Monday, 2014-05-19

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flaper87Gammo: :)09:17
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Gammolooks like I'll be deplaying my first falcon application soon :D09:38
Gammodeploying even09:38
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alcabreraGood morning, all. :D13:20
vkmcMorning all!13:22
jdpraxGood morning to the team formerly known as "marconi".13:25
flaper87damn, I now have to update all my highlights13:26
flaper87WHAT'S UP PEOPLE???????????????13:26
flaper87READY TO KEEP ROCKING DURING JUNO ???????????????????????????????13:26
alcabreraso much energy, flaper87. :D13:26
* alcabrera eats breakfast while rocking hard13:29
* flaper87 eats gummy bears13:29
vkmc\m/ too13:29
flaper87I bet there's corn in thos gummy bears13:29
flaper87jdprax: ^13:29
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flaper87BTW, NyQuil + Wine, best cure EVER!13:30
maliniCure for what?13:30
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flaper87malini: that stupid cold/flu/fever/whatever-it-was I got at the summit13:32
flaper87I bought nyquil before boarding13:32
flaper87and I as soon as I got my dinner, I took one mixed with wine13:32
flaper87that knocked me down :D13:32
flaper87I woke up in time for breakfast and landing13:33
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jdpraxflaper87, ha. So did you find the NyQuil for your flight? Corn or no corn?13:54
malinijchai: fyi..I am working on the claim tests13:56
jchaimalini: OK13:56
mpanettamorning all13:56
maliniI am making it dependent on your patch..but might end up stepping on ur messages patch..will try my best not to13:56
malinijchai: ^13:56
malinigood morning mpanetta!13:56
alcabrerampanetta: good morning! :D13:57
jchaimalini: I still need to update it with the proposed changes13:57
malinijchai: np..I will keep syncing up with ur newer patch sets13:57
mpanettaThe pears I ot at the conference are perfectly ripe now :P13:57
malinimpanetta: & I collected only tshirts :D13:58
vkmcprashanthr_, o/13:58
mpanettamalini: I wish I had got more than 2 pears now.  These are good!13:58
maliniI left a perfectly ripe peach at my desk before I left for the conf13:59
prashanthr_Good morning :)13:59
alcabreraprashanthr_: good morning. :)13:59
prashanthr_alcabrera: How was the summit ??13:59
vkmcprashanthr_, Happy internship start :)14:00
alcabreraprashanthr_: it was... okay. Too much driving every day to get to it. The actual summit was alright. Lots of t-shirts, a few good friends from afar!14:00
prashanthr_alcabrera: That's nice ! :)14:00
prashanthr_vkmc: Thank you. Same to you :)14:01
vkmcprashanthr_, Thanks :)14:01
alcabreraprashanthr_: I was talking with vkmc, and I'd like for us to have a weekly progress meeting, as well as a shorter daily update meeting to track gsoc/opw efforts.14:01
alcabrerathe daily meeting should be no longer than ~10m total, the weekly meeting should be about ~40m - 1h14:02
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prashanthr_alcabrera: Sure. Tat will be sufficient time for updates and doubts.14:02
alcabrerahow do you feel about meeting weekly on Thursdays around the same time as the marconi meeting for the weekly meeting, prashanthr_?14:02
prashanthr_alcabrera: Sure that is perfect for me.14:03
alcabrerahurray! :D14:03
alcabrerascheduling can sometimes be really easy.14:03
alcabreraI just need to check with AAzaa14:03
prashanthr_vkmc: What backend have you chosen ?14:04
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vkmcprashanthr_, None yet... I know you will be working with Redis right?14:04
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prashanthr_vkmc : Yes I will start with Redis.14:05
vkmcprashanthr_, I'll look for a good alternative this afternoon and bring it up in tomorrow's meeting14:05
maliniwill be back in 30 min14:05
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prashanthr_vkmc : awesome. :)14:06
* flaper87 back14:09
vkmcWell, I'll be back in one hour!14:09
alcabreravkmc: o/14:11
flaper87alcabrera: I could probably meet with Aazaa early in the day since we're on the same TZ (in case she can't be around)14:11
alcabreraflaper87: that would be lovely. :D14:11
alcabreraflaper87: have you filled out your OPW contract thing?14:11
flaper87alcabrera: yup14:11
alcabreraI did mine this morning, heh. >.>14:13
alcabrerajust thought to check. I kept forgeting to do it.14:13
flaper87oh well, you asked me if I had done it, not when :P14:14
flaper87I did it 2h ago14:14
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flaper87cpallares: yo yo14:43
cpallareshello flaper87, how was your flight home?14:43
flaper87cpallares: it was good :D14:43
cpallaresflaper87: good to hear :)14:44
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flaper87cpallares: yours?14:44
cpallaresflaper87: haha well it was delayed by an hour, but after that it was good :P14:44
