Friday, 2014-05-16

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alcabreragood morning. :)15:00
AAzzaalcabrera:  hey,hey)15:03
AAzzaalcabrera:  I was thinking there will be silence forever15:04
alcabreraAAzza: too much OpenStack Summit. It makes this place so quiet!15:04
alcabreraIt's still going on today, but I had my fill.15:04
alcabreraI live about an hour away from the summit.15:05
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AAzzaalcabrera: by the way, you are the probably the person I need) I'm just figuring out what to do with my Python3 support. The next monday is official start of the intership, you know)15:08
alcabreraAAzza: I am that person!15:10
AAzzaalcabrera: so as far as i can see, only python-memcached is the problem in the dependencies15:10
alcabrerayup. I started working on that problem a little bit ago. The latest on that is...15:11
AAzzaalcabrera: yeah, i saw on gitubh issue15:11
alcabreraah, yes15:11
alcabreraactually - it's prettty ironic15:12
alcabrerabut at the moment, marconi doesn't even use python-memcached15:12
alcabrerawe did when we were using oslo.cache:memcache15:12
alcabrerabut that's kind of on hold while flaper87|afk finds time to resurrect that patch15:13
alcabreraso one solution for python-memcached as a blocker is to just remove it as a dependency15:13
alcabreraand see what other python 3 problems crop up15:13
alcabreravia 'tox -e py33'15:13
alcabrerawhat do you think, AAzza?15:13
AAzzaalcabrera:  oh... it is way i could find where it is used :-D15:14
AAzzaalcabrera: yeah, i removed it and now have plenty of work)15:14
AAzzaalcabrera: but other think that what bothers me15:14
alcabreraI just run 'grin memcache' from the top of marconi -- (pip install grin)15:15
* alcabrera drinks coffee while watching 'tox -e py33' running15:16
alcabreraI wonder if 'tox -e py34' would surface different problems... hmm...15:17
AAzzaalcabrera: it is actually running? because it was silence for me?15:17
alcabrerapy33 create: /home/alejandro/development/marconi/.tox/py3315:17
alcabreraand then -15:17
alcabrerapy33 installdeps: -r/home/alejandro/development/marconi/requirements.txt,15:18
alcabrerafor me15:18
alcabreranow I'm waiting for all the reqs to finish installing. This is gonna take a bit.15:18
AAzzaand then i was not so patiant to wait probably)15:18
alcabrerawee, this does take long.15:20
alcabreraIt reminds me of the says I used to program in c++ -- compiling for nearly half an hour, at times. >.>15:20
* alcabrera hasn't tox'd on marconi in over a month15:20
AAzzaalcabrera: yeah, it is takes longer then usual)15:22
alcabreraAAzza: I interrupted mine. It seemed like it was taking waaaayyy too long. I'm trying py27 to see if that's any different15:23
AAzzaalcabrera: i think i saw somewhere, that tox has some problems with python315:26
alcabreraAAzza: I've giving 'tox -e py33' a try with falcon, a much smaller project15:27
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alcabreraokay, that succeeded in about 2m15:28
alcabreraAAzza: tox -e py27 also succeeded for marconi. It took quite awhile15:29
alcabreraI'm giving tox -e py33 another try15:29
AAzzaalcabrera: by the way, marconi-server is not startable for now) some logging configs fails, so i have smth to start with) but better to have ways of testing the whole thing, just to see the progress.15:33
alcabreraAAzza: marconi-server on py3?15:34
AAzzaalcabrera: yeap, due to some changes in behaviour of logging.getLevelName, easy to fix)15:34
alcabreraah, thanks!15:35
alcabreraseems like we're starting the py3 effort even before opw kicks off properly. :P15:35
AAzzaalcabrera: ohh) i could submit the patch on Monday, to begin the opw properly) but why to wait?)15:38
alcabrerafeel free to submit the patch today, AAzza. :)15:38
AAzzaand by the way. I have other question unrelated to the py3k15:39
alcabrerasure thing15:40
alcabreraI'll try to answer those, too15:40
AAzzai asked flaper87 but then was out without  inet for several days) why when we claim messages, the messages's body returned in the response, returned as string, not as json object.15:41
AAzzain the wiki not so obvious from wiki (it is actually object there), but i tested it by hand15:42
AAzzaand it is encoded as string15:42
alcabrerathe body should be returned as json, that's strange...15:42
alcabrerathe body itself was initially given as a string15:43
alcabrerayay, 'tox -e py33' finally finished15:44
alcabrerareal 13m3.146s15:44
alcabreraFAILED (id=157, failures=304 (+304), skips=289)15:44
AAzzait is good) if it was not failed, not work for me then)15:45
alcabreraso true. :D15:45
alcabreraI'm sure I could find my python3 conversions in neighboring openstack projects. ;P15:46
alcabrera*my -> more15:46
AAzzaam i missing smth? isn't it convert it to string?15:47
AAzzaoh, wrong line number15:48
alcabreraAAzza: it's not. utils.to_json -> json object --
AAzzahmmm..... hmm..., what is the best way to test it? just to be sure?. because to_json, will return string with json object repr., and not sure if will uncompressed to object in repsonse15:50
AAzzaparanoid mode turned on)15:50
alcabreraAAzza: hmmm -- I would also test it manually, e.g., 1) post a message, 2) retrieve a claim15:51
alcabreraAAzza: and I was wrong, too. >.>15:51
alcabrerajson.dumps :: Dict -> String15:51
alcabreraso it is a String15:51
alcabreraAAzza: sqlalchemy seems to have trouble with py3, as well. I just reviewed the test log and saw lots of 'memoryview: str object does not have the buffer interface'16:04
AAzzaoh, okey, thanks.16:07
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AAzzaand also, :-( just noticed that logging.getLevelName usage is actually in marconi/openstack/common, so as far as i understand it should be fixed not in marconi.16:13
