Tuesday, 2014-01-28

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david-lyle#startmeeting Horizon16:00
openstackMeeting started Tue Jan 28 16:00:22 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is david-lyle. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.16:00
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'horizon'16:00
david-lyleHello Horizon folks16:00
lblanchardhey all16:00
t_mazurhello o/16:00
mrungegood morning16:00
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jristwhat does one say to greet the 1600 UTC time16:01
jristI suppose evenin'16:01
matty_dubsGood day!16:01
jpichHello is a safe one too :-)16:01
jpichhah :P16:02
rdopieralskijrist: have a cup16:02
matty_dubsjrist: But hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, so 'Good evening' works! ;)16:02
julimhi all16:02
david-lyleI don't have a lot of general info today since we're proceeding the project meeting now16:02
rdopieralskimatty_dubs: it's actually 5 here on the continent16:03
akrivokait's 5 pm in most of Europe16:03
david-lyleOn the plus side, the gate is back in good condition and the stable branches are also open16:03
t_mazurHere we have 8pm instead of 2am16:03
david-lyleSeveral items have merged in the last week16:03
david-lyleSo the frustration level should hopefully be subsiding16:04
mrungeit's good to know, stable branches are back to merge things16:04
mrungethat was not the case for the previous weeks16:04
jpichMany thanks to the people who worked hard to address the gate bugs, on master and stable16:05
david-lyleyes, once the milestone mass push went through, the required fixes could trickle in16:05
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david-lylejpich: absolutely a lot of people have spent a great amount of time keeping things moving16:06
amotokione of the reason of failures of neutron isolated jobs seems to hit kernel bug :-(16:06
jpichamotoki: ouch16:06
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mrungeamotoki, wow, that must be interesting to debug, though16:07
* mrunge wonders, if that even differs from environment to environment16:07
david-lyle#topic Icehouse-316:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Icehouse-3 (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:08
amotokisalvatore and russelb did great jobs. but nobody has identified why.16:08
david-lyleThis is extremely overloaded16:08
david-lyleAnd I need to start paring it back to reality16:08
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david-lyleRBAC is moving along and should make it16:09
david-lyleUX enhancement is also on track16:09
david-lyleDjango 1.6 needs to get done in icehouse16:10
mrungedavid-lyle, I don't think I can finish the separation16:10
jpichThe "Low" priority blueprints are not really being tracked for the release though, aren't they? It seems only a little (!) overloaded if we don't consider them16:10
amotokii have a quesiton on django 1.6 support for havana. it can be discussed later.16:10
david-lyleThe only thing blocking there is I want to get another release of django-openstack-auth that uses keystone v3 by default for authorization16:11
david-lyleOnce that's in we can propose the openstack/requirements change16:11
mrungedavid-lyle, I'll add that to the blueprint; lots of javascript is required to move out for separation.16:11
david-lylevolume backups is stalled and needs a refactoring and is at risk at this point16:12
lsmola_david-lyle: i will sent you update about ceilometer bps in a week16:12
david-lyleCan others give me an idea if the bps assigned to you still make sense for icehouse and are likely16:13
david-lyleMost service teams are going to feature freeze on Feb 1816:13
lsmola_david-lyle: so far it doesn't seems that many patches in Ceilometer I need will land, or will land to late16:13
david-lyleI think this may be a bit premature for us16:13
david-lylelsmola_: I may them all out then16:13
lsmola_david-lyle: ok16:14
mrungeI like the idea of a common feature freeze16:14
lsmola_david-lyle: we can put them back if something changes16:14
mrungeto focus on bug fixing16:14
david-lyleAnd just to make sure everyone's clear if something is moved out, that doesn't block it from coming back in if it's ready16:14
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david-lylemrunge, I do too, but 3 weeks is not much time16:14
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mrungedavid-lyle, I absolutely agree16:15
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doug-fishdavid-lyle:  okay, so I'm new here, but what does it matter if something is moved out or not then?  (trying to get a handle on how we decide what is in or not)16:15
doug-fishis "moving out" just a way that we communicate with each other?16:15
david-lyleI think it's a good target, but Feb 18-March 5 I will be more likely to make an exception16:15
david-lyledoug-fish release planning16:16
jpichI'm happy with the progress on the integration tests, I think it'll be ready on time with a first set of tests (it's pretty self-contained and doesn't really affect the rest of the code base anyway so unlikely to be an issue). Cinder v2 support probably should be a blueprint too and is going well so far16:16
jpichdoug-fish: Icehouse-3 is the last milestone of the cycle so features that don't make it by the feature freeze deadline and get "moved out" of the list won't be included in Icehouse16:17
david-lyledoug-fish: icehouse has 3 iterations in the release, we are in the third now, soon to finish.  Getting moved out at this point would mean your feature will not be part of the integrated icehouse release16:17
david-lyleFor places doing CI, this is not a big deal16:17
