Wednesday, 2021-02-03

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rosmaita#startmeeting cinder14:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 14:00:31 2021 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is rosmaita. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.14:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'14:00
rosmaita#topic roll call14:00
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:00
rosmaitahello everyone14:01
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rosmaitathere's a lot on the agenda today, so let's get started14:02
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rosmaita#topic announcements - upcoming events14:02
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements - upcoming events (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:02
rosmaitaok, right now is R-1014:02
rosmaitanext week we have the R-9 midcycle14:02
rosmaitawednesday, 1400-1600 utc14:03
rosmaitafor full info ^^14:03
rosmaitaalso in R-9 is the cinder new feature status checkpoint14:03
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rosmaitaread ^^ if you don't know what i'm talking about14:03
rosmaitaand in R-8 we have  cinder driver features declaration14:04
rosmaita#topic announcements - rbd-iscsi-client14:04
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements - rbd-iscsi-client (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:04
rosmaitaas you may know, the ceph-iscsi driver has a dependency on a client library that hemna wrote14:05
rosmaitawe (cinder project) are assuming maintenance of it14:05
rosmaitathat last one explains the gerrit group for the rbd-iscsi-client14:06
rosmaitathere may be interest from ironic or ceph people from getting in on the action14:06
rosmaitaso it will be easy to add non-cinder-cores to the rbd-iscsi-client-core team14:07
rosmaitabut as of right now, cinder-core is an included group in rbd-iscis-client-core14:07
rosmaitarbd-iscsi-client was using travis CI in github for CI14:07
rosmaitaso we'll need to set up zuul jobs for the PTI14:08
rosmaitaif someone wants to volunteer for that, i will be happy to let you do it14:08
rosmaitalet me know14:08
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rosmaita#announcement - add assert:supports-api-interoperability to cinder14:08
rosmaita#topic announcement - add assert:supports-api-interoperability to cinder14:09
*** openstack changes topic to "announcement - add assert:supports-api-interoperability to cinder (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:09
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rosmaitai think this is a no-brainer, we already do all this stuff14:10
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rosmaitaanyway, if you have strong feelings, leave a comment on the review14:10
rosmaita#topic announcements - requirements, lower-constraints changes14:11
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements - requirements, lower-constraints changes (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:11
rosmaitathere are still a bunch of these patches un-merged14:11
rosmaitathey won't become a big problem until suddenly they do14:11
rosmaitai think the only ones left are on stable branches14:11
rosmaitai could use some help on the cinderlib/stable/train patch14:12
whoami-rajat__^ I've listed the stable branch ones in my review tracker14:12
rosmaitawhoami-rajat__: ty14:12
rosmaitathat one has an ansible task in pre-run playbook for cinderlib-ceph-functional job is failing in cinderlib/stable/train14:13
jungleboyjrosmaita:  I had looked last week.  Will look again.14:13
hemnaI've run into issues running tox on stable/train not being nice'14:13
rosmaitayeah, a patch merged recently about the pep8 job there, maybe that will help14:14
hemnacool thanks14:14
rosmaita#topic announcements - new drivers status14:14
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements - new drivers status (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:14
rosmaitaok, two drivers left14:14
rosmaita1 - ceph-iscsi14:14
rosmaitait has one +2 and the CI is set up and passing14:15
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rosmaitayou can find the associated CI patches and support from ^^14:15
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jungleboyjAh, I need to look at that one again and merge it.14:15
jungleboyjI will do that today.14:15
rosmaitaok, so if anyone wants to see it before it merges, act fast!14:16
rosmaita2 - kioxia kumoscale14:16
rosmaitazohan sent a message to the ML14:16
rosmaitainfo in ^^ about the patches14:17
