from the commit message ?15:12
malinimpanetta: ^15:12
flaper87erm, mpanetta15:12
mpanettaflaper87: Yeah15:12
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openstackgerritMike Panetta proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Remove termios support (and associated issues)
mpanettaI think I got it15:15
* flaper87 wonders where alej is15:16
flaper87I hope he's having a great time wherever he is15:16
cpallareshi everyone!15:16
mpanettaPartying at :P15:16
mpanettacpallares: Mornin15:17
flaper87cpallares: looooooooook who's here!15:17
cpallareshi mpanetta!15:17
cpallaresflaper87: whooooooo?15:17
cpallaresflaper87: also hi!15:17
flaper87cpallares: youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! The API layer rock star!15:18
flaper87speaking of which, how's that coming along ?15:18
cpallaresflaper87: API layer rock star, is that my official title? :D15:18
* cpallares writes that on resume15:18
vkmccpallares, o/15:18
cpallareshi vkmc!15:19
mpanettaYay!  Jenkins likes my changes :P15:19
cpallaresvkmc: are you contributing to marconi? :D15:19
malinimpanetta: yayy15:19
mpanettaWell it liked my last changes, lets see if it likes my latest ones heh15:20
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malinimpanetta: it will ..15:20
maliniAre you uploading those new patchsets to mess with me?15:20
mpanettaNow why would I do that? :P15:21
maliniBut last time jenkins was done in ~ 20 minutes15:21
malinithts not too bad :)15:21
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malinimpanetta: weird I cant repro this issue any more15:25
maliniThe only change I did was ran it with sqlite once & then switched to mongo :-S15:25
mpanettaThat is very very odd...15:26
openstackgerritVictoria Martínez de la Cruz proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Removed debug level messages translations
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mpanettamalini: I hate hisenbugs.15:28
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openstackgerritVictoria Martínez de la Cruz proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Removed debug level messages translations
kgriffsflaper87: can you keep an eye on this?
* flaper87 watching that patch O.O15:34
flaper87kgriffs: pls pls pls, review my patches :D :D :D :D15:35
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malinijenkins likes it!!!!15:43
maliniplease review15:44
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Remove termios support (and associated issues)
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maliniI just started the experimental job in
malinifingers crossed !15:54
* kgriffs crosses fingers15:56
openstackgerritVictoria Martínez de la Cruz proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Removed debug level messages translations
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flaper87malini: does it work?16:32
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mpanettaflaper87: It does not look like it is finished running yet.16:41
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malinisorry stepped away16:49
mpanettaflaper87: It passed jenkins16:49
maliniI am still waiting for the experimental jobs16:49
malinishud be any time now16:49
maliniI see 63449 there16:50
maliniBut I dont know what the 2min means16:50
maliniits 1 min now16:50
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malinisame failure
maliniI cant believe this :|16:52
mpanettamalini: The connection failed?16:54
maliniflaper87, mpanetta: ^16:54
maliniI am trying manually now16:54
mpanettaWhere did it fail?  I can't tell.  Did it fail on the PUT or the DELETE?16:56
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maliniall of them get 111 error16:56
malinithe initial health chk in the devstack script did work16:57
mpanettaThat makes no sense...  Why would the health check succeed but everything else fail?16:57
malinihmm..tht is right after the server start up16:57
maliniso something happened between then & the tests16:58
mpanettaHow do we know it pulled the correct version of code?16:58
malinithts what I am wondering too16:58
malinimpanetta: I hope its somewhere here
maliniwe shud start printing the version at start up17:02
malinimpanetta: I think it did get d8341adf7f76ad393c9a8a5eb947663796b364d517:03
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mpanettaYeah it got the right version...17:08
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flaper87malini: did you try that in a VM ?17:14
flaper87I mean devstack use_Screen=false with mpanetta change17:14
kgriffsmalini: can we add a health check in the shutdown script as well?17:15
flwangflaper87: ping17:16
kgriffsif that succeeds, then we know that there is something blocking the two processes from talking17:16
mpanettaThis is odd...17:16
kgriffsif it fails then we know the process died in the middle17:16
kgriffs(the server process)17:16
flwangflaper87: after enable sharding, lots of unit test case will fail, any idea?17:17
kgriffsflaper87: even without mpanetta's change, the test was succeeding when malini ran devstack on her box17:17
kgriffsthere's something different about the gate environment, methinks17:17
flaper87flwang: pong17:18
flaper87kgriffs: mmh, AFAIK, it didn't work when using us_screen=false17:18
flaper87but I could be wrong17:18
mpanettaI think you are right17:19
maliniflaper87: you are right17:19
mpanettaThat is what I *THOUGHT* I fixed yesterday..17:19
malinithe screen thing is doing something different17:19
mpanettaI even tested it on malinis devstack...17:19
maliniI am trying from scratch (again :( ) now17:19
mpanettaIt is like something is killing it.17:20
mpanettaIs it possible that the test is trying to connect on localhost instead of the system IP?17:21
maliniit is the standard system_host tht oter tests use17:22
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(v1.1): Implement new /health endpoint for v1.1
maliniI had dreams abt this one merging <sigh/>17:23
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maliniweird.I am now running into gcc errors 'error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1'17:28
malinithis is new17:28
malinimpanetta: didnt u run into this?17:28
mpanettaYes, there was a missing library17:28
flaper87malini: also, I think that if you do something like:17:28
flaper87$ source functions-common && source functions17:29
flaper87it works17:29
flaper87and gets correctly forked17:29
flaper87malini: ssh ?17:30
maliniflaper87: you have it now17:30
maliniIts now stuck at the gcc error17:30
flaper87screen -x if you wanna spy me17:32
flaper87malini: what's the gcc error?17:34
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maliniflaper87: error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 117:35
flaper87found it17:36
flaper87malini: you in screen17:41
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flaper87see ?17:41
maliniflaper87: missed it17:41
malinilooking now17:42
flaper87malini: basically, I did what I said above17:42
flaper87source both function files and then17:42
flaper87$ run_process marconi-server 'marconi-server --config-file /etc/marconi/marconi.conf'17:42
flaper87that runs marconi just fine17:42
maliniI wonder if other projects do this in their scripts17:42
*** Kuwagata has joined #openstack-marconi17:43
malinican we get to a g+ ?17:44
maliniflaper87, mpanetta:17:45
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk17:46
flaper87malini: yes17:46
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malinimpanetta, flaper87: I dont know how to do the hangout thing17:53
* malini socially challenged17:53
maliniflaper87: what does 'source functions-common && source functions' do ?17:56
* flaper87 is starting the G+17:56
flaper87mpanetta: pls, pm your gmail17:56
flaper87malini: it just imports the functions devstack uses17:56
flaper87mpanetta: you were faster than me17:57
malinihere I come..17:57
maliniI can click links ;)17:57
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malinithey have a bug open for the devstack issue exit_trap stuf19:06
maliniflaper87, mpanetta: ^19:06
mpanettaAnd we are making local changes...19:07
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