Wednesday, 2014-05-21

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abettadapurkgriffs: ping14:43
kgriffsabettadapur: pong14:44
abettadapurkgriffs: so i am working on making sure headers are present for requests14:44
abettadapurkgriffs: i implemented it as a before hook, but that made all the v1 stuff also require the headers14:44
abettadapurkgriffs: would it just be better to check in the on_x methods themselves?14:45
kgriffslet me see...14:46
kgriffsyes, those changes should be made under transport/wsgi/v1_114:46
abettadapurkgriffs: alright, thanks14:47
abettadapurkgriffs: basically just if project_id is none: raise exception ?14:47
kgriffsright, you can raise a bad request exception14:47
kgriffsyou'll also need to make sure each change has a test14:48
kgriffslet me see where those would go14:48
abettadapuri was just adding the proper headers to the existing v1.1 tests...14:48
kgriffsthe functional tests?14:49
abettadapurunit tests, haven't gotten to func14:49
kgriffsI think it would be good to also do negative tests14:49
kgriffsensure that the correct error status is returned if project id is missing, for example14:50
abettadapurlots of changes :D14:50
kgriffsthanks for tackling this, btw!14:51
abettadapurno problem14:51
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openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Add separate requirements file for Python 3
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Alex_Gaynorflaper87|afk: related to ^, not sure if you saw, but a bunch of py3k patches landed into python-memcached's github15:08
kgriffsAlex_Gaynor: excellent!15:09
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kgriffsAlex_Gaynor: different topic, but I noticed the pypy gate on Marconi started failing a few weeks ago. I can't tell whether it is a bug in pypy or problem with a library we depend on...15:10
kgriffs"Fatal RPython error: KeyError"15:10
Alex_Gaynorkgriffs: hmm, this looks like a bug that was fixed in pypy 2.3 (which came out last week), I wonder if there's a way to see what pypy version this had15:11
kgriffsah, I can try out 2.3 on my local box. if that works, we need them to update in the gate15:12
prashanthr_kgriffs: good morning :)15:14
Alex_Gaynorkgriffs: it'll get updated as soon as new images are published; it's in the PPA15:15
kgriffsrock on15:15
kgriffsprashanthr_: howdy!15:15
prashanthr_kgriffs : :) . I had a couple of doubts. can i ask them now ?15:16
kgriffsgo for it15:16
prashanthr_kgriffs :1. Redis supports SSL connections from the client to the redis server. Do we need to support this configuration as well ?15:17
kgriffsIf it were up to me, we would TLS all the things, but hypervisors don't always expose AES_NI (and lots of legacy servers out there still have old CPUs that don't support it anyway)15:18
kgriffseven so, I think is many cases performance is negligible once the connection is established, so I don't see any reason not to do it for long-lived connections to the data store15:19
kgriffsanyway, that's my $0.0215:19
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prashanthr_kgriffs:  I shall add support to SSL as well. thanks :)15:19
prashanthr_2. Since i am developing on a seperate github project. How can i get my code reviewed ?15:19
kgriffsprashanthr_: btw, make sure to enable cert verification, some libs don't do that by default15:21
prashanthr_kgriffs: Sure. will check if the redis client supports it.15:21
kgriffs2. mmm, good question.15:22
kgriffsyou could fork and then do pull requests and have us review15:22
kgriffsor... you could just request in here for us to look at new versions of the code...15:22
kgriffsin the case of redis, I suspect we will want to pull this into the main openstack/marconi repo so there will be a review on the entire driver when that happens15:23
kgriffsjust some ideas off the top of my head15:23
kgriffsif you go the PR route, you can manually rebase and merge via fast-forward to avoid a bunch of extraneous "merge" commits15:25
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kgriffsyou may also want to set up Travis CI and coveralls to gate your commits15:25
prashanthr_kgriffs: I think i will start working with a fork for now.  Will get the base driver up and then try to merge the into the main marconi repo.15:28
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kgriffsAlex_Gaynor: BTW, I tested PyPy 2.3 locally and it is passing now. w00t16:05
Alex_Gaynorkgriffs: great!16:05
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malinikgriffs, flaper87|afk: since we are not obsoleting metadata, does it make sense to rbring back ?16:09
kgriffsif people don't want to lose their metadata but still truncate the queue, then bringing this patch back but requiring a query param may be useful...16:17
kgriffshowever, I'm still on the fence. this patch isn't critical and makes the API more complex - may not be worth it16:17
kgriffsa user can always read their metadata, delete the queue, then create a new one with the same metadata16:18
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malinikgriffs: makes senseā€¦it is easy to accidentally delete all messages if this patch lands16:30
kgriffsI went ahead and commented on the patch16:33
malinisaw tht..thanks!16:35
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abettadapurmalini: WRT the json schema16:43
maliniabettadapur: thanks for tht patch!!!16:43
abettadapurthe hrefs you highlighted are different from each other16:43
abettadapurshould i pull them out as vars still?16:44
abettadapur(i pulled out the message object as one big var)16:44
maliniyou mean message_href vs claim_href ?16:44
abettadapurso one of them matches /v1/queues/.../messages?ids=...16:44
abettadapurthe other matches /v1/queues/.../messages/...16:45
abettadapurthe third matches v1/queues/.../messages/...?claim_id=...16:45
abettadapuris it still worth it to extract them?16:45
malinino, unless we are using the same href definitions in multiple places?16:46
abettadapurthe only place was within the big message object16:46
abettadapurwhich i extracted16:46