rosmaitaCI is responding14:17
hemnawhat's the deadline for these to merge ?14:17
rosmaitabut we need reviews right away, because there will be some revisions needed14:17
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Can we get the new CIs added to your list you are monitoring?14:18
rosmaitaceph-iscisi was 5 feb (Friday)14:18
toskythe deadline is always "yesterday"14:18
rosmaitakioxia is 8 Feb (monday)14:18
rosmaitahemna: i don't know why i used past tense14:18
rosmaitajungleboyj: i was supposed to get smcginnis a list of the new CIs14:18
jungleboyjOk.  Good.14:18
rosmaita#action rosmaita - get smcginnis a list of the new CIs14:19
rosmaitaok i have a general question about CI that's not specific to kioxia14:19
rosmaitabut was something i noticed14:19
rosmaitathe driver supports thin provisioning14:19
rosmaitabut the CI is running with the default, which is thick14:20
rosmaitawhich seems appropriate, you want to make sure the default works14:20
rosmaitawhat do other drivers do about this?14:20
eharneyi assume most just test one or the other since which one you use isn't going to be interesting for the kind of testing we do in ci jobs14:21
rosmaitai don't think i've seen any CI running separate jobs14:21
jungleboyjHmmm, I don't think it is a question we have asked before.14:21
rosmaitaok,  then we don't want to hold anything up by asking it now!14:22
rosmaitaok, CI with the default provisioning is fine for kioxia14:22
eharneywe don't have tests that focus enough at the data level to care about the implications of thick vs. thin14:22
hemnaplus you can change the provisioning type in a volume type as well14:22
hemnaas long as the driver is reporting it supports both it can work14:22
rosmaitasounds good14:23
rosmaitaok, so we have jungleboyj committed to reviewing ceph-iscsi14:23
rosmaitai'd like to get some names associated with the kioxia patches14:24
rosmaitaparticularly the os-brick change for the nvmeof connector14:24
hemnaI can take a look at the os-brick change14:24
* jungleboyj will try to look but would like others better with OS-Brick to look.14:24
jungleboyjhemna:  ++14:25
rosmaitajungleboyj: that is my feeling too, i have looked, but would like more eyes on that14:25
rosmaitai did a first pass through the driver and picked up superficial stuff, will be going through it again14:26
rosmaitabtw, the zuul -1 is the lvm-barbican job, so don't let that stop you from looking at the driver patch14:26
*** chuckpiercey has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:26
rosmaitaso ... i hate to put people on the spot, but we need to perform our community duties14:27
rosmaitaneed one more core to commit to the kioxia driver review14:28
rosmaitaand would like someone other than me, jungleboyj to commit to the nvmeof connector change14:28
jungleboyj :-)14:28
rosmaita(other than hemna, too, he has already committed)14:28
whoami-rajat__I can take a look at the driver14:29
rosmaitawhoami-rajat__: excellent, ty14:29
e0nerosmaita: I can help with nvmeof review14:29
rosmaitaok, please get some comments, the kioxia team has been responding quickly14:30
chuckpierceythank you14:30
rosmaitawe can see where we are on 8 Feb, hopefully really close14:31
rosmaitaok, that's all for announcements and business14:31
rosmaita#topic stable release update14:31
*** openstack changes topic to "stable release update (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:31
rosmaitawhoami-rajat__: that's you14:31
whoami-rajat__thanks rosmaita14:31
whoami-rajat__I've set up a tracker doc for the patches targeted in each branch14:31
whoami-rajat__There have been patches merged in stable/victoria since last week (I've striked and moved merged ones below open ones)14:32
*** tmazur has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:32
whoami-rajat__sadly there were no reviews on ussuri and train14:32
*** zoharm has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:33
whoami-rajat__So stable cores can take a look at the patches listed and help with the reviews :)14:33
jungleboyjI had been doing stable reviews last week.  Needed someone else to go through and give the second review.14:33
jungleboyjSo, a call for help there.14:33
*** reddy has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:33
rosmaitaok, thanks ... reminder that the priority is the new drivers14:33
whoami-rajat__yes, jungleboyj thanks for the reviews14:33
rosmaitawe don't have a hard deadline for stable releases14:33
jungleboyjrosmaita:  ++14:34
rosmaitaso ... everyone: review ceph-iscsi and kioxia, and then we have this handy list of what to do next14:34