alcabreracpallares: o/14:44
* cpallares is cursed14:44
cpallaresalcabrera: o/14:44
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cpallaresalcabrera: how you doing?14:45
alcabreracpallares: a little sleepy, but okay otherwise. :)14:45
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cpallaresalcabrera: I watched godzilla yesterday and it sucked.15:12
alcabreracpallares: oh my - I've heard mixed reviews on that one!15:13
cpallaresalcabrera: well the story sucked, the godzilla-destroying-stuff action was good15:13
alcabrerathat's exactly what I heard, haha15:13
alcabrerapoor characters15:13
alcabreraweak story15:13
alcabreragreat destruction15:13
cpallaresalcabrera: idk why they even have to have a storyline, just show godzilla fighting monsters for an hour and it'll be better15:13
alcabreratournament style godzilla15:14
alcabreraone big fight per 15m15:14
cpallaresalcabrera: yes15:14
cpallaresalcabrera: this is gold15:14
alcabrerait'd be great15:14
alcabrerajust maybe15:14
cpallaresalcabrera: I watched it at the alamo drafthouse so all the commercials before the movie were vintage godzilla commercials/movie clips/awesomeness15:14
alcabrerahave 10m dedicated to godzilla eating - a lot, ala Dragon Ball Z15:15
vkmcHey cpallares :D15:15
cpallareshi vkmc :D15:15
alcabrerahaha, nice - the proper godzilla experience!15:15
maliniback o/15:15
cpallaresalcabrera: btw you should visit the alamo drafthouse in Austin, they have fun showings :P15:15
cpallaresmalini: hi hi hi hi o/15:16
alcabreracpallares: in a few months, I'll give it a look. :D15:16
malinihello cpallares!15:16
cpallareshey malini how are you?15:16
cpallaresmalini: that you don't have to drive for two hours in traffic :P15:17
malinigood :)15:17
malinigreat in tht aspect..15:17
maliniI am in CAlifornia this week15:17
malini& working from homw15:17
maliniso no drive at all ;)15:17
alcabreramalini: nice! how's california treating you? :)15:18
malinigreat :)15:18
cpallaresmalini: That is awesome, enjoy the weather for us.15:18
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vkmcHey guys... regarding, has been furtherly discussed the change to msgpack?15:42
flaper87vkmc: yeah, there's a blueprint for that. It should be assigned to me15:43
flaper87We met someone at the summit that is willing to work on it15:43
vkmcflaper87, Ok, I'll leave a comment about the existence of that blueprint in the bug report :)15:43
vkmcflaper87, who who who? :)15:44
flaper87I wish I remember :P15:44
flaper87he ^15:44
openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1 Tests JsonSchema
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malinigrr..I hate all the class level setups in tempest :(17:10
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vkmcflaper87, I was checking this bug, is someone working on it? I'm asking you cos you are mentioned in the bug report comments18:30
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flaper87vkmc: not that I'm aware of18:56
flaper87vkmc: feel free to take it18:56
vkmcflaper87, I'm not sure why kgriffs mentions that we have to do it 'without sacrificing performance', could you give me some pointers?18:57
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flaper87vkmc: probably because to know whether a queue exists or not you have to query the queue's collection18:58
flaper87however, given that queue's are now lazy resources, there's probably nothing to be done there18:58
vkmcYeah... that's why I'm a bit confused18:59
flaper87that is, we're going to allow posting messages on non existing queues, which means that deleting messages on non-existing queues is probably fine18:59
flaper87and shouldn't raise an error18:59
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vkmcI see19:00
openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1.1 Functional Tests
vkmcflaper87, thanks19:01
openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1 Tests JsonSchema
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openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1.1 Functional Tests
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openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1 Tests JsonSchema
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alcabreraTake care all. Have a good night. :)20:17
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vkmcflaper87, I want to discuss about storage backends in tomorrows meeting, is there enough time to do that or should I propose it for next meeting?21:46
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flaper87vkmc: tomorrow sounds good, I guess22:52
flaper87peoplemerge: welcome ;)22:52
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peoplemergeflaper87|afk: good to be back around :) fun meeting you guys at summit22:59
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