Tuesday, 2011-07-12

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mtaylormorning all. anybody here for the CI meeting?19:02
jeblairi am19:02
mtaylorwell that's good19:03
mtayloralright - well, let's get this party started19:05
openstackMeeting started Tue Jul 12 19:05:23 2011 UTC.  The chair is mtaylor. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.19:05
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.19:05
mtaylor#topic Review of last week's actions19:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Review of last week's actions"19:05
mtaylordprince Have smoketests return xunit file via nosexunit19:06
mtaylordprince has gotten this done19:06
mtayloras evidenced by the lovely test report on the nova-vpc job:19:06
mtaylor#link http://jenkins.openstack.org/job/nova-vpc/59/testReport/19:06
mtaylorso, well done dprince19:07
mtaylordprince fight with ttx over fixing bug 80431719:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 804317 in nova "FixedIpNotFoundForInstance: Instance 1 has zero fixed ips." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80431719:07
mtaylorthat one was done last week during the meeting, IIRC19:07
mtaylortermie finish work on bare-metal testing deployment19:07
mtaylorwe're still in work on that one - but we have some dedicated hardware coming our way. once I have that, I can hand termie some resources to use for the openstack jenkins19:08
mtaylor#action mtaylor provide termie with machines19:08
mtaylor#action termie finish work on bare-metal testing deployment19:08
mtaylorthe next two are about connecting with Peter from Novell/MSFT - he's out of town atm, so we'll connect when he gets back in19:08
mtaylor#action mtaylor connect with Peter from Novel/MSFT lap about OBS builds19:08
mtaylor#action mtaylor connect with Peter from Novel/MSFT lap about hyperV testing19:08
mtaylorI also haven't spoken with mihai yet19:09
mtaylor#action mtaylor talk to Mihai about new options for rPath testing19:09
mtaylormtaylor ping ewanmellor about testing esx and vsphere19:09
mtaylorwe've had some good discussions with ewan and some other folks from citrix about testing19:10
mtaylorto that end, we've set up a stub job and a stub slave:19:10
mtaylor#link http://jenkins.openstack.org/job/citrix-nova/19:10
mtaylorthat can be the entrypoint for their testing efforts19:10
mtaylorhaven't really talked to anyone about lxc testing - but honestly at this point we have about 6 different baremetal testing efforts underway - so I think if we just get them working before we solicit _additional_ people, that'll be stellar19:11
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heckjmore than enough moving parts right now19:11
mtaylorand dprince and I had a lovely talk with Dean from Dell which led to the creation of an openstack-testing team19:12
mtaylor#link https://launchpad.net/~openstack-testing19:12
mtaylorwhich will aim to coordinate QA and testing efforts across all of the companies that are wanting to write new tests19:12
mtaylorI'm hoping that the work with the folks from citrix will serve as a nice template we can point to for how contributed testing resources can work and what that looks like19:13
mtaylorthat's all I've got on that...19:13
mtayloranything else on last week before we move to open discussion?19:14
heckjare you blocked on anything? (Anything that could use external help?)19:14
mtaylornot really - we've actually been making some pretty decent progress over the last week or two19:15
mtaylor#topic Open Discussion19:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion"19:15
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heckjI've just joined in the openstack-testing group - would like to offer assitance, but not sure where I can do much useful right now. Any suggestions?19:15
mtaylorheckj: it's pretty early stage - but drop a note to the list there and let folks know you're interested in helping19:16
mtaylorI think part of the status of that is everybody figuring out who all is around and who wants to do what19:16
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mtaylorpossibly unrelated - but I started making jenkins slaves for each project, which will help isolate the machine setup needs of each project19:17
mtaylorshould have that done soon19:17
dprincemtaylor: hey man. Sorry I'm late. Like you said the xunit output is done.19:19
heckjdprince: nice work19:20
shwetaaphey mtaylor, - does that include the Quantum project as well. I know that so far it has not been added in jenkins. Is there any plan for it any time soon?19:20
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mtaylorshwetaap: yes - I'm working on getting keystone added this week, and will start hitting quantum after that19:21
dprincemtaylor: Do we have keystone packages yet?19:22
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natiCan we talk about testing in this meeting time?19:22
mtaylordprince: nope. we also need those soon19:22
mtaylorsoren: have you done any keystone packaging work?19:22
dprincemtaylor: is anyone working on them?19:23
sorenI was just about to say :)19:23
sorenI have them mostly ready.19:23
mtaylor#action mtaylor quantum in to jenkins19:23
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dprincesoren: great. Thanks man.19:23
sorenThe problem was figuring out a good place to put them (Seeing as Keystone isn't an official openstack project).19:23
soren...but I think we got a solution for that.19:23
sorenNow I just need to get to it.19:23
mtayloryeah - that's sort of been a weird thing so far - and is actually a general question (which I've been answering in my own way)19:23
sorenThere's 3 other things I need to do first.19:23
mtaylorwhich is what to do with non-official openstack projects from a ci perspective19:24
sorenSo unless something sneaks in front, it'll be within a couple of days.19:24
dprincesoren: Where will it be then? Launchpad? GitHub?19:24
sorendprince: The packages? Launchpad. That's the only place for packages.19:25
