Monday, 2015-11-09

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jklare#startmeeting openstack-chef16:01
openstackMeeting started Mon Nov  9 16:01:19 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is jklare. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: openstack-chef)"16:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'openstack_chef'16:01
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jklareany topics from you guys for today?16:02
sc`i think the burning topic is branching stable/liberty. afaik, all needed patches are in16:02
jklareok, then lets start with this one16:04
jklare#topic branching stable/liberty16:04
*** openstack changes topic to "branching stable/liberty (Meeting topic: openstack-chef)"16:04
jklareso, centos is working?16:05
sc`yes. markvan found a needed change to the server-apache recipe that got centos going16:05
*** carl_baldwin has joined #openstack-meeting-316:06
sc`that's already been merged and validated16:06
jklarei ran into some issues with the latest patch for the openstack-chef-repo regarding the array of possible interfaces, since it exploded with an error while trying to .lowercase the array16:06
jklarehas anybody else seen that?16:06
markvanhumm. no, I've been using it without issues...  vagrant 1.7.416:07
*** woodster_ has joined #openstack-meeting-316:07
sc`i have not. running an aio build right now16:07
*** krotscheck has joined #openstack-meeting-316:07
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*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting-316:08
jklareok, maybe that was related to the vagrant version i was using16:08
sc`also vagrant 1.7.4 here16:08
jklarei will check that, just wanted to see if anybody else saw this one16:08
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting-316:09
jklareso lets branch stable/liberty then16:09
jklarei tried to figure out the exact process to do this16:09
jklaresince there were a lot of mails regarding this topic in the last time16:10
jklarestill not sure about it16:10
jklarebiggest question for me are the permissions right now16:10
*** numans has quit IRC16:10
jklarewho has the permissions to branch our repos?16:10
sc`who did it last time?16:10
markvanwe have a wiki page for the basic's
*** carl_baldwin has quit IRC16:11
markvanI think project owners need to handle the branching, jj did the initial branch work16:12
*** yamamoto has quit IRC16:12
jklareok, i will ping him later about this16:13
*** mchestr has joined #openstack-meeting-316:13
jklareso i can start the branching today if there are no objections?16:13
*** wanyen has joined #openstack-meeting-316:14
*** mchestr has quit IRC16:14
sc`sounds good to me16:14
*** mchestr has joined #openstack-meeting-316:14
markvanbut I think the branching is done from within gerrit, here:,branches   looks like all the cores can do it.16:14
*** tfukushima has quit IRC16:14
jklarelooks good16:14
*** kzaitsev_mb has joined #openstack-meeting-316:15
markvanthen after branching, some patches are needed on both sides, stable and master.16:15
sc`i found something that i'll get in a bug: trove cookbook doesn't have good test coverage (only suse tests)16:15
jklarenot sure if we should go for a better suse coverage without anybody from suse support the project ;)16:16
jklare#action jklare branch all our repos for stable/liberty16:17
sc`yeah. someone from suse helping drive support there would be great16:18
*** kebray has joined #openstack-meeting-316:18
jklaresc` i think that leads into our next topic16:18
jklare#topic refactoring our cookbooks (step by step)16:19
*** openstack changes topic to "refactoring our cookbooks (step by step) (Meeting topic: openstack-chef)"16:19
jklaresince we have already talked about this multiple times, i will just jump into the actual work here16:19
*** kebray has quit IRC16:19
*** kebray has joined #openstack-meeting-316:20
jklareat the summit we discussed, that we want to get this started directly after the stable/liberty branch is done and that it is ok/needed to break the master with the related patches during refactoring16:20
*** wojdev has joined #openstack-meeting-316:21
jklarei thought a lot about how to properly do this to make it reviewable16:21
j^2hey i’m here now16:21
jklareimo we should try to break it down into 5 steps and push each step with a new patchset but only have one commit per cookbook in the end for the first cleanup step16:22
jklare1) remove all unneeded attributes from the attributes file and template16:22
jklare2) move all specific attributes either to documentation or a specific recipe16:22
jklare3) cleanup the rest of the attributes by replacing the template with the new template logic and adapt the recipe where the template ressource is called16:23
jklare4) adapt the specs (unit tests) to work again16:23
*** jpomeroy has quit IRC16:24
jklare5) wait for the other cookbooks to get finished with the same steps to make proper integration testing possible again16:24
*** carl_baldwin has joined #openstack-meeting-316:24
jklareif we hit step 5 for all cookbooks, we should be able to make all the small adaptions to all cookbooks to get a full stack up and running again before we actually merge anything16:25
