Tuesday, 2014-04-15

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tzumainnhi all!16:00
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* jrist waves to tzumainn 16:00
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* tzumainn waves to jrist16:01
* jcoufal waves to tzumainn and jrist 16:01
david-lyle#startmeeting Horizon16:01
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 15 16:01:49 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is david-lyle. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.16:01
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'horizon'16:01
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david-lyleHello everyone16:01
jcoufalo/ hello everyone16:02
tmazurhello o/16:02
santibaldassinhi everyone16:02
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david-lyle#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Horizon16:02
david-lyle#topic: Release Status16:03
*** openstack changes topic to ": Release Status (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:03
david-lyleRC2 appears to be holding up with no blocking issues having been raised, this looks like our final RC16:03
david-lyleThe last thing I need to do is post the release notes16:04
david-lylewhen I do that, hopefully today, I'll ask everyone to take a look and correct my mistakes16:05
jpichCool, looking forward to the patch!16:05
david-lyleAside, from that, I think we're focused on Juno16:05
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jristwell done, everyone16:06
david-lyleThe deadline for session proposals is five days away, so if there's something you feel needs to be discussed at the summit, get your proposal in16:07
david-lyle#topic DocImpact tag (jpich)16:07
*** openstack changes topic to "DocImpact tag (jpich) (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:08
* jcoufal will add one more session proposal focused on tuskar-ui16:08
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david-lylejcoufal +116:08
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jcoufal(sorry for jumping into your topic, jpich) :)16:08
jpichI was chatting with someone on the docs team last week and realised we haven't been very good at using the DocImpact tag in Horizon (or I missed it!). It would be helpful to the docs team if we could include the tag at least for major changes and "procedure" changes - I'm guessing things around new configuration / upgrade / installation information.16:08
jpichjcoufal: We're flexible here ;)16:08
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jpichI'm still a bit fuzzy on when it is appropriate to use it for us (so many changes impact the user experience in some way) but we can refine our approach to using the tag as we understand it better :)16:08
jpichSomme additional reading: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/DocImpact http://justwriteclick.com/2013/09/17/openstack-docimpact-flag-walk-through/ and I'm sure the folks at #openstack-doc are happy to answer any question, too16:09
tzumainnjpich, one question16:10
tzumainnlooking through the baremetal example in the second link, it strikes me that a lot of those questions are exactly the same ones a reviewer would have16:10
david-lyleother than internal bug fixes, don't all changes in the UI potential doc impact16:10
tzumainnare reviewers expected to just ask those questions through the gerrit comment system?16:10
david-lylehave potential that is16:10
tzumainnor is there an expectation that the commit message have a certain level of self-documentation?16:11
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jpichtzumainn: I'm guessing in an ideal world these should be answered in the commit message and blueprint details, yes16:11
tzumainnjpich, is that a standard - i.e., should reviewers -1 and ask for details on how to test a change?16:12
jpichdavid-lyle: These are my thoughts as well, which is when it was clarified to me to care more about "procedure" changes rather than changes in the look16:12
jpichdavid-lyle: I think we should start using it for major changes, the kind we self-document at the moment. Some of this should probably also live in the generic openstack guides?16:12
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jpichlike settings, or how to use policies16:13
jpichhow to set up the dashboard to work with keystone v3 - probably these would have been great commits for DocImpact16:13
david-lylejpich, I see16:13
jpichtzumainn: I think it'd be great to have that information but it hasn't been customary to block on it being missing. I'd lean toward strongly encouraging people to think about it and add that sort of info to the bug reports or blueprints, but not block on it... That'd be my thoughts on that16:14
tzumainnjpich, okay, that sounds sensible enough - thanks!16:14
tzumainner, sorry, I now realize that I was re-directing away from your intended topic :P16:14
jpichdavid-lyle: I'm still figuring this stuff out too :)16:15
david-lylejpich, thanks for raising, I think this a great thing to keep in mind.  Even if it just means more complete commit messages for Horizon use.  I think we've been flagging a bit on those lately16:15
