Monday, 2014-07-14

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vkmchey flwang! around?00:31
flwangvkmc: yes00:31
vkmcflwang, morning :) sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you about this bp
flwangyes, are you going to work on that?00:32
vkmcyeah... precisely I was going to implement CRUD for messages and claims (flaper87 implemented queues)00:33
vkmcand I saw we are using the openstack common client for that00:33
vkmcso I assume it's that bp00:33
vkmcunless you are working on that :)00:34
flwangnope, i don't have much bandwidth acutally :D00:34
flwangso go ahead if you want to take it, and I will be very happy00:34
vkmcawesome! I will do that then00:35
flwangcool, thanks for working on that00:35
vkmcjust one doubt, if I understood correctly, we are directly basing our client in the openstack common client right?00:36
vkmcI wasn't so sure about it because we will have code living in python-marconiclient and in python-openstackclient00:37
vkmcthe same code I mean00:38
flwangIIRC, flaper87|afk want to build a library of the client but it's independent from any cli wrapper00:39
vkmcsounds good00:39
flwangit would be nice if you can confirm with flaper87|afk to avoid my info misleading you :)00:40
vkmcsure, I'll ping him tomorrow00:40
vkmcthanks for letting me know00:40
flwangmy pleasure, lady00:40
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openstackgerritDave Thomas proposed a change to openstack/marconi: WIP: basics of msgpack encoding test
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: (WIP)feat(v1.1): Implement new /health endpoint for v1.1
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flaper87vkmc: goooooooooood morning11:26
flaper87vkmc: I'm sorry about the world cup11:26
vkmcflaper87, hiiii mentoooor11:27
vkmcoh me too :'(11:27
vkmcit was a great game though, the germans are an amazing team11:27
vkmcthey dominated it11:28
flaper87yeah, that's true11:28
vkmcgood thing... we didn't lost by 7 goals :p11:28
vkmcnah poor brasilians, I'm just being mean11:29
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flaper87vkmc: right, right ;)11:36
flaper87vkmc: how's it going?11:36
flaper87how was your weekend?11:36
vkmcflaper87, it was good! mostly indoors because it rained the entire weekend :)11:43
vkmcflaper87, and yours?11:43
vkmcflaper87, I saw you are speaking in EuroPython :) is it about Oslo messaging?11:44
flaper87vkmc: mine was good too. I bought a new guitar :D11:46
flaper87vkmc: yeah, I'm speaking at Europython, it's a tradition to attend that conference11:46
flaper87it's really amazing11:46
vkmcI heard about it, jpich always attend it too!11:47
vkmcoh I didn't know you play :)11:47
vkmcthat's really cool11:50
* vkmc asks for one of one of Yes11:51
vkmcflaper87, Roundabout!11:53
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* flaper87 back12:25
flaper87I'm not good at all12:25
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flaper87vkmc: btw, how's it going with the transport?12:53
flaper87vkmc: do you have any updates? or thigns you want to discuss?12:53
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vkmcflaper87, I'm trying one approach, I'll probably ping you soon12:57
cpallareshi vkmc :)12:58
vkmcheeeeeey cpallares :D how are you doing?12:59
cpallaresvkmc: Pretty good and you?13:00
flaper87vkmc: awesome, lemme know13:01
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vkmccpallares, good good13:06
vkmccpallares, a bit sad because we lost the cup and because flaper87 makes me read Java13:08
vkmcbut fairly good anyway13:08
cpallaresvkmc: awwwww13:08
* cpallares doesn't like java13:08
* flaper87 won't let vkmc that he planned everything13:08
* cpallares hopes flaper87 doesn't make her read java13:08
cpallaresvkmc: I was sad. I didn't want Germany to win D:13:09
* flaper87 puts together a couple of links and starts threatening people in this channel13:09
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Drop pylint due to the huge amount of false positives
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openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implement POP in v1.1 API
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vkmccpallares, hey I'm going to attend the GHC in Phoenix in October :) are you going too by any chance?13:25
