Wednesday, 2014-03-05

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openstackgerritShawnyu proposed a change to openstack/marconi: sqlalchemy: make default storage driver
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raxyuHello, If anyone available gimme a quick review on
raxyuappreciate it~~~~~~~~~~~01:45
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Fix assertion for Testutils to check on sqlite://:memory:
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flaper87seiflotfy: hey, sorry about yday, I was kinda freaking busy07:40
flaper87not that today it'll change but :)07:40
flwangflaper87: morning, superman07:48
flaper87flwang: 'sup buddy, how are you doing?07:48
flwangflaper87: good.  i'm very happy can work with you at my working time, haha07:48
flaper87flwang: yeah, it's always nice to have someone that you know is actually awake and working07:49
flwangflaper87: i hate the timezone to catch those guys who after 10+ hours :D07:49
flwangflaper87: haha, yep07:49
flaper87flwang: tell me about it, it's bad for me already, for you it must be even worse :(07:50
flaper87but anyway, lets hack together, change verything and say nothing to them07:50
flwangflaper87: run with time :D07:50
flwangflaper87: as you saw, I have to work from 10am to 1:00am07:51
flwangflaper87: yours
flaper87ohhh, stats07:54
* flaper87 never looks at those things07:54
flaper87but yeah, I noticed07:54
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openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: fix(MongoDB): Driver does not retry on AutoReconnect errors
flaper87kgriffs: dude, go to sleep09:21
flaper87says the one that never sleeps09:21
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kgriffsresponded to your comments09:40
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kgriffsflaper87: btw, we now have an rc1 milestone we can use. I already assigned docs to it.09:43
flaper87kgriffs: awesome, thanks09:44
flaper87kgriffs: thanks for the comments, LGTM!09:46
kgriffscool, thanks!09:46
kgriffsadded a bug for rc1 that I just noticed:
kgriffsI think it will be important in order to fully test the new driver09:50
kgriffsflwang: I could use some eyes on this if you have some time -
kgriffsflaper87: if the autoreconnect patch doesn't get enough votes to merge, would you mind retargeting it to rc1 so ttx can cut the branch?09:52
kgriffsMy bed is calling me...09:52
flaper87kgriffs: sure thing, I will09:53
flaper87kgriffs: rest well, tty tomorrow09:54
kgriffsthanks man09:54
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seiflotfyflaper87 sup :D13:04
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flaper87seiflotfy: yo yo13:04
seiflotfyok back to hacking on
seiflotfyflaper87 so again i am stuck with the unit tests13:15
seiflotfyi think its not working properly13:16
seiflotfysince it wont catch specifc changes i do13:16
seiflotfythat are explictily wrong13:16
flaper87what test did you edit?13:16
flaper87are you sure those tests are being executed?13:17
flaper87not all tests are executed, some of them need to be enabled13:17
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seiflotfyflaper87 well whatever is testing the :memory: change is not happening13:24
openstackgerritVictoria Martínez de la Cruz proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Removed debug level messages translations
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flaper87nidhi: hey14:58
nidhiflapper87: Hi :)14:58
flaper87nidhi: what's unclear?14:58
nidhiI was wondering how it would be integrated with the existing architecture14:59
nidhiit would be a parallel service15:01
flaper87nidhi: the new storage driver ?15:01
nidhialong with the existing one ?15:01
flaper87nope, it would be integrated the same way the existing storages are, by using our plugins architecture15:01
nidhithe web socket transport15:01
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nidhithe trello white board is private15:06
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flaper87nidhi: yeah, gimme a couple of mins, just jumped into a call15:07
flaper87nidhi: trello is deprecated15:07
flaper87we're not using it anymore15:07
flaper87just launchpad15:08
nidhihmm ok15:08
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nidhiflapper87: i will be back in 10 min . i'll go get dinner15:10
nidhiwill you be around ?15:10
mpanetta_flaper87 is always around.  I think he is a robot. :P15:12
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flaper87mpanetta: :D15:21
*** nidhi has joined #openstack-marconi15:24
nidhiflapper87: there ?15:25
seiflotfysorry had to run out15:27
seiflotfyflaper87 so the change i did, how can it be tested?15:27
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Replace `Sqlite` with `Sqlalchemy` in test names
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Use `sqlite` as the scheme instead of `sqlalchemy`
flaper87seiflotfy: sorry but at this point I'm still not sure what you changed and which tests are not behaving deterministically15:36
flaper87seiflotfy: also, those 2 patches fix other tests ;)15:36
flaper87nidhi: yup15:37
flaper87flwang: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^15:37
nidhiflapper87: so I we have to use web sockets  at the transport layer15:38
nidhialong with ZMQ15:38
seiflotfyflaper87 ok got some time so i can walk you through the problem i have?15:38
flaper87seiflotfy: sure, It would be nice to see what you changed too15:38
