Saturday, 2014-03-08

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prashanthr_hi while browsing through the source code i observed that there is a zmq for transport ?05:50
prashanthr_Why is a queue used as a transport for another queue ? Is it kinda like a support for AMQP ?05:50
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nidhiI'm trying to send in a bug fix using gerrit06:06
nidhii have added the ssh keys on the gerrit website06:06
nidhithe command git review06:06
nidhigives me an error during fetching gerrit06:07
nidhigerrit is the remote that I have added06:07
nidhiit says check if repositary exists06:07
nidhiis there a way in gerrit to fork a repositary and add it to my account the way it is in github06:08
nidhior can i directly send a pull request on  the github marconi repositary06:08
nidhiit finally gives network not unreachable06:09
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nidhibefore submiting a patch in gerrit, is there a way to clone the marconi repositary from gerrit13:30
nidhior do i have to clone the github repositary13:30
nidhii had cloned the github repositary13:31
nidhibut it gives me an error repositary does not exist13:32
nidhiwhile using git review13:32
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