Monday, 2014-06-30

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tongliHi, guys, I read the marconi api doc here and it says , Marconi support posting 10 msgs at the same time.13:51
tongliwonder if the number 10 is an example or it is the up limit?13:52
tongliand the reason why it has such limit.13:52
tongliany one can help with that question will be really appreciated.13:52
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tongliif a consumer wants to have 10 msgs in one GET request, but there are only 4 on the server, will the request be blocked or marconi will return with 4?13:54
malini1tongli: marconi will return 4 in tht case13:56
sriramtongli: it should return with 413:56
sriramwrt to your other question13:56
tongli@malini1 @sriram, thanks for that answer. makes a lot of sense.13:57
tongliI assume that 10 is the up limit, can not post or get more than 10 in one request, right?13:57
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sriramthere is a max_message_size. So I guess the the limit for posting messages, should be such that the entirety of the content length should be less than that.14:00
flaper87Goooood morning ppl14:00
flaper87tongli: sriram malini1 FYI, I deployed latest Marconi here:
malini1tongli: for some reason I have it in my head that max messages tht can be posted is a configurable value grrrr..But cant find that in the code.14:01
malini1flaper87: goooooood whatever !!!14:01
flaper87you can play with it using marconi client, curl or whatever client you prefer14:01
flaper87malini1: LOL14:01
malini1flaper87: do we just chk or max message size when posting messages?14:01
* flaper87 is in Europe now14:01
sriramflaper87: woooot :D14:01
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malini1flaper87: yayyy!14:02
flaper87malini1: max message size14:02
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malini1flaper87: tht is what the code has brain has a bug :D14:02
srirambrain bug :O14:03
* flaper87 does an emergency surgery on malini1's brain14:03
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malini1in coma now14:03
sriramflaper87: :O you did the surgery on the wrong malini :P14:04
srirammalini2 will be here soon :P14:04
malini1tongli: Hope you got your answers14:04
tongli@malini1, if I got your guys right, the 10 is just the default value for the parameter max message size.14:05
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sriramthe default size is 256kb14:06
sriramthe sum of content length of your messages shouldnt exceed that14:07
sriramflaper87: ^ does that seem correct?14:07
sriramtongli: ^14:07
malini1sriram is right ..also the max message size is a configurable value14:07
malini1so ur deployment can be configured to have a value other than 256 kn14:08
tonglican not find it in the code.14:08
flaper87sriram: correct14:08
flaper87malini1: argghh14:08
malini1flaper87: but you were more specific ;)14:08
malini1the #L27 is what took u more time :D14:09
tonglioh, it is not by number of messages, it is by the size of the request body if I read that code right.14:09
flaper87tongli: correct14:10
flaper87it doesn't matter if you've 1 message of 256kb or 10 that added up make 256kb14:10
tonglithat docs indicated it is controlled by number of messages, which seems to me not the same thing as message body.14:10
flaper87tongli: that's old ;)14:10
tongliah, ok.14:11
flaper87tongli: we're working on a proper documentation14:11
tonglicool, thanks for these excellent answers.14:11
flaper87tongli: can I ask what your use case for marconi is?14:12
flaper87are you just looking at it?14:12
flaper87are you thinking of installing it?14:12
tongli@flaper87, I was told you guys using falcon framework and using ReST API handling messages,14:13
tongliI would like to look at the code and see if we can get first hand experience if falcon is indeed a good framework and it performs under heavy load.14:14
tonglithere is a need for monitoring as a service, and few big guys (company) are trying to do a new  project, I am thinking if we can simply take marconi and make some changes to it to meet the need.14:15
tongli@flaper87 ,hope that help a bit with your question.14:15
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tonglimarconi takes message and place it into a mongodb for persistance ?14:16
flaper87tongli: it does help, thanks a lot :)14:17
flaper87tongli: yes, as of now mongodb is the only production-recommended store we have14:17
tonglihave you guys found falcon is a lot faster comparing to other python frameworks?14:18
tongliin terms ReSTful API support.14:18
flaper87tongli: based on some benchmarks it is14:18
flaper87that's the whole point of falcon, being very minimalist and fast14:18
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flaper87tongli: kgriffs is falcon's leader but he won't be around this week14:18
tongliany drawbacks or gotches in your experience?14:19
flaper87tongli: alcabrera|afk has contributed quite a bit to falcon too14:19
flaper87tongli: drawback is that you don't get many of the semi-automatic-builtin-framework-like features14:19
tongli@flaper87, very well aware of that (kgriffs made falcon)14:19
flaper87but as you can see in marconi's code, the code is still clean, clear and small14:19
tongli@flaper87, thanks so much.14:20
flaper87tongli: my pleasure14:21
tongliwonder how you inform consumers there are messages?14:21
tonglior consumers simply do pull (GET requests) when the clients feel like to?14:21
flaper87tongli: as of now, that's the supported message pattern. Users need to poll for messages14:22
flaper87we're working (or suppose to be working) on push messages for Juno14:22
tonglipointer to the BP if there is one?14:23
flaper87tongli: it'll happen as part of this work:
tongli@flaper87, thanks so much, hope see you guys in Paris.14:24
flaper87tongli: absolutely, looking forward to it.14:24
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prashanthr_Good morning all :)14:31
vkmcmorning! :)14:32