j^2seems reasonable16:25
*** e0ne has quit IRC16:26
*** wojdev has quit IRC16:28
j^2RE:  i found something that i'll get in a bug: trove cookbook doesn't have good test coverage (only suse tests)16:29
j^2jklare, didn’t we have a discussion about dropping SUSE16:29
sc`i know it's not officially called out as supported on the wiki, only ubuntu 14.04 and centos 7.116:30
jklareyeah, that is the next thing i wanted to discuss here if everybody is fine with the plan for our refactoring commits16:30
markvanjklare: sounds like a resaonable approach, probbaly need to track in the commit msg what step each cookbook is on to make it easy to track16:30
jklaremarkvan yeah, or as a comment or something16:30
*** wojdev has joined #openstack-meeting-316:31
jklarebut the commit message might be better since its easy to see in the gerrit overview16:31
jklareso any comments or thoughts about dropping old code (like the vmware attributes or suse support) that has not been adapted in the last year16:32
j^2DO IT16:33
j^2that’s my comment16:33
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC16:33
*** jpomeroy has joined #openstack-meeting-316:33
*** nkrinner has quit IRC16:33
sc`echoing j^216:33
sc`if it hasn't been touched in the past year, nobody cares16:33
sc`and if somebody does care, they can submit a review to add it back16:34
*** Piet has joined #openstack-meeting-316:34
sc`that said, i wonder how many of our cookbook consumers are actually on icehouse/juno16:34
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting-316:34
jklarei am :D16:35
jklarewith all production setups ;)16:35
sc`yup. same here16:35
markvanwe are actually on liberty...but have wrappered most of the cookbooks for our needs16:36
jklareok, if there are no big objections against dropping the code here, i will warp this meeting and our decisions later i a short mail to the mailing list to get people informed16:37
*** peristeri has quit IRC16:38
*** baoli has quit IRC16:39
*** lsmola has quit IRC16:39
j^2sounds perfect16:39
markvananother topic related to this refactor and branching...16:39
markvanwhat are the plans for moving tools/platforms forward?16:40
markvanI think we're good on the ChefDK for now, but what about U 15.x?  tackle that after the refatoring?16:40
j^2no no no no no no no16:40
j^2only “LTS” versions16:41
markvanok, then we should add some doc around our version table in regards to that16:41
jklarei think we can look into 15.x after the refactoring in the form of a wrapper recipe or something similar16:41
j^2god i don’t want to even think of that moving target16:41
j^2and 16.04 isn’t that far away16:42
sc`openstack-model-t could fill that gap :x16:42
j^2when our community grows then we can look at the non-LTS supports16:42
j^2sc`: actually, that’s not a horrible idea16:42
jklareour goal for now is 14.04 with refactored cookbooks and liberty i think16:42
jklareand as soon as there are mitaka packages its 14.04 with refactored cookbooks and mitaka16:43
jklarethen we can release refactores/stable/mitake16:43
jklareand look into 16.04 mitaka support16:43
markvansure, good summary16:43
jklarei think the main blocker for 14.04 mitaka might be the ubuntu packages16:44
sc`yeah. i think for now just targeting LTS releases of ubuntu is going to be the best way forward16:44
jklarebut we will see16:44
sc`until we get more active contributors :D16:44
*** yuriyz has joined #openstack-meeting-316:44
j^2and with the work we’re doing and the salesmanship we should start doing we should see our community grow soon16:44
*** sdake has quit IRC16:45
*** thiagop has joined #openstack-meeting-316:45
jklarewe have one new guy from my team here today :)16:45
*** thiagop has left #openstack-meeting-316:45
*** TheJulia has joined #openstack-meeting-316:47
markvanwelcome calbers16:47
calbersi'll get the refactoring of the cookbooks started soon :)16:48
jklaresounds good16:49
markvanjklare: just to clarify, get the branch done, but skip step 4  for the new master branch to stick with liberty packages16:49
jklaremarkvan ok16:50
jklaremore topics for today? we have 10min left16:50
*** vincentfrancoise has quit IRC16:50
*** lucasagomes has joined #openstack-meeting-316:50
j^2the tl;dr on stable/liberty?16:50
*** thrash has joined #openstack-meeting-316:51
j^2we stamping this week?16:51
j^2<— to lazy to scroll16:51
jklarej^2 i have an action item to branch today16:51
jklareor asap ;)16:51
j^2nice, you’ll take care of it?16:51
jklarej^2 thats something i wanted to talk to you about16:51
j^2cool, we can take it offline16:51
jklarej^2 we can have a quick zoom session after this one if you can spare some minutes?16:52
*** peristeri has joined #openstack-meeting-316:52
jklareok, if there are no more topics, thanks for attending and see you around in the channel or next week on monday :)16:52
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:52
openstackMeeting ended Mon Nov  9 16:52:41 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:52
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NobodyCam#startmeeting Ironic17:00
NobodyCam#chair jroll17:00
