Tuesday, 2011-05-17

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Tvinternet high five21:01
dabo \o21:01
ttxvishy, notmyname: around ?21:01
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ttxanyone standing in for jaypipes on Glance ?21:01
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ttxPTLs: in the future, if you can't make the meeting, just delegate and add your replacement to http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings21:02
ttxok, let's get started21:02
openstackMeeting started Tue May 17 21:02:40 2011 UTC.  The chair is ttx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:02
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ttxWelcome everyone to our traditional weekly OpenStack meeting...21:02
ttxToday's agenda:21:03
ttx#link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings21:03
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ttx#topic Actions from previous meeting21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Actions from previous meeting"21:03
ttx* KnightHacker, zns to get the nobottle branch merged asap21:03
ttx(whatever that is) -- any news ?21:03
westmaasdon't think they are here, but looking at keystone there was an update that removed nobottle21:04
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westmaas(hardly official though)21:04
westmaaser, that removed bottle, haha21:04
ttxdunno if that unblocks whoever was blocked by this (jaypipes iirc)21:05
ttx#action jaypipes to confirm the nobottle unblocking21:05
ttx* antonym to make agreed channel split happen21:05
ttxI think we can consider that one DONE, too21:05
ttxis the split working well for everyone ?21:06
westmaasI know vishy was asking about logging for this channel, not sure if that happened?21:06
notmynamewe may need to get some other bots moved21:06
vishy(i was asking for dev, but yes)21:06
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notmynamecool. just happened21:06
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vishywestmass: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/21:07
sorenJust joined it to the channel and tested it.21:07
vishyer westmaas: ^^21:07
ttxlooks like we are all set.21:07
primeministerp1hi all21:07
ttx#topic General release status21:07
*** openstack changes topic to "General release status"21:07
ttxI'm free from conferences now, so I can focus on the Diablo plans21:07
ttxI refreshed http://wiki.openstack.org/releasestatus/ for Diablo21:08
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ttxBut that still need to be rethought so that it's more milestone-oriented21:08
primeministerp1hey all was wondering what the current direction of openstack on hyperv is?   Is there anyone or any group currently contributing?21:08
ttxAlso the http://wiki.openstack.org/reviewslist/ now takes the diablo plan into consideration21:08
ttxprimeministerp1: please wait for open discussion to raise random topics21:09
primeministerp1whoops sorry21:09
ttx#topic Nova status21:09
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status"21:09
ttxThe Diablo plan is pretty well defined now at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/diablo21:09
ttxI have a few issues with it, just talked to vishy and we'll resolve them soon.21:09
ttxThere was also IMO too much work targeted at diablo-1 (which closes in two weeks), but I see now that a few specs were deferred21:10
ttxso if you have specs targeted to diablo-1 in https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/diablo-1 that you know won't make it, please let him/me now21:10
ttxQuick diablo-1/essential status update:21:11
ttxwestmaas (or someone else at Titan): progress on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/integrate-nova-authn ?21:11
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ttxtr3buchet: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/nova-multi-nic is marked on track, any comment ?21:12
westmaasttx: first step is pretty simple but no new code on it yet21:12
tr3buchetttx: on track!21:12
westmaasttx: but planning done and ready to go21:13
ttxwestmaas: ok :)21:13
ttxtr3buchet: thanks !21:13
ttxothers: please check https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/diablo-1 and update status if needed21:13
ttxvishy: anything you wanted to mention ?21:13
vishyttx: just request for the blueprints that don't have anyone assigned21:14
ttxoh right21:14
vishyttx: but I think it would be best on the ml as well21:14
ttxWe have 3 essential blueprints without an assignee yet21:14
ttx#action ttx to crosspost assignee search to ML21:15
vishy(and 4 Highs)21:15
ttxand https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/implement-volume-api (though vishy is trying to see if Justin would take it)21:15
ttxdoes any group/individual claim any of those ?21:16
glencthe admin account actions is targeted for diablo-421:17
ttxindeed, but having in the plan a feature that is essential means "we will delay diablo release to get that one in", so it should have an assignee that is committed to delivering it21:17
