Thursday, 2014-07-03

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flaper87why isn't anyone making some noise in here?13:41
flaper87peoplemerge: AWESOME!13:41
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prashanthr_Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii flaper87 and vkmc :)13:47
vkmcyoooooooo prashanthr_!13:48
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prashanthr_vkmc : yoooooo :) Howz AMQP treating you ?? ;)13:48
vkmcprashanthr_, *just* when you left yesterday, it worked!13:49
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prashanthr_woow :) that's great :)13:49
prashanthr_nothing cures bugs than a cup of caffine13:49
vkmcprashanthr_, it looks like it was some kind of users issue... if I run it with sudo then it selects the default (wsgi), otherwise it picks amqp13:50
prashanthr_Hmm vkmc13:50
vkmchaha totally13:50
prashanthr_maybe then it looks at the home folder13:50
prashanthr_which would be /root13:50
vkmcyes... I suspect that13:50
prashanthr_rather than your user home folder which is /home/vkmc (example)13:50
prashanthr_anyways good it's solved. First hurdle cleared :)13:51
vkmc:) yeah I was going nuts13:51
vkmcnow I'm working on the real deal... saving messages in the storage backend13:52
vkmchow is redis going?13:53
prashanthr_redis is good actually13:53
prashanthr_submitted  reviews for the controllers13:53
vkmcfor what I saw in the review queue its looking reaally good :)13:53
prashanthr_he he :) marconi ( Naav) code is so well organized that coding is a bliss :) now writing the spec13:54
prashanthr_for implementing Redis as a oslo cache13:54
vkmcyes it is... they did a great work13:56
vkmcnice :)13:56
vkmcand what about Swift... I remember you were going down that road too13:57
vkmcprobably you are focusing on redis though :)13:57
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prashanthr_Swift do not know much about the team's priority on that14:03
prashanthr_Wil have to discuss with kgriffs and alcabrera once the reviews are through14:03
vkmcit's reasonable yeah14:04
flaper87prashanthr_: :D :D14:07
flaper87prashanthr_: vkmc: hellooooo14:07
prashanthr_Hello flaper87 :)14:07
prashanthr_how u doing ?14:07
flaper87doing great, you?14:08
vkmcflaper87, heeeey :)14:08
prashanthr_good here as well14:08
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alcabreragood morning, everyone. :)14:49
cpallareshello alcabrera!14:50
alcabreraheya, cpallares!14:50
vkmcmorning alcabrera!14:51
alcabrerahello, vkmc!14:51
vkmcmorning cpallares too :)14:51
cpallareshey vkmc o/14:51
cpallaresalcabrera: Are you back from house searching?14:51
alcabrerayup, as of last night!14:52
alcabrerawe submitted an application this morning14:52
alcabreraI'm hoping to hear from them soon.14:52
cpallaresalcabrera: Awesome! I hope you get it :)14:53
alcabrerathanks, cpallares. me too! :)14:53
sriramwooohoo alcabrera :)14:54
alcabrerahey, sriram!14:55
srirammorning everyone :)14:55
cpallaressriram: o/14:55
vkmcyaaaay alcabrera :)14:55
vkmchi sriram o/14:55
sriramalcabrera: what are you upto these days? :)14:55
sriramvkmc, cpallares : o/14:56
alcabreralet's see...14:56
* alcabrera thinks on it14:56
alcabreraso, house hunting aside14:56
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alcabreraI've been studying category theory and abstract algebra as part of my job, and learning techniques for exploiting type systems in general14:57
prashanthr_Good morning alcabrera :)14:57
AAzzahello everyone)14:57
alcabreraheya, prashanthr_, AAzza!14:57
prashanthr_also sriram , AAzza :)14:57
alcabrerahaskell is unbearably fun. It's a gateway to a whole slew of other cool technologies. Standard ML/Ocaml are both also really cool, in similar ways.14:59
alcabrera**technologies and techniques14:59
alcabreraoh hey - it's that time14:59
vkmchi AAzza!14:59
alcabrerain 30s14:59
alcabreraAAzza, prashanthr_, vkmc: let's take some time to catch up on weekly updates. :)15:01
prashanthr_Sure :)15:01
vkmcalcabrera, sounds good!15:01
AAzzaalcabrera: yes)15:01
alcabreraAAzza: could you start us off? what's happened this past week?15:02
AAzzaalcabrera: course15:02
AAzzaalcabrera: kinda messy week15:02
AAzzaalcabrera: i supposed to help sriram with benchmarking, but really we cannot meet and discuss the details(15:03
AAzzaso meantime i fix small bug15:03
alcabreraevery bit helps!15:03
AAzzaand as a result of it, now should enables some tests for pooled setup15:03
alcabrerawhat part of benchmarking are you intending to help with?15:04
AAzzathe running multiple times and   plotting of results15:04
sriramAAzza: hey there!15:04
sriramSorry, I was away for the moment15:04
sriramAAzza: I am currently working on having a runnable benchmark cluster.15:05
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sriramonce we have that, we can get started.15:05
AAzzasriram: aha, but i didn't see kgriffs for a while to discuss the details15:05
sriramSorry, this is taking longer than I thought. :/15:06
AAzzaabout what we should plot and similar15:06
alcabreraare you all using tsung for benchmarking, sriram, AAzza?15:06
AAzzasriram: it is okey, i have a task to do for now)15:06
sriramalcabrera: we have our own bench tool now :)15:06