flaper87malini|afk: if you address comments in I'll ninja approve your patch13:25
flaper87malini|afk: and I'll say good morning when you'll be back to your keyboard :P13:26
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cpallaresvkmc: I'm not sure. I got waitlisted for a scholarship :/13:29
vkmccpallares, let's chat about it in -opw13:29
mpanettaGood morning peeps :)13:30
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openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implement POP in v1.1 API
flaper87mpanetta: gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning13:57
mpanettaHow ya doin flaper87?13:58
flaper87mpanetta: all good, you?13:58
*** kgriffs|afk is now known as kgriffs13:58
mpanettaPretty good here too.  Looking forward to the cool weather that is supposed to come the rest of the week.13:58
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vkmcmorning mpanetta!14:00
mpanettaMorning vkmc!  malini!14:01
flaper87malini: morning :)14:01
malinihey flaper87 vkmc mpanetta14:03
kgriffsmorning peeeeeple14:03
malinithis is a busy morning!14:03
malinivkmc:  watched the game y'day?14:04
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vkmcmorning malini!14:06
vkmcmalini, I did yeah, and suffered it too :')14:06
malinivkmc: next time will be better!14:07
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk14:07
maliniit must have been nerve wracking watching it14:08
vkmcit was! it was really good though, Germany is an amazing team14:08
*** kgriffs|afk is now known as kgriffs14:08
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vkmcthey truly deserve the title14:09
mpanettaThey won?14:10
vkmcyup, Germany 1 - Argentina 014:10
mpanettaWas that the last game?14:11
vkmcit was :)14:11
mpanettaOh wow14:11
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flaper87kgriffs: malini (and everyone)14:43
flaper87pls, I'd like to let that land to work on the next patch which is supposed to move queues under the controller14:43
kgriffsok, I'll take a look14:44
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kgriffsfwiw everyone, I just updated the roadmap. I moved out some stuff from j-2 since we are short on time (july 24)14:45
flaper87kgriffs: thanks14:45
vkmckgriffs, thanks14:45
flaper87vkmc: btw, I saw you had some questions about the client14:45
vkmcflaper87, I do yeah14:46
flaper87vkmc: we're indeed using the common openstack library and we're keeping it optional for now14:46
flaper87there's a module, which contains all the CLI-related code14:46
flaper87if you're willing to add support for other things, that's the right place to do it14:46
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vkmcgreat, my main concern was where to submit the change... to python-openstackclient or to python-marconiclient14:46
vkmcor both14:46
flaper87vkmc: python-marconiclient for now14:47
vkmcflaper87, cool :)14:47
vkmcflaper87, now... regarding AMQP14:47
kgriffsflaper87: btw, is the client py3k-happy?14:47
vkmcI read rhs code14:47
maliniflaper87: Tht patch is based on the API definitions in , rt?14:47
flaper87kgriffs: it's, AFAIK14:47
vkmche is using the Proton engine for it... basically he builds the server from scratch14:47
vkmcwe, on the other hand, were using the Proton messenger14:48
flaper87malini: nope, that patch contains the mongodb implementation for flavors14:48
flaper87no API yet14:48
flaper87did I submit the patch for the API?14:48
vkmcI'm afraid we will require to do it as rhs14:48
flaper87I don't remember14:48
flaper87oh dear14:48
flaper87vkmc: exactly14:49
* flaper87 is relieved. He didn't have to give vkmc the bad news14:49
flaper87vkmc: jokes apart. Lets stick to the Messenger API for now. Once we get something working, we'll switch to the engine14:50
vkmcthe Proton messenger, as I mentioned last week, doesn't provide features to keep control of suscribers14:50
flaper87we need to understand how much is doable protocol-wise14:50
flaper87vkmc: that's fine for now, I think. Do you think it's a blocker thing?14:50
flaper87you mentioned it keeps a list of subscribers14:50
vkmcflaper87, it's a blocker yeah14:51
vkmcwe cannot implement prod/cons that way14:51
maliniflaper87: you did not..I  wanted to understand what you were implementing, before getting to the patch :)14:51
flaper87vkmc: ok, that means we can start playing with the engine14:52