ttxor it shouldn't be essential.21:18
westmaasI suspect titan will do it, but titan or ozone will make sure it gets in.21:18
glencI concur21:18
westmaaspvo: agree?21:18
troytomanone of the rackspace teams will make sure we get this done21:19
ttxwestmaas: we could tentatively assign Totan, and feel free to reassign to Ozone :)21:19
westmaasttx: sounds good21:19
ttxok, will do21:19
ttxQuestions for the Nova PTL ?21:19
primeministerp1open questions?21:20
ttxprimeministerp1: potentially :)21:20
primeministerp1hehe, I'll shoot then21:20
Vekprimeministerp1: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings <-- meeting agenda, btw; we're in the "nova" part21:20
primeministerp1great I have questions on nova on hyperv21:21
primeministerp1we currently work in the novl/mfst interop lab21:21
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primeministerp1we have an immediate need to use openstack on hyperv and can probably substancial resources to qa21:21
*** Jamey has joined #openstack-meeting21:21
primeministerp1once we finish getting it up and running21:21
primeministerp1is there anyone using openstack on hyperv in the real world?21:22
ttxprimeministerp1: those who contributed the code used to test it, but we coudl definitely use something more connected to the current code21:22
primeministerp1is there anyone currently contributing ?21:22
primeministerp1that being said21:22
primeministerp1we would love to get hooked into the nightly build process for us to test21:23
ttxmtaylor: ^21:23
primeministerp1and help progress the hyperv code21:23
sorenmtaylor: Å21:23
sorenWhoops :)21:23
vishyprimeministerp1: yes we could really use someone taking over maintenence of hyperv21:23
vishybecause no one is really testing/using it in production afaik21:23
ttxprimeministerp1: and a nice test rig hooked up into our Jenkins QA21:23
sorenHeck, it doesn't even have to be nice!21:24
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ttxprimeministerp1: you need to connect with mtaylor21:24
primeministerp1we would love to take over maint but right now we don't have the dev resources21:24
primeministerp1we can contribute machines running hyperv21:25
primeministerp1and potentially about 100 of them21:25
primeministerp1w/ san etc21:25
ttxprimeministerp1: knowing how it's broken would already help :)21:25
primeministerp1well we almost have all the bits up and running now21:25
ttxprimeministerp1: we'll take that off-meeting, but your offer is definitely appreciated21:25
johnpurttx: i gave him my contact info21:26
primeministerp1is it possible to have someone contact me directly?21:26
ttx#topic Glance status21:26
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status"21:26
notmynameIf there are no objections, can we do swift status next? I need to leave the meeting a little early21:26
sorenOne more thing for nova. Should be quick, i think:21:26
ttxok, ok21:26
sorenWhile setting up the Jenkins magic for python-novaclient, I noticed that Jacobian has renamed his python-cloudservers (on which python-novaclient is based) to python-openstack.compute. What is the current story here? Is there any reason for divergence at this point?21:27
sorenjk0: ^ perhaps?21:27
ttxsoren: yep, noticed that as well, looking into it is in slot 45 of my ever-expanding todo list.21:27
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sorenWe need to deal with it *somehow*.21:28
ttxsoren: maybe push that to the ML for discussion21:28
sorenIt's not entirely unlikely that the "nova" python namespace would be renamed "openstack.compute", and then we're screwed.21:28
jk0soren: I'm not entirely up to speed on that21:29
jk0I'd say ML + getting Jacobian involved21:29
jk0he's been very hard to get in touch with21:29
ttxsoren: ok, raise a thread, then people can research the problem and reply accordingly.21:29
sandywalshmy understanding is he just added the url parameter for connecting to openstack. Our branch has lots of new OS API features in it21:29
sorenThere seems to be little point in divergence. Keeping it close means it's guaranteed to be up-to-date. Keeping it external keeps us honest.21:29
sandywalshthat said, the more we mess with the client library it's becoming evident we should investigate a new one ... that one is pretty chatty21:30
sandywalshperhaps Titan has some ideas?21:30
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ttxsandywalsh, soren: sounds like a good ML thread. Can I switch to Glance^WSwift ?21:31
sorenttx: No objections from me.21:31
*** primeministerp1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
ttx#action soren to raise a thread on the python-openstack.compute jacobian situation21:31
ttx#topic Swift status21:31
*** openstack changes topic to "Swift status"21:31
ttxThe Swift plan is at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/swift/diablo21:32
ttxThe first milestone will be 1.4.0, on May 3121:32
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ttxwith up-to-date plan @ https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.4.021:32