flaper87flwang: when you've some time, could you take a look at the client patches, there are some patches there that could use some love15:39
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flwangflwang: sure, will put them on my list, I saw there is a claim patch on client side15:39
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Removed debug level messages translations
flaper87flwang: yeah, THAT's the one :D15:40
flwangflaper87: I have reviewed it a bit, but didn't drop any comments, it's a little big you know. I will complete the review asap15:41
nidhithis is what I made out of the little overview  that was given there15:42
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seiflotfyflaper87 ok do me a favor15:49
*** saikrishna_ has joined #openstack-marconi15:49
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seiflotfyflaper87 open marconi/queues/storage/utils.py15:51
seiflotfyline 10915:51
seiflotfychange         yield Keyed(item)15:52
seiflotfyto yield BunnyRabbit15:52
seiflotfythe tests pass15:52
seiflotfyping flaper8715:54
flaper87seiflotfy: lets start from the beginning. Pls. :)15:54
flaper87seiflotfy: what bug are you working on?15:54
flaper87seiflotfy: what's the output of $ git diff (use paste) ?15:54
flaper87seiflotfy: what is it that you think is not working correctly ?15:55
seiflotfy:D its irrelevant i did a git reset --hard HEAD15:55
seiflotfyand a git pull15:55
flaper87oh ok15:55
seiflotfyi just did a small change in the code to something that makes 0 sense15:55
seiflotfyand ran the tests and it passed15:55
seiflotfyso i want to know why its passing15:55
seiflotfyi did my last pull 10 minutes ago15:55
flaper87and is that method actually being called ?15:56
flaper87it may be a death piece of code15:56
seiflotfylet me check15:57
*** chandan_kumar has joined #openstack-marconi15:57
seiflotfy.//marconi/queues/storage/            utils.keyify('name', page)15:57
seiflotfyyeah seems like it15:58
*** nidhi has joined #openstack-marconi15:58
flaper87and did you enable Mongodb tests ?15:59
seiflotfyoh wait yeah15:59
seiflotfyall fail15:59
seiflotfymainly because mongo is not running16:01
seiflotfywhen i run mongo it just hangs there16:01
seiflotfyflaper87 id really like to screen share with you16:01
seiflotfybecause i think i can get lots of things happening once i understand how this test stuff is working16:01
seiflotfy2014-03-05 17:01:30.493 15644 TRACE ConnectionFailure16:02
seiflotfyis there a docoumentation on how to test16:02
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flaper87seiflotfy: you can put the logs on paste.openstack.org16:03
flaper87I saw that ConnectionFailure trace too locally, I'm going to look at that16:03
seiflotfyflaper87 lets toll back16:03
seiflotfyhow do you expect me to run the tests16:04
seiflotfythe mongo ones16:04
seiflotfydo you need a mongodb running too16:04
flaper87seiflotfy: yes16:04
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seiflotfywhat conf do you use16:04
seiflotfyjust standard16:04
flaper87I don't use any conf16:05
flaper87no conf is needed16:05
flaper87jsut start mongo, and run tests16:05
seiflotfyit just hangs16:05
seiflotfyflaper87 ok now something is up16:07
seiflotfyit caught up on the bunny erro16:07
seiflotfybut there is another error before that16:07
seiflotfymore errors16:08
seiflotfyConfigFilesNotFoundError: Failed to read some config files: /Users/seif/Projects/marconi/tests/etc/wsgi_sqlalchemy.conf16:08
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-marconi16:09
seiflotfyweird i can see it there though16:09
malinistill no news on my devstack patch :(16:13
*** kgriffs_afk is now known as kgriffs16:14
flaper87malini: :(16:14
*** jmckind has joined #openstack-marconi16:15
maliniI pinged Sean in #openstack-qa..but he seems busy16:15
flaper87seiflotfy: that connection failure is expected16:16
flaper87it's testing mongodb's autoreconnect16:16
seiflotfyand what about ConfigFilesNotFoundError: Failed to read some config files: /Users/seif/Projects/marconi/tests/etc/wsgi_sqlalchemy.conf16:16
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*** mwagner_lap has joined #openstack-marconi16:17
kgriffsmalini, flaper87: who else besides sean can we ping?16:17
flaper87kgriffs: dtroyer, chmouel16:18
maliniWe can try pinging other dtroyer etc.16:18
flaper87kgriffs: and good morning my friend16:18
malinibut since we have a NO from sean, they might prefer to have his approval first16:18
flaper87I had to move the patch out of i-316:18
*** anagram has joined #openstack-marconi16:18
maliniI dont want to create the impression that we are going around sean16:18
kgriffsmalini: sure thing16:18
flaper87malini: just ping sdage16:19
maliniI did already16:19
flaper87he's very receptive and nice16:19
flaper87malini: I mean, keep doing it16:19
maliniI need thicker skin :D16:19
*** anagram is now known as anamalagon16:20
kgriffsmpanetta: 2>&1 redirects stderr to stdout, right?16:25
kgriffsI always get the syntax mixed up16:25
malini& mpanetta promised a tutorial on this ;)16:25
mpanettaOh, no I was gonna give a link to the bash man page, because it is actually pretty good at describing it16:26
mpanettaLet me find one16:26
kgriffsmalini: so we know this fixes the problem?16:26
maliniit fixed in my fresh devstack install16:26
malinikgriffs: I wud like to say it will fix it..But from prev experience, cannot promise it16:27
openstackgerritJay Baugh proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Added API version to URL.
