Monday, 2014-12-22

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krotscheck#startmeeting Storyboard16:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Dec 22 16:00:53 2014 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is krotscheck. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Storyboard)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'storyboard'16:00
rcarrillocruzhi everyone16:01
NikitaKonovalovHi o/16:01
krotscheckActions from last week!16:02
krotscheck#topic Actions from last week16:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Actions from last week (Meeting topic: Storyboard)"16:02
krotscheckI have continued to pester fungi, but he appears to be immune to pestering.16:02
krotscheckrcarrillocruz: You’ve done a lot of work on the streaming API, with quite a bit of success. Can you give us a summary?16:03
fungikrotscheck: yeah, setuptools 8/pbr has more or less beaten several of us into submission for a week or so now16:03
*** yolanda has joined #openstack-meeting-316:03
rcarrillocruzso, i had initially in mind using gevent-socketio, since socketio is cool in the sense that it downgrades automatically between various protocols if websocket is not supported16:04
yolandahi there16:04
* NikitaKonovalov needs to look carefully at this change16:04
rcarrillocruzwebsocket-> then it tries flash -> then something else16:04
rcarrillocruzbut the problem is that gevent does not play well with pika16:04
rcarrillocruztornado does16:04
rcarrillocruzso providing we already have pika in requirements, i opted to use tornado16:04
SergeyLukjanovplease, no flash16:05
* krotscheck has a love hate relationship with flash :D16:05
rcarrillocruzwith the change above, if you open a websocket to http://<storyboard IP>:8888/events , you get a websocket connected16:05
rcarrillocruzthen do a 'suscribe <thing>'16:05
rcarrillocruzand you start getting <thing> events piped to the websocket16:05
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rcarrillocruzthis is a POC, the subscribe/unsubscribe format should be JSON and allow granularity on things to subscribe/unsubscribe, but you get the idea16:06
rcarrillocruzi wanted to share if you think this is a good way to go forward16:06
rcarrillocruzotherwise i could look to gevent or something like autobhan16:06
rcarrillocruzthose are the 3 framewors i've seen most mature for python websockets16:07
NikitaKonovalovrcarrillocruz: I dont see anything looking like an initial request object when setting up a connection16:07
NikitaKonovalovis there a way to access headers while establishing ws?16:07
NikitaKonovalovwe might need those to check auth16:07
rcarrillocruztornado allows all that16:07
rcarrillocruzlet me dig up16:07
rcarrillocruzit has decorators to wrap functions to make them fail if there's no auth16:08
rcarrillocruzit has stuff for OAuth16:08
* NikitaKonovalov likes when a framework has all we need16:09
krotscheckMe too16:09
rcarrillocruzseems pretty mature16:09
krotscheckSo, from an intital look at the code this seems pretty readable. I haven’t stepped through the logic myself, but it feels like you’re on the right path.16:09
rcarrillocruzit even has stuff for allowing multiprocessing, although i think we may want to put a LB in front and scale out tornado servers...16:09
yolandatornado is the one used or created by facebook , right?16:10
rcarrillocruzyes, i think so yolanda16:10
krotscheckIs this something we can run concurrent on the same server?16:10
rcarrillocruzyes, so the idea would be using
rcarrillocruzto allow websocket pass thru apache running on the machine and pass those connections to the tornado server listening in 8888 or whichever port we put16:11
krotscheckOh neat!16:11
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krotscheckThis suggests we don’t need to open up any new ports.16:11
rcarrillocruzyeah, the idea is that apache would do his thing detecting is a websocket, then passing that to other internal port on localhost16:12
rcarrillocruzhaven't tested that yet, but it seems others do that thing with nginx or apache16:12
rcarrillocruzi can work on that this week as well16:12
krotscheckQuick question for fungi: What’s the current thougths in infra on ansible vs. Puppet? Are we still doing all the puppet things?16:13
* krotscheck thinks we are.16:13
jeblairkrotscheck: yep16:14
fungiyes, ansible is merely being used for orchestration16:14
fungipuppet is still used for configuration management16:14
krotscheckThe reason I’m asking is that it may make sense for us to put a bit of time into our installation docs vis-a-vis single server to multi-server16:14
krotscheckCool, I’ll add a story for that.16:14
