Monday, 2014-04-14

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maliniI was getting ready to create agenda for tomorrow's meeting , when I saw we already have something
maliniBut this looks like lwhat we had last week14:24
maliniCan somebody else confirm?14:24
maliniflaper87, kgriffs, alcabrera: ^14:24
flaper87malini: yeah14:25
kgriffsmalini: yeah, that is old14:25
flaper87malini: feel free to get rid of that14:25
alcabreramalini: the agenda's outdated. :)14:25
flaper87kgriffs: hey hey! :)14:25
flaper87how was PyCon ?14:25
kgriffsmalini: now's your chance to take over the project while I'm not looking.14:25
* kgriffs covers eyes14:25
kgriffsflaper87: really amazing, actually. The broader Python community has a different feel than OpenStack14:26
malinikgriffs: I know who to give all the tasks to…BWAHAAHAA..14:26
malinikgriffs: different feel , as in culturally ?14:26
kgriffsa big focus on community building, inclusiveness... not that OpenStack doesn't do that as well, but too often "control" is prioritized over "community"14:26
alcabrerakgriffs: +1 - it's been my experience, as well14:26
kgriffsthe conference overall has a casual feel to it - less enterprisey14:27
kgriffsprobably due to it being 100% volunteer-run14:27
kgriffsoh, and after several tries I got to do a talk.14:27
alcabrerapython community is more accepting and inclusive than the openstack community; even the code of conduct for pycon is available in a public repo14:27
malini& I heard they started offering childcare this year!!14:27
kgriffsturned out to be a lightning talk on the afternoon of the last day... but they did the talks right after closing remarks so pretty much everyone was there14:28
malinikgriffs: what did you talk on?14:28
* kgriffs was intimidated14:28
kgriffsmalini: the talk they finally accepted was Falcon, actually.14:28
kgriffsso Falcon got it's 5 minutes of glory. :D14:29
kgriffsI think they taped it so everyone can <strike>make fun of me</strike> watch it.14:29
flaper87kgriffs: sounds like a really good experience14:29
flaper87kgriffs: we should totally learn a lot from them14:30
alcabrerafalcon: now at 609 stars on GH14:30
maliniI was just checking that too alcabrera!14:30
maliniThe stars are growing like algae ;)14:30
kgriffsonce it gets to 666 I'm going to start getting nervous14:30
amitgandhikgriffs: wow falcon talk - awesomeness14:30
sriramis there a url for the video?14:31
kgriffssriram: I don't think they are posted yet14:31
sriramohh, would love to watch it, once its up :D14:31
amitgandhii dont recommend googling for pycon falcon (unless you want to see the atlanta falcon cheerleaders ;-))14:32
kgriffsbut, I heard that they recorded ALL THE THINGS this year, so I'm looking forward to watching the stuff I couldn't make it to since my clones abandoned me after the first day to go tour the city.14:32
kgriffsdid I say clones?14:33
alcabrerait seems several are available already14:33
alcabrerasriram, kgriffs: ^^14:34
kgriffsoh, cool14:34
kgriffswow. those pyvideo guys don't waste any time!14:36
alcabreranot at all. :)14:37
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amitgandhilots of video14:39
amitgandhiim going to have to clear my calendar haha14:40
kgriffs_666kgriffs: we're back! We can stay for the PyCon sprint if you want to go see the sights.14:40
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kgriffskgriffs_666: Thanks guys, I owe you.14:41
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kgriffsFWIW, I'm going to be doing some PyPy work today. See if I can contribute my first patch14:42
alcabreraenjoy the deep dive! performance, stms, and more await you, kgriffs14:43
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kgriffsalcabrera: can you merge this pull after a final review? I need to get out of the habit of merging my own PR, even thought they have been reviewed by others. :p14:59
alcabrerakgriffs: sure thing15:03
alcabreraObulpathi: hey!15:03
alcabrerakgriffs: or wait... I don't have merge powers for falcon. :P15:03
kgriffsalcabrera: oh... hmmm.15:04