flaper87vkmc: how does that sound?14:52
flaper87malini: actually, I did :P
flaper87but jekins doesn't like it14:52
vkmcflaper87, unless you want to peek the code and see if it's possible to make it work14:52
vkmcwith the messenger14:52
flaper87malini: anyway, this is all related to flavors14:52
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maliniflaper87: I havent reached there yet..still @
vkmcthe main problem is that we are trying to take the broker role... and the messenger falls short :/14:53
*** amalagon has joined #openstack-marconi14:53
flaper87stupid messenger14:53
flaper87I've always hated that "API"14:53
vkmcit's a good solution for simple applications :)14:54
flaper87for client libraries, mostly14:54
maliniflaper87: where is the flavors API doc?14:54
flaper87vkmc: so, I guess we're left with pyngus+proton14:54
flaper87malini: there's none yet, I'll work on that soon14:55
flaper87there's just the blueprint14:55
flaper87malini: sorry about that14:55
flaper87I should've worked on the docs first14:55
vkmcflaper87, we have two options I think... we use pyngus or we implement everything from scratch with the Proton engine14:55
flaper87but as usual, we're running short in time :(14:55
flaper87vkmc: pyngus it is ;)14:55
vkmcor we hide14:55
vkmcok :)14:55
flaper87pyngus consumes the proton-engine14:55
maliniflaper87: np..14:55
flaper87this means we can use the engine directly if needed14:56
flaper87but leave as much as possible to pyngus14:56
vkmcflaper87, exactly yeah14:56
* flaper87 is so exited about this whole AMQP thing14:56
vkmcit *should* be easier14:56
flaper87(last famous words)14:56
vkmcif I can make this work14:57
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vkmcI'll make a cake for Marconi14:57
vkmcI mean it14:57
* flaper87 wants to see that cake15:00
cpallares /me wants to eat it15:00
mpanettammmm cake'15:00
* sriram searches for nearest bakery15:01
vkmcflaper87, please assign me to and
* flaper87 does as vkmc says15:02
vkmcoh I'm assigned in the second one15:02
flaper87vkmc: just approved it15:03
vkmcI'll try to finish the client first, then AMQP... since we don't know for certain how much AMQP will take :o15:03
vkmcflaper87, sounds good?15:03
flaper87vkmc: sure, you can switch between both :)15:04
flaper87thanks for working on that15:04
vkmcflaper87, np :) I just want to make sure we have at least one thing done for Juno15:05
flaper87vkmc: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, are you implying the team is not working? :D :D :D15:05
flaper87kgriffs: ^ do something15:05
vkmcI'm talking about me!15:05
flaper87yeah yeah....15:05
* vkmc is working but there is no useful code yet15:06
cpallarestssssss vkmc tssssss15:06
flaper87vkmc: useful code is not always the best result ;)15:06
vkmchmm, ok15:08
flaper87Moving queues under the control api is going to be painful15:08
flaper87if you don't hear from me in 2 days, call 11815:09
flaper87Don't call 911, I'm not based in the US15:09
flaper87figure out what's the international emergency number for italy15:09
flaper87I just know the local one is 11815:09
vkmcI know that for england the number is 0118 999 881 999 119 7253
* ametts hopes he never has an emergency in England15:11
mpanettavkmc: Is that from IT Crowd? :P15:11
flaper87ametts: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL15:11
vkmcmpanetta, it is yeah lol15:12
mpanettaLove that show!15:12
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk15:12
vkmcme too haha15:12
mpanettaI don't think I have seen all the seasons though15:13
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vkmcthe first ones are the best :)15:14
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* ametts wonders if kgriffs just gave us a captcha code or a password15:18
* flaper87 tries with Bank of America15:18
flaper87kgriffs: what's your BofA user-id ?15:19
kgriffsjust some random trivia I learned recently. google it15:20
vkmcwow signal?15:21
kgriffsmaybe it was from one of those exoplanets that's been in the news lately. :P15:22
kgriffsmaybe we should rename Marconi to Wow!15:23
vkmckgriffs, that's really nerdy haha15:23
kgriffsOpenStack Messaging Service (Wow!)15:24
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*** alcabrera|afk is now known as alcabrera15:28
kgriffsflaper87: this one could use your eyes.
