Monday, 2014-07-28

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wpfmalini:  ping01:24
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wpfflwang:  ping02:33
flwangwpf: yes02:33
wpfthere is a bug said that expired messages are not removed in Sqlalchemy02:33
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wpfand even they are removed eventually, I thought we still need to filter them out since there will be a time-window02:34
wpfthis is the existing bug  which expired message are not removed02:35
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flwangwpf: ok, I can see your point now. I have asked the similar question for kgriffs|afk, mongo driver is depends on the TTL mechanism of Mongodb, but seems I didn't see where the code to remove the expired messages02:38
wpfmongodb is different , it support the auto-remove with the ttl,  we'd already 'ensure_index' in the02:39
wpfcode, so they will be removed automatically02:39
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flwangwpf: I konw02:50
flwangI'm just wondering the sqlalchemy, you know what i'm saying?02:51
wpfwe have to manually remove them or create a job , like crontab02:52
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flwanggiven we will remove the sqlalchemy driver as messages store, you can just focus on the filter issue03:03
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wpfflwang:  aha, yes, I ever talked with kgriffs|afk , just because the sqlalchemy will be removed, so he is ok with deleting the expired messages with sql statement when posting messages03:18
flwangwpf: ok, fair enough03:18
openstackgerritPeng Fei Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Filter out expired messages
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openstackgerritPeng Fei Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Filter out expired messages
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wpfflwang:  test cases added, FYI05:18
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flaper87vkmc: gooood morning13:01
flaper87vkmc: sorry I haven't replied to your email, we can talk about that anytime13:01
vkmcflaper87, hiiiiiiiiiiii13:04
vkmcflaper87, welcome back!13:04
vkmcflaper87, no worries, I just wanted to keep you updated :)13:04
* flaper87 missed this channel13:04
flaper87vkmc: thanks a lot13:04
flaper87I see there are a couple of open questions we should address13:04
vkmcflaper87, sure, whenever you have a moment... I'm free to chat13:05
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vkmcflaper87, btw, the POC is here
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vkmcif that not works, I also uploaded it to the other repo I was using
flaper87vkmc: awesome, I'll take a look at it13:33
vkmc:) yay thx13:34
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malini1good morning!!!13:39
vkmchi malini1!13:40
malini1helo vkmc!13:40
malini1heyyy!! flaper87 is back!13:40
malini1flaper87: how are you?13:41
flaper87malini1: I'm doing gr..... Who am I going to lie to? I'm exahusted13:43
flaper87but I'm doing great too :P13:43
flaper87last week was long but it ran over me like an elephant13:43
malini1Hope you are not squashed!13:44
flaper87My arms still work, the rest is of me is in maintenance mode (including the artificial brain)13:46
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srirammorning all :)13:53
malini1heyy sriram!13:55
vkmcmorning sriram!13:55
malini1flaper87: did we ever end up adding CLI to the python marconi client?13:55
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sriramits weird that I just said hi to you by turning my head malini1.. :P13:56
sriramvkmc: morning :)13:56
mpanettamorning sriram13:56
malini1sriram: the real one doesn't count :-P13:56
flaper87malini1: we did but just for the queues. WE're relying on the openstack common client13:56
srirammpanetta: hellooooo :)13:56
srirammpanetta: how was your weekend?13:56
mpanettasriram: Busy But good!13:57
malini1flaper87: I am planning on adding CLI tests during j-3. So hurry up & finish it13:57
mpanettaI got new shorts heh13:57
malini1flaper87: This is Tester Driven Development :-P13:57
flaper87malini1: ROOOOOOOOFL13:57
mpanettamalini1: haha!13:57
malini1mpanetta: too bad they dont hand out shorts in conferences13:57
mpanettamalini1: lol13:58
mpanettaNo kidding13:58
malini1mpanetta: I haven't bought a new t-shirt in a few years :D13:58
mpanettaYeah, I have plenty of shirts!13:58
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vkmcmalini, I'm working on adding support for messages and claims for the CLI :) I'll start uploading code soon13:59