whoami-rajat__yep, there's still a lot of time for stable release i.e. R-7 but i think we can delay it if other priority tasks exist14:34
rosmaitathanks for the update14:35
whoami-rajat__that's all from my side14:35
rosmaita#topic Windows RBD os-brick support14:35
*** openstack changes topic to "Windows RBD os-brick support (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:35
rosmaitathis was postponed from last week14:35
rosmaitalpetrut: that's you14:35
lpetruthi. we're hoping to get the Windows RBD os-brick connector merged:
lpetrutthe CI's already running: os-brick-ceph : SUCCESS in 1h 02m 03s14:35
lpetrutFWIW, Windows RBD support already landed in Ceph Pacific. Here's a readme:
*** lbragstad has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:35
lpetrutthe os-brick patch is quite simple, it already got a few reviews. It's fully understandable if we want to wait until the new driver deadline though.14:35
rosmaitathanks, great that this has CI, too14:36
*** reddy1 has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:36
rosmaitaso ... new drivers first, then pick this one up14:36
rosmaitalpetrut: thanks for the links to the info14:37
rosmaita#topic Dividing utils and volume_utils 14:37
*** openstack changes topic to "Dividing utils and volume_utils  (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:37
rosmaitai think this is also from last week14:37
rosmaitaeharney: that's you14:37
eharneybasically we have made cinder.utils import everything under the sun14:37
*** reddy has quit IRC14:37
eharneythe result of this is that things like the api service and cinder-manage commands etc load tons of code they don't need (like os-brick)14:38
eharneythis is reorganizing utils code into more specific areas like volume_utils to fix this coupling14:38
eharneythe second patch i listed moves trace utils to volume_utils since they are only used by volume code14:38
rosmaitamakes sense14:39
eharneyhemna suggests moving them to a separate trace_utils file, not sure if that is beneficial or not at this point14:39
geguileoeharney: I like that, and we should add a comment on the cinder/ file saying what shouldn't go in that file14:39
*** chuckpiercey has quit IRC14:39
rosmaitageguileo: ++14:39
eharney(nothing outside of volume/ uses the trace code)14:39
eharneyi can do whatever, but i'd prefer to stick to refactoring that has a direct benefit vs. things that someone might want later14:39
hemnaI have added trace to various parts of cinder during debugging problems fwiw.14:40
geguileoeharney: I'm ok either way14:40
*** linshiyx has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:40
geguileohemna: you have added it on your env, or in the Cinder code?14:40
eharneyi don't know enough about the trace stuff to know what people are really doing with it14:40
hemnain my env14:40
hemnait's a great facility for debugging14:40
geguileohemna: then if you only do it for dev, you probably don't really mind if it's in a single file14:40
geguileoanother thing is if we start adding it in the Cinder code...14:41
hemnaIt's not a big issue, I just figured if we are refactoring, put the trace stuff in it's own file14:41
geguileohemna: I think we can add a comment on the trace methods saying that if this is used somewhere else in the API or Scheduler it should be moved out of the file14:42
rosmaitageguileo: that sounds like a good compromise for now14:42
geguileothat way we have it in a single file now, but we know it should be moved out if we start using it14:42
eharneygeguileo: sounds like a good plan14:42
*** chuckpiercey has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:42
rosmaitai love it when a plan comes together14:43
rosmaita#topic Support volume encryption on NFS backends status 14:43
*** openstack changes topic to "Support volume encryption on NFS backends status  (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:43
hemnathat's fine.  I have worked on custom scheduler filters and used it there14:43
rosmaitai think this is yet another postponed topic from last week14:43
rosmaitaenriquetaso: you have the floor14:43
enriquetasoHi I'd like to give a brief summary of the status of generic NFS backend with encryption and maybe catch attention for reviews and collaboration14:43
enriquetasoInitial work merged last year
enriquetasoBasic operations like create a volume / clone volume are supported.14:44
enriquetasoBut an important bug came out and in order to fix this should implement a driver copy_image_to_encrypted_volume() method to handle this create a volume from an image. Without it, NFS is currently falling into the base driver generic copy_image_to_encrypted_volume() method which does not work for how NFS managed encrypted volumes. 14:44