jpichtzumainn: It's documentish! I was bringing this up as a general "FYI, more things we should probably try to pay attention to"16:15
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* lsmola has to disappear soon today16:16
amotoki_hi, i totally agree the discussion above. at least changes which impact install guide and could admin guide should have DocImpact..16:16
jpichdavid-lyle: More useful commit messages is good!16:16
jpich-1 on a typo in the commit message is uncool in my world though :-)16:16
jpichamotoki: Agreed. We probably should explore what's missing in these guides  for Horizon and help the docs team fill the gaps as well16:17
david-lyleyeah, let's not go crazy16:17
tzumainnjpich, lol, agreed16:17
lsmolajpich: agree, my vi doesn't have spellcheck16:17
amotoki_Reagrding documentation, we use django style configuration and we need to explore how to sync our configurations with the config guide.16:18
jpichlsmola: emacs has a spellchecker if you like ;)16:18
tzumainnand jpich starts the flame war16:18
annegentledo feel free to file doc bugs in http://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals for those missed DocImpact opportunities - you all will know better than us what should be docc'ed16:19
annegentleamotoki_: it'd be great to automate those16:19
jpichamotoki: Yep, which brings to mind https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1300710 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1221115 which we probably want in the guides as well16:19
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jpichannegentle: Thanks! That's what I had in mind, hopefully we can help with writing them too rather than just overload the docs team even more16:20
annegentlejpich: sure! we are happy to take highly detailed doc bugs and turn them into docs if tools are an issue though, that's all I mean.16:20
jpichannegentle: That's useful information, thanks!16:21
amotoki_jpich: thanks for filing it. in other projects configurations are extracted from code base but it is not for Horizon. we need to explore how to improve it in Juno.16:22
david-lyleyes, the horizon settings/conf mechanism is different and we'll have to provide a mechanism to pull it automagically16:22
david-lyleanything else on this topic16:23
jpichNot from me, thanks for your attention and consideration folks!16:23
amotoki_nothing from me too.16:23
david-lyle#topic Open Discussion16:24
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Horizon)"16:24
tzumainnso, related to my point above - is there a way to ask for patches to have more documentation associated with them, because a lot of those patches are fairly complex and it feels like a potential blocker for reviewers?16:24
david-lyletzumainn, absolutely16:25
annegentletzumainn: educate all your reviewers16:25
david-lyleif you don't feel like enough information is provided to do a proper review, ask for it in the review16:25
tzumainnso, I'm going to admit that by "reviewers" I meant "me" : )16:25
jristso subtle16:25
jristwhat is everyone's thoughts on using polyfills or similar mechanisms for supporting older browsers with newer features (i.e. the recent 'input type number' bug)16:26
annegentletzumainn: I can't think of an automated way, or a test that runs each time16:26
jomaratzumainn: your idea is going mainnstream16:26
david-lyleyou are likely not alone, and when looking back at the commit log, one sentence commit statements aren't very helpful16:26
jomaratzumainn: ar eyou talking about commit docs, internal source comments, user guide stuff, or all of the above?16:26
* david-lyle could have missed the point16:26
tzumainnjomara, I'm talking about picking up a patch from gerrit and trying to figure out how to review it : )16:26
jomaraso, whatever it is, enough to read about it and figure it out16:27
jpichdavid-lyle: Agreed with all you said either way :-)16:27
jcoufaljrist: I think we shouldn't pay so much extra effort to support old browsers, other than those which are officially supported16:27
jristdo we have a list of officially supported browsers16:27
jristjcoufal: for instance, input type number is not supported in current firefox, 2816:28
jristpretty bad16:28
jristso not necessarily older browsers16:28
jcoufalwait, really? current firefox doesn't support number type?16:28
jrist29 maybe. 28 no16:28
* jcoufal amazed16:28
jristthere are many things like that16:28
jcoufalFrom my point of view, I would say that it depends on the type of the problem and browser16:29
david-lylethe hard limitation we have is ie 8 and greater, other than that we assume the browsers do a good job of staying reasonably up-to-date16:29
david-lylesoon ie 8 should go away16:29
jcoufalgeneral rule I have is - are you using latest new versions? you get great UX, are you using old stuff? it's usable for you, but you don't get the best you can16:30
jpichThere's some serious bugs open about our ie 8 support though I seem to remember16:30
jristis there a list somewhere16:30
jristof supported browsers16:30