kgriffsremember, doesn't have to be perfect; we just need a baseline for this new tool that we can start iterating on.15:29
amitgandhiif you rename it to wow! then we are having a party with these guys here: http://www.wowfoodtruck.com15:39
kgriffsstop ur making me hungry. :)15:42
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kgriffsflaper87: ping17:04
*** chandankumar has quit IRC17:05
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*** AAzza is now known as AAzza_afk17:58
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk18:02
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peoplemergekgriffs|afk: flaper87: noticed roadmap discussion, don't see msgpack on j2 or j3, just fyi18:25
*** alcabrera|afk is now known as alcabrera18:33
*** kgriffs|afk is now known as kgriffs18:35
kgriffspeoplemerge: that's included under the "1.1" umbrella18:35
kgriffspeoplemerge: btw, I am thinking about reworking wsgi utils filter_stream18:38
kgriffsin v1.1 TTL is optional, so I need a schema definition that is more flexible.18:42
kgriffsI'm thinking that I'll migrate to jsonschema for that18:43
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openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Implement POP in v1.1 API
*** rwsu has joined #openstack-marconi18:51
kgriffshmm.. actually, I just benchmarked jsonschema and it is pretty slow compared to what we are doing today18:54
kgriffslike, 50x slower18:54
kgriffs500 ns vs 30 us18:54
alcabrerakgriffs, flaper87: ping19:06
alcabrerahey. :)19:06
malinikgriffs: are we going to have the meeting @ new time tomorrow?19:07
alcabreraI won't be able to make it to this week's OPW/GSoC meeting. I've got some travel to prepare for this weekend. I was wondering if any of you all could cover for me?19:07
kgriffswould be a good one for flaper87 to take19:08
kgriffsmalini: idk; I haven't heard what flaper87 was doing with that19:08
malinikgriffs: we decided on a new time last week 2100 UTC (?)19:09
kgriffsoh, I neglected to review meeting log from last time19:09
maliniwe agreed on 7 am NZ time - don't know what tht is in UTC :D19:09
kgriffsI think that is 1900 the previous day19:12
kgriffsso 1900 UTC tomorrow for us is 7am the following day in NZ?19:12
sriram3pm EST is 7am NZ19:14
maliniper the meeting minutes 'Weekly meeting changed to 21UTC' ..19:15
malinithere was a bug in the calc, maybe?19:15
kgriffs2100 would be 9am NZT19:15
kgriffsmalini: I don't think so. I got same result as sriram but we used different tools (I'm assuming)19:15
maliniI mean when we did the calc during the meeting :)19:16
kgriffsyeah, could be.19:16
maliniflaper87's intention was to make it 7 am NZ time19:16
maliniwell no..19:16
malini" jokes apart, 7am may not be good because the TC and project meetings are at that time"19:16
maliniso he really meant 2100 UTC19:17
kgriffsthe project & release status meeting is at 2100 UTC so that isn't good either19:18
kgriffsactually, 1900 utc is free19:18
kgriffsi think19:18
kgriffsTC meeting is at 200019:18
kgriffsflaper87: piiiiiiiiing19:19
maliniI'll need to leave @ 1930, but will be around for the first half19:20
kgriffswell, I don't know when people are going to show up...19:28
kgriffs1900 or 2100?19:28
malinihmm…you could just set a time & email the dev list?19:32
maliniwe can discuss the time again tomorrow if needed19:32
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*** tonytan4ever has joined #openstack-marconi19:59
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peoplemergekgriffs: I tried to comment on your comments but they say 'Draft' - how do I publish comments in Gerrit?20:37
peoplemergesays '1 comment, 1 draft'20:38
kgriffsoh, you have to click the review button20:38
kgriffsjust give it a score of 020:38
kgriffsmake sense?20:38
peoplemerge'code-review' 0 or 'workflow' 0?20:39
kgriffsboth, just leave them as default 020:39
peoplemergegot it20:39
peoplemergenext question, I submitted more code last night, but it created a whole new review instead of just adding a new patchset20:40
peoplemerge- what did I do wrong20:40
peoplemerge- possible to fix it now?20:40
peoplemerge105830 says needed by
peoplemergedoes it have to do with how you invoke `git review` or something?20:41
kgriffsI suspect you created a new commit instead of amending the previous one?20:42
kgriffsyou can abandon the new patch on gerrit (there should be a button for that)20:42
kgriffsthen just rebase and squash those two commits down to one20:42
peoplemergethat works20:43