enriquetasoI have this patch waiting for lucky reviews:
enriquetasoSo any reviews or comments are welcome! \o/14:44
toskyI think this was already touched, but just to be sure: does this affect only the generic NFS driver, or also any backend-specific NFS drivers?14:44
eharneythis is pretty important, are there CI jobs that test this path?14:45
enriquetasoonly generic tosky as far as I know14:45
enriquetasoeharney, don't think any job uses the generic nfs14:46
eharneywe have generic nfs ci jobs14:46
toskywe run the devstack-plugin-nfs-tempest-full job, but I don't remember if encryption is enabled there for volume tests14:46
enriquetasooh sorry14:46
rosmaitai agree with eharney that it would be good to get CI coverage for this14:47
rosmaitait looks like a pretty nasty bug14:47
eharneybut we really probably shouldn't hold up the bugfix for that if we can test and show that it works14:47
enriquetaso#action enriquetaso get CI coverage14:48
rosmaitaok ... so, ceph-iscsi, kioxia, windows-ceph-support, nfs-encryption-bug (for priorities)14:48
rosmaitaand stable branch reviews after that14:48
rosmaitathanks, sofi14:48
rosmaitaanything else?14:48
rosmaitagreat, next topic is you, too14:49
enriquetasoyes :P14:49
rosmaita#topic Wallaby R-10 Bug Review 14:49
*** openstack changes topic to "Wallaby R-10 Bug Review  (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:49
rosmaitaenriquetaso has volunteered to take over as bug deputy14:49
enriquetasoFirst: I think I'd be useful for us to add an email 'bug deputy report for the week' like neutron do this way, the team gets the news  even if we don't we time to talk about them in our meeting (as happened last week)14:49
jungleboyjCool.  Thanks enriquetaso14:49
enriquetasowhat the team thinks?14:50
rosmaitaif you don' t mind putting together an email, that's good14:50
whoami-rajat__We usually get time to cover all topics (except the last meeting) but I've no issues with it being published on the ML14:50
rosmaitai think i'd still like you to talk about any important or complicated ones at the meeting14:51
enriquetasoWe have a couple bugs reported this week: 5 for Cinder and 1 for Cinder client:14:51
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:52
enriquetasobug_1: DellEMC VNX driver: volume is not created but status is 'available' in openstack 14:52
openstackLaunchpad bug 1914319 in Cinder "DellEMC VNX driver: volume is not created on array but status is 'available' in openstack" [High,New] - Assigned to Yong Huang (yonghuang)14:52
enriquetasoLooks pretty heavy if Cinder shows the volume as available the volume isn't and also errors with  'vnx-fc-074 cinder-volume[1486261]: ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server'14:52
enriquetasoThe next one looks also big deal, but not sure14:53
enriquetasobug_2: After attachment-delete nova still sees volume as attached 14:54
openstackLaunchpad bug 1914273 in Cinder "After attachment-delete nova still sees volume as attached" [Medium,New]14:54
enriquetasoUsing cinder attachment-delete command to detach a volume from a stopped instance seems to be affecting only what cinder sees but not what nova sees.14:54
eharneyi'm pretty sure this isn't a bug14:54
eharneyif you delete the attachment from cinder and don't detach from nova, this is what you would expect to happen, AFAIK14:55
enriquetasoOk, we don't have time so the last one I'm going to mention is from cinder client14:56
enriquetasobug_6: Cinderclient needs to support microversion 3.6314:56
openstackLaunchpad bug 1913474 in python-cinderclient "Cinderclient needs to support mv 3.63" [Medium,Triaged]14:56
enriquetasoWe need some lucky one to implement this.14:56
rosmaitawell, we also need to merge mv 3.63 first:
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC14:57
whoami-rajat__I don't think we require a bug to track cinderclient mv support14:57
rosmaitathat's got a +2, also geguileo reviewed it at one point and i think all the comments were addressed, looks pretty solid now14:57
rosmaitai think there's a patch up for the cinderclient already?14:57
enriquetasoi couldn't find that patch14:57
geguileorosmaita: I'll do another review14:58
rosmaitageguileo: after new drivers!14:58
enriquetasoI'll link it to the launchpad14:58
rosmaitaenriquetaso: great14:58
geguileoI was saying about the microversion patch...14:58
enriquetasothat's all for me14:58
rosmaitageguileo: i know14:58
*** cliffparsons has quit IRC14:58
rosmaitashould be pretty quick, i think he took all your suggestions :)14:59