openstackgerritOz Akan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Documentation about how to deploy  Marconi in a minimal HA environment.
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*** oz_akan_ has joined #openstack-marconi16:41
*** alcabrera has joined #openstack-marconi16:42
alcabreraGood morning, all. :)16:44
malinihello alcabrera!16:46
*** SnowDust has joined #openstack-marconi16:49
alcabreramalini, mpanetta: hey!16:49
alcabreragood to see you both :)16:50
alcabrerathe visit to the vet went well this morning. twinkie keeps gaining weight (5.86 lbs now!)16:50
alcabrerahow is the little one doing, malini?16:50
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add support for claims
kgriffsmalini: can you answer the question in #openstack-qa ?16:52
mpanettaalcabrera: I like your cats name.  I want to name a cat µ16:53
alcabrerawould that be micro or mu, mpanetta? :)16:53
mpanettaMu of course ;)16:53
alcabrerayeah, that's an awesome name~ :D16:54
alcabreramicro, too16:54
mpanettahaha yes, for a kitten :P16:54
kgriffsmalini, flaper87: do we have an experimental tempest job that the qa guys can run?16:54
mpanettaThe name can grow with it :P16:54
alcabreraget a bunch of cats and name them after greek letters: λ, µ, etc.16:54
kgriffsmalini:  I just realized that I don't know the answer. :p16:54
mpanettahaha yes16:54
openstackgerritOz Akan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Documentation about how to deploy  Marconi in a minimal HA environment.
kgriffsmalini: did you try removing the print statement in I thought you had, but it wouldn't hurt to double-check16:56
kgriffsI just noticed it sets file to sys.stderr16:57
openstackgerritOz Akan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Documentation about how to deploy  Marconi in a minimal HA environment.
oz_akan_ is final16:58
*** jmckind has quit IRC16:58
oz_akan_alcabrera: kgriffs flaper87 please have a look . it is operations guide for graduation16:59
kgriffsawesome, thanks!16:59
alcabreraoz_akan_: thanks!17:00
oz_akan_sure np, 42 minutes to setup gerrit stuff and removing blank lines :)17:01
kgriffsok folks, we are now working on
kgriffsso, all related patches to those work items should be backported to the icehouse release branch17:03
*** rwsu has joined #openstack-marconi17:03
kgriffsI'm still fuzzy on when that branch is created, and whether it is different from the icehouse branch, but I suspect it is different.17:03
alcabrerabusy, busy day17:04
alcabreraI'll try to carve out some time today to look at Missing TestShardsSQLAlchemy17:04
kgriffsalcabrera: kk; that should be an easy fix btw17:05
kgriffsalcabrera: can you also review
kgriffspretty please?17:06
*** saikrishna_ has quit IRC17:07
alcabrerakgriffs: +2/approved!17:10
alcabreraflaper87: took care of catching the tricky details in the tests, so the rest of the review was pretty straight forward17:10
openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: fix(cli): Print statement in global error handler
kgriffsmalini: ^^^17:15
*** chandan_kumar has quit IRC17:16
maliniI'll pull this into my devstack instance17:16
kgriffsok. See if that allows you to remove the redirection17:16
kgriffsif it does, well, I'll feel silly, but better to have it fixed!17:17
mpanettaThey still don;t want the redirect?  Or what are you guys working on?17:17
kgriffsmpanetta: so, they are wanting us to dig a little more17:17
kgriffsand are actually going to help us17:17
mpanettaOh cool17:17
mpanettaWhat about the other projects that do the redirect?17:18
kgriffsmpanetta: apparently trove used to log to stderr all over the place17:18
kgriffsbut they have been fixing that over time17:18
kgriffsso, a couple things17:19
mpanettaI suppose logging to stdout/err is not good practice anyway.17:19
kgriffsdtroyer wrote us a wrapper script that simulates what devstack does17:19
kgriffs(with redirects)17:20
kgriffsso malini can try that17:20
mpanettaOh cool17:20
mpanettaVery cool actually17:20
kgriffsalso, malini is going to get us a job in the experimental gate pipeline so we can run this for real and gather more info from that angle17:20
alcabreranow we're really digging altogether17:20
alcabrerasounds better than the lonely effort malini has been pulling all this time!17:21
maliniwell it wasnt really lonely17:21
kgriffsat this point it looks like something is still logging to stderr and I submitted a patch for the last place I could find that does that.17:21
maliniLot of folks have been helping me all along17:21
kgriffsOpenStack: The Good Parts™17:21
malinikgriffs: the patch didnt help :(17:21
kgriffsok, well at least we have one less variable17:22