jcoufali think david-lyle just described the rule above16:30
david-lyleactually when XP eol'd we should be able to stop support ie8, it is also eol16:30
jomaranot bad!16:30
jcoufaldavid-lyle: I can't wait for this to happen :)16:31
jpichdoug-fish: Thanks! I knew it was somewhere but my grepping failed me :)16:31
david-lylejcoufal, the date was April 816:31
clu_i think for older browsers, we should at least have a warning message somewhere that says: "horizon is not fully supported"16:31
david-lyleit is done16:31
doug-fishjpich:  glad to help.  Took me a while as well!16:31
tzumainnso, there's a specific case here16:31
jpichhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1260281 - probably needs to be fixed and backported to icehouse16:31
tzumainnthe fix only works on these browsers: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/82908/16:31
tzumainnso the question is - should this fix be accepted or not?16:32
jristclu_: supported is a loaded word16:32
jcoufaldavid-lyle: so we are safe to say, that for J we are dropping IE8 support as well16:32
jristtzumainn: thansk for bringing that up16:32
jristwhat do we mean by supported16:32
tzumainnjrist, np, I had similar thought processes when looking at that patch16:32
david-lylejcoufal, seems so16:32
jristhow about "Horizon and OpenStack Dashboard don't work well on browsers older than ...."16:32
tzumainnjrist, so if that's the case, would the fix in the review above be accepted as closing the bug?16:33
david-lylejrist, more like "... are not supported on ...16:33
jristdavid-lyle: do we offer support?16:33
jristsupport is a loaded word, like I said16:34
david-lylejrist good point16:34
jristtzumainn: no I don't think it does, thus my initial nack16:34
amotoki_Another idea is to have a list of tested browsers with versions.16:34
* david-lyle thought jrist was the support organization16:34
jristI agree with Maxime16:34
tzumainnjrist, yeah, I +1'd with an understanding it was a partial fix, but I can see your point16:34
jristdavid-lyle: ha16:34
clu_amotoki_ - this is a good idea16:34
jristamotoki_: yeah, that is what I'm thinking16:35
jcoufaljrist: I am on Maxime's side as well. It is not enough to use number type as a proper validation check16:35
jristso my original question16:36
jristwhat is everyone's thoughts on polyfills16:36
jristor similar mechanisms16:36
jristeven IE9 doesn't support dozens of HTML5 things16:36
jcoufalI am not very sure if the polyfill will ensure the validation16:37
jcoufalisn't it only providing the look?16:37
jristit will, in the input number case16:37
jristin this case prevent non digit16:37
jcoufalwell then I would be in favor of that (in case of number picker)16:37
jristyeah, it is an example of other places where polyfills might be useful16:38
jcoufaldepends on case to case, but in this one it seems reasonable to me16:38
jristjcoufal: thanks. anyone else? :)16:38
jristI wish Maxime were here16:38
jpichCan continue the discussion on channel later when he's around16:38
jristok thanks16:39
jpichIf it fixes things and the licence is compatible seems ok to me!16:39
clu_i've seen some FIXME/TODOs in the code... do we do occasional sweeps to see if the issue can be resolved now?16:40
clu_if so, write up bugs or something, otherwise things get forgotten and the FIXME/TODO list grows16:40
jpichIdeally people would file a bug at the same time they submit a patch with a TODO16:41
doug-fishI guess that's something we can add to our reviewer checklist16:41
david-lyleclu_, that would be a good idea.  Unfortunately, a lot of them are waiting on better support outside of Horizon, like server side filter criteria16:41
david-lylewe could open a bug on something like that, but it would likely expire before we can address it16:42
clu_david-lyle: agreed, we shouldn't write those up16:42
amotoki_by greping the code, we have 77 TODOs but 30 TODOs comes from one person (router dashboard)..... Apart from this, we hvae ~40 TODO/FIXME.16:43
jpichIdeally we'd add a horizon task to the bug in the related project but that's not always possible16:43
david-lyleideally :)16:43
jpichIt's nice to imagine the ideal world sometimes :-)16:43
david-lyleamotoki_ 40 should be fairly easy to catagorize as actionable or not16:44
jristlol jpich16:44
tzumainnI must say that it's nice that the cores in horizon are still optimists16:44
david-lylejpich, sometimes that's all we have16:44
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amotoki_can i discuss another topic?16:45
amotoki_i would like to know opinions on backward compat of "horizon" module.16:46
amotoki_this patch removes existing fields in BacthAction.16:46
amotoki_I wonder we should consider backward-compat of horizon module or not.16:47
jpichWe will have to be better at it when we separate it from the dashboard for sure16:47
amotoki_fair enough to me.16:48
jpichThis might be a topic worthy of a more meaty/thoughtful conversation on list...16:48
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amotoki_agree. i just want to know initial feedbacks.16:49
david-lyleI think existing fields should be a high hurdle16:50