NobodyCamWelcome everyone to the Ironic meeting.17:00
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sambettso/ everyone17:00
NobodyCammorning all17:00
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NobodyCamjroll said he may be a few minutes late17:00
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NobodyCamOf course the agenda can be found at:17:01
NobodyCam#topic Greetings, roll-call and announcements17:01
NobodyCamRoll-call: Who's here for the Ironic Meeting?17:01
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NobodyCamseems we just did that17:01
* jlvillal waves from San Antonio17:01
NobodyCamwelcome all to the ironic meeting17:02
NobodyCamhope everyone had safe travels back from tokyo17:02
NobodyCamShall we jump in to the fire17:02
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NobodyCam#topic SubTeam: status report17:03
NobodyCamPosted on Whiteboard17:03
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NobodyCamany one with status updates for today?17:04
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rlooNobodyCam: looks like folks are updating as we stare :)17:05
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NobodyCamI also may be slow do to unshakeable jetjeg17:05
NobodyCamlag even17:05
rloonice to see testing picking up steam!17:05
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NobodyCamalso I was going to share the proitories review link. but I seem to have miss placed it17:07
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krtaylorthanks for the CI spec reviews, I'll have a new revision today and incorporate everyones comments17:07
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krtaylorhere is the priorities link:
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NobodyCamAhh thank you rloo, lucasagomes and krtaylor17:09
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rloodo we want subteam reports for each of those priorities?17:09
* jlvillal thinks that would probably be a good idea for the future.17:10
devanandarloo: as the cycle progresses, I think that would be good17:10
lucasagomessounds good indeed17:10
NobodyCamI thibk it may be worth at least a line item on the whiteboard so folks can easly track the progress but not sure we need to spend a lot of time in the meetings unless there are things to discuss / go over17:10
rlooI'll add subteams for those to the etherpad after this meeting17:10
NobodyCamThank you rloo17:11
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NobodyCamat thing (else) from any of the subteams17:13
rloodtantsur: what is 'RFE'?17:13
sambettsrloo: Request for Enhancement17:13
rloosambetts: thx. I was thinking it was some Fulltime Engineer or something :)17:13
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dtantsurrloo, oh, you scared me at first :D actually this note was written by Sam17:14
*** afaranha has joined #openstack-meeting-317:14
rlooI'm good to move onto the next meeting item :)17:14
NobodyCamokay looks like we have a couple item inthe discussion section so17:15
jrollhey, sorry I'm late17:15
* jroll catches up17:15
*** nicodemos has joined #openstack-meeting-317:15
NobodyCamhey hey jroll just thru the subteam reports17:15
* NobodyCam hands control pver to jroll 17:16
jrollso subteam reports are done?17:16
NobodyCamyep / or being updated on the pad17:16
lucasagomesyeah seems so, in the etherpad17:16
rloojroll: well, you might have something to add?17:16
jlvillaljroll, Unless you want to walk through them.17:16
rloojroll: neutron/ironic work. patches up for review? :)17:17
jrollyes, those have been up for review, a couple small issues17:17
yuriyzi have some questions about in the gerrit, wait for answers for anyone17:18
*** jmckind is now known as jmckind_17:18
jrollyuriyz: on neutron?17:18
yuriyzIronic net isolation support17:18
jrollok, yeah we'll answer in the review17:19
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jrollalright, let's move on then if nobody has more subteam things17:19
jroll#topic Do we need to have a midcycle?17:20
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*** openstack changes topic to "Do we need to have a midcycle? (Meeting topic: Ironic)"17:20
jrollso, a few projects (glance/ceilometer/more?) are skipping the midcycle this cycle17:20
jrollfor a variety of reasons17:20
lucasagomesthat's a hard on, I like to think about midcycles as a place to hack on code17:20
lucasagomesif we have something big to hack on, it would be good to have one yes17:20
jrolland I wanted to ask folks if we think we should have one, based on the fact we have clear priorities and not everyone will make it anyway17:20
dtantsurI'd like to see you all again asap, but probably midcycle is not really needed...17:21
*** jmckind_ is now known as jmckind17:21
krtaylorneutron has skipped a midcycle also, was thinking it would be good to have at same time with them17:21
jrollI think the midcycle is super valuable from a see-people-in-person perspective, otherwise I'm pretty indifferent17:21
jrollplease throw all of your thoughts at me - if we decide to have one, I'll plan it ASAP otherwise happy hacking :D17:21