dprincesoren: Sure. So under 'keystone' or 'ubuntu'?19:26
sorendprince: That was (and is) the other problem. We don't yet have the infrastructure to do automated builds of stuff from github, but people started shoving things on there..19:26
sorendprince: It'll follow the same pattern as everything else.19:26
mtaylorwe're getting closer on that one19:27
sorendprince: So the packaging code wil llive (and maybe already does?) at lp:~openstack-ubuntu-packagers/keystone/ubuntu19:27
sorenCloser is not "there" :)19:27
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mtaylornope. it's not19:27
dprincesoren: Thank you sir. I'll stay tuned.19:27
sorenThey didn't exactly do themselves any favours by jumping the gun on that.19:27
jaypipessoren: I told them to do that. It would give us experience integrating with GitHub. So blame me.19:28
dprincemtaylor: I have one action item for you (If I'm allowed to add one).19:28
mtaylorsoren: well, we _do_ have some keystone jobs triggered from git/github changes in launchpad (the pep8 and pylint stuff) ... in case that's helpful19:28
mtaylordprince: please!19:28
soren"Sure, let me construct a massive amount of intfrastructure to set up automated builds of this project that isn't even yet an official openstack project" :)19:28
* jaypipes takes blame for anything...19:28
dprincemtaylor: I'd like DNS entry for smoke.openstack.org please!19:29
dprincemtaylor: or smokestack.openstack.org.19:29
mtaylor#link http://jenkins.openstack.org/job/keystone19:29
jaypipessoren: part of the incubation status is integrating the project into our CI and build/packaging platforms.19:29
mtaylor#action mtaylor actually set up the dns entry for smokestack that dprince has been asking him for for weeks19:29
mtaylordprince: can you drop me the IP address again real quick?19:29
dprincemtaylor: great. Here is the IP:
mtaylor#info smokestack.openstack.org ==
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dprincenata: you wanted to talk about tests. Anything specific?19:31
dprinceSOrry. nati: ^^^^19:32
natiHi dprince, I would like to share testing list in communities19:32
dprincenati: Can we start a wiki page with the existing test suites and go from there?19:33
natiCan we use google spreadsheet?19:33
mtaylornati: well - is it possible to use etherpad or the wiki instead?19:34
mtaylorI'd hate to add another group technology to the mix if we didn't have to19:34
heckjI would much prefer a wiki page or etherpad - hard to share globally w/ google docs19:34
dprincenati: I think it would make more sense if it were on wiki.openstack.org. At least people will look for it there.19:34
natiOK I got it19:34
dprincelets make this an action item then? Create a wiki page to list the test suites we have?19:35
natiI'll create initial list of existing tests :D19:35
dprincenati: great19:35
mtaylor#action nati create an initla list of existing test suites19:35
natiNTT will create Testing team for Openstack19:36
natiWe would like to write tons of testing code :)19:36
natiWe would like to share progress of testing work in communities19:36
mtaylornati: you joined the openstack-testing team on launchpad, yes? because I think you and Dean from Dell will probably have very good conversations on this point19:37
natiYes I joined the testing team19:38
natiI'll post this topic to the testing team mailing list19:38
mtaylornati: on the call with Dell, dprince and I discussed an idea of creating a project outside of the nova/swift/glance trees that would contain tests - so that we would develop an external test suite and then be able to apply that to an openstack installation19:40
mtaylornati: does that sound like a good idea to you?19:40
natiNTT's testing efforts are mainly for diablo-release version19:41
dprinceIt would be nice to have a robust common set of tests. But I can see companies expanding that to target their specific setups as well.19:41
natiWe would like to add tests for diablo branch after releases19:41
mtaylorso - just for the sake of completeness - perhaps someone should look at http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/ ?19:42
mtaylorit's an external set of test suites that can be run against things...19:42
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mtaylorI don't know that it's the right choice - but since it's a collection of test suites to test things, perhaps working with them would be nicer than making our own complete setup from scratch?19:42
natiWhat's difference between Jenkins and Phoronix Test Suite?19:45
mtaylorjenkins is a continuous integration tool ... it's what we use to run jobs against things19:46
mtaylorphoronix on the other hand is a collection of tests and tools for running them ... so it would be a framework in which we could choose to write tests if we wanted19:46
natiI got it!19:46
mtayloranyway - like I said - it may be a terrible idea - but I think canonical were talking about doing something with that setup for testing of ubuntu server installations19:47
heckjGlancing through the docs, it looks very focused on repeated testing with slight variations (i.e. benchmarking)19:48
heckjrelated link: http://openbenchmarking.org/19:48
jaypipesheckj: glancing, huh? :)19:48
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heckjI won't claim to have read it - more skimmed and looked at headers and links quickly19:49
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC19:49
mtaylor#link http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/19:50
mtaylor#link http://openbenchmarking.org/19:50
dprincegotta go. talk to you all next week.19:51
*** dprince has quit IRC19:51
mtaylorI think that's about it?19:51
mtayloranybody got anything else?19:51
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natiBye! o/19:52
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znsIs the PPB meeting on today?20:05
zns* crickets *20:08
creihtzns: I think the canceled it20:08
znscreiht: OK. Tx20:12