david-lyleas an extensible framework, we potentially break existing deploys16:50
amotoki_yes. that is in my mind. I remember Gabriel mentioned so in past reviews.16:51
david-lyleI have to look at this particular patch in more depth to understand the intent better16:52
david-lyleI think the story will actually be smoother after the split, because we will have packaged versions of the toolkit that doesn't have to be updated with Horizon16:53
david-lylemakes our testing matrix more complex of course16:53
santibaldassinhey folks..I'd like to have a quick talk about client side validations if there's no other topic16:55
santibaldassinso, there are a couple of patches were we are doing an api call to get quota usages do do client side validations that are already done by nova16:56
jpichIt's usually nicer to show an error on the form by the field that has the issue, rather than let the user submit it then have to start from scratch again to correct an error16:58
santibaldassinI have two concerns, one is that we are increasing the number of request that we are doing to complete the operation and the other is that if the backend *no matter if its nova or cinder or any other module) changes the way they do the validation, we'll have to change the validation in horizon too16:58
*** coolsvap is now known as coolsvap|afk16:58
jpichAlthough for that one in particular, do the APIs actually prevent you from setting a quota less than what is currently used?17:00
david-lylelet's continue this in the horizon room or on the review17:00
jpichwell, we're out of time, we can continue on the channel - although I have to jump in another meeting now17:00
santibaldassinjpich: I'm ok with showing friendly user. I think we could do it without the extra api calls17:00
david-lyleThanks everyone have a great week.17:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings || https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings"17:00
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amotoki_thanks all!17:00
openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/horizon/2014/horizon.2014-04-15-16.01.html17:01
jcoufalthank you guys17:01
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/horizon/2014/horizon.2014-04-15-16.01.txt17:01
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/horizon/2014/horizon.2014-04-15-16.01.log.html17:01
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jpichThanks everyone17:01
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akrivokathanks everyone17:02
tmazurthanks all!17:04
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briancurtin#startmeeting python-openstacksdk19:00
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 15 19:00:24 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is briancurtin. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.19:00
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briancurtinIf you're here for the python-openstacksdk meeting, can you state your name and affiliation?19:01
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briancurtinFYI i know alex isn't going to make it, i believe ed is on vacation the rest of the week19:01
bknudsonBrant Knudson -- IBm19:02
briancurtinBrian Curtin, Rackspace19:02
wchrisjChris Johnson, HP19:02
dtroyerDean Troyer, Nebula19:02
jamielennoxJamie Lennox, Red Hat19:02
briancurtinI think that'll probably be it19:03
jamielennoxsmall one today19:03
briancurtinJust a quick mention before getting going: so far the probably 7-8 people I've talked to about the general goals and direction of this project here at PyCon are pretty excited to see where it goes. may have a few people to jump in and get involved as well19:03
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briancurtinsince Ed isn't here, perhaps we start with jamielennox19:04
briancurtin#topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86227/ Add base resource class19:05
*** openstack changes topic to "https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86227/ Add base resource class (Meeting topic: python-openstacksdk)"19:05
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briancurtinjamielennox: i only took a look shortly before the meeting since i was occupied, but i'm a fan of this FWIW19:05
jamielennoxright, so i realize that the base class there is a long way from perfect - but in general i prefer the concept of doing class based lookups rather than  managers19:05
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jamielennoxthe mixing it with managers actually worked better than i anticipated though19:06
jamielennoxdtroyer: you and i have discussed the managers concepts a few times, did you get a chance to look at that layout?19:06
dtroyersadly, no.19:07
*** jpomero has quit IRC19:07
jamielennoxi was starting another client recently and found again that the managers approach (and the base classes in OSLO) don't cover all situations19:07
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bknudsonanother client?19:08
bknudsonfor kite?19:08
jamielennoxbknudson: yes19:08
bknudsonjamielennox: just start with the openstack-sdk19:08