alcabreraAAzza: that's correct. The fix should happen in oslo-incubator, I believe:
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AAzzayeap, then go to talk to someone their, if my understanding of situation and the code is right)16:16
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alcabreraafterwards, we just need to port the changes back to marconi via the copy/paste magic16:19
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AAzzalooks like the commit will be on Monday, since it is hard to found adequate person to on Friday/evening, during/after summit)16:22
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alcabreraAAzza: fair enough, and I agree.16:27
alcabreraif you find anything that is marconi-particular today, I'd be happy to review said patch.16:28
AAzzaalcabrera: thanks :) and yes, i re-tested claims, it actually returns body as string.16:32
alcabreraAAzza: thanks for double-checking! Yeah, that's expected. The reasoning for this became apparent to me a after I though about it a bit. claims -> network16:34
alcabrerameaning, we need to serialize before we communicate16:34
AAzzayes, it was seen as indended behaviour, but i still cannot fully understand why it should be done for claims)16:38
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AAzzahonestly, i don't fully understand the whole concept of claims)16:40
alcabreranow that I look at it more closely, it sure looks wonky seeing...16:41
alcabrera"body": "{\"ka\": \"boom4\"}"16:41
alcabreraI wonder if this causes trouble for clients...?16:42
alcabrerasince it seems like information might be lost16:42
alcabreraI'm not sure...16:42
alcabreraAAzza: I'd be happy to elaborate on the purpose of claims. Where would you like me to start> :)16:42
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AAzzahmm... so my last understanding of claims, is that someone could like reserve message for itself for some period of time, so it(someone) claims it (message)...16:49
AAzzaalcabrera: considering claims'messages'body, i think at least, this should be mentioned in the wiki.16:52
alcabreraAAzza: that's a correct understanding of claiming messages. The purpose for this, for example, is to have a worker process consume messages, and only process each task once16:53
alcabreraforever $ claim -> process -> delete16:53
alcabrera**have a worker consume messages...16:54
AAzzahmm. okey, so why particularly for the claims, messages should be serialized? or it is the only place message's body is returned?16:55
alcabrerait's not the only place where message body is returned16:56
alcabreraI can think of at least two others16:56
alcabreraGET /v1/queues/<queue>/messages16:56
alcabreraeither by ID or as a listing16:56
alcabreraGET /v1/queues/<queue>/claims/<claim_id>16:56
alcabrerawhich let's us view an active claim16:57
alcabreraI'm  not sure the reasoning behind serializing the message body as a string, AAzza16:57
alcabreraIt might have something to do16:57
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alcabrerawith the fact that we give no special treatment to the message body16:57
alcabrerasince we don't care what's inside16:57
alcabrerajust that there is one16:57
alcabreraand clients know how they sent it16:58
alcabreraso it could even be a binary payload, theoretically16:58
alcabrerathough now I've amused myself --16:58
peoplemergeany marconi core devs still here at summit?16:58
alcabrera{"ttl": 100, "body": {msgpack_something}}16:58
alcabrerapeoplemerge: I suspect that kgriffs|afk and flaper87|afk might still be there, as well as malini_afk16:58
peoplemergealcabrera: thx16:59
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AAzzaalcabrera: okey, thanks a lot) you give some thoughts to think)17:08
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abettadapuralcabrera: \o17:54
alcabreraabettadapur: hey! :D17:54
alcabrerahow goes?17:54
abettadapuralcabrera: good! pretty much finished the c# client libs17:55
alcabrerafast, and nice!17:55
abettadapuralcabrera: I had a question regarding the home doc. It should include entries for all the endpoints right?17:55
alcabreraabettadapur: I believe so.17:55
abettadapuralcabrera: Because even in the v1 doc, some things aren't represented17:55
alcabrerakgriffs would know best here17:56
abettadapurlike for example deleting messages or releasing claims17:56
alcabreraI know about [|||      ] that much about homedocs, haha17:56
abettadapur:). i guess we'll see what he says then17:58
abettadapuri just found it somewhat odd that not all the endpoints were represented17:58
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alcabreraabettadapur: it might be something along the lines of "all resources should be represented", rather than "all endpoints"17:59
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abettadapuralcabrera: hmm18:01
abettadapuryou would think that would include all the CRUD operations, though, no?18:01
alcabreraabettadapur: I would. Feels incomplete to me, as well, as I review it now. :/18:05
alcabrerafor sure, it neglects the presence of the sharding API when run in admin mode18:07
alcabrerawhich we don't really want to be discoverable by general clients18:07
alcabrerabut might be a nice UX touch for admin deployments18:08
abettadapuryeah that was another though i had18:08
abettadapurconditional exposition in the doc18:08
alcabreraseems like it'd be lovely to auto-generate the homedoc via introspection on the resource tree18:08
alcabrerakgriffs: ^^18:09
abettadapurfancy :)18:09
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