Tuesday, 2011-04-19

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medberrya wave?20:59
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dabo \o/20:59
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* dabo does a two-handed wave20:59
vishyyes, i just high-fived myself21:00
Vekthat requires a wormhole, vishy.21:00
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medberryo/|\o   (mirror in the middle)21:00
ttxlet's get started21:01
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 19 21:01:13 2011 UTC.  The chair is ttx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:01
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.21:01
ttxWelcome everyone to our weekly OpenStack team meeting...21:01
ttxToday's agenda:21:01
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings21:01
ttx#topic Current release stage: Design21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Current release stage: Design"21:02
ttxSo Cactus was released last Friday, and now the Diablo merge window is open.21:02
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ttxWe are busy preparing the design summit.21:02
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ttxWe already have more sessions than we can fit in the schedule, but you can still propose new session topics until the end of today.21:02
ttxSee process at http://wiki.openstack.org/Summit21:02
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ttxQuestions on that ?21:03
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jaypipesttx: you want to go over the unconference thing?21:04
ttxjaypipes: yes, in a few21:04
ttx#topic Design Summit scheduling status21:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Design Summit scheduling status"21:04
ttxThe design summit organizers (vishy, jaypipes, notmyname and myself) are busy trying to fit 100+ requests into 72 available slots.21:04
ttxWe'll certainly have to reject a few sessions that we think are not affecting the core projects, or reduce their duration (from 55min to 25min).21:05
ttxIn order to give those peripheral discussions some room, and to accommodate last-minute informal technical gatherings, we'll be having an unconference forum in parallel to the design summit sessions.21:05
ttxThis one will be organized directly on a whiteboard in the unconference room, you don't have to submit a blueprint to get a slot there.21:05
jaypipes"the hallway track"21:06
pvofirst come first serve?21:06
ttxjaypipes: a bit more predictable than pure hallway track, but yes21:06
ttxpvo: yes, but we can have multiple rooms on the Thursday21:06
vishyI'm going to bring a portable water cooler to the summit in case any important discussions happen outside of meeting rooms.21:06
ttxso I don't expect the unconference forum to be completely filled...21:07
ttxbut I've been wrong before.21:07
ttxI'm still trying to find a victim^Wresponsible person for that21:08
koolhead17Will there be recording of all the sessions of the conf?21:08
ttxkoolhead17: I don't think so. spectorclan ?21:08
koolhead17ttx: :(21:08
jk0thought I heard otherwise21:08
pvokoolhead17: spectorclan told me there would be21:08
ttxah ? cool :)21:08
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ttxI know the conference is taped, not sure about design summit though.21:09
koolhead17we will have all conf slides available as well :)21:09
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koolhead17ttx: it be good if a camera if just fixed to the projector and mic to the speaker :P21:09
ttxother questions ?21:09
ttx#topic Open discussion21:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion"21:10
pvottx: ah, he may have meant the design summit when I spoke to spectorclan.21:10
pvoor the conference, not sure.21:10
pvoI guess we should find out.21:11
* koolhead17 has his fingers crossed!!21:11
ttxI did a full session at a UDS talking to a black box. I was happy it wasn't videotaped.21:11
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sorenTalking to a black box?21:12
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ttxsoren: we put a phone on a upside-down cubic trashcan21:13
ttxsoren: and the session was just me and someone on the phone.21:13
sorenOh, right. :)21:13
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koolhead17ttx: hehe21:13
ttxok, if there aren't other questions, we'll wrap up early...21:13
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ewanmellorttx: What is the right way to request a summit session for something that's not new code going in to OpenStack?21:14
pvosee everyone irl next week then.21:14
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ewanmellorI was thinking of a technical session on how the vSphere support works.  I thought people may be interested.21:14
ttxewanmellor: that would be a great topic for the unconference forum21:14
johnpurewanmellor: +121:14
ttxewanmellor: so just add the session to the unconference whiteboard on site21:15
ewanmellorttx: Would the unconference literally just be a whiteboard, or would we have projector / network connection for demo?21:15
* koolhead17 love to see someone explaining about the network modes and also the role based access control system21:15
alekibangosorry for coming late...    will there be video/desktop feed ?21:16
pvoewanmellor: I'd hope for a projector and network drop.21:16
ttxI think that room should have projector and network21:16
jaypipesalekibango: working on it, yes.21:16
koolhead17jaypipes: we are sitting away with eyes open :D21:16
ttxewanmellor: it's a normal conference room, we get it for us once the Cisco plenary is over.21:16
alekibangoreminder: its easy to make  audio conferencing using mumble...21:17
alekibangoand we can also share desktops...21:17
creihtttx: is there a link to see what discussions have been accepted already?21:17
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sorenalekibango: There's much, much more to audio conferencing than sofftware.21:17
alekibangoimho we should start rather doing internet sessions... not everyone can travel, and not everyone loves being groped by TSA...21:17
ttxcreiht:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/ods-d21:17
alekibangosoren: i know. but its easy21:17
creihtttx: awesome, thx21:18