alcabreraI'd be happy to otherwise15:04
alcabreraI just need super powers15:04
kgriffsyou know, I should probably move falcon to it's own org or something now that we are getting contributors from all over the place15:04
kgriffsmaybe after 0.2 is released15:05
alcabreraI'm favorable towards this idea15:05
kgriffsalcabrera: are you a member of atlanta-hackers?15:09
kgriffsor racker-hacker/15:10
alcabreralemme check15:10
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alcabrerakgriffs: after much exploring, I've realized that I have no idea. :P15:12
alcabrerakgriffs: where can I check this?15:12
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kgriffsalcabrera: OK, I created a new team with you on it. This will suffice until I can create a standalone org for Falcon15:19
kgriffsalcabrera: you now have teh powerz!15:19
alcabrerakgriffs: woot! Thanks!15:19
alcabreralemme go exercise these powers15:20
* alcabrera grins evilly15:20
alcabrerakgriffs: before I merge this patch, could you take care of the pep8 errors?15:22
maliniI added some agenda items for tomorrow's meeting
alcabreramalini: thanks!15:23
maliniI haven't included any tech decisions pop semantics etc. since kgriffs might be out15:24
maliniPlease add/update the agenda items15:24
alcabrerathat's reasonable. I don't think we have any immediately pending technical decisions to be made.15:24
kgriffsalcabrera: re pep8, yes, I fixed that upstream but need to rebase15:25
alcabreraah, alright.15:28
alcabreraI'm fine merging now, then.15:28
kgriffsalcabrera: that should do it. let's see what Travis thinks. :)15:29
alcabrerakgriffs: falcon/{falcon,talons,eom} -- three projects to live under one umbrella15:29
* alcabrera keeps finding reasons to reorg15:29
kgriffsalcabrera: possibly15:29
alcabrerakgriffs: merged #24915:29
kgriffswell, at least talons and falcon. I think EOM may go away eventually if repose is converted to middleware - that idea has been floated15:30
mpanettaIf they do that I hope they switch to python...  Or something that integrates more easy with python based WSGI apps...15:32
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sriram, this was an interesting talk.15:42
kgriffsmpanetta: yes, it would be WSGI middleware15:43
kgriffssriram: definitely! I got some good ideas for Falcon from it. :D15:43
kgriffsand also Marconi15:43
alcabrerasriram: I was expecting that one to be a good one. :)15:43
alcabrerajulie pagano's talk on impostor syndrome was great15:43
alcabrera"It's Dangerous to Go Alone"15:44
sriramalcabrera: oh15:44
* sriram notes it down for watching later :P15:45
alcabreraI'm watching "Fast Python, Slow Python" now. :)15:45
alcabreraI also want to squeeze out some time today to read "Why Dependent Types Matter":
kgriffsmalini: one thing to add to the agenda for the mtg tomorrow - I'd like to organize an informal Marconi dinner or something during the week15:46
kgriffsof the summit15:47
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maliniwooooot dinner!16:05
malinikgriffs: are you thinking of a marconi team dinner or something where other folks/ potential contributors can come hang out?16:05
kgriffsmalini: also, we should talk about that wandboard cluster idea, what we would run on it, etc.16:05
kgriffsmalini: a "meet the team" dinner would be great16:06
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malinikgriffs: what is the 'wandboard cluster idea' - I dont think I know tht one16:10
kgriffsmpanetta can explain ^^^16:10
mpanettaThat reminds me16:10
maliniok..I have mpanetta on that one16:10
mpanettamongodb runs fine on the wandboard16:10
maliniI am sure mpanetta can bring us an idea for tomorrow's meeting ;)16:11
malinimpanetta: FYI
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kgriffsmpanetta: yay for mongo!16:13
kgriffshaproxy as well?16:13
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kgriffsalcabrera|afk: thanks for the merge!16:21
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mpanettaI have not tried haproxy yet16:32
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