Thursday, 2014-04-17

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flwangflaper87: hey hey07:00
flaper87flwang: hey :D07:07
flwangflaper87: as for the Marconi dinner on May 10th, is there any accurate time/schedule?07:08
flwangflaper87: I'm trying to figure out if I can make it07:08
flaper87flwang: not exactly, I proposed a while back and it's been all informal talks since then07:10
flaper87flwang: the idea is to have dinner07:10
flaper87perhaps around ~2007:10
flaper87somewhere in Atlanta07:10
flwangflaper87: I assume it's at night after 18:00PM, is it?07:11
flaper87flwang: yeah, I think around ~20:0007:11
flwangflaper87: it will impact my ticket order07:11
flwangflaper87: ok, sounds good07:11
flaper87flwang: ARE YOU BUYING YOUR TICKET?07:11
flaper87so exiting07:11
flaper87hope you can make it07:11
flwanglet me tell you some details in private window :D07:12
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alcabreraGood morning! :D13:31
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flaper87alcabrera: morning :)13:38
maliniGood Morning!!!13:38
flaper87how are you doing?13:38
flaper87malini: hellooooo13:38
sriramGood morning :)13:38
flaper87sriram: and good morning to you too13:39
alcabreraflaper87: I am doing like - 10x happy this morning. I feel absurdly well. :)13:39
maliniflaper87: heyy!! did you figure out what to do with your tickets?13:39
flaper87alcabrera: I'm very happy to hear that13:39
flaper87malini: ah damn, I forgot13:39
flaper87malini: let me check that right away13:40
flaper87malini: so, when would the dinner /event be?13:40
Obulpathilet me set it up13:40
flaper87Night or day?13:40
Obulpathimalini: thanks :)13:40
maliniflaper87: whenever it works for the out of towners13:40
flaper87Obulpathi: you'll take that *thank* back in a bit ;)13:40
Obulpathihahhah ...13:41
alcabreraoh devstack...13:41
maliniflaper87: you should not ruin the surprise..err...shock13:41
maliniflaper87: aah..I missed the what 'time' part..I interpreted it as 'what day'13:43
flaper87malini: >.> wake up, girl!13:43
* flaper87 gives malini some coffee/ tea / whatever she drinks \_/?13:44
alcabrera\_/ for all13:44
alcabrerathe cup is more than half full13:45
maliniwhen do we everybody in town ?13:45
maliniObulpathi: You might need to install one or more of these
flaper87Obulpathi: see? I told you ;)13:46
amitgandhikgriffs thoughts on openstack:
flaper87malini: let me get this right, are we planning a dinner? a super party? what ?13:46
* flaper87 imagines a Marconi party as an empty room with a long queue outside13:46
maliniObulpathi: This is the worst thing you can get started on..But once you get this done you can be confident that nothing will be worse13:46
Obulpathilol ...13:47
Obulpathimalini: that wa sencouraging13:47
ObulpathiI should have listened to flaper8713:47
maliniwe do a good job of boosting morale :-P13:47
alcabreraflaper87: I would love a marconi dinner to be small, with plenty of food, and for it to be easy to talk and listened to13:47
alcabrera**for a marconi...13:47
malinialcabrera: +113:47
amitgandhii dont think we can take flavio to macaroni grill without making flavio sigh at the fake italian food haha13:48
flwangalcabrera: today I asked flaper87 the accurate time of the Marconi dinner, but seems it's undetermined, right?13:49
alcabreraflwang: that's correct. we haven't figured out any time yet13:50
maliniamitgandhi: it will be like ;)13:50
amitgandhiso we are tentatively planning some sort of happy hour on thursday evening (so we dont conflict with the official cooler parties)13:50
flwangalcabrera: I prefer after 18:00PM so that I can try13:51