*** ruhe has joined #openstack-meeting-316:14
krotscheckSo, rcarrillocruz - things are looking good there, keep it up :)16:15
krotscheckNext topic: ctpollard isn’t here, on vacation. Postponing to the new year.16:15
rcarrillocruzexcellent, thx :-)16:15
krotscheckI didn’t get much done on the deferred processing engine docs, was working on the cron things instead.16:16
jeblairkrotscheck: can you elaborate on "The reason I'm asking is that it may make sense for us to put a bit of time into our installation docs vis-a-vis single server to multi-server"16:16
krotscheckHonestly I feel like I’m yak-shaving a bit. I submit a patch, someone makes a small comment that’s actually a ton of work. I submit another patch, same thing happens, etc etc.16:16
jeblairkrotscheck: i didn't quite follow that16:16
krotscheckjeblair: Storyboard is becoming a bit complicated as far as the install base goes. While it’s nice to have it running on one server for our own purposes, with downstream users starting to show up it may make sense to think about how we’d recommend separating services.16:17
krotscheckSorry- not install base. Installed components.16:17
krotscheckjeblair: I don’t anticipate us needing it, but making sure that’s at the back of our brains as we put this together is starting to bug me.16:18
krotscheckjeblair: Any more questions on that?16:19
jeblairkrotscheck: yeah, should definitely keep it in mind.  though i'm still comfortable saying that we should focus on getting it running for openstack first, and we should expect to be the largest installation of it for some time16:19
krotscheck#topic User Feedback16:19
*** openstack changes topic to "User Feedback (Meeting topic: Storyboard)"16:19
krotscheckAnyone hear anything?16:19
*** mfer has quit IRC16:19
jeblairi think i've filed some stories about ui quirks16:20
krotscheckjeblair: Nice. Those are getting lost at the bottom of the queue though ebcause bigger effort items are at the top.16:21
jeblairrcarrillocruz: [btw, i think etherpad-lite can support websockets.  we should probably enable that apache module there not only because it's a good idea, but it'll also give us some more experience with it]16:22
rcarrillocruzsure, good idea16:23
krotscheck#action krotscheck Figure out how to surface recent things so that we can work on them.16:23
jeblairkrotscheck: yeah, that makes sense.  i don't think any of them are critical16:23
rcarrillocruzi'll work on a change for that16:23
jeblairwould make good little things to take a break from the bigger things ;)16:23
*** carl_baldwin has joined #openstack-meeting-316:23
krotscheckjeblair: Yep. Believe me, there’s something about the dashboard that’s been bugging me for AGES and I really want to fix it.16:23
krotscheckI want to consolidate all changes to a specific story under one story header.16:24
krotscheckLike: In story X, foo happened, then bar happened, then fwiffo said something....16:24
rcarrillocruzmaybe it improves etherpad latency, it has some issues for me sometimes...16:24
*** etoews has joined #openstack-meeting-316:24
jeblairkrotscheck: in "recent events"?16:24
krotscheckjeblair: Also, the fact that you can’t link through to comments.16:25
jeblairi have no recent events right now, but i think i can imagine that and it sounds good :)16:25
yolandakrotscheck, looks as a good idea to me16:25
yolandamy recent events tab is messy16:25
ttxno kidding. I clicked 234 times on that close icon today16:26
krotscheckttx: I know, right?16:26
yolandawould it be a good idea to auto-remove some old recent events?16:27
ttxAlso reading a comment and having to guess which story it belongs to is a fun game16:27
ttxespecially when the comment is "that's the worst idea ever!"16:27
NikitaKonovalovcan we also have a list of stories that a user is subscribed to?16:27
krotscheckNikitaKonovalov: Yeah, subscription management also seems like a sane thing.16:28
krotscheck#action krotscheck Add Subscription management and Update Recent Events UI as Stories.16:29
krotscheckOk, moving on to urgent things16:29
krotscheck#topic Urgent Items16:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Urgent Items (Meeting topic: Storyboard)"16:29
krotscheckSo updates on storyboard.o.o seem to be broken.16:29
*** jfjoly has left #openstack-meeting-316:29
yolandayes, we pinged fungi16:29
yolandalooks as puppet was not running, he has submitted a change to fix it16:30
krotscheckCool, is there a patch?16:30
rcarrillocruzi think fungi pushed something already16:30
krotscheckOk, that was 8 mintues ago.16:31
yolandai still don't see new changes coming16:31
krotscheckLet’s keep an eye on
fungiit will take minutes and minutes for that to go into effect16:31
fungiyou might check in a few more16:32
krotscheckAlright, so that’s well in hand. Moving on.16:32