rloomuch as I like you all, I'm fine seeing you every 6 months :)17:22
sambettsI think small team virtual hack sessions would be a cool thing to have, using hangouts or something17:22
jlvillalI like having a mid-cycle. Hard to beat in-person interaction.17:22
devananda++ to seeing everyone and maintaining those connections four times a year instead of just twice a year, and ++ when we need to decide on plans or architecture, which I don't think we need this cycle as much as last cycle17:22
mgouldwhere would it be, physically?17:22
NobodyCami good chunch of what we have out standing is actually from last cycle, might be good to have a meetup to keep things on track17:22
jrollif we do have one, it will likely be US based on the feedback I've seen17:22
dtantsurwherever we find a venue, I guess17:22
* mgould would like to meet you all, but hates travelling17:23
krtaylorif not, maybe a couple vsprints  ->
lucasagomessambetts, ++ I would love to try some virtual hack session17:23
NobodyCamand how may folks could / would attend?17:23
dtantsurUSA is unlikely for me for a usual reason17:23
vdrokI'd like to meet everyone in person but not sure I'll attend17:23
dtantsuroh yeah, meeting vdrok would be a serious reason :)17:24
*** btully has quit IRC17:24
jrollI like the idea of virtual sprints as well17:24
sambettsthe US is not as hard for me as dtantsur, but its still a long way to travel and then deal with the after effects17:24
devanandawhat about coordinated regional meetups?17:24
*** neelashah1 has joined #openstack-meeting-317:24
jrolldevananda: how did that work out when we did a split midcycle? :)17:25
devanandait requires more planning than I have had bandwidth to do in the past, but other projects have had some success in the past with it as they grew17:25
dtantsurI would try something like that17:25
dtantsurthe only problem is timezones17:25
devanandajroll: I didn't intend to do a split midcycle last winter17:25
lucasagomesyeah sounds like something worth trying indeed17:25
devanandajroll: also they were not overlapping17:26
NobodyCamhaving them at the same time instead of one after the other may be better17:26
NobodyCamdevananda: ya17:26
devanandaif we  located a meetup in western EU and eastern US on overlapping days, there would be a few hours each day for video conferencing17:27
jlvillalThat sounds interesting :)17:27
devanandanot saying I think we need that -- but it is an option we haven't tried before17:27
NobodyCamthat may work17:27
sambettsI'm interested17:27
jrollokay, would folks like me to continue investigating that?17:28
NobodyCamare there locations that could work for that?17:28
lucasagomesso we have some options: 1) normal midcycle, 2) virtual sprint, 3) splitted midcycle. Perhaps we should continue on the ML ?17:29
rloo4) no midcycle17:29
jlvillal+1 from me to continue investigating. As I like the idea of a mid-cycle17:29
*** krotscheck has joined #openstack-meeting-317:29
lucasagomesrloo, yeah, or no midcycle17:29
vdrokwhen is it gonna be, approximately?17:29
vdrokif it will be17:29
jrolllikely late january - early february, I think17:29
*** wojdev has quit IRC17:29
jrollpreferably on the earlier end17:30
* dtantsur tries to remember when FOSDEM is17:30
lucasagomesearly february ++17:30
jrolldtantsur: jan 29-30 iirc17:30
dtantsursomething like that17:30
jrolllucasagomes: would you be able to lay out the options on the ML and we can go from there?17:30
dtantsurwe can have it right after17:30
lucasagomesdtantsur, 30-31 jan17:30
mgouldare many people here likely to be at fosdem?17:30
*** davidsha has quit IRC17:31
devanandafwiw, right after FOSDEM was the timing last winter17:31
sambettsmyself, lucasagomes and dtantsur have discussed meeting at FOSDEM17:31
lucasagomesthat's right! I will be there17:31
dtantsurmgould, I'll try to17:32
NobodyCamwhere is FOSDEM?17:32
lucasagomesBrussels, Belgium17:32
jrolllucasagomes: would you be able to lay out the options on the ML and we can go from there?17:32
lucasagomesjroll, ack, will do17:32
* lucasagomes adds to the TODO list for tomorrow morning17:33
jrollanyone else have anything on this topic?17:33
jroll#topic release notes management17:34
*** openstack changes topic to "release notes management (Meeting topic: Ironic)"17:34
jrolla couple things here17:34
jroll1) we need to move to using a thing called reno for release notes, see this for more info on how that works:17:35
jrollI'd love it if patches that deserve release notes come in with the release note in the same patch; we can also do it after the fact17:35
jlvillalRElease NOtes I'm guessing17:35
jrollI've started the necessary work here:17:36
jrolljlvillal: yes17:36
*** caiobo has joined #openstack-meeting-317:36
rloosome guidelines wrt what patches 'deserve' release notes, would be useful17:36
jrollsure, I can try to come up with something - to start, think about what we've put for rel notes in the past17:36
jrollmostly features or major bug fixes, upgrade notes, etc17:37
rloojroll: right. so not detailed stuff and not minor features17:37
jrollso that's just an announcement, the bigger part I want folks to start thinking about is17:37