* flaper87 almost cries with that video13:51
amitgandhiwhen do you guys arrive in ATL?13:52
flaper87Obulpathi: you always have to listen to me13:52
flaper87Obulpathi: specially when I don't say stupid things13:52
flaper87like %1 of the time13:52
maliniObulpathi: this is the localrc you can use13:52
flaper87thing is, you never know when I'll say something interesting so you'll have to live with all the crap I say everyday13:52
flwangamitgandhi: I think around 15:00PM, maybe13:52
Obulpathimalini: I was just at that step13:53
Obulpathithanks :)13:53
flaper87malini: I don't remember, what was wrong with doing it on saturday?13:53
flaper87May 10th, that is13:53
maliniflaper87: nothing flwang going to be here?13:53
maliniAlso is cpallares, vkmc etc. going to be here?13:54
flaper87malini: I think flwang's presence doesn't depend on the day but other things13:54
flaper87malini: cpallares will be there, not sure what day, though.13:54
alcabreraObulpathi: flaper87 often says interesting things. his twitter is filled with rustlang, marconi, books, and philosophy. :)13:54
flaper87I think she'll get there on saturday too, I've no idea13:54
flaper87alcabrera: thanks :)13:54
amitgandhiif many ppl are arriving on saturday, does sunday make more sense for the dinner?13:55
flwangamitgandhi: yep, 15:00, afternoon, 10th, if I can make it happen13:55
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flwangmalini: yep, as flaper87 said, my presence depends on some other stuff, not the date13:55
amitgandhibtw my presence i more unlikely than likely13:56
maliniamitgandhi: you can bring your new baby ;)13:56
amitgandhilol, i dont think my wife will let me take her out at 4 days old13:56
maliniwe will all ooh & ahhh on the newest member on warth13:57
amitgandhijust no claiming babies!13:57
flaper87amitgandhi: why not? Isn't that something people do?13:57
flaper87ok, you can figure I've no kids13:57
maliniamitgandhi: after 4 days, your wife will let you take her wherever as long as it is out of sight ;)13:58
flwangamitgandhi: congrats from a new father :)13:58
amitgandhiflwang: thanks13:58
flwangamitgandhi: my son is 6 months old :)14:00
maliniflaper87: 1500 UTC is 10 am in Atlanta14:00
flaper87malini: yes, (?)14:01
maliniwhat abt 1600 UTC & we will have a lot of time to hang out?14:01
flaper87ah ok, 16:00 on saturday ?14:01
* flaper87 should stop using days and start using dates14:02
flaper87May 10th, that is14:02
maliniWe can do either  May 10th or 11th , depending on when most ppl can make it14:02
maliniLet just send out an email to everybody who we want there, to make sure tht day will work for them14:03
maliniWe dont get to see cpallares etc. here often14:03
alcabrera10th and 11th both work for me, as far as my calendar tells me14:03
alcabreramalini: good idea!14:03
maliniLets create a party list <:o)14:03
flaper87malini: doodle, FTW14:04
malini& one of us here can start scouting for a place14:04
alcabreraoh yes doodle14:04
alcabreradoodle will make the scheduling a pleasure14:04
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malinidoodle looks cool..I have never used that14:05
alcabreraI've used it at college to coordinate with other club members and have seen it used for pycon and such14:06
maliniPlz add whoever I am missing14:08
flaper87malini: why did you add kgriffs|afk ?14:10
flaper87he is NOT invited14:10
* flaper87 pops kgriffs|afk out of the queue14:11
mpanettaWhat is this party thing?14:12
mpanettarobots LOL14:12
flaper87mpanetta: we're together not mixed up14:12
flaper87GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:15
flaper87It's official, Marconi's first release is OUT!