malini1vkmc: wooohoooo!!14:00
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malini1the openstack QA team is starting to create common test libs that can be used for project level functional tests. they plan on getting the CLI libs for j-314:00
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malini1I would like us to be the guinea pigs & try tht out - since we have to add the CLI tests anyway14:01
flaper87so, what's happened since I left?14:01
flaper87anything I should read/know about?14:01
malini1we finished j-2, & I think we did well14:01
flaper87awesome! :D14:02
flaper87what about the meeting time?14:02
flaper87did we move it?14:02
vkmcthat's great malini!14:02
flaper87the m-l thread seems stuck14:02
vkmcwe need those14:02
malini1flaper87: we agreed on swapping times b/w each week14:02
flaper87right, on which day?14:02
flaper87are we moving the day ?14:02
malini11300 UTC(?) & 2100 UTC14:03
flaper87what time is the meeting this week?14:03
malini1right vkmc?14:03
malini1this week we have the early time14:03
malini1I think all of us need to get on a g+ hangout to figure out what we want to accomplish for j-314:03
malini1in addition to the meeting of course :)14:04
vkmcmalini, yeah :) same time as always and 2100 UTC14:05
vkmcoh no14:05
vkmc1300 UTC not 1500 UTC14:06
malini1I think 1500 UTC was already taken14:06
* vkmc got confused14:06
malini1meeting times confuse the smartest of ppl :-(14:07
flaper87oh oh oh, I found a very nice video conf service the other day but guess what? I don't remember the name14:09
vkmcI'm checking the logs... last meeting was on Wednesday at 2100UTC14:09
vkmcwe ended up cancelling it14:10
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vkmcand... looking at the logs, kgriffs|afk mentioned he was going to send an email to clarify the meeting time to the ml14:13
vkmc2100 UTC was the only confirmed time14:14
vkmcnothing else from my logs :p14:15
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cpallareso/ good morning14:20
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vkmccpallares, heeeeeeeeey14:20
malini1heyyy cpallares!14:22
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cpallareshey vkmc, malini1 :)14:22
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kgriffsflaper87, malini1: did u see my last email wrt meeting time?15:32
malini1probably not..let me chk15:33
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flaper87kgriffs: the one about the channel?15:35
kgriffsOK, I just checked and 1400 and 1500 are already taken, unless we want to move our meetings to #openstack-meeting-3. If we want to stick with #openstack-meeting-alt, it will have to be 1300 UTC.15:35
malini1kgriffs: is there anything abt #openstack-meeting-3 that you don't like?15:35
kgriffsI'm fine with it.15:35
kgriffswe are changing day and time, why not the channel as well. :D15:36
kgriffsbut seriously, unless we think people won't be able to find us in #openstack-meeting-3 for some reason, I'm cool with it15:36
* kgriffs doesn't think it will be a problem15:36
malini1My vote is for 1500 UTC on irc:// 15:37
kgriffsflaper87: ?15:37
vkmckgriffs, hi! are we going to have two meeting times?15:40
kgriffshere's my proposal15:40
kgriffsStarting this week, we will meet in a different channel, #openstack-meeting-3. We will alternate between 2100 UTC and 1500 UTC, starting with 2100 UTC this week.15:40
kgriffsthoughts? questions? rude remarks?15:41
malini1I am cool with that15:41
flaper87I'm fine w/ moving to the new channel15:41
flaper87go for it, make the final announcement15:42
kgriffsflaper87: what do u think about the time15:42
flaper87works for me15:42
kgriffsflaper87: btw, welcome back!15:43
vkmcit sounds good to me too :)15:44
kgriffsoh crappies15:45
kgriffsPHP SDK team is now at 1530 in -315:45
flaper87kgriffs: thanks :P15:45
flaper87kgriffs: it's PHP15:45
flaper87we can say there was a bug in their meeting time15:45
* flaper87 ducks15:45
kgriffswe can just change wiki/meetings and blame it on a PHP security bug15:46
kgriffsok... so15:46
kgriffs1400 or 1430 UTC?15:46
kgriffsNeutron / Nova-network Parity Meeting15:46
kgriffswhere the heck did all these meetings come from?15:46
kgriffswe need to act faster15:46
kgriffsI guess we could stick to 1500 and just make a 30 min meeting15:47
malini1any other day has 1500 & 2100 UTCs gree?15:47
kgriffsidk, you can check it out here:
flaper87kgriffs: what about using the same time and channel (-alt-3) on Tuesday15:48