jroll2) we can move off of launchpad for feature tracking if we'd like17:37
jrollit's not required, but also launchpad is the worst :)17:38
devanandaunfortunately, I need to step away for a bit (darn travel schedule) ... but I, for one, welcome our new ReNo overlords17:38
jrollso, we can talk about that here or we can go think about it and come back to it later17:38
jrolldevananda: \o17:38
lucasagomesdevananda, see ya later!17:38
dtantsur"User Jim Rollenhagen not found"17:38
NobodyCamsafe travels devananda17:38
devanandaalso huge ++ from me on moving away from LP for feature tracking17:38
devanandabut pls keep bugs there17:38
lucasagomesjroll, do you have any suggestion of alternatives to launchpad?17:38
jrolldtantsur: gerrit is the worst, idk what to say17:39
lucasagomesjroll, also, bugs still needs to be tracked in launchpad right?17:39
jlvillaldtantsur, Firefox?17:39
jrollthe main reno thing is here:17:39
NobodyCamjroll: would moveing off LP for feature track make it difficult for other project contributors to work with us17:39
jrolllucasagomes: bugs in launchpad, yes - I don't think that's painful today17:39
jlvillaldtantsur, With Chrome it worked for me, but failed with Firefox :(17:39
jrollfeature tracking on launchpad is horrible17:40
jrollNobodyCam: I'm not sure, that's something to consider17:40
*** neelashah1 has quit IRC17:40
jlvillalWould reno take over for feature tracking also?  In addition to release notes.17:40
jlvillalOr something else for feature tracking?17:40
jrollreno is only release notes17:40
jrollsome folks on the infra team are working on standing up phabricator, which is an option17:41
rlooseems like every openstack project will be asking. to use LP or not, that is the question.17:41
NobodyCamI do agree that feature tracking is horrible, but I am concerned that we'll make it harder for folks outside the ironic project to contribute17:41
jrolland likely the best for consistency with other projects down the road17:41
rlooit makes sense for (most of) openstack to use the same feature tracking whatever.17:41
* jroll thinks this is probably best for the mailing list, but wanted to get folks thinking about it17:42
*** neelashah1 has joined #openstack-meeting-317:42
lucasagomesrloo, ++17:42
NobodyCamjroll: ++ yes would love to hear from other projects on this17:42
lucasagomesyeah I would like to see it being cross project, many times we have features that are cross project17:43
lucasagomesand having to work across different systems may be messy/painful17:43
jrollblueprints don't do cross project at all fwiw17:43
*** flwang has quit IRC17:43
lucasagomesright, but at least it's all in the same "thing" (launchbad)17:43
jrollanyway, we won't make a decision here, but thanks in advance for putting some thought into it :)17:43
*** flwang2 has joined #openstack-meeting-317:43
jrollI'm going to go to open discussion, we can keep talking about this, or anything else on your mind17:44
jroll#topic open discussion17:44
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: Ironic)"17:44
yuriyzIMO there is a problem in Ironic with slow spec review process Do we 1) add more people to spec cores 2) cores should set more -2 (minimize specs in "hanging" state), more?17:44
yuriyzmy specs is an example17:44
jrollprobably both and more? :)17:45
jrollspec review always slows down a bit around summits17:45
yuriyz+1 for both17:45
rlooi htink spec reviews are always slow17:45
NobodyCamyuriyz: I can only speak for myself here: I know I have been slow reviewing... and plan on improving that volicity starting this week17:45
jrollyeah, they are always a bit slow - I think we also need focus on which specs we review, sometimes we are very sporadic with them17:46
rloowould it be useful to have spec sprints (or whatever they are called), once a week to review specs that are close or have contentious issues?17:46
jrollrloo: I think it would17:46
yuriyz-2 if spec is not suitable for Ironic/current cycle17:46
lucasagomeslike a spec jam17:46
yuriyzshould be set early17:46
rlooi'm not sure we should -2 wrt 'current cycle'17:46
jrollyuriyz: I agree with -2 for "not suitable for ironic" but not current cycle17:46
yuriyzjroll ok17:47
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting-317:47
jrollthe hard part is specs that might be good for ironic but need a complete rewrite17:47
jrollbecause the details don't make sense17:47
jrolldo we -1 or -2 those?17:48
NobodyCamif we are going to start to keep a up todate proitiries spec we could come up with rules that help keep specs aligned with those17:48
*** stevemar_ has quit IRC17:48
yuriyzyes, -1 but not to do review line-by-line17:48
rlooyeah. I might be a bit slow, I'll start to read a spec and then get totally confused cuz I don't know what the spec is trying to say.17:48
yuriyzjust mention mega issues17:48
jrollNobodyCam: no, priorities are just our focus, other work is still welcome17:48
jlvillalBut specs might be useful for future cycle priorities. Most of the priorities for Mitaka had specs land in Liberty.17:48
thiagopmaybe we need some caution not to push away good ideas by using a harsh policy17:49