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: fix(MongoDB): Driver does not retry on AutoReconnect errors
openstackgerritCatherine Richardson proposed a change to openstack/marconi: adds docs directory with dev guide
maliniI am going to try the wrapper script now17:22
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi17:24
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC17:24
flaper87alcabrera: ping17:24
alcabrerakgriffs: re: JS - The Good Parts: (made me LOL yesterday)17:25
alcabreraflaper87: pong17:25
flaper87alcabrera: hey hey :D17:25
flaper87so, you added a project idea for GSoC, right?17:25
alcabrerayup - I've gotten pinged for both Oslo.Cache and Marconi.Storage17:26
alcabreraI've got two very enthusiastic students looking to add new backends17:26
*** jcru has joined #openstack-marconi17:27
kgriffsalcabrera: LOL17:27
kgriffs(re JS tweet)17:28
flaper87awesome, so, we need to do the same for GOWO17:28
mpanettaHmm twitter17:28
alcabreraflaper87: good point!17:28
flaper87alcabrera: so, ideas?17:28
alcabrerawhen's the dealine?17:28
flaper87there's still the websocket thing there17:28
flaper87we may want to propose something different17:28
mpanettaAww poor javascript17:28
alcabreraI've got these ideas so far:,
alcabreraso there's websocket, there's zeromq, there's also...17:29
alcabrerabuild an application with Marconi!17:29
alcabreraflaper87: ^17:30
flaper87build an application with marconi, that's interesting17:31
alcabrerampanetta: yeah, and imho, JS deserves the flack it gets:
flaper87I was also thinking about the client's API discoverability17:31
flaper87or asynchronous calls in the client17:31
alcabrerathankfully, there's things like Purescript ( and ghcjs (
alcabreraI thought about async in the client17:32
flaper87but that's something I'd prefer discussing more in detail first17:32
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC17:32
alcabrerare: async - I think that's something best served at a higher level! :)17:32
alcabrerae.g., green.spawn(client.operation)17:32
alcabrerasomething like that, but definitely a discussion for another time17:32
flaper87alcabrera: yeah, probably we just need to offer a nice 'extendable-abstraction' for it17:33
flaper87not that 'extendable-abstraction' makes any sense but.... you've got the idea17:33
flaper87malini: ping17:33
maliniflaper87: pong17:34
flaper87malini: I think I already asked this but not sure if you answered me17:34
alcabreramalini has really low latency. :)17:34
flaper87malini: Is it possible to set custom env vars in the gate config file?17:34
malinialcabrera: when my 1 yr old is with my husband!17:34
alcabreraso, where do we go to establish/display GOPW project ideas, flaper87?17:34
alcabreramalini: hehe17:34
flaper87in that "beautiful" yaml17:34
flaper87alcabrera: hold on, I'll get the link17:34
maliniflaper87: custom env vars as in ?17:35
malinilike specify a different backend etc . ?17:35
flaper87malini: yeah, so, in order to make marconi use sqlalchemy, I need to set the storage var17:36
alcabreraflaper87: ¡gracias!17:36
flaper87alcabrera: de nada :)17:36
maliniflaper87: yes..I have seen other projects do this17:36
flaper87malini: cooooooooooooooooooooool17:36
flaper87malini: danke17:36
flaper87so, lets get this devstack party started17:37
alcabreraflaper87: I'll add some ideas to this page, and if at all possible, register myself as a potential mentor17:37
flaper87alcabrera: cool, feel free to drop my name there too, I think my name is already there17:37
flaper87alcabrera: I'm not sure about the websocket one17:38
flaper87I think we agreed on not doing it17:38
flaper87alcabrera: also, nidhi is interested in contributing :)17:38
flaper87so, lets figure some cool stuff for her17:38
flaper87but anyway, everything related to Marconi IS cool!17:38
alcabreraglad to hear about your interest, nidhi! Let's definitely come up with interesting projects. :D17:38
alcabrerahahaha, quite true, flaper8717:39
alcabreraespecially the people17:39
alcabreraI'll be back in a bit. lunch break. :)17:39
flaper87alcabrera: well, everything but kgriffs17:39
nidhiwell i have been seeing the GSOC project , adding a new back end.17:39
* flaper87 hides in hell so kgriffs can't find him17:39
nidhimaybe if nothing comes up in the GOPW17:39
nidhii'll try and see if I can contribute in that17:40
flaper87alcabrera: enjoy17:40
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk17:40
*** rossk has joined #openstack-marconi17:41
nidhiflapper87: men while could you suggest some bug to me17:41
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC17:41
nidhithat would help me getting acquinted with the code17:41
*** balajiiyer has quit IRC17:45
flaper87malini: <- I'll test this now but it should work17:50