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openstackMeeting started Tue Jul 12 21:00:26 2011 UTC.  The chair is jaypipes. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.21:00
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.21:00
jaypipesThierry is away today; soren and I will fill in this week...21:00
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* soren adopts a French accent21:01
* jaypipes dons beret21:01
sorenYou've lost me.21:01
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jaypipesOK, let's start, eh?21:01
sandywalshjaypipes will henceforth be known as "Don Beret"21:02
jaypipes#topic Swift status21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Swift status"21:02
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jaypipesnotmyname: any updates?21:02
notmynameI don't think there are any updates21:02
Vekpoint of order: Is there a link to the agenda?21:02
jaypipesk. anything you need assistance on from anyone?21:02
jaypipesVek: one sec21:02
jaypipesdang, beat me to it...21:03
notmynamewe saw some packaging updates go through this morning for swift. I assume those a  work in progress?21:03
notmynamesoren: ^?21:03
sorenLooks quite boiler plate-y.21:03
sorennotmyname: Sort of?21:04
jaypipessoren: some details, please? :)21:04
sorenI mean... EVerything is work in progress :)21:04
notmynameI think there were some concerns about some of the init scripts. I don't have the details, but we can get those to you21:04
sorenI expect to start merging the stuff you've done tomorrow.21:05
soren..but the stuff that landed today isn't meant to be half-done if that's what you're asking.21:05
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notmynamesoren: ok. then we definitely need to comment ;-)21:05
jaypipesnotmyname, soren: #action get together on Swift packaging needs21:05
jaypipesnotmyname, soren: can you two handle that off list? or is it something we should go over here?21:06
notmynamenot here21:06
sorenI have no idea.21:06
jaypipesnotmyname: any other stuffs?21:06
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soren(seeing as I seem to be the one who'll be told thing, not telling things)21:06
notmynamejaypipes: I don't think so21:07
jaypipesany questions for notmyname before we move on?21:07
jaypipes#action notmyname and soren get together on Swift packaging needs21:07
jaypipesok, moving on...21:08
jaypipes#topic Glance status21:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Glance status"21:08
jaypipesMostly been handling bugs this week and last couple days of last week. Big one almost finished (just finishing tests on it): https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/77184921:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 771849 in glance "Port not parsed correctly in Swift URI" [High,In progress]21:08
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman21:09
jaypipeshave a small blocker on getting https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/713154 done: waiting to set up an AWS testing account we can put creds on the Jenkins box for...21:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 713154 in glance "S3 Backend doesn't support POST either." [Medium,In progress]21:09
jaypipesHave to get back on track with the Keystone integration as well...21:10
jaypipesStill hopeful to hit D3 for that, with shared image groups in D421:10
jaypipes#action Jay to update D3/D4 blueprints21:10
jaypipesThe recent change in nova to support multiple glance servers threw a wrench in a bunch of people's setups. We should try to avoid such situations better in the future... the config files changed (from glance_host/port to glance_api_servers FLAG and things weren't upgrade cleanly)21:11
glencjaypipes - we are looking at Keystone integation, too21:11
jaypipesglenc: resource-wise, do you have a specific allotment for someone to work on that?21:12
jaypipesglenc: I know you, westmaas and maybe pvo needed to chat about that?21:12
glencwe could - we were hoping to start it next sprint (Monday)21:12
jaypipesglenc: k, I'll offline it with you.21:13
glencwe should sync - don't want to duplicate work21:13
jaypipesthat's about it from me. any questions on Glance stuff?21:13
jaypipesin related news, JordanRinke has Glance working on Windows now.. w00t.21:13
jaypipesok, moving on...21:14
heckjjaypipes: is there a walk-through anywhere for loading in images into Glance? I've been looking, haven't spotted one.21:14
*** User81 has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
jaypipesheckj: there's a variety of ways to do so. Here is a good starting point:http://glance.openstack.org/glance.html#the-add-command21:14
*** Tushar has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
heckjjaypipes: thanks21:15
jaypipesheckj: if you're using the eucatools, you can check out the glance-upload tool, too.21:15
jaypipesok, moving on...21:15
jaypipes#topic Nova status21:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status"21:15
jaypipesvishy: you're on.21:15
jaypipesOK, ttx wanted me to ask mtaylor and soren about your blueprints targeted for D3 Nova: https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/diablo-321:18
jaypipessoren: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/ec2-id-compatibilty I assume is held up on the ML discussion on EC2 UUIDs?21:18
sorenjaypipes: Sounds like a fair summary.21:18
sorenjaypipes: I also have a ton of packaging things to do and some holiday and OSCON and and and..21:19
jaypipesmtaylor: your 2 testing-related bluprints for Nova's D3? Any updates?21:19
sorenIf someone else wants it, feel free to jump on it.21:19
vishysorry got disconnected :)21:19
jaypipessoren: I think based on the discussion on the ML that one might need to get pushed back...21:19
jaypipesvishy: no worries, mate :)21:19
jaypipesvishy: have at it.21:20
vishyi missed some scrollback unfortunatley21:21
jaypipesvishy: just asked soren and mtaylor about their Not Started blueprints for D221:21
jaypipessorry, D321:21