lucasagomesjroll, I think we should -1 for that reason and ask the author to clarify17:49
*** Nisha has quit IRC17:49
yuriyzthiagop +117:49
jrolllucasagomes: yeah, it's really case by case too17:49
wanyenI like the idea of weekly spec review jam17:49
jrollthiagop: I agree, I won't let that happen :)17:50
*** jruano has quit IRC17:50
jrollrloo: how do you feel about organizing review jams? :)17:50
NobodyCamI also like the review jam idea as long we we set a time, and can keep it the same17:50
jlvillalWonder if weekly spec review is something for entire cycle or a specific time frame of the cycle?17:50
rlooif you're asking me to organize it, I would prefer not. I'm not a proponent of review jams even though I suggested it.17:50
rloojroll: oh well. i suppose i could do it if no one else wants to.17:51
jrollrloo: do you think it would be useful, though?17:51
lucasagomesalso, prior to have a review jam would be good to have a list of specs that we are confident that are almost there17:51
lucasagomesand could be merged17:51
rloojroll: it could be useful. i was also going to ask. how much effort do folks put in writing their specs?17:51
jrollI mean, I can find somebody else to organize those too17:51
rloolucasagomes: yes, i agree.17:51
lucasagomesor something that needs discussion to unstuck17:51
NobodyCamlucasagomes: ++ limited jam scope ++17:51
jrollgreat question :)17:51
dtantsuryeah, review jam would be useful if we at least don't read these specs in advance17:51
sambettsat least don't read them? or have at least read them?17:52
jrollso how's this - let's collect stuck/close specs in the meeting agenda. spend 5 minutes in each meeting taking a look at the list and (if needed) plan a jam for that week17:52
yuriyzadd actions?17:52
* lucasagomes thinks it's "at least read them"17:53
NobodyCam7 minutes left btw17:53
NobodyCamjroll: ++ I loke that to start17:53
lucasagomesjroll, sounds like a good start17:53
NobodyCamlike even17:53
jrollcool, I'll add the bullet point in the agenda17:54
rloojroll: i'm not sure i like spending time in the meeting figuring out if we need another meeting, but let's try/see how it goes.17:54
dtantsuryeah, sorry, I meant we should read them :)17:54
jrollrloo: more like "what time works for folks?17:54
jrollrloo: otherwise it's going to involve catching people randomly in irc and mailing list emails etc17:55
rloojroll: maybe we need a specs subteam17:55
NobodyCamwe have spec's cores thats kinda a subteam already17:55
yuriyzwe already have spec cores17:55
rloojroll: like dmitry does for bugs, and jlvillal & mrda for nova bugs. someone to highlight specs that need more attention17:55
jrollrloo: maybe17:56
rloojust thinking out loud.17:56
jrolllet's try this next week and go from there?17:56
lucasagomesyeah, specs are kinda hard to one person to be responsable for17:56
lucasagomesthey are long and require specific knowledge sometimes17:56
rloolucasagomes: not responsible for. just to have an idea of status.17:56
*** bpokorny has quit IRC17:56
lucasagomesso... I don't know, I think collectively it would work better17:57
lucasagomesrloo, right17:57
*** flwang2 has quit IRC17:57
jrollok, I've gotta run a couple minutes early, sorry. NobodyCam can you hit the endmeeting button when we're done? :)17:57
dtantsurwe can assign devananda while he's out :D17:57
*** flwang has joined #openstack-meeting-317:57
NobodyCamI can17:57
lucasagomesdtantsur, and now jroll17:57
thiagopI don't know if you guys knows about next-review17:57
jrollthanks all for coming today17:57
NobodyCamthaNK you jroll17:57
jlvillalthiagop, What's that?17:57
lucasagomesjroll, see ya17:57
lucasagomesthiagop, I don't know it17:58
thiagopa tool created by Dolph to help find things to review17:58
NobodyCamthiagop: I have not heard of it17:58
* dtantsur does not think he has problems finding things to review... he finds too many things to review17:58
*** kzaitsev_mb has quit IRC17:58
rloodtantsur: ++17:58
*** devvesa has quit IRC17:58
lucasagomesthiagop, oh I will take a look, thanks for it!17:58
NobodyCamone minute17:59
thiagopthis follows a simple philosophy and, when you guys have made a push to review all older specs, will become a very helpful17:59
thiagopit may become*17:59
lucasagomesoh that's pretty cool! It's like my todo list but automated!17:59
sambettsThe etherpad has an updated ironic-inbox gerrit page which i find very useful to help manage my reviews17:59
rlooi don't think the onus is on cores to review the specs. everyone should be reviewing.17:59
NobodyCamthiagop: will take a look17:59
dtantsurI'd prefer to add rules to gertty17:59
NobodyCamthats time18:00
NobodyCamThank you all for attending18:00
sambettsthanks everyone o/18:00
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flwang1#startmeeting zaqar21:00
openstackMeeting started Mon Nov  9 21:00:27 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is flwang1. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: zaqar)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'zaqar'21:00
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom21:00
*** ryansb has joined #openstack-meeting-321:00
flwang1#topic roll call21:00