kgriffsyeah, takes some getting used to. :p20:43
*** malini has joined #openstack-marconi20:43
peoplemergenext, I created a subclass (sneak peek at what I'm gonna squash but I don't think tox is running tests on it20:44
kgriffsyou can just stick a raise Exception('hello world') somewhere20:47
kgriffssee if it blows up20:47
peoplemergewill try that but I'm almost positive the test will fail -- no implementation code has been written yet20:49
peoplemergeyou would expect it'll just find that test class and just run, right?20:49
kgriffsactually, no...20:50
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk20:50
kgriffsnow that you say that20:50
kgriffsthis is actually something that has been bugging me and I want to bring up at our next meeting20:50
peoplemergeI tried hacking v1_1/ etc20:50
kgriffs(if we can figure out what time that meeting is supposed to be)20:50
kgriffstestrepository (testr command run by tox)20:50
kgriffswill look for tests under tests20:51
kgriffsnot marconi/tests20:51
peoplemergeya I also tried hacking tests/unit/queues/transport/wsgi/test_v1_1.py20:51
*** malini has quit IRC20:52
kgriffsif you add a subclass in here that should work.20:52
kgriffsis it not?20:52
kgriffs(BTW, this is what I wanted to bring up with the team - why are we doing this extra plumbing instead of just putting the tests under tests/unit/queues/transport/wsgi in the first place?20:53
peoplemergehm thought I tried that...20:53
flaper87kgriffs: pong20:54
kgriffshey there20:54
flaper87sorry for the delay20:54
peoplemergekgriffs: thx will keep plugging away there20:54
* peoplemerge is afk20:54
kgriffsflaper87: no problem, I'll forgive you some day20:54
kgriffsso... we were trying to figure out what time the team meeting was going to be20:55
kgriffs2100 UTC is 9am NZT20:55
flaper87kgriffs: same time, I didn't wan to start rotating the meeting without first sharing it w/ you20:55
kgriffsbtw, 2100 is also same time as project release/status meeting20:56
flaper87mmh, is it? I think project is at 19:00 UTC20:56
flaper87Am I wrong?20:56
flaper87so, TC 20, projects 2120:57
flaper87then our meeting should be at 19 UTC20:57
flaper87that should be 7am NZ20:57
flaper87which, AFAIK, flwang said was ok20:57
kgriffsflwang: ping20:57
flaper87flwang: said >=7am is ok for me20:58
kgriffsok, I guess we can finalize that tomorrow?20:58
flaper87(as long as we don't do video)20:58
flaper87yeah, sounds good to me20:58
vkmcwasn't TC at 19UTC and 20UTC?21:00
flaper87vkmc: nah, looks like I/we were wrong21:00
vkmc*we*, I though that too!21:02
kgriffsflwang: lol no video. Just had an image of flwang with crazy morning hair pop into my head21:03
* kgriffs wished he had hair in the first place to be crazy21:04
* kgriffs is now officially jealous of all people who have enough hair to wake up with it crazy21:04
vkmckgriffs, you could grow a crazy mustache21:05
vkmcwhich I can unfortunately... otherwise...21:05
kgriffsnow that's an idea21:05
flaper87vkmc: you CAN ????21:05
vkmccan't! CAN'T!21:05
* flaper87 keeps ignoring the typo correction21:06
* flaper87 keeps sampling music21:06
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC21:07
kgriffsOH: "Get into computers," they said. "You won't have to deal with people," they said.21:08
* kgriffs loves people21:09
* kgriffs most of the time21:09
*** tedross has quit IRC21:15
* kgriffs all it takes is a little faith and a lot of heart21:15
mpanettaSo you need to be a Pony?21:16
mpanettaOr a Brony? hehe21:16
flaper87a Unicorn21:17
flaper87if you get there, you're done21:18
*** Obulpathi has quit IRC21:18
* flwang is coming :)21:18
flwangkgriffs: ping21:18
flaper87flwang: pong21:18
* flaper87 has taken control of kgriffs21:19
* kgriffs wrestles back control21:19
kgriffshey, just wanted to ping you because we were talking about meeting times21:19
kgriffsthinking now 1900 UTC21:19
flwangkgriffs: I think it's 7:00 of NZ time, right?21:19
kgriffsthe next day21:19
kgriffskind of crazy how that works. :)21:20
* kgriffs always wanted to work with someone from the future21:20
flwangkgriffs: TBH, it's a little bit crazy, but I can try21:20
flwangand you will see if I can suffer that based on my attendance records :D21:21
kgriffsIf we want to do 9am your time, we'll have to move to a different day21:21
flwangkgriffs: yep, i understand21:21
flwangkgriffs: do you have a few minutes to discuss the detailed health bp?21:25
flwangkgriffs: based on our last discussion, I have implemented the #1 requirement about message amount, see