jaypipesvishy: you also have a Not Started blueprint for separating services...21:21
vishyI'm thinking of cancelling that one21:22
vishyour next sprint is to spend some time updating and fixing the volume service21:22
vishywhich may provide some results along those lines21:22
vishybut it is probably best to just cancel that blueprint and make a new one21:22
jaypipesvishy: any particular blueprints or bugs that you need extra attention on? any particular merge proposals that really need reviews?21:22
vishyI would love some feedback on the ha-networking branch that I proposed21:23
vishyalso, since lunr has moved to the driver level, we are going to need some more focus on the volume service21:23
vishythere will be a few new blueprints around that showing up21:23
jaypipesvishy: I'll send out a "important stuff" mailing list post like ttx usually does.21:23
vishyand we might need some help21:23
vishyi'm a little concerned about full keystone integration making it in21:24
jaypipesvishy: how does the lunr thing work now? have we given up on the idea of elastic block storage at the API level?21:24
vishythe main sticking point that no one has tackled is making ec2 api work properly21:24
*** bcwaldon_ has quit IRC21:24
vishyjaypipes: volume already does ebs21:25
jaypipesvishy: keystone and EC2?21:25
vishythey have just decided to implement lunr as a driver and keep the existing nova code in place21:25
jaypipesvishy: right, but it's a subset of the compute API now, correct? no plans to sepaarate that out as its own service?21:25
creihtjaypipes: If you would have read the email, I stated that we were scaling back the focus of lunr to the driver level21:25
vishyjaypipes: it depends on how you define service21:25
vishyjaypipes: there is already a nova-volume service21:26
vishywhether it ever graduates into a separate project is unknown21:26
jaypipescreiht: sure, but I didn't understand that, really, since nova already contained driver-level code for volumes...21:26
creihtjaypipes: oh really? :P21:27
jaypipescreiht: yes.21:28
creihtI guess that will work then, my job is done21:28
jaypipescreiht: there are drivers for AoE, iSCSi, HP LeftHand, etc21:28
vishyjaypipes: on the keystone ec2 stuff, if we depend on keystone completely for users and tenants, we don't really have a good place for generating/storing/checking ec2 access and secret keys21:28
jaypipescreiht: are you saying that you guys will be adding  additional drivers only?21:28
creihtjaypipes: that is correct21:29
jaypipescreiht: k, thx21:29
vishyjaypipes: this either needs to be a keystone plugin or move into an ec2 only compatibility layer21:29
jaypipesvishy: k, understood. do we have a gameplan for that? /me crosses fingers...21:29
vladimir3pon volume-service stuff: there are multiple things that might be required... starting from scheduling and reporting capabilities a-la compute21:29
vishysince nova will ultimately lose its concept of user and project21:29
creihtjaypipes: and helping push nova volume in feature and other areas where it lacks21:30
creihtvladimir3p: yeah, I'm working on blueprints right now for some of those areas21:30
jaypipescreiht: coolio. good to know. I re-read the ML post. thx.21:30
vishyvladimir3p: exactly.  nova-volume got a little bit abandoned over the last few weeks and it needs to be brought up to speed21:30
vladimir3pFolks, we have 2 blueprints on our plate: VSA & adminVM. Both are "low priority", but quite important for us. We plan to submit VSA up to the end of this week, but AdminVM is stuck for ~1.5 months without any valuable feedback. The VSA blueprint touches volume service & scheduling and we could try to integrate them better...21:30
vladimir3pour VSA code has multiple changes related to scheduling, etc21:31
vishyvladimir3p: I thought there was some useful feedback on that proposal21:31
vladimir3pwill be nice to find the common ground21:31
creihtjaypipes: thank you for your undivided attention21:31
vishyi think the majority of the feedback was to simplify it to arbitrary network plugging + metadata21:31
vladimir3pfrankly, have not seen any feedback on VSA yet ...21:31
jaypipescreiht: thank you for your undivided sarcasm. ;)21:32
vishymaybe I'm thinking of a different proposal21:32
jaypipesvishy, vladimir3p: shall I add the AdminVM to thierry's post of important things for reviewers? sounds like I should?21:32
vishyjaypipes: yes please21:33
jaypipesk, will do.21:33
jaypipesno pros.21:33
jaypipesno prob even...21:33
jaypipesalright, vishy, any other stuff to add to the important list?21:33
vishyi think that is good for now21:34
jaypipesany more questions for vishy?21:34
*** agarwalla has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
jaypipesalrighty... thx everyone. same bat-time, same bat-channel next week.21:35
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openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/openstack-meeting.2011-07-12-21.00.log.html21:35
notmynamejaypipes: what about open discussion?21:35
jaypipesnotmyname: oh, crap...21:35
jaypipesnotmyname: lemme restart the meeting...21:35
annegentleI neglected to add Doc meeting roundup to the agenda, so I need open discussion too :)21:35
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jaypipesOK, we're back on.21:35
notmynamewhen do keystone and dashboard (incubated projects) start giving reports?21:36
jaypipesnotmyname: very good question.21:36
notmynameI don't have an answer, but I'd love to see at least periodic updates21:36
jaypipesnotmyname: first off for keystone would be getting the devs at this meeting ;)21:36
jaypipesdevcamcar: for dashboard, when would you feel comfortable giving status reports in this weekly meeting?21:37
devcamcarjaypipes: sure, i'd be happy to do that21:37
jaypipesdevcamcar: I'm assuming you are the defacto PTL for dashboard?21:37
devcamcarjaypipes: indeed21:37
jaypipesdevcamcar: OK, cool. I'll make sure you're added to the agenda. I'll ping Ziad about Keystone. notmyname, I agree it would be really helpful to get status reports from them both.21:38