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: zaqar)"21:00
*** msambol has joined #openstack-meeting-321:00
*** Christian___ has joined #openstack-meeting-321:02
*** Swami has quit IRC21:02
flwang1ok, let's start. not sure if vkmc and flaper87 can join today21:02
flwang1#topic important patch/bug21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "important patch/bug (Meeting topic: zaqar)"21:03
*** Christian___ has quit IRC21:03
flwang1we need to get the v2 patch in asap to avoid block the adoption in sahara21:03
*** mkadera has left #openstack-meeting-321:04
flwang1ryansb: can you put it on your today-to-list? :)21:04
ryansbyeah, I can21:04
flwang1ryansb: really appreciate that21:04
ryansbthough in my tz there isn't a lot of "today" left, so it may be a "in the morning" list21:05
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting-321:05
*** wanyen has quit IRC21:05
flwang1ryansb: it works for me either :)21:05
jasondotstarhi guys. I've been radio silent since summit. I'm back. :-)21:05
ryansbhey there21:05
flwang1jasondotstar: hey there21:06
*** jmckind_ is now known as jmckind21:06
flwang1would you mind being the next topic speaker for the puppet work? ;)21:06
jasondotstarwell... I'm picking up where I left off this week21:07
flwang1it's the dependency of the py34 patch, ryansb has dropped a great comment21:07
jasondotstarwhich is continuing the work on the debian deployment sections of the module21:07
flwang1jasondotstar: anything we can help?21:07
jasondotstarwell the debian packaging21:08
jasondotstarhas always been something that I wasn't sure about21:08
*** Piet has joined #openstack-meeting-321:08
jasondotstarwho's handling that part? do we have the latest and greatest out in the deb repos?21:08
*** kzaitsev_mb has quit IRC21:08
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting-321:09
flwang1jasondotstar: i can't remember the name of the guy, but i'm sure there is a guy working on the debian packaging of openstack21:09
flwang1jasondotstar: i will figure out the name and let you know21:09
jasondotstarwell unless i can nail down the status21:09
jasondotstarthat part of the module is in a holding pattern :-/21:09
jasondotstarflwang1: ack.21:10
flwang1#action flwang will help jasondotstar figure out the debian packaging guy21:10
flwang1jasondotstar: thanks a lot for working on this21:11
jasondotstarno problem. goal is to get this stable during this release cycle.21:12
*** sdake has quit IRC21:12
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting-321:13
*** jmckind is now known as jmckind_21:13
*** iben has joined #openstack-meeting-321:13
flwang1jasondotstar: i'm so excited for the goal since we(catalyst IT) is keen to deploy it asap21:13
flwang1and we need the puppet work21:14
flwang1any other patch/bug we should discuss in this topic?21:14
Eva-iCan you look at my comment in the second patch?21:15
flwang1Eva-i: yes, i did21:15
*** kzaitsev_mb has joined #openstack-meeting-321:16
Eva-iflwang1: so what do you think, is this code needed?21:16
flwang1Eva-i: like we did for message database, i think we can init the connection with a default wc value21:18
flwang1Eva-i: i will post another patch after figure out where the connection is initialized and see if it works21:19
Eva-iflwang1: okay21:19
*** egallen has quit IRC21:19
flwang1does that address your question?21:20
flwang1i mean using a default wc value instead of checking the None21:20
*** jmckind_ is now known as jmckind21:21
Eva-iflwang1: yes, it's one of the possible solutions21:22
flwang1ok, cool21:22
*** jhesketh has quit IRC21:23
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting-321:23
*** Aish has quit IRC21:24
flwang1ok, next topic21:24
Eva-iflwang1: but "none checking code" can be removed as it affects nothing, I think. No need to modify wc initialization.21:24
Eva-iok, next topic21:24
flwang1Eva-i: ok, we can discuss more details offline21:25
*** jhesketh has joined #openstack-meeting-321:25
flwang1#topic create pool/queue/flavor with existing name21:25
*** openstack changes topic to "create pool/queue/flavor with existing name (Meeting topic: zaqar)"21:25
flwang1this topic is related to
flwang1personally, i think it's a good enhancement21:27
flwang1since we don't allow duplicated name for those resources21:27
ryansbyeah, I'm all about surfacing better errors21:28
njohnstonI agree21:28
flwang1the only reason i'm hesitating is because is breaking the api back compatibility and i'm not sure if there is a corner case we may miss21:29
flwang1that's why i would like to get flaper87's feedback21:29
*** annp has quit IRC21:29
*** wojdev_ has joined #openstack-meeting-321:29
flwang1or kurt's comments21:29
Eva-iI don't know what to think about these patches because I don't know what backward compatibility for zaqar API is21:30
flwang1i even asked why zaqar use PUT instead of POST to create new resources, but i forgot the answer from flaper87 :D21:30
*** wojdev has quit IRC21:30
*** wojdev_ is now known as wojdev21:30
Eva-iI tried to make flaper87 answer these questions about backward compatibility
flwang1Eva-i: the backward compatibility means before this patch, when you try to create a new flavor, you may update an existing one21:31