ttxnotmyname: any other announcements or comments ?21:32
ttx(plan looks good and on track, fwiw)21:33
notmynameI think that's mostly it. 1.4.1 will be the next milestone, but the date is currently undefined21:33
ttxQuestions for the Swift team ?21:33
sorenJust one.21:33
sorenJust to make sure... 1.4.1's date not being defined suggests you're not doing time based releases :)  Do you have plans to do something differently for the final release of  2011.3?21:34
notmynameis that the diablo release?21:35
ttx2011.3 will contain whatever the last milestone will be...21:35
sorenOr is that just going to be "whatever the most recent swift release happens to be"?21:35
sorenThat's all.21:35
notmynameactually, it will probably be 1.5.0 for ease of use21:35
ttxthough I'd welcome a more pre-defined plan that clearly shows it's time-based :)21:35
johnpurttx: agree21:35
creihtttx: release will only be when it is done done ;)21:36
ttxjohnpur: discussions ongoing, we'll (ab)use the PPB meeting for that21:36
sorennotmyname: That seems a bit silly to me.21:36
ttxsoren: the 1.5.0 name ?21:36
sorennotmyname: Yes.21:36
sorennotmyname: If you're actually bumping the version for the openstack release, why can't just just adopt the openstack versioning?21:36
alekibangocreiht: +1 :)21:37
creihtsoren: because the openstack version is a bit silly to me :)21:37
creihtbut I'm not on the swift team, so I don't speak officially for them :)21:37
sorenThen why don't we have the discussion instead of people inventing their own random policies?21:38
notmynamesoren: there is no final decision on what the diablo swift version number is21:38
*** jamesurquhart has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
notmynamewe are fine with either the last version number before the diablo date or bumping the minor version number21:39
sorenIf you were doing 1.4 soon, 1.5 a month later, and just kept going with 1.X for eternity, that would make more sense. If you're actually following the same pattern as openstack, but just insist on a different number, that's just silly.21:39
sorenWhat could possibly be the purpose of that?21:39
ttxlast version number would work21:40
creihtsoren: how about we make are arguments and let them stand on their own, rather than being childish and calling things silly?21:40
sorenHaving been involved in the release process a couple of times, there's plenty of stuff to be confusing without having to translate arbitrary version numbers into less arbitrary ones.21:40
ttxsoren: I plan to just use the last milestone. No buming21:41
notmynamesounds good to us21:41
sorenttx: Are you the one who'd do the bumping?21:41
sorenI thought that was outside your realm of power :)21:41
ttxsoren: which bumping ? I just take the last released milestone and include it in the announcement21:42
sorenttx: You said "no bumping". Which bumping were *you* referring to?21:42
notmynameI think we're in agreement. no need to keep going with this21:43
sorenI was just about to say :)21:43
ttxsoren: I was referring to taking the last milestone and rename it to 1.5.021:43
ttxthis is not needed21:43
notmynamenext version of swift is 1.4.0. next version of swift in diablo is the version of the last stable release before diablo21:43
alekibango+1 notmyname21:44
ttxthough I still need to wrap my head around what we do if a critical bug kis found in that last milestone21:44
ttxbut that's the discussion for anither day21:44
ttxanother, even.21:44
ttxok to switch to Glance ?21:45
notmynameI don't have anything else21:45
sorengo for it.21:45
ttx#topic Glance status21:46
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status"21:46
ttxno jaypipes, is anyone representing Glance ?21:46
ttxCurrent plan at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/diablo looks good to me21:46
bcwaldonI can probably answer questions21:46
ttxFirst milestone is diablo-1 (Jun 2), 3 specs all at Review stage, also looks good21:46
alekibangoglance needs auth asap :)21:46
ttxbcwaldon: announcements, comments ?21:46
bcwaldonI don't have anything, everything is going great for diablo-121:47
ttxalekibango: auth is planned for diablo-221:47
bcwaldonyes, was just about to look that up21:47
ttxAny other Glance question ?21:50
ttxif not...21:50
ttx#topic Open discussion21:50
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion"21:50
ttxanything/anyone ?21:50
johan___is jenkins broken?21:51
alekibangottx: thanks -- it should be sooner :/21:51
dendrobatesI have something21:51
*** bmcconne has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
dendrobatessomeone on the networking project raised the possibility of webex calls21:52
dendrobatesthey would be open to all and recorded21:52
sorenI'm not entirely sure I know what a webex call is.21:52
dendrobateshow does everyone feel about that with regards to openness?21:52
dendrobatesconference call21:52
*** danwent has joined #openstack-meeting21:53
sorenRegular conference call with POTS dial in?21:53