annegentleDoc meeting roundup: the framework for openstack.org is now available as a Github repo for people who want to fix any bugs they find, https://github.com/toddmorey/openstack-org21:38
jaypipesrock on.21:38
notmynameannegentle: nice.I found a broken link earlier. who handles that?21:38
annegentleWe're looking at a staging area for the site as well, working with team CI.21:38
jaypipesannegentle: is mtaylor or jeblair working with you on that?21:39
annegentlenotmyname: we're working on the bug reporting for the site also21:39
annegentlejaypipes: yep, both of 'em21:39
jaypipesannegentle: do we have a deadline for keystone docbookXML being transferred to openstack-manuals?21:39
notmynameannegentle: convirture link on http://openstack.org/community/companies/ is broken21:39
annegentleah, getting to that.21:39
annegentlethe Keystone Dev Guide is now in incubation, see http://docs.openstack.org/incubation/identitydevguide/content/index.html21:40
*** danwent has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
jaypipesnotmyname: so there's this thing on GitHub called Issues...21:40
* jaypipes runs for cover :)21:40
annegentlenotmyname: yep, reported the broken link via email until we resolve the correct bug reporting system21:40
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:40
jaypipesannegentle: awesome work on the dev guide for keystone. has the docbookXML already been removed from the GH repo then?21:41
annegentleThat's all to report I think, meeting logs are always available at http://wiki.openstack.org/Documentation/MeetingLogs.21:41
annegentlejaypipes: Ziad will need to do that last removal step I believe. He knows of the need to do that and also knows that the docs are snugly tucked into openstack-manuals.21:41
jaypipesannegentle: If you don't mind, I'd like to add your status report to this weekly meeting's agenda as well?21:42
annegentlejaypipes: yes, please, I apologize for forgetting to do so.21:42
jaypipesannegentle: OK, I can put in a pull request for that; I did the RST docs for keystone anyway...21:42
annegentlejaypipes: but there will only be updates from our meeting monthly21:42
annegentlejaypipes: right, guess I could do the pull request too but it's probably fast for you to do so21:42
jaypipesannegentle: ok, no worries. the status report can be "nothing to tell" :)21:42
annegentlejaypipes: ok, add it weekly then, sounds great.21:43
jaypipesany other topics for open discussion?21:43
* jaypipes might have had too much coffee today...21:43
*** rnirmal has quit IRC21:43
Vekif we had a "sucks" report, I'd submit launchpad...21:43
vishyVek; :p21:44
jaypipesVek: good to know. I've never heard that before... I'll make a note of it.21:44
jaypipesOh... I suppose I should give a status report on the GitHub migration...21:45
jaypipesmtaylor and jeblair have the Gerrit server set up and integrated properly with jenkins and GitHub. It's currently being run through a set of tests to verify our review and dev process can be kept as-is while moving all code hosting to GitHub.21:45
jaypipesThe test server is at http://review.openstack.org for those interested21:46
jaypipesthe Gerrit server, that is.21:46
creihtif we aren't going to use the tools github provides, why not just host our own git?21:46
Vekeasy forking?21:46
jaypipescreiht: sorry, I don't quite follow you... you are referring to GitHub, or changin our dev process to fit GitHub?21:47
jaypipescreiht: are you familiar with Gerrit?21:47
*** danwent has quit IRC21:47
jaypipescreiht: seriously, could you answer my question? We're trying to find a solution here, and if the solution is going to just be met with more criticism, I'd like to know now.21:48
vishycreiht: having the code on github makes for a nicer visibility / user experience, even if we don't use it for actual code reviews21:48
*** danwent has joined #openstack-meeting21:48
creihtIt seems like if all we are hosting on github is for git, and none of the other advantages that github offers, then why not just host it yourself?21:49
creihtif visibility is big enough, then ok21:49
creihtjust curious21:49
jaypipescreiht: having an automted patch queue manager manage merges and not humans is the point...21:49
sorenOne of these days, I wish someone would actually substantiate those sorts of statements ("putting stuff on github is nicer/better/whatever").21:49
sorenNot now.21:50
* creiht sighs21:50
jaypipesPlease, I don't want to get into the GH vs. LP debate.21:50
creihtthat's why I said nm21:50
creihtno use in going down this rabbit hole21:50
vishycreiht: I'm not a huge fan of gerrit's ui i have to say21:50
vishybut I'm hoping that we can improve the integration points21:50
heckjI take it that github didn't have anything to offer us in Issues 2.0 that would allow "approval" or positive code review for inclusion?21:50
jaypipesthis is more about process and review policy than UI.21:50
sorenjaypipes: I'm just with you in that I don't want to come up with a solution that turns out to be rejected anyway because it's not Github enough.21:50
*** Dans_ has quit IRC21:51
jaypipesheckj: no, it did not.21:51
sorenjaypipes: And to that end, it would really help if we actually understood the problems we're actually trying to solve.21:51
vishyheckj: it isn't quite good enough, we've reached out to them to add the features that we need but no dice so far...21:51
creihtIt is amazing other large projects can work on it21:51
jaypipesvishy: we've reached out to them?21:51
vishyjaypipes: is it possible to do line comments on github and have them synced somehow into the gerrit review?21:52
jaypipesvishy: uh, gerrit supports per-line comments..21:52
jaypipesvishy: just double-click on the line...21:52
vishyjaypipes: yes, termie has contacted people at gh that he knows to try and get stuff approved21:52
heckjjaypipes: I think the point vishy is making is to be able to leverage the GitHub tools that are already in place and reasonably well known21:53