flaper87pls, check the parent out too17:50
*** balajiiyer has joined #openstack-marconi17:55
kgriffsbrb (lunch)18:01
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk18:01
vkmcnidhi, Go ahead and take a look to the bugs list by yourself, maybe you find something that caughts your attention
vkmcnidhi, Also, have you already setted up the development environment?18:02
*** jmckind has joined #openstack-marconi18:03
nidhii have set it up18:04
vkmcnidhi, Cool!18:06
nidhii'll look up the bugs18:07
nidhiand get back here in case of doubts18:07
*** alcabrera|afk is now known as alcabrera18:09
vkmcflaper87, How is the integration with DevStack going?18:09
alcabrerahello, vkmc. :)18:10
vkmcHey alcabrera :) How are you?18:11
alcabrerapretty awesome, I feel great! You? :)18:11
vkmcAll good, looking for some bugs to fix and working on my GSoC proposal18:14
vkmcThx for the details btw, I was doing some research before replying :)18:14
cpallaresalcabrera, flaper87: anamalagon is also interested in marconi. She already setup her dev environment.18:19
cpallaresanamalagon: feel free to ask questions here too18:20
alcabreravkmc: you're welcome. :)18:20
alcabreracpallares: o/18:20
cpallaresalcabrera: hoooola18:20
alcabreraanamalagon: welcome!18:20
alcabreracpallares: ¿Como estas? :)18:21
cpallareshaha alcabrera, do you speak Spanish? :D18:21
cpallaresalcabrera: Estoy muy bien y tu?18:21
alcabreraI do, though so rarely that it's rusts a little more each day. ;)18:23
alcabreracpallares: !feliz, lleno de energia y ideas!18:23
vkmcalcabrera, Hay que practicar!18:23
*** reed has quit IRC18:23
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi18:23
alcabrerabueno, si vkmc. En toda verdad, soy vago con mi español. ;)18:24
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-marconi18:26
vkmcSe hace difícil cuando no hay necesidad de usarlo... mi Inglés suele ser una prueba de eso jaja18:26
alcabreraes el caso con mi español18:27
alcabrerala mayoridad de mis contactos usan el Inglés como el idioma comun. ¡Mi esposa me dice que quiere aprender Español, pero es tan raro que lo habla!18:28
cpallaresalcabrera, vkmc: Mi primer lenguaje fue el español :) Pero como no lo uso diario se me empieza a olvidar.18:28
vkmcIt's nice to hear (and read) another language sometimes :)18:29
openstackgerritJay Baugh proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Added API version to URL
alcabreraagreed, vkmc - I feel that way more over time!18:29
alcabreracpallares: my first language was also spanish.18:30
vkmccpallares, alcabrera How long it has been since you started using English as first language?18:31
* cpallares high-fives alcabrera18:31
alcabreraI think since I started in elementary school, vkmc! So that transition was made... ~20 years ago.18:32
* alcabrera returns the high five to cpallares18:33
vkmcalcabrera, :) it has been a while! it's awesome you still keep it18:34
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi18:34
cpallaresvkmc: Mmm... I think it's been about 9 years since I moved to the states. No Spanish speakers around me, but I still talk to my family in Spanish.18:35
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC18:37
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi18:37
flaper87oh, so many people interested in marconi. How cool is that?18:38
flaper87cpallares: high-five me too, I'm jealous now18:38
vkmccpallares, That's some time too! and it's great that you do that, it must be important for your family18:39
* cpallares double high-fives flaper87 cause he's special and knows 3 languages18:39
alcabreraSpanish stuck with me as long as it has probably because my classes all the way up to high-school were bilingual, at least in small part. The Miami, FL community was mostly hispanic while I was growing up.18:39
* alcabrera high-hives flaper87 because he's awesome18:40
alcabrerahigh-hives sound terribly unpleasant18:40
cpallareshaha hives18:40
* flaper87 high-fives alcabrera and cpallares with a double turn on thi air and drops some pop-tarts for them too18:41
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC18:41
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi18:42
cpallaresalcabrera: I'm jealous you had bilingual classes. I moved with zero English speaking abilities to a town with zero Spanish speakers.18:43
vkmcI want all you to know that I'll get a pop-tart next time I visit the US18:43
cpallaresvkmc: I'm mail you a poptart. Although it might taste kinda funny when you get it.18:44
alcabrerathose things are expiration resistant, cpallares! I imagine a poptart would out live me! :P18:44
alcabreracpallares: geez, that must've been a rough move! Communication barriers, ouch. @_@18:45
