Friday, 2014-06-20

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
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wpfAAzza:   morning ,  I am 'norman' yestoday07:12
wpfhow about your local build? -:)07:13
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AAzzaflaper87: hi-hi) there was so empty and quite here10:57
flaper87AAzza: yeah :(10:57
flaper87when it's like that, I just start talking to myself in the channel10:58
flaper87I mean, I do that already at home so, why not doing it publicly?10:58
AAzzaflaper87: :-D10:59
AAzzaflaper87: it is passing!10:59
* flaper87 clicks11:01
AAzzaflaper87: and locally for mongo driver also:)11:01
flaper87AAzza: did you see my patches yday?11:02
flaper87I fixed all mongo tests11:02
AAzzaflaper87: yes, i saw)11:02
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AAzzaflaper87: i thought you will be glad to see all passing green gate:-(11:05
flaper87I AMMMMM!!!!! I AMM I AMM!!!! :D11:05
* flaper87 just noticed that AAzza was talking about Py3k11:06
flaper87sooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool11:06
flaper87that means we're Py3K compliant11:06
flaper87AAzza: next step is to make that gate voting11:07
flaper87so we prevent people from merging patches that are not Py3K compatible11:07
AAzzaflaper87: aha, where can I do it?11:07
flaper87you need to remove that line11:10
flaper87so, checkout the project, edit file, submit a review and add kgriffs|afk malini and myself to the review11:11
AAzzaflaper87: okeey) will do it after we merge that review)11:12
flaper87you can also do it now, that will force us to merge your patch first11:12
* flaper87 is evil11:12
flaper87AAzza: small nit on your patch, if you check that right away, I can +2 before boarding11:13
AAzzaflaper87: i'm so afraid to do it 'implements' :)11:16
AAzzaflaper87: although it is working for mongo driver to)11:17
flaper87AAzza: :P you should feel proud of yourself. You achieved your goal, which is actually a very important goal for the project :)11:17
flaper87AAzza: if you still have to push another patch then this change can wait11:17
flaper87otherwise, do it now and lets go party all night long11:17
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AAzzaflaper87: okey, will do it, and if *paranoid mode* will be have problems, we can just submit bugs and fix them)11:19
AAzzaflaper87: will you have time today's evenining? I have several things to discuss. but now i should go and fix my teeth :)11:21
openstackgerritNataliia Uvarova proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Fix Python 3 leftovers
flaper87AAzza: mmh, I'll be traveling for the rest of the day :( What about dropping me an email?11:21
flaper87AAzza: I'll read and reply for sure. IRC is a bit harder but as soon as I find internet access I'll be on-line11:22
AAzzaflaper87: maybe will send an email ;) if not, then will talk on Monday11:22
flaper87AAzza: cool11:23
flaper87ok, gtg! Take care all and have a great weekend!11:39
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openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Sync with oslo-incubator
* kgriffs is excited about py3k support14:18
kgriffsFYI: I am in a hackathon today, so will be somewhat unavailable.14:18
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Removed buggy httpretty to unblock the gate
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