vkmchi prashanthr_!14:32
prashanthr_hi vkmc , how u doing ?14:32
vkmcI woke up with an intense headache -.- now I'm feeling better though... hoping to recover a bit from the morning14:34
vkmcprashanthr_, you?14:34
flaper87vkmc: heyyyyy14:34
prashanthr_vkmc: Co-incidence, i had a headache today as well14:36
prashanthr_and had to shift homes with that.14:36
vkmcflaper87, hiiiiii :) o/14:40
malini1prashanthr_, vkmc: tylenol pop-tarts for you!14:41
malini1hope you feel better14:41
vkmcprashanthr_, boo14:41
vkmcmalini1, hiiii :)14:41
prashanthr_malini1: thank you :)14:41
malini1hello vkmc, prashanthr_@14:41
vkmcmalini1, thanks14:42
malini1On a side note, we got another tempest patch merged over th weekend..14:42
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vkmcmalini1, I saw it... congrats!14:42
malini1With tht, we have positive tests for all v1 APIs in Tempest14:42
malini1thanks vkmc!14:43
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flaper87vkmc: we gotta talk14:43
flaper87vkmc: you're doing a very good job and we don't like that here14:43
vkmcmalini1, that one was 1 month ++ on the gates... it was time!14:43
flaper87Marconi is full of crappy coders14:43
flaper87you ain't be good14:43
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malini1vkmc: yes !14:44
vkmcflaper87, lol14:44
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malini1I am sure flaper87 typed in the wrong channel :D14:44
* flaper87 hasn't had enough gummy bears lately14:44
flaper87malini1: LOL, no no. I sent those to the right channel14:45
vkmcflaper87, that's not good, your sugar must be low14:45
flaper87vkmc: IT ISSSSS :(14:45
flaper87I just had like 3 packs today, that's not enough14:45
vkmcflaper87, which is the daily minimum amount of gummy bears for a flaper?14:48
flaper87vkmc: That x10^10000014:48
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AAzzaprashanthr_: ping14:53
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prashanthr_AAzza: pong :)14:54
prashanthr_good morning14:54
AAzzaprashanthr_: good evening)14:55
AAzzaprashanthr_: i want to talk with your about ways we can support py3k compatibility of your redis driver14:56
AAzzaprashanthr_: it should be difficult, but it is important)14:57
prashanthr_I understand the importance of it. difficult is good :)14:57
AAzzaprashanthr_: should not be very difficult)14:57
AAzzaprashanthr_: missing words(14:57
AAzzaprashanthr_: basically first step is to try to run tests under py33)14:58
prashanthr_AAzza : okay. just py33 is good enough ?14:58
AAzzaprashanthr_: if you need help with it, i' m here. I could try your driver and say what is the problem zones.14:58
prashanthr_Sure, I will start up with it. I have some basic driver tests written up14:59
AAzzaprashanthr_: basically yes, py33 enough,14:59
prashanthr_but have'nt worked with them using py3314:59
AAzzaprashanthr_:  most problems should be with strings\bytes14:59
AAzzaprashanthr_: such as results from redis will be in bytes (just my predictions from experience)15:00
AAzzaprashanthr_: just encode/decode staff in proper places should solve most problems15:00
AAzzaprashanthr_: many thanks15:00
prashanthr_okay. That's a common issue. But AFAIK redis library is py3k compatible.15:00
AAzzaprashanthr_: if you need any-any help - i'm here)15:00
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prashanthr_Thanks a lot. Will startup soon and come back with some bugs. :) Great effort from your side must say related to py3k.15:01
AAzzaprashanthr_: it was pretty exiting to see py33 failing tests count decreasing) thanks)15:02
AAzzaprashanthr_: honesty, I wanted to do your project with redis for internship initially)15:02
prashanthr_ha ha yeah. I remember you once said "5 versions of py is not what someone expects from life".15:03
prashanthr_Is it ? Yeah redis is pretty awesome. Fits the bill well for Marconi.15:03
AAzzaprashanthr_: aha, it is awesome) and your are doing good job with it15:04
prashanthr_thank you :)15:05
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AAzzamalini1: hi, i have a question about your POP review. You added new method to storage/, shouldn't it be added also to storage/pooling controller's wrapper?15:17
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malini1AAzza: good question..I didnt think I have to. flaper87: thoughts?15:23
flaper87malini1: yup, you've to add it there too15:24
flaper87AAzza: good catch15:24
malini1thanks AAzza!!  you are our new jenkins ;)15:25
AAzzaflaper87: i just noticed earlier, that our /pooling is not precisely reflecting /base15:25
flaper87AAzza: :(15:25
flaper87it should, we need to add a test for that15:25
flaper87or find a better way to do it15:25
AAzzaflaper87: yeah, i was tried to add the tests for storage/pooling and see these problems.15:26
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AAzzaflaper87: btw if you read my comment in the review i give a link to you in the morning, you know it a little bit earlier:P15:27
flaper87AAzza: ahahahahahaha, I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy15:28
* flaper87 has been under a pile of things to finish15:28
flaper87I'll read it before heading to bed :P15:28
flaper87and that means I may be reading it at 3am :P15:28
AAzzaflaper87: oh, i appreciate this:)15:30
* flaper87 is messing with AAzza15:30
* flaper87 will read the patch15:30
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vkmcflaper87, what was the meaning of '~' in amqp://~ again?20:11
vkmcI'm recall you mentioned that it meant to use the default port, but not I'm not sure since it's failing on amqp://
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flaper87vkmc: it means, it will listen on that address instead of trying to connect to it21:07
vkmcflaper87, makes sense :) thanks mentor21:13
flaper87vkmc: anytime :)21:13
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Add None checking for the Mongodb uri
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