*** cliffparsons has joined #openstack-meeting-alt14:59
rosmaitaok, thanks enriquetaso14:59
rosmaita#topic open discussion14:59
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: cinder)"14:59
rosmaitasome review begging on the etherpad :D14:59
eharneyi added +RP to , looks important14:59
eharneydata integrity issue for FC... has been sitting for months14:59
rosmaitaeharney: thanks for the link, i couldn't find it15:00
rosmaitaok, we need to make way for horizon15:00
rosmaitathanks everyone!15:00
rosmaitadon't forget, midcycle next week15:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:00
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 15:00:33 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)15:00
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e0ne#startmeeting horizon15:00
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vishalmanchandahi all.15:01
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e0nevishalmanchanda: let's wait few minutes to let people join us15:03
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e0nelet's start15:06
e0neI don't have any announcements today, so let's start with topics in our etherpad15:07
e0ne#topic integration tests failure in master branch15:08
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e0neit's line #71 in the etherpad15:08
amotokiI added what I checked here.15:09
amotokiIt looks like the cause is xstatic-jquery-migrate upgrade to 3.15:09
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e0nerdopiera: are you around?15:10
e0neamotoki: did you check with previous version?15:10
e0neAFAIK, manila-ui is affected too15:10
amotokiyes, see and its Depends-On15:10
rdopierae0ne: sorry, I'm here, I have another meeting at the same time15:10
amotokiThe symptom we see with the new jquery-migrate is all tests fail.15:11
rdopieraugh, looking at it15:12
e0neamotoki: I see. I'm OK to cap requirements until we figure out what is going15:12
e0neI would like to see working and voting integration tests job15:13
amotokie0ne: yeah, it is the short-time workaround.15:13
rdopierait's possible that there are delays or some other interaction with it15:13
e0neI need to deploy a fresh env to reproduce the issue on my local env15:13
rdopieraI never got the integration tests to work on my machine, so I did not test it15:13
rdopieraI will make an ubuntu vm and try there, I guess15:14
amotokilooking at, we failed to open the target page. Only the login succeeds.15:15
amotokiI checked about 10 test results but the behaviors are same.15:15
amotokiunfortunately I have no more time to investigate the detail with the new xstatic-jquery-migrate. can someone investigate it?15:15
e0neI'll do it15:16
vishalmanchandathere are many post on google acc. to that it's an geckodriver issue with Firefox browser but I am not sure.15:16
amotokivishalmanchanda: is it related to the full failure this time?15:16
vishalmanchandaamotoki: error logs are same.15:17
amotokieven without the failure this time, our integration tests fail too often. it might be related to this.15:17
e0newe don't have browser logs in a job15:17
amotokivishalmanchanda: which error log do you mean?15:17
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vishalmanchandaamotoki: error logs in post
vishalmanchandasame as our failed integration-job logs15:19
e0neI don't think it's related to the issue15:19
amotokivishalmanchanda: it is not new. we see this error even before we switch a browser.15:19
amotokibuuuuuut, we first need to fix the complete failure of integration tests15:19
vishalmanchandaamotoki: hmm15:20
amotokivishalmanchanda: your issue souds a next step to make the integration tests more stable.15:20
amotokivishalmanchanda: why do you think it is related to this failure?15:20
amotokiwhat I see is ALL tests fail now. previously we see a few tests fail.15:21
amotokiwe usually see the error you mention.15:21
vishalmanchandaamotoki: but we never see "HTTP method not allowed" error before15:22
amotokifor example,
amotokithis is a result of my DNM patch15:22
amotokiwe see only ONE error of "HTTP method not allowed"15:23
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amotokibut it does not happen for all tests.15:23
amotokii thikn ALL vs a couple of tests is very different symptom15:23
rdopierait could be that the jquery-migrade exacerbates the problem that exists already15:24
rdopierabut it could be completely different too15:24
vishalmanchandae0ne: Could you try to run integration-test with latest xstatic-jquery-migrate but with another browser maybe chromium this time.15:25
amotokithe evidence of my statement is found here.