briancurtinjamielennox: what are some of these situations where it doesn't work?19:09
jamielennoxpartially it's about implementation there19:09
jamielennoxbut essentially there is not a base resource key19:09
jamielennoxor more correctly there is a base resource key - but the resource is just a string19:09
jamielennoxeg { 'key': 'abcdef' }19:10
*** sarob has quit IRC19:10
jamielennoxanyway - either the manager or base class approach can be improved to make these things work - i think it's just a matter of choosing the general direction19:11
bknudsonjamielennox: class Manager says it's only there for compatibility with existing clients... but there's no existing clients at this point.19:11
jamielennoxalso there was the situation there where a lot of operations (like get) aren't supported by kite19:12
bknudsona resource without a GET operation... weird.19:12
jamielennoxbknudson: it was a way of keeping compatability if we need to go the client.users.list() approach19:12
jamielennoxbknudson: key's are private - you can't retrieve them19:12
bknudsonbknudson: is HEAD supported?19:13
dtroyerI'd be all for not having any compatability layers in the SDK.  If we need them they should be explicitly marked and separate19:13
briancurtin+1 to dtroyer19:13
jamielennoxbknudson: talking to yourself?  - no it's not19:13
jamielennoxdtroyer: i agree19:13
jamielennoxwithout it it just means you have to pass a session object around a lot19:14
jamielennoxthere is probably some way we could abstract that at a higher level19:14
jamielennoxbut i don't see that as a problem for a basic version specific class19:16
jamielennoxi'm also not convinced on the _by_id suffix to distinguish classmethods but i figure that's a detail at this point19:17
briancurtinyeah, i think that's fine19:20
bknudsonjamielennox: what's an example of a resource, like identity.User ?19:20
jamielennoxbknudson: yes19:20
bknudsonjamielennox: do you think some of the Resource API depends on how well OpenStack REST APIs conform to some convention?19:22
jamielennoxbriancurtin: the issue with urljoin is that it obeys web semantics, so if you urljoin('prefix', '/path') it would take that as you clicking on a url for /path and ignore the prefix19:22
briancurtinjamielennox: ah, ignore me then19:23
bknudsonfor example, it's got "resource_key" and "resources_key" -- but maybe there's no plural form of the key element.19:23
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jamielennoxbknudson: i do, but i see that as the 90% case (and the way that it is handled by almost all clients now)19:23
jamielennoxbknudson: you can also override classmethods19:23
dtroyerre: the urljoin() stuff, would it make sense to consolidate the manual handling into our own version of urljoin() with the desired behaviour?19:24
jamielennoxdtroyer: yea, it would19:25
*** terrylhowe has joined #openstack-meeting-319:25
jamielennoxi don't think any of those locations are doing anything funny19:25
jamielennoxbknudson: also in the case of resource_eky and resources_key everywhere that they are used in resource.py should be lead with a if self.resource_key: block19:26
*** MaxV_ has joined #openstack-meeting-319:26
wchrisjencapsulation FTW dtroyer19:26
briancurtinyep, now that i know urljoin is wrong, +1 to doing that19:27
briancurtinanything else on this one for now? unfortunately i'm behind and need to have more looks, so i don't have much input at the moment19:30
dtroyerI think my biggest conceptual hurdle to this approach is the semantics of list().  All other actions you either have a resource or the information to create one.19:30
dtroyerI don't think it is a blocker though19:30
wchrisjDo we have a consensus on the Manager class?19:31
wchrisjIs it staying or going?19:31
dtroyerif it only there for compat I think it can go19:32
wchrisj+1 dtroyer19:32
jamielennoxi can remove it for now19:33
jamielennoxi don't think we need it currenlty19:33
*** MaxV_ has quit IRC19:33
briancurtinsounds good19:33
wchrisjDont have a strong feeling on it, but do think the simpler we can start, the better; it doesnt seem to add much value.19:33
jamielennoxdtroyer: would you like to just remove list() for now as well19:35
jamielennoxall we really need at this point is a consensus on the object vs manager approach19:36
dtroyernot yet, I want to think about how it should look though...19:36
bknudsonit would be nice if there was example client code19:36
jamielennoxbknudson: right, i know the keystone stuff well enough to have a go at that19:37
wchrisjThe sooner that I can fire up the client and at minimum just do a basic auth, the better19:37
wchrisjeven if it's not the pluggable auth that is the end goal19:37
dtroyerbknudson: I've thought that too.  I have some small scripts that I used for testing Session and discovery19:38
dtroyershould we have some samples in the repo at some point?19:38
briancurtinwchrisj: YES. i'm hoping to get some time later today or tomorrow to bring back an old proposal of alex gaynor's, and then hopefully soon enough we pick a route and run with it19:38
briancurtindtroyer: absolutely19:38