flaper87We've an official 2014.1 (Icehouse) release14:16
flaper87And as of yday, we also have an RDO package14:16
* flaper87 is suprissed with the exitement14:17
flaper87take it easy guys, I don't want anyone to have a heartattack14:17
flaper87like really, everything ok there?14:17
* flaper87 is now worried14:17
* flaper87 didn't mean this to happen14:17
* flaper87 blames Marconi for killing his friends with a stupid release14:18
* flaper87 STFU and realizes that these folks are trying to do actual work14:18
* alcabrera joins in flaper87's excitement14:19
flaper87alcabrera: you're ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE14:20
alcabreraoh yes very14:20
flaper87pls, go and check on malini, amitgandhi and other folks in ATL, I think something happened to them14:20
alcabreraI was posting pictures of my cats on that etherpad, and then assisting malini and sriram with a test quirk14:20
alcabrerathe others were consumed by a plant-like robot14:21
alcabrerathat smelled of thyme and rosemary14:21
alcabreraI let it do it's thing because it seasoned my pasta-ghetti14:21
flaper87btw, Twinkie has a: GTFO look in that picture14:22
alcabreralol always <314:23
alcabreraunless she wants to be carried14:23
alcabrerathen she has a "WHY AREN'T YOU MEETING MY DEMANDS?" look14:23
amitgandhisorry was in another discussion flwang14:23
amitgandhioops flaper8714:23
amitgandhiw000t! release !!!!14:24
flaper87guys, thoughts on this?
* alcabrera clicks14:28
malinineed to step away for a meeting14:28
malinibe back in 30 min14:28
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alcabreraflaper87: thoughts forthcoming14:31
alcabrerainstead of returning HTTP 405 explicitly14:31
alcabrerawhy not remove the method?14:31
alcabrerado we want to keep the logging?14:31
flaper87I kept it for the deprecation message more than the logging itself14:32
alcabreraI see now14:33
alcabreraI had this BIG green block14:33
alcabreradidn't realize resp.body was down there14:34
alcabreraso yeah14:34
alcabrerathat's cool14:34
alcabreraflaper87: +214:34
flaper87alcabrera: thanks :)14:36
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flaper87on a more serious note, I've a rough idea of what I think we should have in Juno14:47
flaper87I keep adding things instead of removing them from the list, though14:48
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alcabrerawe'll just need to add more robots, flaper8714:48
flaper87alcabrera: lol14:48
alcabrerato handle that ambitious scope14:48
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flaper87malini: ping15:09
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Instantiate app only when needed
maliniflaper87: pong15:23
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flaper87malini: re Trusty, I asked and I was told it might not happen until after mid june15:27
alcabrerathat's quite the wait, but it makes sense15:27
alcabreratakes time to layout new infra15:28
maliniwe need a workaround in tht case15:28
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maliniflaper87, alcabrera: I am concerned abt the what storages do you gate against question :/15:30
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maliniI chked if we can use 3rd party testing for this15:30
flaper87malini: I don't think we'll ask for a graduation review until end of Juno15:30
flaper87so, as soon as that happens, I think we're fine15:30
flaper87when we hit mid Juno, I'd expect us to have the redis backend and the amqp backend too15:31
alcabrerawe're going to have some weird challenges there15:31
alcabreraI suspect15:31
alcabreragagting against redis15:31
alcabrerahopefully versions don't bite us15:31
flaper87yeah, thing is that we *should* gate on what we consider is the *default* production storage15:33
flaper87which I don't believe will change during Juno15:33
alcabreraah, I see15:34
alcabreraso yeah, let's rock that mongo gate15:34
alcabrerathrough Juno15:34
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alcabreraflaper87: look at that gradual growth,. <315:46
maliniObulpathi: We'll need to change that if loop to check for a command line option that we can use15:49
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maliniI was thinking of inviting everybody who has contributed to Marconi to the dinner..But there are 34 contributors!!
