Friday, 2014-06-13

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flwangflaper87: hey there07:07
flwangflaper87: how are you07:07
flaper87flwang: I'm doing great buddy, what about you?07:07
flaper87how's life over there? do you like it?07:08
flwangflaper87: yep, it's pure07:08
flwangflaper87: just rent the house, and need a car now :D07:09
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flaper87flwang: awesome, so happy to know you're doing great and that I know have a place to go when I'm there07:11
* flaper87 looks around and acts as if he didn't say anything07:12
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flwangflaper87: definitely, feel free let me know if you have any plan to have a trip for NZ07:12
flwangdid you see my reply for kgriffs|afk's email07:13
flwangI'd like to know what's your thought07:13
flaper87flwang: I just replied :D07:16
flwangflaper87: cool07:17
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flaper87flwang: does resolves for you?08:51
flaper87it doesn't seem to work here08:51
flaper87oh nevermind08:52
boris-42flaper87 hi08:53
flaper87boris-42: hey :)08:53
boris-42flaper87 I just read email about performance08:53
boris-42flaper87 imho probably you should try to use rally=)08:53
flaper87yup, I knew you were going to say that :P08:54
flaper87boris-42: I believe you've talked to malini and kgriffs|afk about this, right?08:54
flaper87I don't recall if there were some issues08:54
flaper87we do want to, FWIW08:54
boris-42flaper87 okay nice08:54
boris-42flaper87 so I mean I am ready to help you guys08:54
boris-42flaper87 e.g. we can make rally gate for marconi08:54
boris-42flaper87 we have it in keystone/glance/cinder so i don't think that it will be big deal08:55
flaper87boris-42: that's awesome. Thanks a lot! We'll need one at some point, probably.08:55
boris-42flaper87 but we need to get some base benchmark scenario for marconi in rally08:55
flaper87lets sync with malini and kgriffs|afk about this. I know they've put more thoughts on this08:55
boris-42flaper87 i ready to explain how to add them08:55
flaper87one of the issues we have is that we want to benchmark mongodb and it doesn't run on the gate08:56
boris-42flaper87 and there is as well big work (that can be done simultaneously) about distributed load generator08:56
flaper87(long story)08:56
boris-42flaper87 cause now we are not able to run big load08:56
boris-42flaper87 for gates it doesn't matter cause I think even 200-300 simultaneously request wil lbe ok08:57
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vkmcgood morning!11:41
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flaper87vkmc: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning12:17
flaper87vkmc: the meeting will be today :)12:17
flaper87vkmc: I couldn't make it yday12:17
vkmcflaper87, morniiiiiiiiiiiing :)12:19
vkmcflaper87, oh it's ok!12:19
vkmcyesterday was quite busy for everyone :o12:19
vkmc\o/ j-1!12:20
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sriramGood morning! :)13:05
vkmcflaper87, I was reading the last mails in RabbitMQ (AMQP 0.9) driver for Marconi thread... we should consider the points tjankzur makes there for today's meeting13:05
vkmcgoood morninng sriram :)13:05
flaper87vkmc: yup, I'll definitely bring them up. Lets see how it goes. The call is more a me explaining them what we want, they explaining me what they understand and then sharing some technical details about what would be the best thing13:07
vkmcflaper87, cool, we will reach a clearer state after that13:08
sriramgood morning vkmc, flaper87 :)13:23
vkmchow are you doing sriram?13:26
sriramI'm good. :)13:26
sriramhow about you?13:27
vkmcgreat to hear!13:30
vkmcI'm good too, reviewing your patch :)13:30
vkmcthe lazy queue create one13:31
sriramoh awesome.13:31
vkmcit looks good!13:31
vkmcI was wondering which name we could use for test_get_multiple_invalid_messages_204s13:32
vkmcto make it code independent13:33
sriramhmm we are returning a 404, so we could change 204s to 404s13:34
sriramI'm trying to see if we can change the logic behind test_list13:34
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sriramsince we cant loop with 200s any more.13:35
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vkmcyeah I saw that too13:35
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vkmclisting a non-already-existent queue... which I assume it creates when listing it... should return a 200 code13:38
vkmcsince it's an empty queue13:38
sriramso, listing a non existent doesnt create actually create it.13:39
sriramit gives an illusion that it exists13:39
sriramand is created when you post a message to it.13:39
vkmcthat's the point I think... is it created or not?13:40
vkmcI mean, if you are willing to interact with it by listing its messages then we have to decide if we create it or not13:40
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sriramvkmc: nope its not created for any GET13:42
sriramGET on messages or stats would reveal an empty list13:42
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vkmcsriram, it makes sense13:44
openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implement POP in v1.1 API
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flaper87sriram: morning :)14:07
sriramflaper87: gooooooooood morning!14:07
flaper87sriram: THAT'S THE MOOD!!!!!14:07
* sriram silently steals the thunder :P14:08
malini1I am so sleepy, I went to the breakroom to get some caffeine - but came back without the coffee :D14:09
malini1flaper87: have a question abt the Deprecated Opts in oslo.config14:10
flaper87malini1: shoot14:10
* flaper87 gives malini1 some coffee \_/?14:10
malini1flaper87: Can you access an option which has been renamed, with the old name in the code?14:10
flaper87no, you need to access it with the new name14:11
flaper87you can use the old name in the configs, though.14:11
malini1flaper87: so tht means we will need to update some of the v1 code - is tht acceptable?14:11
flaper87if it doesn't change the old behavior, yup14:11
malini1cool! it doesnt change the behavior - so we shud be ok14:12
malini1thanks flaper87 :)14:12
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openstackgerritSriram Madapusi Vasudevan proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implement Lazy Create Queue in v1.1 API
openstackgerritAlex Bettadapur proposed a change to openstack/marconi: V1.1 Functional Tests