vkmcI don't know them and you are making such a good image18:45
cpallaresalcabrera: I thought those were twinkies18:45
alcabreracpallares: twinkies, too!18:45
vkmccpallares, Haha looking forward to it! I could change you a poptart for an alfajor18:46
* cpallares googles alfajor18:47
cpallaresvkmc: That looks really delicious.18:47
* cpallares is getting hungry.18:47
alcabreraalfajor - yes, please!18:48
vkmcHaha will bring you some if we meet sometime18:49
* alcabrera scrolls backwards in search of review requests made by flaper8718:54
malinimy brain is at overload now..anybody wants to give a try with dtroyer's wrapper script, while I figure out how to add a new devstack experimental job ?18:55
* cpallares steals flaper87's gummy bears18:55
*** kgriffs_afk is now known as kgriffs19:02
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC19:02
*** oz_akan_ has joined #openstack-marconi19:07
*** snakeman has joined #openstack-marconi19:08
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk19:12
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC19:12
*** oz_akan_ has joined #openstack-marconi19:13
*** kgriffs_afk is now known as kgriffs19:14
*** jamieh_ has quit IRC19:22
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk19:28
vkmcI'm having some problems running the tests, anybody know why this may be happening?
*** kgriffs_afk is now known as kgriffs19:40
*** oz_akan__ has joined #openstack-marconi19:42
*** jmckind has quit IRC19:44
* alcabrera checks out vkmc's link19:45
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC19:45
*** nidhi has quit IRC19:46
alcabreravkmc: interesting. I haven't seen these before.19:47
alcabreracould you file a bug for this? I'd love to verify atm, but I'm tied up. Let's keep it tracked to figure out how to repro later.19:48
alcabreravkmc: :)19:49
vkmcalcabrera, I saw a bug report about this...
vkmcalcabrera, Oh sure, I guess I could confirm 128499519:49
*** SnowDust has quit IRC19:51
alcabrera"Not sure if it's caused by cached sqlite database"19:51
alcabrerathe plot thickens19:51
alcabreraif you indicate that you're also encountering it, vkmc, in the status comments, I'll mark as confirmed and set a priority19:52
vkmcalcabrera, I just confirmed it19:54
alcabrerasweet, thanks!19:54
alcabreraset as medium19:56
alcabrerait seems to occur as a quirk in testing19:56
* flaper87 is back19:58
flaper87cpallares: how dare you ?19:58
* cpallares does a villain laugh20:01
*** Kuwagata has joined #openstack-marconi20:04
*** snakeman has quit IRC20:06
malinimpanetta: ping20:09
flaper87cpallares: :D20:16
flaper87malini: this works20:16
flaper87I fixed the other mongodb issue20:16
flaper87marconi + mysql doesn't quite work yet20:16
flaper87there are some steps missing20:16
flaper87to be exact, we probably need to have support for database synchronizations and database migrations20:16
flaper87but we'll get there20:17
flaper87so, if you can, review :)20:17
maliniI'll review it later today, if thts ok?20:17
flaper87sure, no hurries20:19
alcabreraflaper87: whenever you get a chance, we've got a patch blocking jay-atl from making progress with horizon/marconi integration:
alcabreratomorrow is fine, too. :)20:23
vkmcalcabrera, Horizon/Marconi integration? Cool!20:24
vkmcIs there a blueprint or something?20:25
alcabrerayeah, jay-atl's been leading that effort! :D20:25
alcabreraI'm not sure where the blueprints are at, though20:25
jay-atlYes there is a blueprint... one sec..20:25
vkmcI haven't seen anything in the Horizon side20:26
vkmcBut there was something :o20:26
vkmcjay-atl, +1!20:26
jay-atlPlease give it some love... Considering how difficult it is to get a simple fix to the marconi-client I'm scared of what I'll encounter from Horizon.. but I'm ready to submit it...20:27
vkmcIt's really great :)20:27
vkmcjay-atl, I has been working on Horizon for some time now... and I wanted to learn about Marconi... so of course, integrating Marconi with Horizon was one of my ideas for the near future20:28
vkmcjay-atl, Let me know if I can give you a hand with something (in the Horizon part... in Marconi I'm a complete newbie)20:29
jay-atlCool... when I check it in, maybe you can take a look at it? It's pretty simple.. (Now that I kind of know what I'm doing in Horizon... hahaha)20:29
vkmcjay-atl, Sure...! I would love to :)20:30
jay-atlI have a fix to the marcon-python-client that I need submitted, then I'll be ready to submit my Horizon stuff.20:30
jay-atlCool... Ok, I'll message you when I submit it. Ok? Thanks for your help.20:31
vkmcjay-atl, I'll keep an eye on it :) thanks you for working on this20:35
kgriffsalcabrera: what do you think about making this real?