ttxcreiht: though the contents will change dramatically over the next hours21:18
koolhead17alekibango: +121:18
sorenVolunteers! Awesome.21:18
ttxwith lots of sessions added and a couple removed.21:18
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alekibangosoren: yes i can help with audio conferences21:18
alekibangoeven audio/desktop ones21:18
ttxalekibango: I think it took quite a few UDses before Canonical did it right.21:19
sorenIt's absolutely non-trivial.21:19
alekibangowell, its hard to configure mic :)21:19
ttxUbuntu Developer Summits. I heard the last ones were the forst ones where audio was actually usable.21:19
alekibangoyou know what i mean, in linux you have so many audio services and servers and mixers21:19
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soren21:17 < soren> alekibango: There's much, much more to audio conferencing than sofftware.21:20
sorenSeriously. You need really good equipment, otherwise it's almost pointless.21:20
alekibangosoren: it should be easy to use headset from home, when we do internet only sessions21:21
soren10 people sitting aroudn a table, speaking to a microphone is much simpler than 150 people with stuff on their mind.21:21
alekibangoi know, its harder in large space21:21
alekibangojust one way audio (place -> listeners)21:22
alekibangowould be nice too21:22
alekibangowe can use irc to send comments/questions21:22
xtoddxwhy not get someone link confreaks to do audio/video?21:23
alekibangoi can help with audioconferences using mumble (its like irc bug with sound) if you will wanna try that one...21:24
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ttxok, let's close this, feel free to continue the audio discussion :)21:24
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*** openstack changes topic to "Openstack Meetings: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings | Minutes: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/"21:24
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koolhead17alekibango: how about this http://www.slideshare.net/zipcast21:25
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alekibangokoolhead17: never seen21:26
koolhead17alekibango: launched recently. after dimdim got sold to salesforce21:26
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alekibangokoolhead17: imho audio feed from conf + irc + document presented (pdf or something) would be enough21:27
alekibangoyou do not need video if yu have the document21:28
alekibango(the presentation)21:28
alekibangoits however very vital to hear21:28
alekibangoand irc will allow us to ask questions21:28
sorenThe difficult part is not the software.21:28
alekibangowhich can be answered by people on irc or by speaker if neeed21:28
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alekibangosoren: where do you see the hard part?21:29
sorenMumble, shoutcast or whatever proprietatary stuff yo uthrow at it will not make a difference if the microphones aren't up to the task.21:29
alekibangopeople? hardware?21:29
alekibangoi think people are the biggest problem :)21:29
soren"Speaker"? There's no speaker. These are 50+ people discussions.21:29
sorenOr 100 or 200 people. i don't know.21:29
sorenIt seems half the planet signed up for the summit.21:29
soren"A lot".21:29
koolhead17soren: :)21:30
alekibangoi thought mic can be shared by people who talk...21:30
alekibangoif not, its hard21:30
* koolhead17 will be hoping to have voice and presentation t\hats it :P21:30
alekibangobtw mumble supports 200 people talking together on a channel21:31
alekibangoit can be done with some work (moderator)21:31
*** NachoGomez has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
alekibangothe same like moderated irc21:31
NachoGomezHello there! Have the OpenStack meeting started?21:32
sorenalekibango: Then you have the problem of equipping 200 people with microphones.21:32
sorenThat'll take the first 10 minutes of each session.21:32
medberryNachoGomez, over, ended.21:32
sorenNachoGomez: And concluded, I'm afraid.21:32
alekibangosoren: interesting problem lol21:33
NachoGomezOhhh! Sorry I missed that! :(21:33
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sorenalekibango: Again: Software is not the problem. At all.21:33
alekibangoNachoGomez: congrats, i came near end, but you are winner21:33
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sorenalekibango: Yes, you can hook up hundreds of people to mumble. That's not the hard part. Equipment (audio as well as network) is the hard part.21:34
medberrysoren, can we start booking now for OpenStack Dev Summit E? :^)21:34
sorenmedberry: I'm not the person to talk to :)21:36
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koolhead17soren: alekibango we should have a dry run before the conf for the same to check the feasibility :)21:36
* koolhead17 don`t want to read only slides21:37
alekibangoit is possible to share desktop21:37
alekibangobest would be NX21:37
sorenI'm not against audio feeds. I'm just saying that it's not easy. If the person who wants to do it thinks it's easy, they're going to fail, because it isn't.21:37
alekibangodo you think its possible to install NX   on the machine?21:38
sorenI can't remember ever having wanted to share desktops at these sorts of events.21:38
alekibangoif one computer will be used for presentation21:38
alekibangoit should be easy to forward the desktop to network broadcaster21:39
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alekibangowhich could be anything really.. from vnc..to video stream21:39
alekibango...vnc is not scaling well :)21:39
alekibangoif this is multiuser talk... its hard to do21:40
sorenAgain: There's no speaker. It's not presentations.21:40
sorenIt's discussions.21:40
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alekibangosorry :) i still have the idea sticked in head21:40
alekibangoi never was at uds21:42
alekibangosounds like creative chaos lol :)21:42
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alekibangothanks for explanation soren21:43
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koolhead17okey guys it 3 am for me. Am sure some solution will be there for sure :)21:44
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sorenalekibango: np21:48
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