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abettadapurunless we are talking about across files...16:47
kgriffsbe back later (lunch)16:48
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malinicross files? we use the schema only in -rt?16:51
abettadapuryeah, ok16:55
abettadapurnever mind16:55
abettadapurone other thing. so the skipped test appears to be a bug16:55
abettadapurwhere do we report these?16:55
maliniPlz refer to the bug ID, in the message for skipped tests16:56
malini we should just skip the schema validation for these tests - we might be missing other bugs, by skipping the tests altogtther16:57
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abettadapurok, just comment out the line then?17:00
malini& add a comment above tht line with bug #ID & details17:00
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openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1 Tests JsonSchema
peoplemergeflaper87|afk: I need to triage a couple of env issues here before starting to tackle fun riak stuff, please excuse some radio silence :)17:51
notmynamekgriffs|afk: thanks for jumping in on the keystone token size thread18:07
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vkmchey guys, I have some doubts regarding this bug which error code should we return?18:51
vkmcif we consider that we create queues in a lazy way18:52
maliniI think sriram did consider some of tht18:52
vkmcand sending messages to a queue that doesn't exist is ok18:52
vkmcthen retrieving messages for a queue that doesn't exist should be ok too18:52
vkmcmalini, oh cool :)18:53
maliniI wonder if the bug is still relevant when sriram's  changes get merged?18:53
malinisriram: ^18:53
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kgriffsnotmyname: sure thing.19:03
* alcabrera catches up19:03
alcabreravkmc: if the decision stands to pursue lazy queue creation (queues as topics), then 204 is the right way to for sure19:08
alcabreralikewise for retrieving from an empty topic. :)19:09
vkmcalcabrera, great :) so, once sriram's changes get merged, it's no longer a bug19:10
alcabrerayup. :)19:11
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vkmcalcabrera, and what about v1.0?19:15
alcabrerain v1.019:16
alcabrerawe're assuming the presence of strict queues19:16
alcabreraso a 404 would be the way to go19:16
alcabreravkmc: ^19:16
sriramyeah you guys are right.. sorry, I was away before.19:17
srirammalini: we need to open a blueprint for the unit test stuff I was talking about.19:18
sriramunit test decoupling between v1 and v1.119:18
malinisriram: can you create one, plz?19:18
vkmcalcabrera, cool... so, should this be considered a backport?19:18
srirammalini: allright. let me do that.19:19
alcabreravkmc: hmm, sort of? I'm torn on "backport", heh. >.>19:21
alcabreraI feel ike v1.0 is the current stable release19:21
alcabreraand v1.1 is still beta - though I could be wrong19:21
alcabrerabeta as in - not yet feature complete19:21
alcabreraso given that v1.0 is current, it'd just be a fix, w/o the backport19:22
maliniI wish we can get this done by j119:24
malinibut we already have a lot of stuff19:25
sriramthis would need to be done, if we intend on changing any functionality. adding new tests still work.19:25
maliniI made it J119:26
malinitht is by June-12 th19:26
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vkmcalcabrera, I see... :) well, I'll keep digging into it then19:33
alcabrerathanks, vkmc!19:34
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malinikgriffs: why did we change the href format in 1.1 ?19:39
kgriffsmalini: i think that was done to simply save some bytes in the response message. is it causing a problem?19:45
malinino..was just curious19:46
maliniwhy do we return href , if its the same as id?19:46
maliniI mean is there any value keeping it around?19:46
malini& it gets different
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kgriffsfirst off, the href is supposed to be opaque. It just happens to be the same as the ID in the example, but it may not be.19:54
kgriffssecond, when getting a list of messages you have to include the "messages/" prefix due to the rules for resolving a relative URI19:54
kgriffs /foo/bar19:55
kgriffsand a relative URI of "123"19:55
kgriffscombining them gives19:55
kgriffs /foo/12319:55
kgriffs(I know, not what you might expect)19:55
kgriffsso you have to give19:55
kgriffsto get19:56
kgriffs /foo/bar/12319:56
kgriffsmake sense?19:56
kgriffsmalini: however, I would like to propose at our next team meeting removing the "Get a Specific Message" endpoint from the v1.1 api19:57
malinitht sounds sane19:57
kgriffsit doesn't serve any useful purpose that I can see, and it has led to confusion in the community19:57
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vkmcIs anybody else getting this output when running tests?
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kgriffsvkmc: I haven't seen that myself20:25
kgriffsthough, I just run my tests through tox usually20:25
vkmckgriffs, hmm maybe is my local env,... I tried running tox too and I'm getting a different error
vkmckgriffs, I remember this was an incompatibility problem with the tox version, maybe I have an outdated version20:28
AAzzavkmc: use tox==1.6.120:28
AAzzavkmc: you have too new version i think, for the last error20:28
vkmcAAzza, thanks :) I do yeah, v1.7.120:29
kgriffsah, right. I'd forgotten about that20:30
kgriffsyeah, you have to downgrade20:30
alcabreraI had no idea about that20:33
alcabrerathanks, AAzza!20:33
* vkmc running tests now \o/20:34
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alcabreraI'm out for the night.20:56
alcabreratake care, all!20:56
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vkmcgood night! take care o/21:01
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Revert "Disable Metadata write operations on v1.1"
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tjanczuk_hello, anyone there?21:59
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openstackgerritAlex Gaynor proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Fixed a few typos in the codebase
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