flaper87is it taken?15:48
kgriffslet me make a list15:48
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kgriffsthat is what is currently at #openstack-meeting-3 (not counting marconi)15:53
kgriffsflaper87, malini1: ^^^15:53
flaper871640 <- seriously ?15:54
flaper87or was that a typo ?15:54
malini1Monday looks mostly free15:54
flaper87yeah, monday it is15:54
* flaper87 votes for monday15:54
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kgriffsoops, yeah was 1630, not 164015:58
kgriffsok, let me send another email. :p15:58
malini1with the day this time ;-)15:58
kgriffsso... do we skip our mtg this week?16:00
kgriffsor take the time to do a special j-3 planning session?16:00
malini1can we do a special j-3 planning session?16:01
malini1a hangout preferably16:01
malini1or something else where we can talk16:02
kgriffsi thing we should. we have some serious choices to make, like whether we want/need to graduate, and if so, how we are going to pull a (non-AGPL, durable) <del>rabbit</del> message store out of the hat16:04
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kgriffsspeaking of which...16:04
kgriffsflaper87: have you played with SSDB? I just came across it this weekend, but haven't actually downloaded it or anything16:04
mpanettaSuper Soaker Data Base?16:05
flaper87kgriffs: nope16:05
kgriffsflaper87: looks like a durable redis-compatible thing16:08
kgriffsdoesn't implement all of the redis protocol, but maybe enough that prashanth's driver will work with it16:08
kgriffsjust a thought16:08
kgriffsanyway, I'm really concerned about j-316:09
kgriffswe had to slip too much from j-216:09
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vkmcbbl lunch16:33
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kgriffsfyi, wiki updated with the new schedule and channel17:29
kgriffsalso, I took a first pass at the j-3 roadmap.17:30
kgriffswe need to discuss this as a team some time this week17:30
kgriffsand then we will need to update launchpad17:30
kgriffs(schedule all the blueprints and bugs to make the stuff on the roadmap actually happen)17:31
kgriffsflaper87, malini1, flwang: ^^^17:31
malini1kgriffs: I would like all the marconi contributors to have a g+ hangout, before meeting with our TC rep17:33
malini1for us a team to discuss if we should graduate or not17:33
kgriffsgood point; we can't really plan our roadmap without first answering that question17:35
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kgriffseveryone: I could use some more eyes on this:
kgriffsthanks in advance (and thanks to malini for her review!)18:21
vkmckgriffs, about that change, what happen with docs?18:29
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk18:31
mpanettaFigures he would leave right after you ask a question vkmc. :P18:32
vkmcflaper87, is there any reason why the message CRUD operations are in instead of
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
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*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi19:44
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
*** kgriffs|afk is now known as kgriffs19:50
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*** amitgandhi has joined #openstack-marconi19:53
kgriffsflwang, flaper87: if you have a minute, this 1.1 patch could use some more eyes:
*** flwang_ has joined #openstack-marconi19:54
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*** mpanetta has joined #openstack-marconi21:36
vkmcflwang, hi! if you have a moment, I would like to ask your opinion about a design decision :)21:43
flwangvkmc: I'm running to join a meeting and will be back after 15 mins21:45
vkmcflwang, sure!21:45
*** mpanetta has quit IRC21:46
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flwangvkmc: back21:54
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Deprecate partial field in v1.0, remove in v1.1
*** flwang_ has joined #openstack-marconi21:55
vkmcflwang, well I'm working on the CLI of python-marconiclient
vkmcflwang, and I noticed there are several features that require, for instance, that the queue exist21:58
vkmcotherwise the python-marconiclient will raise an exception21:59
flwangvkmc: I can see your point21:59
vkmcmy question is... for modularity/scalability reasons, is it better to perform that kind of controls directly on the API or is it ok to make those checks on the CLI?21:59
flwangare you asking if we should remove the check given queue is deprecating?21:59
*** flwang_ has quit IRC21:59
vkmcI'm leaning towards the latter21:59
