Tuesday, 2010-11-02

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OrmanI'm here20:59
* creiht bows21:00
dendrobatesI'm going to keep this *very* short today21:00
ttxworks for me :)21:00
creihtdendrobates: you say to every irc meeting :)21:00
dendrobatesWe'll wait  a few minutes as usual21:00
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alekibangocreiht: and mostly he does21:00
dendrobatescreiht: this time I mean it21:00
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vishyshort :(21:01
dendrobatesvishy: you want a long meeting?21:01
zulsome people need to go have dinner :)21:01
vishydendrobates: no short is fine, just being disagreeable :)21:01
spyoh hai21:01
dendrobatesI am wrestling with the schedule and need to get back asap21:02
* eday disagrees with vishy21:02
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dendrobates#topic summit21:02
dendrobatesThe summit starts next Tuesday in San Antonio21:02
dendrobatesI am trying to put the schedule together, but it is going slow.21:03
dendrobatesDaviey: yes21:03
edaydendrobates: should we just filter down the potential topics from blueprints and let community vote on what's important?21:03
dendrobates#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/ods-b21:03
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vishyhmm, was there some way to tag them as bexar?21:04
dendrobateseday: right now the problem is that some people have not puposed thier bps for the summit21:04
* soren bows his head in shame21:04
vishybecause I don't see mine21:05
pvovishy: there was21:05
dendrobatesvishy: if you click the propose for summit link and select bexar, they will show up for me to approve and schedule21:05
ttxPropose for sprint -> Openstack Design Summit - Bexar21:05
dendrobatesso, I am  not sure if you want them discussed or not.21:05
vishyk proposing mine :)21:06
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dendrobatesI am going through and trying to guess your intent, and scheduling them, but it takes a long time.21:06
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dendrobateseventually the schedule will show up on:21:06
tr3buchethello world21:07
dendrobates#link http://summit.openstack.org21:07
alekibangowill it be possible to join the discussion from internet?21:07
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alekibango(irc? audio? ??)21:07
dendrobatesI am trying to keep us top three rooms21:07
OrmanYes that's what I want to know21:07
dendrobatesWe will have IRC and we are going to try to have icecast streaming21:08
ttxShould people subscribe to the blueprints and mark themselves essential to those sessions they want to attend ?21:08
dendrobatesttx: yes21:08
ttxthat will help the scheduler, as you probably know :)21:08
dendrobatesthat will make sure that you are not double booked21:08
OrmanOk because I was wondering there was going to be a web cast.21:08
dendrobatesSo, if you are attending, please go an add yourself to the blueprints you want to discuss21:09
vishyk, proposed21:09
ttxsubscribe -> check "Participation essential" box21:10
dendrobatesthe format will be similar to last time21:10
dendrobatesthese will be open discussions, not presentations21:10
dendrobatesif you are the drafter of a blueprint, you should come prepared to lead the discussion21:11
anotherjesseeday: will you be there to talk about the data layer?21:11
dendrobatesbtw, ttx is joining us tomorrow as our release manager!21:11
ttxyay !21:11
annegentlettx: double yay!21:12
dendrobatesttx == Thierry Carrez is currently the technical lead for Ubuntu server21:12
pvowell hi then : )21:12
alekibangowelcome ttx21:12
* zul shakes his fist ;)21:12
dendrobatesI'll send out an email tomorrow21:12
edayanotherjesse: yes21:12
ttxzul:  I love you too21:12
Orman* Orman waves21:13
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dendrobatesif you see any bps on the list you did not mean to have discussed please ping me and I will fix them21:13
dendrobatesare there any questions about the summit or blueprints?21:13
pvodendrobates: how are we going to figure out which ones I'm supposed to work? or are those even top topics?21:14
pvoI'm completely fine if they are not.21:14
annegentledendrobates: may I use the "Improve installation documentation" blueprint for the Doc sprint sessions?21:14
dendrobatespvo: I am planning on creating 4 sessions for us to talk about all the rs bps21:14
dendrobatesannegentle: yes21:14
annegentlecool, thanks21:15
pvodendrobates: rock on21:15
dendrobatespvo: we can break out into more if any topic requires it.21:15
zulare we doing the fishbowl thing?21:15
Ormandendrobates: For remote collaborators what do we do for the doc sprint?21:15
dendrobatesvishy: I have 4 placeholder sessions for nasa too.21:15