krotscheck#topic Discussion topics: Branch Support16:32
*** openstack changes topic to "Discussion topics: Branch Support (Meeting topic: Storyboard)"16:32
ttxkrotscheck: replied to your comment there16:32
krotscheckttx! Seems like that spec’s in good shape, and we’ve already got a patch from aleksey against it!16:32
NikitaKonovalovbtw, Aleksey is a new developer @ Mirantis. He is dedicated to SB.16:33
krotscheck(Incidentally, who’s Aleksey?)16:33
krotscheckWhere’s he located?16:34
SergeyLukjanovkrotscheck, next table to us :)16:34
krotscheckOh good. Pelt him with chocolate.16:34
krotscheckOr vodka16:34
yolandakrotscheck, ok, i asked a question to Aleksey, because i only saw changes for git_repo16:34
krotscheckOh wait. Wrong story16:34
* krotscheck cannot read.16:34
krotscheckMy apolgoies.16:34
krotscheckAnyway, back to the topic, I’m pretty comfortable with the branch spec, does anyoen else have any issues with it?16:35
ttxkrotscheck: open question on the implementation side on whether we want to always assocaite tasks to branches (and use a default catch-all branch called 'master' in non-code cases), or allow NULL there16:35
rcarrillocruzi'm ++ on it16:35
ttxI'd argue a default branch is simpler (NOT NULL)16:36
ttxbut then I'd start treading into implementation too much16:36
NikitaKonovalovNULL looks good because it will allow to filter out tasks w/o branches and tell some to assign branches16:36
*** carl_baldwin has quit IRC16:36
NikitaKonovalovthe task with default branch can live unnoticed16:37
krotscheckGood point NikitaKonovalov16:37
ttxNikitaKonovalov: I'd argue there is no such thing as a task without branch16:37
ttxA task has a project and a branch16:37
krotscheckI don’t think the Win The Enterprise team has branches.16:37
ttxkrotscheck: they have a single branch.16:37
ttxthe default one.16:37
ttxand the UI hides it away from them, since there is a single branch, so nothing to choose there16:38
krotscheckDo they have a repository?16:38
ttxkrotscheck: srsly we had that discussion already16:38
ttxI called it "area" so that you stop thinking about code branches16:38
ttxand then people complained that "area" was too vague16:38
ttxso I fixed it back to call it "branch"16:39
ttxbut that may or may not represent a CODE branch16:39
*** carl_baldwin has joined #openstack-meeting-316:39
ttxthat's a branch of work in the project. If you only have use for one category, then just use the default one16:39
*** ttrifonov is now known as zz_ttrifonov16:39
ttxso if WTE has no code and no branch, their work is always associated with the "default branch"16:39
ttxwhich I would call 'master' since that's what the default branch is called for code-backed repos16:40
ttx(but then, that's all written in the spec)16:40
yolandattx, makes sense to me to always have a default branch16:40
krotscheckRight. I think it’s just a question of calling a duck a duck. If a project has code, it shoudl have a git repo and branches. And I’m ok with that being represented directly in the table. I also feel that work areas may be separate from cdoe themselves, and that that idea also has merit, but perhaps not right now.16:40
* krotscheck yet.16:40
krotschecki.e. I want both.16:41
krotscheckBut right now we only care about code.16:41
krotscheckAt least that’s the way I’m thinking about it.16:41
ttxkrotscheck: couldn't they be reporesented with the very same construct ?16:41
krotscheckttx: Should we overload the construct?16:41
krotscheckttx: Or, better question: Can a project have both code and distinct work areas?16:42
krotscheckSay, security work on the icehouse branch?16:42
ttxkrotscheck: I'd say no16:42
krotscheckThat’s fair, and it’s orthogonal to the spec anyway.16:43
ttxtasks are unit of work. They result in a patch on a branch, or something else16:43
*** sunny_ has joined #openstack-meeting-316:43
ttxso the branch/area thing is "where the work lands"16:44
krotscheckPlus, if at some point in time we choose to create distinct different concepts of area and branch, we have a way to select tasks that have a default branch that are not associated to a project that has code - ergo we could clear those later if we need to.16:44
NikitaKonovalovand we can allow a project to have its own default branch. Then it can be called whatever suits best. master for code repo, direction of work, etc16:44
ttxSo I would answer my earlier question saying... all tasks must have a branch.16:45
krotscheckSo I have no objections to default branches.16:45
krotscheckI’m ok with them not having a branch :)16:45
*** reed has joined #openstack-meeting-316:45
krotscheckEither way, we can move forward.16:46
ttxkrotscheck: I'm not oK with that, because it creates an area where it's nobody's work to handle the task16:46