jaypipesvishy: really? last I heard termie say "why should they change anything? OpenStack doesn't mean anything to GitHub."21:53
vishyjaypipes: i understand that, but the gh ui is much nicer..21:53
vishyjaypipes: yes that was because he already tried21:53
*** danwent_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:53
vishyjaypipes: since gerrit is open source, I'm hoping we can add those types of integrations over time, but I wasn't sure if it was already in there...21:53
termiejaypipes: i didn't say "doesn't mean anything" but i did say we aren't their biggest project and are unlikely to decide the direction of their product more than friendly requests can do21:54
jaypipesvishy: again, this is about review policy not UI... I get that GitHub is prettier and has a better UX, but this is about the fact that you cannot enforce our review policy with GH Issues. So we either change our review policy, or find a solution (which Gerrit is...)21:54
*** danwent has quit IRC21:54
*** danwent_ is now known as danwent21:54
sorenWhat is their biggest project (I'm genuinely curious)?21:55
jaypipessoren: please, let's not...21:55
vishyjaypipes: I"m not suggesting that we don't use gerrit, i'm suggesting that we could add syncing that would allow us to review/comment in gh issues, and have it synced into the gerrit system for the approval / jenkins portion21:55
sorenIt's a simple question, isn't it? IT even has a verifiable answer.21:55
sorenBut ok.21:55
* soren butts out21:55
termiesoren: https://github.com/repositories21:55
jaypipesvishy: ah, sorry, understood now.21:55
termiesoren: you can sort that a few ways21:55
creihtWho geninely wants to use launchpad (other than those that came from Canonical) (I'm genuinely curious)21:56
jaypipesvishy: OK, I will see what jim can do.21:56
termiesoren: i would guess rails21:56
jaypipesoh ffs.21:56
creihtthat was a retorical question21:56
vishyjaypipes: imo this is a post-move feature21:56
jaypipescan we please try and keep this constructive?21:56
vishyjaypipes: in other words a nice to have21:56
jaypipesvishy: it's a nice to have that I want documented as a task for our team to work on...21:57
jaypipesvishy: so I'll get it into our redmine..21:57
jaypipesalright, anything more on this?21:57
*** msinhore has quit IRC21:57
jaypipesok, going once...21:58
*** ryu_ishimoto has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
creihtI hope that is a joke21:58
jaypipescreiht: yes... we use redmine for some internal team stuff.21:58
jaypipescreiht: and customer-specific projects.21:59
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creihtjaypipes: glad your team has the power to make those decisions :P21:59
*** creiht has left #openstack-meeting21:59
*** ying has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
*** johan_-_ has left #openstack-meeting21:59
*** jk0 has left #openstack-meeting22:00
*** Vek has left #openstack-meeting22:00
danwenthello :)22:01
* sandywalsh likes launchpad22:01
danwentdialing in from an airport again... but have more reliable connectivity this time :)22:01
sandywalsh(runs and hides)22:01
dendrobateshi dan22:01
danwenttroy around?22:02
danwentand ryu?22:02
danwentotherwise I think we have people covering all agenda items...22:02
danwentok, guess we can just kick it off.22:03
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danwent#topic project-status22:03
*** openstack changes topic to "project-status"22:03
danwentdendrobates has updates on email list (yay!) and incubation (nay!)22:03
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting22:03
dendrobatesI hope everyone saw my email about the email list22:04
dendrobatesplease use the link on the bottom of the netstack team page to join22:04
dendrobatesthanks dan22:04
*** romain_lenglet has joined #openstack-meeting22:04
dendrobatesalso we are holding off on requesting incubation status, while the openstack PPB decides a few things22:05
dendrobatesbasically, the PPB is trying to decide what it means to be a part of openstack22:05
danwentmakes sense.22:05
dendrobatesI think we should let them figure that out first.22:05
somikabout netstack ML: my only concern is that if we dont send stuff to openstack list, then we might be out of the loop or duplicate efforts22:05
dendrobatesand the two incubation applications that have been pushed have not gone well22:06
somikwe need some guidance then on when to use ML and why..22:06
dendrobatessomik: true, we should still try to keep communication open22:06
danwentsomik: netstack list is for detailed design discussions.  outcomes of those discussions (design proposals) should still be sent out more broadly.22:06
dendrobatesor things that interface with other components, i,e nova22:06
danwentwe've just noticed that some conversations don't see to happen on the list, so at least we want a way that people can say "I want all of the emails, even if its really noisy"22:07
dendrobatesI hope this encourages people to use the list instead of just cc'ing a private group22:07
danwentanything else on project status?22:07
somikdendrobates: whats the requirement more incubation, I and others may not be familiar, it would be good to have a brief summary requirements for us who dont know the process as well22:07
dendrobatessomik: I'm not sure that is completely decided yet, that is the problem22:08
dendrobateswe are still deciding what it means to be a part of openstack22:08
danwent#topic quantum22:08
*** openstack changes topic to "quantum"22:08
heckjWhat they have (minimal) is at http://wiki.openstack.org/ProjectTypes22:08
markvoelkersomik: http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Approved/Incubation  is what's currently out there but it doesn't address everything.22:08
salvbefore moving into Quantum, what are we going to do with jenkins integrations?22:09
dendrobatesand the outcome of the current discussions is likely to change things22:09
danwentthanks for tracking all this dendrobates22:09