doug-fishdavid-lyle, but didn't you suggest that even if its moved out, if its delivered in a timely manner it could still be delivered?16:18
david-lyleAnything moved out will be targeted to Juno16:18
doug-fishI don't want to derail the meeting too long with my novice questions.  Maybe I'll bring it up later in the regular channel.16:18
david-lylesure, let's take it offline16:18
doug-fishgreat.  thx16:18
david-lyleit's really about setting release expectations16:18
david-lylejpich: awesome16:19
amotokidoug-fish: UNLESS the feature moved out is VERY important as a community.16:19
david-lylejpich: so that will be a tempest review?16:19
jpichdavid-lyle: We decided at summit to have in the horizon repo to begin with, while we learn to write robust UI-driven tests16:20
* david-lyle suffers short and long term memory loss16:20
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david-lylejpich: thanks for the reminder16:21
jpichdavid-lyle: I have a review up in openstack/horizon for running the tests, just chatting with a couple of people who had offered help writing the tests themselves then we'll start posting them in a 2nd review16:21
jpichdavid-lyle: No worries! It's fresh in my mind atm :-)16:21
david-lylejpich: thanks for the hard work here16:21
david-lylemrunge: how are we looking on the separation?16:22
mrungedavid-lyle, well. looots of javascript stuff needs to go away16:22
mrungeand I don't think, I can handle that in icehouse-316:22
mrungeall that js should be moved out16:23
mrungegood thing is: we can do that step by step16:23
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david-lylemrunge: so we may need to bump?  I think the js is a big effort, but a requirement for the split to work properly16:23
mrungeI think, all that js is too much to handle here16:24
david-lylesummit topic for sure16:24
mrungee.g. we bundle jquery 1.716:24
mrungewhich is ancient16:24
jpichmrunge: Would additional hands maybe help, if there are people who can volunteer the time?16:25
david-lylebut i-3 is too late to start changing all that16:25
mrungejpich, definitely16:25
mrungeand tasks are doable in parallel16:25
david-lylewell, lets see how things progress, if anyone wants to lend mrunge some help, please contact him16:26
david-lylejomara_: heat still on target?16:26
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jomara_david-lyle: yeah! no issues road blocking me at the moment other than my own incompetence!16:26
* jpich rereading the blueprint - I forgot we want to depend on python libraries instead of bundling too16:26
mrungejpich, for what bp?16:27
jomara_david-lyle: if any of those bps become risky time wise, ill let you know16:27
david-lylejomara_: thanks16:27
jpichmrunge: the separation bp at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/separate-horizon-from-dashboard16:27
mrungeah yes.16:27
david-lyleok, any other bp or bug updates for icehouse?16:28
mrungethat just moves bundling out of horizon.... jpich^16:28
david-lylemrunge: we can tackle parts for icehouse too, and leave the remainder for juno16:29
amotokiI see RBAC for network is proposed as a part of neutron feature (router snat).16:29
mrungesounds like a plan for me david-lyle16:29
amotokiI think It should be done as a separate patch.16:29
jpichmrunge: I wonder if this should be a separate blueprint?16:29
david-lyleamotoki: not sure I follow16:29
amotokiI will comment it on the bp. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/54276/ it has no reference to BP16:30
david-lyledoes neutron not support policy already?  I may have made a bad assumption16:30
amotokineutron itself supports policy already.16:31
amotokithe patch is for horizon.16:31
david-lyleamotoki correct16:31
amotokidavid-lyle: so your assumption is correct.16:32
* david-lyle wonders how to spin luck to look like knowledge16:32
david-lyleok, we haven't started digging into the RBAC checks in neutron yet, but hope to this week.16:33
david-lyleThe initial bp is just to guard the actions in the table view16:33
david-lylemore extensive support is to follow in separate bp16:33
david-lyleamotoki: excellent16:34
david-lyle#topic Integration of Tuskar UI16:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Integration of Tuskar UI (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:34
david-lyleinto the Horizon Program16:35
jristnew Gerrit workflow?16:35
david-lylelaunchpad now has a tuskar-ui drivers group that includes existing tuskar-ui core and horizon core16:35
david-lylegerrit is now gated by horizon-core, I will work with infra to see if we can add another group16:36
david-lyleI haven't pinged them about it yet because they've been just a little busy holding things together :)16:36
david-lyleso right now, if a tuskar-ui patch is reviewed and ready to merge ping me or another horizon core and we will review and approve16:37
david-lyleI'll let you know when I find out more from infra on what is possible16:37
david-lyleBut tuskar-ui is now officially part of the Horizon program as far as OpenStack is concerned16:38
jpichyay, welcome :D16:38
jcoufalalright, thank you david-lyle for all this work16:38
tzumainnawesome, thanks!16:38
akrivokagreat, thanks David for making it happen16:39
jristwoot woot16:39
lsmola_thanks david-lyle16:39
amotokifor horizon reviews: the following search pattern in gerrit will help you all:16:40
amotokistatus:open (project:openstack/horizon OR project:openstack/django_openstack_auth OR project:openstack/tuskar-ui)16:40
t_mazuramotoki: thanks!16:40
david-lyleWe are also looking at setting up a separate weekly meeting for tuskar-ui, roughly around the same time, but on a different day16:40