flwangbut as for the #3, check the operation status for different action/function, I have some questions21:28
*** mpanetta has quit IRC21:28
flwangfirstly, given most of the user are using keystone auth, that means the queue is associated with a project, so should we create an isolated tenant for the internal test?21:30
flwangdo you know what i21:30
flwangam saying?21:30
kgriffsyeah, we should have a special tenant we use for this test21:31
kgriffsinternally, we don't verify against keystone - that happens at the edge (in middleware) - so we can use any name we want21:31
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC21:31
flwangkgriffs: yep, we can hardcode or define a dedicated tenant for this21:32
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-marconi21:33
flwangkgriffs: and the second question is we need to figure out which functions we need to test? create pool, post messages, claim messages....21:33
kgriffsoh, hmmm21:35
kgriffslet's just keep it fairly simple for now21:35
kgriffsI'd say, post a couple messages21:35
kgriffsthen claim them21:35
kgriffsthen list them21:36
kgriffsthen delete them21:36
kgriffsthen delete the claim21:36
kgriffsoh, create a queue at the beginning then delete it at the end21:36
flwangshould we care about queue given it's sunset? :)21:36
kgriffsmmm, yeah, for now.21:37
flwanggot it21:37
kgriffswe can always tweak it later21:37
flwangkgriffs: yep21:37
flwangkgriffs: could you give a quick look about current implement at your most convenience?21:38
*** shakamunyi has quit IRC21:40
*** tonytan4ever has quit IRC21:54
*** cath6184 has quit IRC21:57
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC21:58
*** ametts has quit IRC21:58
kgriffsyeah, should be able to get to it tomorrow21:59
flwangkgriffs: thank you22:03
*** oz_akan_ has joined #openstack-marconi22:16
*** flaper87 is now known as flaper87|afk22:20
openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: feat(v1.1): Default TTL and grace values
*** megan_w has quit IRC22:49
*** oz_akan_ has quit IRC22:50
*** vkmc has quit IRC22:54
*** alcabrera|afk is now known as alcabrera23:01
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk23:01
*** amalagon_ has quit IRC23:06
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi23:07
*** alcabrera is now known as alcabrera|afk23:08
*** amitgandhi has quit IRC23:09
openstackgerritDave Thomas proposed a change to openstack/marconi: WIP: Sending this test in for review, please help clarify the scope of the blueprint.  There are many references to json, please help to isolate just those that need an update per this requirement.
openstackgerritDave Thomas proposed a change to openstack/marconi: WIP: basics of msgpack encoding test
peoplemergethat sure didn't work...23:23
peoplemergewhen I squash commits intended for the same review, should it have the changeid of the first?  That doesn't seem right23:28
peoplemergeI tried to rebase like kgriffs|afk  suggested but I still ended with a fresh review23:29
flwangpeoplemerge: for any change against the comments from gerrit, you can just update the branch you was working on23:42
flwangand then commit it by command:  git commit -a --amend23:42
flwangthe argument --amend can make sure the change-id is the same23:43
peoplemergeflwang: If I don't still have that same branch, does it work if I cherrypick that same first commit and --amend that?23:44
*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi23:45
flwangactually, you can download it from gerrit, it would be more easier23:45
peoplemergeflwang: thx I'll try that23:46
flwanggit fetch refs/changes/30/105830/2 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD23:46
flwanglike this link23:47
flwangyou can search it from any patch you submitted, then download it from gerrit, it will keep the original change id you was using23:47
flwangand after change something, you can run git commit -a --amend, then submit the patch for review23:47
flwangyou will see the new patch set is under the patch you downloaded from23:48
flwanghope it's helpful for you23:48
peoplemergeyes very23:48
flwanggood luck23:48
peoplemergeit's the fetch && git CHECKOUT not CHERRY-PICK23:49
*** nosnos has joined #openstack-marconi23:50
openstackgerritDave Thomas proposed a change to openstack/marconi: WIP: basics of msgpack encoding test
peoplemergemuch better.  thanks flwang !!!23:54
flwanganytime :)23:54

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