flwang1after that, you will get a 409 error21:31
flwang1Eva-i: hah, it's great :)21:32
ryansbyeah, that is a breaking one21:32
*** iben has quit IRC21:32
Eva-idifferent people in Zaqar have different vision of what backwards compatibility for API is21:33
flwang1ryansb: you know, current behaviour has been existing for several releases, maybe there is a user case we missed21:33
Eva-i*for Zaqar API21:33
flwang1Eva-i: yep, that's why we need to get feedback from operators instead of just make a decision by developers :)21:34
flwang1i will send a mail to kurt the founder of zaqar to get his opinion21:34
Eva-iflwang1: wow, ok21:35
flwang1awesome :)21:36
flwang1Eva-i: thanks for your thinking on zaqar, it's valuable21:36
flwang1#topic zaqar client21:36
*** openstack changes topic to "zaqar client (Meeting topic: zaqar)"21:36
*** Aish has joined #openstack-meeting-321:36
flwang1as i mentioned in the summit summary email, we still have a big gap for the zaqar client vs. server side21:37
flwang1for v1, we're still missing the pool and flavor support21:37
flwang1 for cli21:37
vkmcsorry I'm very late21:38
flwang1vkmc: hey21:38
flwang1we're talking about the zaqar client work21:38
vkmcjust in time21:38
*** vgridnev has quit IRC21:38
flwang1for v2, we're missing flavor, pool, subscription and pre-signed url support for library layer after merged21:39
*** kebray has quit IRC21:40
flwang1vkmc: if you can review today, you will get another nz chocolate21:41
vkmcflwang1, oh that nz chocolate is amazing21:41
vkmcI was going to review that anyway21:41
vkmcsorry it's taking me so long21:41
vkmcI catch up with some reviews today but I had that one pending :)21:42
flwang1vkmc: if it can get your +2, i will merge it21:42
flwang1vkmc: i see, no worries21:42
*** mwagner has quit IRC21:42
flwang1so now md is working on the client work and i will give him a hand for subscription21:44
flwang1if anybody can take the pre-signed url part, it would be awesome21:44
vkmcdo we need an spec for that?21:44
flwang1our goal is complete the client work in Mitaka-121:44
*** kebray has joined #openstack-meeting-321:45
flwang1vkmc: TBH, i don't think we need a spec for this21:45
ryansbYeah, the spec for server work is up21:45
ryansbthe client work is (IMO) part of that21:45
flwang1ryansb: +121:45
flwang1anything we should discuss for this topic?21:47
*** cbouch has quit IRC21:48
*** liangbo has quit IRC21:48
flwang1#topic horizon + zaqar21:48
*** openstack changes topic to "horizon + zaqar (Meeting topic: zaqar)"21:48
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting-321:49
*** jaypipes has quit IRC21:49
flwang1we would like to implement a basic filter for subscription to avoid flooding when there are too much messages21:50
*** JeanBriceCombebi has joined #openstack-meeting-321:50
flwang1with this, the subscriber can subscribe a queue but don't receive all the messages of the queue21:50
flwang1does that make any sense for you guys?21:50
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting-321:51
ryansbI'd disagree with adding that, but not very strongly21:52
*** egallen has quit IRC21:52
ryansbbecause I think that operators/users should partition workloads to multiple queues if subscribers can't keep up21:53
vkmcdoes it make sense to have in Zaqar side?21:53
flwang1yep, in zaqar side21:53
flwang1we need it for horizon integration21:53
Eva-iflwang1: why is it needed for horizon integration?21:54
flwang1horizon want to be notified by some particular notifications, like from nova instance change, image change or volume change21:54
flwang1but not all the notifications21:54
*** kzaitsev_mb has quit IRC21:54
njohnstonIs there an indication in the server or client side user experience or logs that it has been detected that the subscriber can't keep up?  How do we know that to be true?21:54
flwang1so that to trigger horizon  to a on-demand poll for those services21:55
flwang1now horizon has to poll per second to get the latest status for instance, images, etc21:55
ryansbso is it certain that horizon can't filter clientside?21:56
*** kzaitsev_mb has joined #openstack-meeting-321:57
flwang1ryansb: they can, but they don't want i think :)21:57
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC21:57
ryansbthat doesn't mean it's a feature we should add. I think adding it would get pretty complex, pretty quickly21:58
*** matrohon has quit IRC21:58
flwang1yep, i can see your point21:58
flwang1we can discuss offline21:58
flwang1we have 2 minutes left21:58
flwang1#topic open disussion21:59
*** openstack changes topic to "open disussion (Meeting topic: zaqar)"21:59
flwang1anything we should talk here ?21:59
ryansbnot from me21:59
flwang1or we can go back to zaqar channel21:59
vkmcnot from me :)21:59
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting-322:00
flwang1ok, cool22:00
flwang1thank you guys22:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"22:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
*** ryansb has left #openstack-meeting-322:00
vkmcthanks :D22:00
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