jamielennoxyea, it will depend on how we adhere to that old proposal of having an object per request we make19:39
wchrisjbriancurtin What did Alex's proposal specifically address?19:39
briancurtinnot sure how to define "some point", but i'd really like that to be sooner than later19:39
bknudsonI'm always a fan of having as much of the documentation in the docstrings as we can19:39
bknudsoneven sample code19:39
briancurtinwchrisj: i don't really have a great description of it, but i'll dig up the original file (it was one of the examples that we removed before kicking off the session wrapper)19:41
wchrisjbriancurtin - I remember the proposal; dont remember the specific content19:41
briancurtinwchrisj: here's what it was: https://github.com/stackforge/python-openstacksdk/blob/956418f5d87156673a2daf3b67ed31b285e15690/api_strawman/client.py19:42
bknudsonI hope we don't have to build the auth data with json.dumps({"auth": {"passwordCredentials"...) by the time this is done19:43
wchrisjbriancurtin - Understood. My only issue is that code is pretty monolithic; would prefer OO approach...19:44
bknudsonoh, I thought this was sample client code.19:44
jamielennoxmy ideal here is that even if we don't import the other clients that session and auth plugin (which are almost exactly the same as keystoneclient) could be extracted into a base library19:45
briancurtinbknudson: i guess i'll sit down with alex and see what he intends with it19:45
wchrisjbknudson - It is sample client code19:45
jamielennoxto be shared between -sdk and other clients19:45
briancurtini could have just misunderstood it19:45
jamielennoxnew review upload without a manager and with a urljoin19:46
dtroyerif everything could only be that fast… ;)19:47
*** peristeri has quit IRC19:48
jamielennoxdtroyer: you are right on list() not everything supports marker and limit and there are a number of problems there that i think are best tackled as we come across them19:50
jamielennoxso long as list() etc are explicity enabled (rather than now where every manager automatically gets a list, update etc that doesn't always work) i don't see this being a problem19:51
jamielennoxthere were a lot of comments on the first review about duplicating the session calls into the resource.py file - did that need make sense?19:52
jamielennoxand for bonus points did anyone have an opinion on the Session Binding review i linked https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86237/ and if it would be useful here?19:53
dtroyerI think the Accept header should be handled in Session, enabled with an arg, and those methods can all go away19:53
dtroyermore than just the Resource object will want it19:54
jamielennoxdtroyer: in the general case (and assuming that plugins here will have similar functionality to ksc) there is more than just accept that is going to be different per client view though19:55
jamielennoxparticularly i'm thinking service_type and service_version19:55
terrylhoweIt definitely doesn't belong in a resource class, but as long as the plan is to get rid of it in the future ...19:55
dtroyersure, and that's where the headers arg comes in, but this Accept is pretty common19:55
jamielennoxterrylhowe: ++19:56
jamielennoxdtroyer: i'm willing to put accept in as a special case19:56
jamielennoxdtroyer: but service_type etc aren't headers and they will otherwise need to be set on every call19:56
dtroyerit matches the json handling that is already there.19:57
dtroyerservice_type, etc get their own Resource subclass?  or mixin or whatever?19:57
jamielennoxdtroyer: the point of the current session object is to be able to do a .get('/path/to', service_type='identity', version=(3,1)) and have the session/plugins manage the catalog for you19:58
jamielennoxs/the point/a point19:59
dtroyerthere's no reason that can't continue, that doesn't belong in the low-level Session/request interface19:59
dtroyermaybe it isn't called 'Session' though…20:00
jamielennoxdtroyer: where does it  belong then?20:00
wchrisjthat's been my concern from the start20:00
jamielennoxit's very tied up there in keystoneclient because that's where auth lives20:00
dtroyerat the level (yet to be named) that manages the auth and Session and what would be managers if we had them?20:00
wchrisjI just think of most of this activity as transport related20:01
wchrisjhttp layer20:01
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wchrisjsession is the data that must be maintained for the user/consumer20:01
wchrisjunless I'm missing some context here20:01
bknudsonI think that would be the service catalog?20:01
bknudsonwould include the20:01
bknudsonand the token20:02
briancurtinnow that we're over time and i have to head somewhere in a min, i'm outta here20:02
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jamielennoxwchrisj: right, but auth needs to be lined to that20:02
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wchrisjheaded to openstack-sdks20:02
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wchrisjjaimielennox ^^20:02
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