vishalmanchandae0ne: I tried it locally but not succeeded.15:25
e0nevishalmanchanda: I'll do it tonight. I need to setup a new devstack15:25
amotokiCompere test failures after Jan 28 and before Jan 27. Failure symptoms are different.15:25
vishalmanchandaamotoki: yeah.15:26
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vishalmanchandaWhat's are final call on this topic?15:28
vishalmanchanda merges these patches as of now to unblock CI.15:29
amotokiI don't think we are in the stage to decide the final call but the short-term workaround would be to block the new xstatic-jquery-migrate.15:29
e0neamotoki: +215:29
amotokiand then we can investigate two things (1) failure with the new xstatic-jquery-migrate15:29
amotokiand (2) failure reason in our integration tests we contineu to see since before this time failure.15:30
vishalmanchandaamotoki: agreed.15:30
rdopierasounds like a plan15:30
rdopieraand sorrry for causing this15:30
amotokirdopiera: no problem. everyone did not check it :(15:31
rdopieraI will try to get the integration tests working on my machine one way or another15:31
amotokivishalmanchanda: you struggeled to run the integartion tests before. do you have tips you can share with rdopiera?15:32
vishalmanchandardopiera: Make sure your credentials are right in 'openstack_dashboard/test/integration_tests/' file.15:33
vishalmanchandardopiera: ohh sorry wrong file reference.15:33
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rdopieraI know which file you mean15:34
vishalmanchandardopiera: please share your error logs once you try to run maybe I can help.15:35
rdopieraI have problems with the gecko driver itself, but hopefully that will work if I try it on ubuntu15:35
e0nerdopiera: I used ubuntu VM without any issues15:36
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rdopieraI'm running fedora, because it's a work laptop15:37
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amotokiapart from how to run the integration tests, a different I see is that the current failure happens when moving to a page from /projects/ (just afterr login). Previously we usually succeeds to move a next page like /volumes/ from /projects/ and failures happen after that.15:39
amotokiI confirmed this by checking video.mp4 under tox/test_reports.15:40
amotokiwe always see "HTTP method not allowed" vishalmanchanda mentioned in both cases but when it happens seems different.15:40
amotokithat's all I see.15:41
amotokiso, who takes care the next action?15:42
e0neI'll try to reproduce it locally15:42
e0neand I'll let you know tomorrow about progress15:43
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amotokihopefully one of you can handle a requirements change.15:43
amotokiI cannot do it soon tomorrow.15:44
e0neamotoki: do you mean this one
rdopieraI'm looking into it as well, if I can get my setup to work15:45
amotokie0ne: yes, I proposed it just for testing. we can update it.15:46
rdopieraI just had one of the integration tests pass, so I think I'm making progress15:46
e0nerdopiera: :)15:47
amotokiwe spend most of our time on this topic.15:48
amotokiwe see another topic in On-demand agenda. is it time to move?15:48
e0nelet's move to the next topic15:49
e0ne#topic nodejs 10 version going to EOL by April end15:49
*** openstack changes topic to "nodejs 10 version going to EOL by April end (Meeting topic: horizon)"15:49
vishalmanchandaI have added this topic.15:49
e0nevishalmanchanda: could you  please provide more details?15:50
vishalmanchandaI think we should test horizon with next LTS version(v12 or v14) because v10 which are using now going to EOL by 2021-04-30.15:51
amotokiwhat kind of things do we need to do? when we switched nodejs from 4 to 10, it was just to setup nodejs10 job and update related jobs.15:51
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e0nevishalmanchanda: how much will it affect us?15:52
vishalmanchandae0ne: I have not  tested npm job with any latest version as of now15:53
vishalmanchandawill try to do it this week15:53
e0nevishalmanchanda: ok. let's move this topic to the next week15:53
amotokizuul/zuul-jobs/zuul.d/js-jobs.yaml already defines node env with version 14.15:54
amotokiso we can try it. that's all.15:54
e0nevishalmanchanda: you can test it locally15:54
vishalmanchandaamotoki: cool15:54
amotokithat would be a topic on not wallaby but xena15:55
amotokii have two updates I am working on before closing the meeting.15:56
vishalmanchandaamotoki: there is a patch purpose for Xena runtime env for nodejs version that' why I added this topic.15:56
amotokiabout Merge tempest-horizon into tempest and Chinese locale rename15:56
amotokiyou can check my updates in  "Notices " section the etherpad15:57
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amotokivishalmanchanda: we cannot use old version so we need to use a supported version. I think it is not more than that. can we do more?15:58
e0neamotoki: thanks15:58
vishalmanchandaamotoki: no.15:59
e0newe're out of time. thanks everybody for your contributions16:00
e0nesee you next week16:00
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