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* flaper87 back16:03
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malinivkmc: heyy!!!16:17
maliniare you going to be at the ATL summit?16:18
vkmcHey malini! :)16:36
vkmcI won't be able to attend this time16:36
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malinivkmc: :(16:37
alcabreravkmc: oh no. D:16:37
vkmcI was really looking forward to meet all of you... but well, hope I can do that next summit16:37
alcabreravkmc: but also -- oh hey! :D16:37
malinigood point alcabrera!!16:38
malinihow are you doing vkmc?16:38
vkmcAll good fortunately, how about you?16:38
maliniwe are planning on a marconi team get together- we are going to miss you vkmc :(16:38
malinivkmc: Good :)16:38
alcabreramalini: the magic needs to happen here, re: pop16:38
vkmcYeah I read about it in Tuesday's meeting :/ it sounded like fun!16:39
alcabrerawe can also have a google hangout16:39
alcabrerabefore/after the marconi team meeting16:39
alcabrerafor meet & greet16:39
vkmcTotally yeah!16:39
malinionly if we 3D print the food16:39
alcabreramalini: that would be lovely. :D16:39
alcabreraprint you all some pop tarts16:40
vkmc+1 alcabrera16:41
alcabrerabut yes16:42
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alcabrerawe can figure out cool ways to meet taking advantage of tech16:43
alcabrerawe're a distributed bunch in this tech-connected worlds16:43
alcabreraand that's cool16:43
malinialcabrera: !!!16:43
maliniit is missing an YES :D16:43
maliniWe need technology to evolve more to resemble the physical experience16:44
malini3D projected meeting ;)16:44
alcabrerayay, and agreed, malini. :)16:44
alcabrerait reminds me of two books I read long ago16:44
alcabreraReady Player One16:44
alcabreraSnbow Crash16:45
alcabrera*Snow Crash16:45
alcabreraboth have people plugging into a VR16:45
maliniI need to look those up16:45
alcabrerafiction, with lots of engaging characters and ideas16:45
alcabrerabut yes16:46
maliniI heard this a couple of days back on the radio
* alcabrera clicks16:46
alcabreraI'm slightly excited by Facebook's acquisition of the Oculus Rift16:47
alcabrerabecause it might enable that VR-type interaction16:47
vkmcOculus is crazy16:50
alcabreravkmc: agreed16:50
alcabrerathe gaming-related applications mostly give me motion sickness16:50
alcabreraI remember one game about sky-diving that employs me16:50
alcabreraI was pretty much "nopenopenope" on viewing the trailer16:50
alcabrera**employs it16:51
vkmcHaha too real for your taste?16:51
alcabrerayup. fear of heights + free falling don't mix well. :P16:52
vkmcOk... something to cross off my list then16:52
vkmcI'm also afraid of heights16:53
maliniI am glad that there are many others afraid of heights :D16:53
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vkmcWe should try Oculus with a different game... maybe a 'lying down at the beach' one16:55
alcabreraI could go for that16:57
alcabreraI'd want it to be multiplayer16:57
alcabreraso I could lie on the beach and chat with others16:57
alcabrerathen there's also the curious case of games like minecraft on Oculus16:57
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malinithanks alcabrera!17:08
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alcabreraflaper87: :)18:18
malinido we need anybody else here ?18:18
maliniI can send out the doodle if the current list is good18:18
flaper87malini: lgtm18:22
malinicool..this is just to figure out the best time..18:22
maliniWe can invite any missing folks later too18:22
balajiiyermalini: added jay-atl, lgtm18:22
malinithanks balajiiyer!18:24 it ok to use work email IDs in doodle?18:26
maliniI hope they wont spam18:27
alcabreraI don't recall them being spammy.18:30
flaper87I think you can use it w/o an account18:31
maliniI am more worried about all the email IDs I use to invite18:31
maliniI dont want 30 people to hate me :D18:31
alcabrerano hate from me. I wield the power of the "unsubscribe" button. <318:33
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Obulpathiflaper87 malini and alcabrera: I squashed the bug :)20:16
flaper87Obulpathi: really?20:17
Obulpathiyep :)20:17
* flaper87 refuses to believe that20:17
Obulpathiand tested it .. its working fine :)20:17
flaper87Obulpathi: patch or lie20:17
Obulpathinow you are making me doubt myself20:17
flaper87jokes apart, w0000000000000000000000t20:17
flaper87great work20:17
Obulpathidid I really fix it or something else?20:17
Obulpathino .. I think I fixed it ..20:17
Obulpathithank you :)20:18
flaper87Obulpathi: was there really a bug or was it an welcome joke?20:18
ObulpathiI will set up environment and send a request for review20:18
ObulpathiI think tis a welcome joke ... to boost my morale ;)20:18
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Obulpathiall I had to do was to add a command line option to marconi-server and run the marconi-server in background, right?20:20
Obulpathianyways .. let me set upa a review request and then we will see20:20
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