alcabreraoh, right! I remember hearing about it a little.15:06
sriramif you want to look at it.15:07
alcabrerathanks, sriram. :)15:07
AAzzaalcabrera:  btw if you will have time sometime could you read comments pls, i'm not sure in what order to do15:07
AAzzaalcabrera: but we can discuss it later, not now15:08
alcabreraAAzza: sure thing. I'll check it out shortly after the meeting15:08
AAzzaalcabrera: so basically, i;m doing smth)15:08
AAzzaalcabrera: also will need to your advice15:08
AAzzaalcabrera: later, about maybe other project i can help with py3k support15:09
alcabreraif you have 10-30m after the meeting, let's talk about it then, AAzza. How does that sound?15:09
AAzzaalcabrera: okey)15:09
alcabrerathanks. :)15:09
alcabreraany other updates/thoughts you'd like to share, AAzza?15:09
AAzzaalcabrera: no, thats all)15:10
alcabreraprashanthr_: what updates do you have for this week? :)15:10
prashanthr_Hi :) Yes have quite some updates15:11
prashanthr_I have update all shards controllers into pools controllers15:11
prashanthr_and re verified the updates15:11
alcabreraI noticed pep8 checks are failing for a few of your patches15:11
prashanthr_I have submitted the claims , pools and catalogue controllers15:11
prashanthr_for updates15:11
prashanthr_yes even i noted them15:12
prashanthr_But on my local machine15:12
prashanthr_it seems to be fine15:12
alcabreraI think I know what happened there15:12
alcabrerarecently, the hacking module for python was updated15:12
alcabrerayou might need to do15:12
alcabrerapip install --upgrade hacking15:12
alcabrerato catch the same pep8 errors as jenkins/gerrit15:12
prashanthr_Sure. I already updated it now15:13
prashanthr_I shall reflect the changes in the review15:13
alcabrerathanks so much! Once the pep8 errors are cleared, I'll review the patches again.15:13
prashanthr_Sure. The blueprint for oslo cache is almost ready15:13
prashanthr_Will submit to here tomorrow15:14
prashanthr_so tat you can see it before submitting to the oslo review team15:14
alcabreranice! once that's ready, link me to it. I'll catch it even if it's the backlog. just mention me on IRC. :)15:14
alcabrera**if it's in the backlog15:14
prashanthr_Sure. Thanks :) I just wanted to have a small 5 min discussion with you after the meeting.15:15
alcabrerasure thing15:15
prashanthr_that's it from my side :)15:15
alcabrerathanks, prashanthr_!15:15
alcabreravkmc: I see you've launched the amqp-transport effort. How's that going so far? :)15:15
vkmcalcabrera, it is starting to make sense fortunately15:16
vkmcalcabrera, with some help of prashanthr_ I managed to make Marconi pick amqp15:16
vkmcso currently the server is up and running15:17
prashanthr_yaay :)15:17
vkmcI'm working on adding support for messages now15:17
vkmcso I expect that I'll have it done by tomorrow15:17
alcabreragood to hear!15:18
vkmcI also have been working on the pylint bug
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alcabrerathis is really exciting, considering we've been battling against amqp all summer long. :)15:18
vkmcit's taking me a some time because the errors lists are quite long15:18
vkmcI want to fix them before dropping pylint15:18
vkmchaha yes15:19
alcabreraI thought that bug report was set to "Won't Fix", but i see now that it is "Low"15:19
alcabrerabut yes15:19
alcabreraif you want to give it a fix, go for it vkmc! :)15:19
vkmcyeah... there are some errors that are not false positives so I thought it was a good idea to fix them15:20
vkmcmost of them are style things (like a method's exceptions order)15:20
alcabrerastatic analysis certainly helps, and often working on two or more things at a time can relieve stress15:21
alcabreraI'll sometimes go and start playing with a personal project to take a break from a work task to regenerate some energy. :)15:21
vkmcyeah haha... a little bit of scheduling helps15:21
vkmcand coffee... as prashanthr_ suggested :D15:22
alcabrerayes! coffee is very good.15:22
alcabreraI ran the lint2 checker to see the state of things15:22
vkmccool :)15:22
alcabrerathe (no-member) warnings look like they should be ignored15:22
alcabrerain particular15:22
vkmcyes... those are wrong15:23
alcabreraalright, so that's pylint and amqp-transport15:24
alcabreraany other thoughts/updates you'd like to share, vkmc?15:24
vkmcnothing else for now alcabrera, thanks15:24
alcabrerathanks, vkmc!15:25
alcabreraso that's it for our meeting. I'm free for the next half hour. AAzza, prashanthr_ - feel free to PM me.15:26
alcabrerathanks, all!15:26
prashanthr_thank you !! :)15:26
vkmcthanks all :)15:26
AAzzaprashanthr_: btw, did you run your tests under by33)15:26
prashanthr_AAzza: Nope. Will do them tmrw15:27
prashanthr_caz I just started integrating my tests15:27
prashanthr_btw i realized even i have 5 versions of py on my computer :)15:27
prashanthr_Installed 3.3 today15:28
AAzzaprashanthr_: aha, okey, i'm not hurring your) just wondering)15:29
prashanthr_absolutely not15:29
AAzzaprashanthr_: what os are you using?15:29
prashanthr_just was stuck up with some config for tests15:29
prashanthr_i use ubuntu 12.0415:29
prashanthr_how abt u ?15:29
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