ttxdendrobates: you mean use webex calls as part of our toolkit ? or replace IRC meetings with webex calls ?21:53
*** letterj has joined #openstack-meeting21:53
dendrobatesbasically if the network project used them21:53
alekibangodendrobates: i think we could just use mumble... it is free software... unlike nonfree service21:53
glencwebex also has shared  desktop and whiteboard features21:53
glencjust FYI21:54
*** Jamey has quit IRC21:54
TvI'd like to talk about Melange (networking IP address etc discovery)21:54
ttxwebex is good when you have slides to share :)21:54
alekibangomumble is only voip21:54
alekibangobut very good21:54
ttxthough last time I used it it's a while ago, and it was windows-centric21:54
*** Jamey has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
dendrobatesit's about the format more than the tool21:54
*** ryu25 has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
dendrobatesyou can't easily search a recording21:55
sorenI think it's a step down compared to IRC.21:55
glenceh, there's a mac client21:55
alekibangodendrobates: open to all means no registration required?21:55
salv-orlandoI like the desktop sharing idea, but I'll miss browsing the chat logs using CTRL+F21:55
sorenFor exactly the searchability reasons.21:55
soren...but it's good enough, I think.21:55
glencYou can set up meetings with no security - open to anyone21:55
dendrobatesalekibango: yes, just a phone number you can call21:55
alekibangodendrobates: i like using my headset... :)21:56
alekibangowith software21:56
*** bcwaldon has left #openstack-meeting21:56
alekibangophones are evil a lot21:56
jk0can you mute everyone but the chair? I have a feeling we'd here a lot of breathing into the mics21:56
alekibangojk0: i can in mumble21:56
ttxdendrobates: I think it shouldn't replace IRC meetings. It could be used as an exceptional complement when higher bandwidth is needed21:56
alekibangoand it can take thousands people, rooms like irc21:56
dendrobatesttx: thanks21:56
ttxjk0: you can mute everyone but the speaker, yes21:56
TvMelange stuff, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/melange-address-discovery   -- I'm looking for the right people to talk to about plugging into Nova to do a DHCP etc service that talks to the IPAM service for it's answers.21:56
alekibangojk0: its possible to split people into active and pasive participants....21:57
jk0fair enough :)21:57
alekibangoand move them all the time21:57
TvCode is easy, figuring out how to fit into Openstack architecture in a way that will be acceptable is harder..21:57
jk0I think we've all been on those calls where people forget to mute themselves21:57
alekibangojk0: if you will install the client, you can talk to me on my mumble server :)21:57
jk0I'll have to check i tout21:58
ttxTv: looks like a duplicate for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/implement-network-api21:58
ttxvishy: ^21:58
ttxTv: or is one quantum-related and the other melange-related ?21:59
salv-orlandoWe need to make sure that if we use a tool different from IRC, it will scale as well as IRC. I.e.: allows audio-video streaming for a number of people like the ones in this room21:59
danwentwe need to rework some of the nova blueprints now that we have a better idea of what quantum & melange need21:59
Tvttx: What I'm doing is supposed to be Melange-related, independent of Quantum21:59
Tvttx: but i'm still new enough to openstack internals that i may be confused ;)21:59
vishyttx: there has been discussion about keeping melange inside of nova for now21:59
danwentttx: that blueprint is probably more quantum related.21:59
troytomantv: it's related to the overall refactoring of networking22:00
ttxvishy: oh, I see.22:00
Tvyeah i want to work on the "just this one little thing" version, not the "rewrite everything" version ;)22:00
vishyso the mlange plueprints are still in nova as well...22:00
ttxWe should close the meeting now, feel free to continue to chat on #openstack-dev22:00
Tvbasically, replace dnsmasq with something that uses a centralized database of address allocations22:00
*** romain_lenglet has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
Tvand i'm looking for the right people to coordinate with, not knowing you bunch yet22:01
vishyTv: maybe troy22:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Openstack Meetings: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings | Minutes: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/"22:01
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sorendnsmasq can use a centralised db with a little work.22:01
*** Vek has left #openstack-meeting22:01
*** johan___ has left #openstack-meeting22:01
Tvsoren: dnsmasq is pretty horrible on the inside, though.. and my stated goal includes IPv6.22:01
*** nerens has quit IRC22:01
*** bjornagain has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
*** danwent_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:02
vishyTv: troy toman is sort of heading up the melange stuff22:02