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vkmchey guys, when running testr I noticed this is failing
vkmcis that happening in your envs too?15:45
sriramdid you pip install after making your changes?15:45
sriramI experienced this today, I needed to do pip install -e . after making my changes.15:46
sriramand it worked15:46
vkmcgood to know15:46
vkmcI'll try it, thanks sriram15:46
vkmcit worked! this is happening for review branches (just in case someone steps with the same)15:49
sriramawesome vkmc :)15:51
srirambbl lunch15:51
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sriramalcabrera: hey!16:31
sriramhow are you? :)16:31
alcabrerasriram: hey! :D16:40
alcabreraI'm doing great. You?16:40
sriramdoing good as well :)16:40
alcabreraI've been having *too much* fun with attoparsec.16:40
alcabreraThis library is brilliant.16:41
sriramoh what is it about?16:41
alcabrerait's a parser combinator library in haskell. Lemme show you a snippet of code.16:41
vkmchey alcabrera :)16:42
alcabreravkmc: hey! how are you? :)16:43
alcabrerathat'll compile as long as you have attoparsec installed. :D16:45
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vkmcalcabrera, I'm doing good! learning by reviewing :)16:46
alcabreranice, vkmc! There's certainly a lot to review. :)16:47
vkmcit's yeah :) it's taking a bit more to me but it's really useful16:53
sriramguys, I need some reviews on this :
sriramflaper87, kgriffs|afk, alcabrera, malini1, vkmc : ^16:54
alcabreragoing to pass on that, sriram. I've been so detached from the lazy queue subject that I wouldn't able to do that review justice.16:56
malini1vkmc: Can you review this one as well plz?17:00
malini1The more +1s, the greater its chances of core reviewers looking at it :)17:01
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vkmcsure malini1 :)17:03
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alcabreraalmost an entire month on the queue for that one, malini. D:17:10
malini2alcabrera: unfortunately there is nothing strange abt tht in the tempest queue :(17:10
alcabreramalini2: yeah, I can believe that. :/17:13
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sriramflaper87: kgriffs|afk had addressed the issue before of using upserts, he said that it would break v1.0 compatibility.17:26
flaper87sriram: not if you check for queue existence before calling the storage API17:27
flaper87(unless I'm missing something)17:28
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sriramhmm, can you take a look at Patchset 6? I had incorporated the changes from his suggestions, from that patch set on wards17:29
vkmcbrb lunch17:29
sriramflaper87: ^17:29
flaper87sriram: sure, lemme take a look17:30
sriramyeah, I'm a bit confused there, because I had moved most logic to the storage layer before reverting back to transport.17:30
flaper87sriram: kgriffs|afk points are correct. What you need to do is check for queue existance in v1_0 at the transport layer17:32
flaper87I think that's enough17:32
flaper87enough to perserver the old behaviour*17:33
flaper87the rest of the logic could go to the storage layer17:33
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flaper87and all this boils down to: We need a better way to handle this things17:33
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tjanczuk_flapper87: ping17:36
sriramumm, do we change v1 of the API at this point. also is the storage then version-aware?17:38
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flaper87tjanczuk_: pong17:41
flaper87tjanczuk_: btw, the nick is with 1 `p` :P I just happened to read the channel and notice your message :D17:42
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flaper87sriram: the storage is not version aware, that's why I said: "We need a better way to do this" "D17:42
tjanczuk_Oh, sorry.17:42
flaper87sriram: I think it's fine to do it this way for the lazy queue's thing17:42
flaper87we'll figure that out later17:42
flaper87tjanczuk_: np, it's just to get the highlight17:43
tjanczuk_flaper87: I wonder what is the best approach to move forward on this discussion in ML. I think e-mail no longer serves this well.17:43
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tjanczuk_I liked your suggestion to move this into a spec.17:43
tjanczuk_The question is, what the scope of the spec  should be.17:43
sriramflaper87: yes, I understand. I was just trying to find how we can make do the storage to do something if it were v1, something else if it were v1.1. :)17:44
flaper87tjanczuk_: agreed, I had some discussions today with some guys from the proton team and I need to summarize that and send it over to you and the other guys17:44
tjanczuk_IMO there is enough issues uncovered on this thread and in IRC to make it reasonable to start discussing how a V2 of the API should look like.17:44
sriramflaper87: thanks for the review, we can maybe perhaps discuss this again when kgriffs|afk is around. I might have gotten confused at some point.17:44
flaper87sriram: I think pretty much the same way we did with the transport, not sure :/17:44
sriramflaper87: hmm yeah, that is why I was not sure how to implement without breaking any compatibility.17:45
flaper87tjanczuk_: yeah, I think we can address this with several spec proposals. We did something similar with the v1.1. Basically we had a blueprint for each endpoint we wanted to add/remove/modify17:46
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flaper87A good start would be to follow your minimalistic API proposal17:46
flaper87I would probably recommend not doing drastic changes that are too tight to the storage we are targetting17:47
tjanczuk_You mean the one at, or something else?17:47
flaper87but more based on how useful they could be17:47
flaper87tjanczuk_: yeah, I think that's the one17:47
flaper87I haven't looked at it in detail but you had some suggestions there that are worth sharing/evaluating17:47
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tjanczuk_So how do we do it? The API spec is in there in enough detail to discuss I think. The reference implementation is also in place (granted, in Node not Python).17:49
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openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implement POP in v1.1 API
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
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