ttxsame reason why i don't like stories without tasks16:46
NikitaKonovalovThe migration script should create a default branch for each project then16:46
ttxproject/branch combination uniquely defines which group is responsible for the task16:47
ttxproject alone is not enough16:47
krotscheckttx: You’re starting to conflate groups and code now. Do we have a spec for groups yet?16:48
ttxexample: nova/stable-juno means the work is on backporters, and the stable liaison is ultimately resposnible16:48
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting-316:48
ttxexample: nova/master: work on regular devs, PTL ultimately responsible16:48
ttxkrotscheck: not talking assignees here. I'm talking how people will use the thing16:49
krotscheckttx: For every example there’s counterexamples, let’s focus on how we handle adding code repository references to our tasks, ok?16:49
krotscheckAnd on that topic, I feel we’re pretty well settled on the spec.16:49
NikitaKonovalovbut right now each task is assigned to a project so, the set of default branch per project should be enough to start16:49
ttxNikitaKonovalov: ++16:49
NikitaKonovalovand then let the people decide if they like the default branch or they want to change it immediately16:50
ttxJust saying people will add stories and tasks. and some group will pick them up. And that group is uniquely defined by the project/branch combination16:50
ttxnot talking storyboard groups here)16:50
ttxjust people using it16:51
krotschecknamaste, ttx. I totally understand your view of things. I disagree with some finer points, but you don’t have to convince me of the overall direction.16:51
* ttx crawls back to his hole16:52
krotscheckOh no you don't.16:52
krotscheckWe need you out here.16:52
* krotscheck drags ttx back out.16:52
ttxouch ouch16:52
*** Networkn3rd has joined #openstack-meeting-316:53
krotscheckWe’re running out of time unfortunately.16:53
krotscheckSo: Active Specs Branch Support. I heard a + from me, from NikitaKonovalov, from yolanda and from rcarrillocruz, and ttx authored it.16:54
krotscheckI don’t actually hear anyone disagreeing with this spec, so do we agree on moving forward with implementation?16:54
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* ttx will rebase the story types story on top of the branch/milestone specs16:54
ttxand will work on a milestone report spec, even if that's further away in implementation time16:55
krotscheckSpeak now or forever hold your peace!16:55
ttxI mean rebase the story types *spec* on top of the branch/milestone specs16:55
krotscheck#agreed Mark as ready for implementation16:56
krotscheckI’m going to skip over all the next things to switch to open discussion in case there are burning issues for the last few minutes.16:56
krotscheck#topic Open Discussion16:56
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Storyboard)"16:56
krotscheckI’ve got nothing.16:56
yolandakrotscheck, wanted to talk  about preferences caching16:57
yolandabut we can talk after the meeting, no time...16:57
NikitaKonovalovI've got base classes for python client covered with tests on review16:57
krotscheckyolanda: Yes I did!16:57
NikitaKonovalovnow working on endpoints16:57
krotscheckyolanda: Aren’t you on vacation?16:57
krotscheckNikitaKonovalov: that makes me increidbly happy16:57
zaroi wanted to discuss tasks and how they map to gerrit changes?16:57
yolandayes, but i'm computer addicted :)16:57
NikitaKonovalovUsers and Preferences are almost ready16:57
NikitaKonovalovTeams, Projects, Project groups coming next16:57
krotscheckNikitaKonovalov: Neat16:58
rcarrillocruzNikitaKonovalov: awesome :-)16:58
krotscheckyolanda: GO ON VACATION, YOU HAVE FAMILY :D16:58
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krotscheckzaro: ttx: Sounds like tasks may need an adidtional field for patchset.16:58
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krotscheckThat feels like it’s related to branch support.16:58
zaroneeds something.16:58
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zarostories to changes is not grandular enough IMO16:59
krotscheckzaro: Yeah, it should be tasks to changes.16:59
zaroso it also means task needs status transitions16:59
krotscheckzaro: We’re out of time, let’s take it into channel.17:00
krotscheckThanks everyone!17:00
zarobasically IMO tasks needs to be the smallest unit in sB17:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"17:00
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ttxkrotscheck: we could have a URL link field17:00
ttxkrotscheck: I would rather not make it gerrit-specific17:01
ttxlet's continue on our channel17:01
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