Tvvishy: yup, i've talked to him22:02
sorenTv: So Melange includes a new dhcp server?22:03
Tvanyway, i just wanted to be opportunistical in case someone in the audience was interested22:03
troytomansoren: our goal is to make it pluggable so that alternatives can be easily used22:03
Tvsoren: that looks like a fairly easy way forward, actually; scapy makes writing one pretty easy, and not having to deal with anything but vms drops decades of baggage22:03
vishytv: I did most of the code that currently lives in nova22:03
Tvoh hey troy!22:03
Tvmove this to #openstack-dev?22:04
vishytv: sure22:04
*** johnpur has left #openstack-meeting22:04
*** johnpur has quit IRC22:04
troytomandendrobates: are we having the network meeting now?22:04
dendrobatesa short one I think22:05
somikbeheragreat, lets get started!22:05
dendrobatesseveral people said they could not attend22:05
danwentyeah, i want to give a quick update on some quantum stuff22:05
danwentother agenda items?22:05
*** Jamey has quit IRC22:05
dendrobatesI have a quick update22:05
*** letterj has left #openstack-meeting22:05
dendrobatesi can do it at the end22:06
danwentok.  do you need to "open" the meeting to start recording?22:06
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dendrobates#topic quantum22:06
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danwentOk, Salvatore is doing a great job driving the API work22:06
danwentcomments on the api on etherpad: http://etherpad.openstack.org/PbTpgXnnZZ22:07
danwentSalvatore, do you have anything to add?22:07
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salv-orlandoJust updated the etherpad. Apologies for vestigial stuff left in the API spec.22:07
salv-orlandoI'm updating it right now.22:07
salv-orlandoWe might spend some time discussing Alex's proposals and comment.22:08
salv-orlandoIs Alex on the call?22:08
danwenthe's flying right now22:08
danwentmaybe just take those to the etherpad for discussion?22:08
danwentWhat were the main points?  was  "status" of a logical port one issue?22:08
salv-orlando1) port status22:08
salv-orlando2) interface URLs22:09
salv-orlandowhich needed more explanation22:09
danwentah yes, and port "capabilities"22:09
salv-orlando3) Port capabilities22:09
danwentOk.  Given that I think we need more input from Alex on these, let's try to have that discussion on the etherpad.22:09
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danwentsalv-orlando, is there anything holding you up from making progress in the mean time?22:10
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salv-orlandoNo, I'm currently starting work on API implementation22:10
somikbeherasalv-orlando: cant wait!22:10
danwentNext up, Somik has been working on adapting Troy's "starter-code" for quantum.  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/network-service/+spec/quantum-project-framework22:11
salv-orlandoI think there is agreement API will just be a pass-through for our first milestone, i.e.: No quantum db.22:11
salv-orlandoSorry Dan...22:11
danwentI think savlatore is looking at that branch as well, right?22:11
salv-orlandoYes, but I'm only a "follower" at the moment22:11
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danwentKey area's we're looking for people to step are are:22:12
danwent1) API extensions framework22:12
danwent2) API auth + keystone integration.22:12
danwentRyu + Troy are taking a lead on the nova side of changes for the network code.22:12
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dendrobatesI would like to help with that as well22:13
danwentdendrobates:  the nova side changes?22:13
dendrobatesdanwent: yes22:13
troytomandendrobates: that would be great22:13
danwentI think we need to work on cleaning up the existing blueprints in the nova project and getting more detailed blueprints focused on dev tasks.22:13
dendrobatestroytoman: is there a branch?22:13
danwentI think there is some confusion on the nova end, given the different blueprints still in nova from before the summit.22:14
troytomandendrobates: just the midokura branch. I think ryu is adapting it to work with multi-nic22:14
ryu25I've been discussing the safest way to start the Nova changes with the core devs, and will create a branch for that22:14
troytomanwe're trying to get multi-nic in, then the network-service branch and we can look at extending from that base22:15
danwentsounds good.22:15
dendrobatesis multi-nic proposed for merge?22:15
dendrobatesnm, I'll look22:16
troytomanwe're close22:16
troytomanbut I don't think it's merge-propped yet22:16
danwentthat is all I had for quantum.  Please let me know if you're interested in API extension + API auth work.  I'd really like to get someone putting some thought into that side of things.22:16
dendrobates#topic donabe22:16
*** openstack changes topic to "donabe"22:16
dendrobatesWe are trying to get our legal ducks in a row at Cisco to start pushing code22:17
dendrobatesAs you can imagine we have to make sure that no one gets in trouble.  but we are spinning up a couple of dev teams and expect to push soon22:18