kgriffsI was thinking it would be good to add that LoglessHandler to marconi-server, and have it write out to LOG.debug or something20:42
* flaper87 looking20:44
alcabreraI'm torn20:44
alcabreraI think it's a bad idea on one side, because then we lose the beginner-friendly output that comes by default with marconi-server (wsgiref). On the other side, perhaps someone might want to be able to configure logging levels on marconi-server20:45
alcabreraas much trouble as we've encountered with devstack, I don't think it's wrong that marconi-server spits to stdout20:45
flaper87mmhh, I don't like that idea much20:45
flaper87I'd prefer keeping wsgiref stupid20:45
flaper87and avoid to have people hacking around it20:46
kgriffsalcabrera: good arguments20:46
kgriffslet me confirm it is stdout, not stderr20:46
flaper87it should be used just for development and testing20:46
kgriffslooks like wsgiref does write to stderr, not stdout20:47
kgriffscheck me on this20:47
kgriffsmarconi-server 2> x.log20:47
kgriffsthat silences output to my terminal20:47
kgriffswhile this does not20:47
kgriffsmarconi-server 1> x1.log20:48
flaper87oh oh, mmh, it looks like wsgiref does something really really bad20:48
alcabreraoh wow20:48
alcabrerawsgiref == stderr20:48
kgriffsalcabrera: can you verify with your hello world app20:48
kgriffsstill, I can't see why writing to stderr should kill our devstack test20:49
kgriffsbut, apparently it does since when we redirect stderr to stdout the problem goes away20:49
alcabrerakgriffs: verified20:50
kgriffswell, maybe it goes away20:50
flaper87E501 line too long (80 > 79 characters)20:50
alcabrerabehavior is identical for hello20:50
kgriffsI guess we need that experimental gate job to be sure20:50
kgriffsalcabrera: thanks for checking!20:50
kgriffsmalini: ^^^20:50
kgriffsFirst thing we need to do is verify that redirecting stderr works around the problem20:51
kgriffsIf it does, then I'm really scratching my head - don't all the other projects use wsgiref for devstack?20:51
kgriffsif so, why is it just us that is having this problem?20:52
malinikgriffs: I was able to get it running in my devstack instance with
malinithis one does the stderr redirection20:54
kgriffsI guess I'm confused20:54
maliniI have been for a long time20:54
kgriffsis there some other way this stuff runs in the gate?20:54
kgriffsi mean, if it worked for you, are we A-OK?20:54
maliniI compared across almost all other projects in devstack20:55
malinithe only way we can figure out if it will work in gate, is to get the patch merged20:55
maliniI am working on the experimental job, but I dont know if  it'll give us any more info than we already have20:56
kgriffsmalini: perhaps it will let us test things out like this stderr redirect in the gate - easier to merge test patches20:57
kgriffsI'm still not sure I totally understand how this test gate thing works20:57
maliniexperimental is just a job tht is not part of normal gate.check20:58
flaper87alcabrera: kgriffs very quick
malinikgriffs: its an on demand thing20:58
*** jcru has quit IRC20:59
maliniBut what wud running an experimental job for devstack-marconi give us? we already have a tempest-devstack exp job :-S20:59
alcabreraflaper87: +220:59
kgriffsmalini: I think I understand better now21:00
maliniI searched thru trove bugs for any clues there..they dont have anything in record21:00
kgriffsin both cases, it is running the same code, right?21:00
kgriffsso we still have to get the patch merged21:00
kgriffsbefore we can try it21:00
kgriffswhich is really the problem21:00
malinihmm..I think I get it no21:00
maliniif we can add the tempest-devstack job to devstack experimental, we'll know for sure21:01
*** balajiiyer has quit IRC21:01
maliniit took a long time for tht bulb to click :D21:01
maliniwell still no21:01
malinibecause the tempest patch has to be merged for tht21:01
malinibulb is gone again :(21:02
kgriffschicken-and-egg problem?21:02
kgriffswe submit a devstack patch21:02
kgriffsthen the gate runs, but it is using the old code to gate21:03
kgriffsso we don't know if it is good until the new stuff is merged?21:03