dendrobateswe are going to work to integrate immediately22:09
danwentOk, for Quantum status, salvatore wanted to bring up his plans for unit/functional tests.  Salvatore?22:09
dendrobatesI will contact mordred22:10
danwentsorry, salvatore, please hold a sec22:10
danwentdendrobates, are you talking about for the build infrastructure?22:10
dendrobates yes22:10
danwentk, cool.22:10
danwentsorry salvatore, go ahead.22:10
heckjnote: The CI team is setting up an external project for smoke tests. Should be easy to plug into that.22:11
dendrobatesI think we should try to move forward and I have discussed it with a few people22:11
dendrobatesttx had initially asked me to hold off22:11
dendrobatesbut we need to move forward asap22:11
dendrobatesok go22:12
*** adjohn has quit IRC22:12
heckj#link https://launchpad.net/~openstack-testing22:12
salvAbout unit/functional tests: not a lot progress during this week. I think we can speed up things by separating unit test (almost ready) from functional tests22:12
salvSo we can merge the branch with unit tests in a very short term22:13
danwentOk, sounds good.  Anyone have concerns with this?22:13
salvAny comment?22:13
dendrobatesIt sounds like a good idea to me22:13
danwentsalvatore, if someone wants to help out, where do they look to pick off unit tests?22:14
danwentor functional tests that are needed?22:14
danwentthis is the blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/api-spec-unit-tests, I believe.22:14
salvI have a wiki page for unit tests22:14
salvlooking for it...22:14
salvImplications for XenServer22:15
salvI should be more careful with cut & paste22:15
danwenthaha, good thing it wasn't top secret22:15
danwentI think we know that you work on XenServer :)22:15
danwentsalv: great list....22:16
salvmaybe somebody else can pick the work on functional tests, so the activities can proceed in parallel22:16
salvany takers?22:16
danwentis brad here?22:16
danwentbrad: did you write document on how to write/run unit tests?22:16
bhallI'm here22:17
dendrobatesmarkvoelker: do you have any free resources22:17
bhallI haven't written it yet, I'll do it today22:17
markvoelkerLet me check--we may22:17
danwentbhall: great, we can send it out on our shiny new email list :)22:17
salvdendrobates, markvoelker: couple of guys at Cisco tried out the test branch.22:17
salvI don't know if they are in your teams: Shubhangi and Shweta.22:18
markvoelkersalv: Yep, that'll be Zhiang Deng and company.  I know he was working on some other proejcts this week, but I think they are planning to shift back over shortly.  Building up some infrastructure in the lab for that now.22:18
markvoelkersalv: Shabhangi & Shweta work with Zhiang22:18
dendrobateson the quantum from, cisco has a branch:  https://code.launchpad.net/~cisco-openstack/quantum/plugin-framework22:19
markvoelkerI'll ping Zhiang in the morning and see if they can pitch in on this22:19
danwentmarkvoelker: great, thanks.22:19
danwentdendrobates: that's great.22:19
dendrobatessumit will be sending an email to the list explaining it.   Feel free to check it out22:19
somikdendrobates: i was litle intimidated by the "simple" merge prop of that cisco branch ;)22:19
dendrobatessorry, I made a typo using the bzr lp integration22:20
dendrobatesI deleted it right away22:20
danwenttroy, you still here?22:21
somikdendrobates: no problem ;)22:21
dendrobatesplus that had an unnecessary test file in it that made in uselessly long22:21
danwentTroy said he had to leave early, but I wanted to see if he had anything to say about the extensions branch his team sent out.22:21
danwentis that all on testing?22:22
danwentTroy, any comments on the extension work?22:22
danwent(or melange, if you need to run)22:22
salvyes, that is all. I'll split the branches. Dan, put an action for it, please :-)22:22
troytomanno. i think we're waiting for some feedback and are working on unit tests to make the existing capabilities more clear22:23
danwent#action salv, splite unit testing and functional testing branches22:23
troytomanwe've moved the melange focus to integration with Nova.22:23
troytomanfirst step is to look at how to get it into the nova project22:23
troytomanthen, how we intersect some of the nova refactoring work to integrate into the nova flows22:23
troytomanshould be more on that in the next week or two22:24
troytomanthere is an updated wiki page with the current IPAM API documentation22:24
troytomanhttp://wiki.openstack.org/MelangeAPIBase 22:24
danwenttroy: I have some interesting customer uses cases for melange to talk to you about... remind me :)22:25
danwentwhen you have more time.22:25
troytomandanwent: perhaps we can dig in during our regular phone catch up22:25
danwenttroy: sounds good.22:25
salvtroytoman: just skimming over the wiki page. Does Melange handle NAT as well?22:25
troytomansalv: melange can track NAT relationships but does not currently actually 'do' the NATing22:26
salvtroytoman: ok, understood.22:26
danwentok, is that all troy?22:26
troytomanyes. unless there are other questions22:27
danwentthanks.  Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming....  nova refactoring, ryu?22:27
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away22:27
ryu_ishimotoI have a new branch https://code.launchpad.net/~midokura/nova/network-refactoring-l2  that I created very recently, which concentrates solely on intergration with L2 service(like Quantum)22:28
*** zdeng has joined #openstack-meeting22:28
danwentspecifically the "vif plugging", right?22:28
danwentin the virt layer22:28
ryu_ishimotothe other branch I had dealt with more broad refactoring of Nova, and I thought we should first concentrate on the integration with Qauntum and start from there22:29
ryu_ishimotodanwent: yes, this is the VIF plugin implementation22:29
danwentThis is great as it will let us make progress with Quantum + nova ASAP, while taking a bit more time on the grand refactoring of nova.22:29