vkmcnot really, since this is for v122:00
flwangah, ok22:00
flwangvkmc: I don't think so22:00
flwangvkmc: so you want to check the queue existence on client side, is it?22:01
vkmcyeah, instead of checking it on the API22:02
flwangvkmc: if so, you have to launch another API calling to the server22:02
flwangotherwise, how do you know if the queue is existed or not?22:02
vkmcthat's right22:02
flwangI saw some similar patch in Glance client, IIRC, but IMHO, it's hard to figure out the benefit22:03
vkmcor we can check it on the API and return an according failure message22:03
vkmcI see22:04
vkmcyeah I kinda went for controlling it in the CLI because I didn't want to change the API22:04
vkmcbut there is no other benefit22:04
flwangwhat did you mean check on the api?22:06
vkmccode right here
vkmcand this is what I mean with cli :)
vkmcI dunno if you are familiar with it22:08
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*** kgriffs|afk is now known as kgriffs22:10
flwangI was working on some patches of client22:12
flwangbut I still have the same concern22:13
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vkmcheh :) well, I'll upload it and wait for reviews22:13
flwangboth the two files are client side, it's difficult for me to figure out the benefit for the existence checking22:13
vkmcmaybe the community has some preference22:13
vkmcyeah me neither22:14
flwangvkmc: yep22:14
flwangmaybe the other reviewers have different view than me :)22:14
flwangI just drop my 2 cents22:14
flwangmaybe I'm totally wrong22:14
vkmcI wanted to ask someone with more experience than me :) thanks flwang22:15
flwangvkmc: anytime22:15
*** oz_akan has joined #openstack-marconi22:15
vkmcflwang, how is the billing thing going btw?22:16
flwangvkmc: I'm reviewing our current code and trying to draft an initial design, I have discussed with jd (the pre-PTL of ceilometer), he will join and help review the architecture/design22:17
vkmcyaay, jd has great ideas :)22:19
vkmcthat's awesome22:19
vkmcgood luck with that!22:19
flwangvkmc: thanks, we will send out mail to mail list when it's ready :)22:20
vkmcflwang, looking forward to it :)22:21
flwangbtw, we won't call it billing, because the term is a little bit touchy for the community :D22:21
vkmcyeah.. billing is not very open source22:24
vkmcbut users require this feature22:24
flwangvkmc: yep, so we may adjust the scope of it to resolve the problem and let community buy in :D22:29
vkmcflwang, how is it going to be called?22:31
flwangvkmc: maybe 'rating'22:31
flwangvkmc: we assume there is an up layer ^billing^ management system, like OpenERP22:32
vkmcsubtle :)22:32
vkmcmakes sense22:32
flwangget the metrics from ceilometer, do some magic(like advanced transforming), then multiple the price22:33
flwangdo everything it can/should do but don't touch the too specific area22:34
vkmcand those values are available for an ERP system to consume22:34
vkmcit's flexible, it sounds really good22:35
vkmcmore when it comes to ERP... every company has its ways22:35
flwangyou know, the big gap is most of the data in ceilometer can be used for billing22:35
flwangvkmc: you're right22:35
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Updated from global requirements
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk22:36
vkmcnow that SAP is supporting OpenStack, you might have lots of interested people on adding support for it22:37
flwangfor private cloud, those companies may have the erp system already, for public cloud, they may need some very customized billing, they can leverage it and extend it22:37
flwangoh, SAP, good to know22:37
vkmcgood decision there... you get away from open source folks ranting about billing and you also provide flexibility for both private/public clouds22:38
*** catherin_ has joined #openstack-marconi22:40
flwangright, it's a little bit tricky22:40
flwangwe haven't mentioned this too much, but it's undergoing22:40
vkmcit's better that way22:41
flwangthanks for the feedback, haha22:42
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vkmcnp, it's truly interesting :) good to know that there is people working on that22:46
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openstackgerritVictoria Martínez de la Cruz proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: CLI support for queue existence and metadata operations
openstackgerritVictoria Martínez de la Cruz proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: CLI support for queue existence and metadata operations
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