Tuesday, 2010-12-07

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* ttx waits one more minute21:01
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ttxok, let's go21:01
soreno/ (-ish)21:01
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ttxWelcome to our weekly OpenStack team meeting...21:02
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ttxToday's agenda is at: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings21:02
ttxNobody added any topics, should be a quick one.21:02
ttx#topic Actions from previous meeting21:02
ttx* dendrobates to merge (or delegate merging of) the MLs, keep the archives21:02
ttxI saw the email about the simplification of the development MLs21:03
ttxApparently the 8 remaining mailing-lists at http://wiki.openstack.org/MailingLists are still up, though.21:03
ttxspectorclan: do you plan to remove them ? or merge them into a single "partner" list ?21:03
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ttxFor the record, all combined, those 8 mailing-lists had 3 messages posted to them so far.21:03
ttxMostly "welcome to the list" messages.21:03
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ttx#action ttx to clarify with spectorclan / dendrobates the future of the "other" MLs21:05
alekibangomerging is not needed imho21:05
spectorclanttx: sorry, on wrong list21:05
alekibangoif some of those lists will be low traffic, good for them21:05
ttx<spectorclan>  ttx: the plan is to keep all the other lists up and running for now21:05
spectorclanttx: I still plan to keep them alive for now even though most are not in use yet21:05
ttxspectorclan: ok, we can discuss that off-meeting21:05
spectorclanthe operators list will be the user community support list21:05
ttx* jaypipes and mtaylor to help Tushar set up his i18n efforts21:06
sorenI thought we all aggreed on that last week?21:06
sorenNot the i18n thing.21:06
sorenThe consolidation thing.21:06
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sorenOf the mailing lists.21:06
ttxsoren: for some definition of "all"21:06
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sorenEnough for it to matter, I thought.21:07
ttxI'll clarify with the owners, let's move on21:07
ttxjaypipes and mtaylor are not around21:07
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ttxnor Tushar.21:08
ttxI'll report it to next week21:08
ttx#action jaypipes and mtaylor to help Tushar set up his i18n efforts21:08
ttx#topic Current release stage: Implementation21:08
ttxWe are one month away from the BranchMergeProposalFreeze (Jan 6).21:08
ttxGiven that the end of month is likely to be disturbed by holiday celebrations, we should get as much as we can done this week and the next.21:09
ttxFor core team(s), do you think there is value in having some common calendar where we can enter our planned vacation days ?21:09
ttxThat could help people to know who will or won't be around... That would be opt-in obviously.21:09
ttxopinions ?21:10
sorenI wouldn't mind that at all.21:10
edayI wouldn't really use it, but don't mind :)21:10
johnpursounds good to me.21:10
termieperhaps a better question would be to ask who would use it21:11
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sorenI would put my info in it, and I would look up other people's availability.21:11
ttxsandywalsh suggested it. he said that could help people proposing branches to know which reviewers they can expect to work during the christmas break21:11
creihtor we can just be reasonable, and expect nothing to get done, and be happy if something does :)21:12
ttx#action ttx to investigate calendar options21:13
ttxok, moving on, too much enthusiasm :)21:13
ttx#topic Release status21:13
ttx#info Swift: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/swift/1.221:13
sorenttx: There's something I think we need to clarify with regards to the blueprint process.21:13
ttxsoren: fire21:14
sorenI had a bit of chat earlier today with someone not currently involved with the project who wanted to work on something, but the blueprint for it was "awaiting approval". They thought that meant they weren't allowed to work on it and that proposals for it to be merged would be rejected.21:14
soren...and that's not entirely accurate, but I can totally see why they think that.21:14
ttxhmm, I can see why too21:14
sorenGood patches (before the deadline) are always welcome, but I'm not sure how to convey this in a way that also explains why people really should write design documents first and discuss them.21:15
sorenSomething to think about.21:15
ttx"Pending approval" is not a permanent state anyway21:15
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ttxit should definitely get accepted or back to drafting21:15
ttxthat said...21:16
ttxBlueprints have two sets of status. One for Design and one for Implementation21:16
ttxYou can have a branch ready 'implementation in "beta available" and still not have your design approved21:16
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ttxsoren: but I see your point, I'll try to insist on that in doc21:17
ttxBack to release status:21:17
ttxSwift is looking good, with client-side-chunking branch getting reviewed now21:17
ttx#info Glance: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/bexar21:18
ttxGlance is also looking good. The clients stuff apparently landed (wanted a confirmation from jaypipes that the spec was complete now), and teller-api is almost complete21:18
ttx#info Nova: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/bexar21:18
ttxNova is a bit more complex, like I mentioned in a recent email I'm trying to come up with a list of stuff that we can reasonably announce will be in Bexar.21:19
ttxBy next week I'll have talked to most of you and the list should be much more usable.21:19