danwentvery cool22:18
dendrobatesin the mean time we might have some of the devs help vish with unit tests and the like22:18
dendrobates#topic other stuff22:19
*** openstack changes topic to "other stuff"22:19
troytomanupdates on melange22:19
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Tvplease skim: https://github.com/tv42/melange-discovery/blob/master/melange-discovery.rst22:19
troytomanwe've started work on the base service:22:19
Tvi'd like to talk to people about the IPAM protocol, what data is transported etc22:19
troytomanI hope to be able to share a draft API later this week. we have the start of it but there are some things to clean up22:20
troytomanAs tv alludes to, I think we need some work on overall flow though.22:21
Tvand i'd like to talk to somebody on the nova firewall side, what do they think about about MITM prevention etc22:21
troytomanhow do we associate a quantum network with an IP block? Does Nova establish both and create the link? or do it through quantum?22:21
dendrobatesTv: I recommend soren22:21
Tvas in, if there's egress filtering the vm only uses the addresses its allowed to use, then the dhcp component needs to inform it, etc22:21
carlptroytoman: Did you plan on having Melange log all the uses of an IP over time to it's database.  With the recent announcements of EC2 being used for bad things, it may be useful.22:21
troytomancarlp: we have not started logging yet. but, we can add that as a requirement.22:22
danwenttv: what MITM attack are you referring to specifically?22:23
danwentrogue DHCP?22:23
danwentor more general?22:23
troytomanshould we set up an etherpad to jointly work through the flows between Nova/Quantum/Melange?22:23
danwentyeah, probably easier than trying to use IRC :)22:23
carlptroytoman: awesome.  I have some ideas that may help with that, but I'll wait until we have some code before throwing them at you :)22:23
Tvdanwent: rogue DHCP, ARP proxy, spoofed source, ...22:23
dendrobatestroytoman: I think so.  IRC is hard for this22:23
danwentlet's move this to etherpad22:24
dendrobatesis that all for melange?22:24
troytomani think so22:25
romain_lengletTv: I think this is a Quantum problem, not a nova problem22:25
Tvdanwent: the part that ties in with the DHCP most is the dynamic part; your vm should not be able to send packets as outside of the time you hold a valid lease for that IP address22:25
Tvromain_lenglet: i think parts of it are irrevokably tied to current IPAM state22:25
danwentI see, you are talking about general spoofing filters.22:25
Tvyeah basically two things: 1. general MITM prevention   2. enforcing address allocation22:26
danwenta provider may or may not want to enforce such filters on a given interface.22:26
Tv1. is nova or quantum,   2. is also nova or quantum but requires IPAM knowledge22:26
romain_lengletTv: both problems are Quantum problems22:26
romain_lengletnot nova22:26
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Tvthe github url i pasted earlier talks about having the dhcp server notify local firewall how to update rules for #222:26
romain_lengletagreed that it's tied to IPAM integration22:26
Tvromain_lenglet: i'm saying nova only because this thing is being pushed to happen faster than quantum, afaik ;)22:26
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dendrobatesWe need to make sure that everyone that submits code to any of these projects has signed the  openstack  CLA22:27
danwentlet's make sure the flows we discuss includes an example of a spoofing filter.22:27
dendrobatesif we want to become official projects22:27
dendrobatesI am working with the infrastructure people to setup a testing environment and we will soon be checking CLA compliance at merge22:28
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dendrobatesdo we want to do this time and day every week?22:29
troytomanworks for me22:29
dendrobatesI'll update the wiki, if there are no objections22:29
salv-orlandoworks for me as well22:29
danwentstill good for me22:29
dendrobatescool.  I have a hard stop now.22:29
danwentnothing more from me.22:30
salv-orlandoOk, let's just circulate the etherpad link for joint melange-quantum-donabe discussion22:30
danwentsomeone please send out an etherpad for the IPAM discussion22:30
dendrobatesfeel free to carry on, but I'll stop the recording now22:30
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danwentok, talk to you all later!22:31
salv-orlandoBye guys... have good day/evening/night!22:31
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troytomancan someone who knows how to create a readable etherpad name create one for the flows?22:31
somikbeheralater everyone.22:31
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vishytrytoman: it is pretty easy, just type in the name in the url... etherpad.openstack.org/somenewname and it will ask if you want to create one there23:29
vishytroytoman: ^^23:30
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