dendrobatesOrman: that is a question for annegentle21:16
OrmanThought so.21:16
edaydendrobates: how many concurrent sessions will there be?21:16
dendrobatesvishy: do you have outstanding bp's or are all of them in now?21:16
vishyrick: the deferred blueprints from last sprint don't seem to be on here.21:16
ttxdendrobates: do you have UDS-like "tracks" ?21:16
annegentleOrman: Really for the sprint, the remote collaborators can use IRC consistently and we'll use the 2 schedule check-ins as well, otherwise it'll be write write write.21:16
dendrobateseday: 3 or 4.  I am trying to keep it to as few as possible.21:16
Ormanannegentle: Ok gotcha thanks21:17
vishydendrobates: all of mine are in, I can't find one for discussing data structures /communication strategy for large multiple region and cluster deployments21:17
dendrobatesvishy: do you want those discussed?21:17
edaydendrobates: yeah, I agree the fewer the better21:17
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vishyeday: i thought you had one for that but i don't see it21:17
dendrobatesttx: not really21:17
zuldendrobates: are we doing the fishbowl thing?21:17
dendrobateszul: maybe21:17
edayvishy: it's there, distributed-data-store21:18
dendrobateszul: right now we have tables in the room, but I might try to change them around21:18
vishydendro my three are all smallish, but some discussion could be productive.21:18
pvodendrobates: vishy: i'd be down for multi-region talks21:18
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dendrobateswe can make changes to the schedule on the fly. so no worries if we miss something21:19
vishyeday: cool, there it is21:19
anotherjessepvo: ya, figured you, eday, vishy, tony and a few others would want to talk about data structures21:19
edayvishy: the data store/region talks could be seperate, but they should be back-to-back (region first, so we know what we're doing first :)21:19
dendrobatesWe can also spill over in to Thursday and Friday if necessary21:19
vishyLvmInstances specifically might have some discussions21:19
vishyeday: agreed21:19
pvoeday: yea, that sounds good21:19
dendrobatesvishy: find the bps and propose them for ODS-b and I will make sure they get scheduled.21:20
pvodendrobates: I have a multi-region bps21:20
vishydendrobates: i just proposed all three of them21:20
Ormandendrobates: this all sounds great. ;)21:20
pvonot sure if its filled out enough for that topic21:20
dendrobatesI'll be arriving on Sunday night, so I'have all day monday to adjust the schedule.21:20
annegentleare we still planning on an install fest on Thursday (do you generally do install fests every design summit)?21:21
dendrobatesI'll send out an email in the next couple of days, with the schedule21:21
dendrobatesannegentle: yes, but sort of adhoc21:21
annegentledendrobates: gotcha21:21
dendrobatesany other questions21:21
sorenannegentle: I think install fests will be less and less useful and necessary as we move forward.21:21
annegentlesoren: yeah that makes a lot of sense21:22
dendrobatesannegentle: don't ever say nice things to soren, that just encourages him.  :)21:22
* annegentle snickers21:22
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dendrobatesif that is all the questions we are done.21:23
* ttx pimps https://launchpad.net/~sorens-target-audience21:23
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zulttx: heh21:23
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dendrobateshow's that for fast21:24
OrmanSounds good.21:24
ttx24 min. I've done shorter.21:24
anotherjesseif folks are there monday evening, we could do a pre-talk about datastructures/multi-region21:24
_0x44ttx: That's what she said.21:24
zulno you hvaent21:24
johnpurgood to have you aboard ttx!21:24
zulanotherjesse: or a booze up ;)21:24
_0x44I almost missed the meeting, curse you DST.21:24
dendrobatesanotherjesse zul or both21:24
ttxjohnpur: thanks !21:25
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edayanotherjesse: I should be there by 8pm monday21:26
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soreneday, anotherjesse: Me too.21:27
soreneday: 8:14 to be exact.21:27
edaysoren: when do you land?21:27
* Daviey wonders who will be in the bar Sunday night.21:27
dendrobatesDaviey: I will21:27
edaysoren: we can share a cab, I'm like 7:50 or so21:27
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dendrobatespvo: we should meet Monday, and go over the sessions21:28
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pvodendrobates: sounds good.21:30
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* ttx arrives in SAT at 7:09pm21:34
ttxMonday night21:34
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DavieyArriving SAT, On Monday.... my head explodes.21:36
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