ttxQuestions ?21:19
johnpur1 essential bp that is not started21:19
ttxjohnpur: xs-snapshots ?21:20
pvoit has been looked at but not started. I know our guys were looking at it.21:20
pvoI owe ttx an owner by friday21:20
sorenI don't think assigned stuff to a team is generally a good idea.21:20
pvonot to a team, but to a single person.21:20
ttxI think the core xenserver dev env is now set up, so xs-snapshots is next21:20
sorenIt's assigned to Ozone.21:20
sorenWho's he? :)21:21
johnpursoren: i agree21:21
pvoright, because no one has owned it yet.21:21
sorenRight,that's my point.21:21
sorenIt shouldn't be assigned.21:21
pvoas I said above, I'm going to have it assigned to a person by friday21:21
alekibangoif blueprint is not accepted it looks like its feature not wanted...   unaccepted blueprints should be talked about with authors... imho21:21
pvosoren: but I see what you mean21:21
ttxpvo will assign someone I can pester all the time, by the end of the week.21:21
sorenIt was more of a general observation really, just triggered by seeing it here.21:21
sorenAssigned to a team == not really assigned to anyone21:22
sorenIn my reading, at least.21:22
ttxsoren: in my reading too.21:22
alekibangoso they will have chance to redraft it soon enough, or to know what is wrong, why it is not accepted21:22
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ttxsoren: but BP don't have tags, so sometimes assigning to a random group help you get a list21:22
pvosoren: I saw it was Ozone was responsible, but not assigned to a person yet.21:22
ttx#topic Open discussion21:23
ttxanything else anyone ?21:23
johnpurhas someone picked up responsibility for the OpenStack API?21:23
edayreviews!! (for nova)21:23
sorenttx: Good point.21:23
johnpuri know we are waiting on RAX updates (to the RS API 1.0->1.1)21:24
edaywe had 24 outstanding branches this morning, that's way too many21:24
edayso, if you have a branch in there, bug people to review it for you :)21:24
alekibangoi am just working on 25th21:24
johnpurif we are to get this into Bexar (with an appropriate namespace) we will need to jump on this when ready21:24
ttxjohnpur: I'm not exactly sure which spec supports this21:24
johnpuri will follow-up21:25
ttxjohnpur: or if it's split between the xs- specs21:25
johnpurwe need to have a clean had-off from RAX, and then all innovation in the API will be on the OpenStack side21:26
alekibangowill  live migration land into bexar?21:26
masumotoknow we21:26
ttxjohnpur: I've already trouble with the number of specs in the list, I've not started to chase the ones that may be missing from the list, yet21:26
johnpurttx: i understand21:27
masumotokabout live migration, we are struggling to get over individual cla thing.21:27
ttxalekibango: live-migration has a bit of a complex dep on network-service, which I/dendrobates need to clarify21:28
masumotokthat's why branch is not updated.21:28
johnpurmasumotok: what are you strugling with?21:28
alekibangottx: if some help is needed with that, ask me to help you21:28
masumotokLicence agreement21:28
ttxmasumotok: struggling with the process, or the legal content ?21:28
masumotoklegal content21:29
alekibangoi signed CLA, but i do not see the number anywhere21:29
masumotokyou know, in my company, it takes a bit for paper work21:29
creihtI signed the CLA a long time ago, and not sure how to get my number21:29
alekibangobtw this cla is not valid in czech republic. it needs to be paper :)21:29
ttxalekibango: the number is at the bottom of the document, in the mail you receive from echosign21:29
alekibangodo you want to exchange  snailmails?21:29
sorenalekibango: Print it out. :)21:29
ttxmasumotok: anything we can do do ease the process for you ?21:30
ttxs/do do/do to/21:30
masumotokit's just my company's problem21:30
sorenalekibango: If it just needs to be on paper, feel free to print it out. :)21:30
ttxmasumotok: ok21:30
ttxmasumotok: your live migration spec is marked as depending on the network-service one. Do you really depend on that work ? Or is the code you're working on based on the current Nova code ?21:31
masumotokNow we are checking21:31
masumotokwe developed based on rev 43921:32
masumotokand on that revision, there are no21:32
ttxok, so that's independant.21:32
masumotokdo you recooment21:32
masumotokdo you recommend some branch that I have to check?21:32
alekibangottx: i might split my blueprint into 2 easier ones -- one which will be only about CPU - for bexar, and another for later work... would  that be good idea?   https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/resource-partitioning21:32
ttxmasumotok: no. I prefer independent works, easier to merge and not block on others21:33
alekibangottx: but that can wait after meeting21:33
ttxalekibango: I'll talk to you this week about it21:33
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ttxmasumotok: I'll also talk to you soon about this spec, to see if we should target it for bexar.21:34
ttxok, let's wrap up, any last minute question ?21:34
ttxNext meeting, next week, same time same batcave.21:34
ttxWhen does the US decide it's no longer summer ?21:35
edayttx as far as DST, or season change?21:36
dragondmyou mean dst end?21:36
ttxdst end -- already done ?21:36
dragondmdst ended late november21:36
edayyeah, coule weeks ago21:36
sorenttx: dst end is just one week off from Europe.21:36
sorenttx: dst start is 3 or 4 weeks off.21:37
edayyou know, ust to be difficult21:37
ttxah ok, I missed the usual disruption period21:37
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ttxThansk everyone !21:37
alekibangoits imho best to use zulu imperial time21:37
alekibangottx: also to you. i am glad we have you21:38
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