malinimaybe other option wud be to create a new job tht runs our functional tests running against devstack, & run tht in devstack experimental job ?21:04
maliniI dont know if we can do tht21:04
malinimaybe we could..21:05
malinilet me chk tht route21:05
alcabreraI'm out for the day. Take care, all. :)21:08
mpanettaHave a good evening alcabrera21:09
*** alcabrera has quit IRC21:09
*** balajiiyer has joined #openstack-marconi21:12
*** balajiiyer1 has joined #openstack-marconi21:15
*** balajiiyer has quit IRC21:16
*** leistly has joined #openstack-marconi21:28
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk21:32
*** kgriffs_afk is now known as kgriffs21:42
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC21:57
kgriffsmalini: ping21:59
kgriffsif you have a few more minutes before you sign off for the day, I have one more idea to try22:00
kgriffsFWIW, I wanted to hang out in that other channel for a bit so that sean could see that we are doing our due diligence on this22:00
kgriffsI was thinking that solving the "why writing to stderr kills our process" may lead to a devstack bug or something and we don't want to tackle that right now22:01
kgriffsso, last test22:01
kgriffsif you could try in your devstack to combine several approaches, maybe it will work?22:01
maliniIt looks like a devstack bug to me..But I agree we shud do all troubleshooting in the qa channel22:01
kgriffs1. use_stderr = False22:02
kgriffs2. Apply Alej's patch to supress wsgiref output22:02
kgriffs3. remove print statement in cli.py22:02
kgriffsdid I miss anything?22:02
maliniAlej has a patch or is it the same gist from y'day ?22:03
kgriffsthe gist, yeah22:03
kgriffsjust installing that custom handler22:03
maliniI also would like to try out trove without redirection22:03
mpanettamalini: +122:03
kgriffsif we can get this working for now, then we should spend time finding the root-root cause22:04
maliniBut tht means we focus our energy on another project, which is not the best use of our time now :|22:04
kgriffsand submit a devstack patch or something for posterity22:04
*** mpanetta has quit IRC22:04
kgriffsyes - that would be not now, later22:04
kgriffsstay focused on Marconi right now22:04
kgriffsok, so if you could try doing all three of those things above at the same time, that would ensure we have removed all variables we've discovered so far22:05
kgriffsif only Sherlock Holmes were a coder... we could really use him!22:06
malinikgriffs: which file shud Alej's patch go to?22:09
*** flaper87 is now known as flaper87|afk22:15
kgriffsmalini: let me see22:18
*** tedross has quit IRC22:19
kgriffsscroll to the bottom22:19
kgriffssee that listen(...) method?22:19
malinithx!! will try tht in a bit22:22
*** reed has quit IRC22:25
kgriffsrock on22:29
*** Kuwagata has quit IRC22:37
*** mpanetta has joined #openstack-marconi22:38
*** oz_akan__ has quit IRC22:44
mpanettakgriffs, malini how are things going?22:58
*** cpallares has quit IRC22:58
*** vkmc has quit IRC22:58
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi23:02
*** reed has quit IRC23:02
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi23:02
*** openstack has joined #openstack-marconi23:03
*** leistly has quit IRC23:04
*** oz_akan_ has joined #openstack-marconi23:15
*** balajiiyer1 has left #openstack-marconi23:17
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC23:20
kgriffsmpanetta: not sure, malini was working on changing queues/transport/wsgi/driver.py23:20
kgriffsto supress wsgiref logging23:20
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC23:21
kgriffsI've gotta run, so we'll pick it up again tomorrow23:21
*** jergerber has quit IRC23:24
*** mikebravo has joined #openstack-marconi23:25
mpanettattyl kgriffs23:26
*** mikebravo has left #openstack-marconi23:27
*** anamalagon has quit IRC23:34
*** anamalagon has joined #openstack-marconi23:35
*** oz_akan_ has joined #openstack-marconi23:45
kgriffsok, really signing off now23:49
kgriffsttfn o/23:49
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC23:50
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk23:59

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