* jpich uses the Watched category16:40
david-lyleto make sure both get enough time16:40
akrivokaamotoki: thanks, that's helpful16:41
* david-lyle is watching way too many projects16:41
jcoufaldavid-lyle: if that's needed, we will try to figure out more details this week16:41
david-lyleSo we'll work that out and send an email to the mailing list16:42
david-lyle#topic Free for all16:42
*** openstack changes topic to "Free for all (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:42
jcoufal:) nice topic16:42
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amotokithe next havana stable release will be freeze this week: Jan 31.16:44
doug-fishThis is one of the most restrained fre for alls I have ever seen16:44
david-lyleamotoki: are you handling the strings for this?16:44
amotokii haven't yet. I can take care of it.16:45
david-lylelet me know if you want someone else to take it on16:45
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amotokii see backport patch series of django 1.6 support for stable/havana.16:45
jpichamotoki: Thanks, for handling the strings16:46
amotokido we add django 1.6 support for havana?16:46
jpichThis sounds more like adding a new feature, and not really appropriate for a backport, imo16:46
david-lyleI think the need would be based on how likely existing installs will update their django version16:47
david-lylewhich I wouldn't think is very likely16:47
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david-lylemrunge, amotoki: do you have a strong opinion here16:48
mrungeoh yes16:48
david-lylejust checking :)16:48
mrungethere is a change, which makes it incompatible with earlier havana16:49
mrungethe middleware change changes the cookie16:50
amotokino strong opinion on it, but mrunge's point is important.16:50
mrungewhich would become a pain for users16:50
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mrungeif that is improved, I'd be ok with it16:50
david-lylesounds like a questionable enough change to leave out16:51
david-lylethe option is there for deployers to cherry-pick if this is important to them16:52
mrungeif that part of the change is not applied, the whole backport does not make sense at all16:52
jpichAgreed. A backward incompatible change that will cause issues to any user with a session cookie doesn't sound appropriate for backporting16:52
david-lylemrunge, I was referring to all16:52
mrungeI think that was MaxV to introduce this16:52
amotokiand I am not sure django 1.6 support works without new openstack_auth release. I don't follow the status.16:52
david-lyleamotoki: good point16:53
david-lyleto much change for a backport 75% of the way to the next release16:53
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MaxVhi all o/16:54
mrungehey MaxV, could you please elaborate, why you're trying to backport patches for django-1.6 to havana?16:54
mrungeit's a rather huge backport, so there must be a good reason for this16:55
MaxVmrunge: zigo (a debian packager) tried to install on debian testing and was caught because of the compatibilty of django 1.616:56
MaxVthe default package on testing use django 1.616:57
mrungeMaxV, would it be an option for him to wait until icehouse is released?16:57
* mrunge wonders, if horizon is the only package breaking on Django-1.6 ...16:57
mrungewe have basically the same situation for Fedora16:58
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zigoHi there!16:58
mrungezigo, you were asking for django-1.6 support in hanvan?16:59
mrungeit's a rather big change, and currently still unfinished for icehouse16:59
zigomrunge: I already carry such a patch !17:00
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mrungezigo, which version of django_openstack_auth are you using?17:00
mrunge... just curious?17:00
mrungeno, please let's move that to #openstack-horizon17:01
mrungezigo, is there an option for you to wait until icehouse is released?17:01
zigohttp://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=openstack/horizon.git;a=blob;f=debian/patches/add-support-for-Django-1.6.patch;h=f777e6189b6ac6eb1f91d7ca237e077e41c43680;hb=9bd1026c637a49a765a97df0abc03ab9a4fc2d72 <--- A big fix for the url.defaults which I would like to see in Havana.17:01
zigomrunge: I'm working on Sid, and I would like everything to work there... It's *already* in Sid.17:02
mrungethe middleware change is unlikely to be merged, zigo17:02
david-lyleLooks like we're over time.  We can continue here or #openstack-horizon17:02
zigoI use openstack-auth 1.1.3-217:02
zigo1.1.3 I mean ...17:02
openstackMeeting ended Tue Jan 28 17:02:33 2014 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot . (v 0.1.4)17:02
mrungethank you david-lyle17:02
openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/horizon/2014/horizon.2014-01-28-16.00.html17:02
jpichThanks everyone17:02
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/horizon/2014/horizon.2014-01-28-16.00.txt17:02
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/horizon/2014/horizon.2014-01-28-16.00.log.html17:02
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lsmola_thanks everybody17:03
amotokigood night17:03
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mrungegood night amotoki17:03
jpichgood night amotoki. Thanks for staying up so late and raising so many good points!17:03
jcoufalthanks, g'night17:03
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* tshirtman missed the first daytime meeting >_<17:03
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lblanchardthanks all, have a great week!17:04
akrivokabye everyone17:04
t_mazurHave a nice week!17:04
julimthx all17:05
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