ryu_ishimotothis branch contains the concept of VIF drivers that handle the networking setup on the compute host, as well libvirt interface configuration generation22:30
danwentryu: has sumit validated that this works for him?22:30
SumitNaiksatamI checked the blueprint and looks fine to me22:30
SumitNaiksatamnot looked at the code22:30
danwentah, ok. definitely take a look at the code and give it a try22:31
ryu_ishimotodanwent:  I was going to send this over to the netstack list as well, as soon as we get the very basics down22:31
danwentok, sounds good.22:31
SumitNaiksatamdan, ryu: sure22:31
SumitNaiksatamgood job guys!22:31
danwentIf there is anyone trying to get vif-plugging code in for D3, please speak up, as we want to get this proposed for merging before the end-of-milestone craziness22:31
danwent(anyone beyond those who've already been talking, that is)22:32
SumitNaiksatamsorry, when is D3?22:32
danwentend of the month, is that correct?22:32
danwentsomeone have the exact date?22:32
salvJul 2822:32
SumitNaiksatamok, and what are we planning to get accomplished on the nova-refactoring-l2 branch before that?22:33
danwentthanks salv22:33
salvthat's release date however, merge proposal should be done a week earlier at latest22:33
danwentsumit: mainly that the nova virt layers can "plug" in to different types of switches (bridge, OVS, your cisco NICs, etc.)22:34
ryu_ishimotogreat, let's at least get the VIF plugin in.  I still have some questions I want to ask Nova guys regarding some extension APIs, so I don't think we can get everything in for this milestone22:34
danwentyeah, ideally we'd like to get an extension that exposes the VIF-IDs via the API, but that may not happen in time.22:34
SumitNaiksatamok, do we need to get all the VIF drivers in before that, or just the ones which Ryu might be putting in?22:35
ryu_ishimotoalso we need to figure out some way to have the VIFs plugged into ports when launching VM22:35
danwentpeople will be able to add vif drivers later as well (which is why we're adding the abstraction).  I'm just making the point that if you want it in by D3 as part of the existing blueprint, we'll have to have it done soon.22:35
danwentryu: yes, though in my mind that may be part of the larger nova refactoring bucket.22:36
heckjworth noting that Vish has a proposed merge (https://code.launchpad.net/~vishvananda/nova/ha-net) that will impact the existing nova network setup. Might be worth providing feedback there.22:36
danwentI will be sending some thoughts out the the list about this hopefully this week.22:36
ryu_ishimotoheckj: thanks I will take a look22:36
danwentok, anything else on nova refactoring?22:37
*** mattray has quit IRC22:37
danwentOk, markvoelker, any update on the client-lib / GUI?22:37
ryu_ishimotothat's it for me22:37
danwentI think I saw a new branch on the client-lib at least, very cool :)22:37
markvoelkerThere's now a branch linked to the blueprint here:22:38
markvoelkerTyler has a few more changes he wants to make (look for an email on our new netstack list tomorrow for details), but a lot of copy/pastey stuff has hopefully been eliminated.22:38
markvoelkerNext step will be to get some feedback from everyone, make tweaks, and start using it for a dashboard module22:39
danwentgreat.  A good client lib will pay a lot of dividends, its come up in conversation several times just in the last week when talking to people about working against the quantum APIs.22:39
markvoelkerIs anyone planning to work on integrating the new lib with the CLI client, or should we add that to our to-do list as well?22:40
markvoelkerWe don't mind a bit, just didn't want to dupe efforts. =)22:40
danwentIf you're volunteering, that's great, otherwise we can help :)22:40
salvmarkvoelker: the client library might be integrated with the functional tests as well22:40
danwentI think they already tweaked at least some of the tests...22:41
markvoelkersalv: Agreed.  I've mentioned that to Zhiang/Shweta/Shughangi too.22:41
heckjmarkvoelker: I'm working closely with the dashboard team - they're restructuring to make plugins easier right now. Should be a great integration.22:41
markvoelkerheckj: Great!  I've been noticing the activity in dashboard-land. =)22:41
danwentgreat, thanks mark22:42
markvoelkerAny questions on dashboard/client lib?22:42
*** shwetaap has quit IRC22:43
danwentOne final comment for quantum: Salv and I are going to have a chat Thurs morning (u.s. time) to talk about authentication/authorization in quantum.  Last time I mentioned this no one else said they wanted to participate, but I just wanted to throw it out there...22:43
dendrobatesdanwent: I'd like to join22:43
markvoelkerdanwent: I wouldn't mind being a fly on that wall either22:43
danwent#action danwent: send auth invites to dendrobates, markvoelker22:44
salvdendrobates: Is tomorrow 10 AM Midwest time fine for you22:44
*** shwetaap has joined #openstack-meeting22:44
heckjdanwent: integration into Keystone for that?22:44
danwentheckj: yes22:44
danwentok, anything else on quantum?22:44
salvAll people wanting to join the meeting on AuthN/AuthZ please drop me an email and I will extend the invitation22:44
danwent#topic melange22:45
*** openstack changes topic to "melange"22:45
danwentsee troytoman comments above22:45
danwentanyone have anything else on melange?22:45
danwentor donabe?22:45
danwentdendrobates, donabe?22:45
SumitNaiksatamsalv: can you send invite to netstack mailer?22:45
dendrobatesWe are starting to push donabe api code22:45
danwent#topic donabe22:45
*** openstack changes topic to "donabe"22:46
* markvoelker cheers for donabe api code22:46
salvSumitNaiksatam: sure22:46
danwentvery cool.22:46
dendrobatesWe expect to have all the crud operations and a stubbed out backend by next week22:46
danwentdendrobates: is there an API doc?22:46
somikdendrobates: very cool, any blue prints for that code anywhere yet?22:46
dendrobatesI will be sending the doc to the mailing list22:46
danwentdefinitely looking forward to it.22:47
dendrobatessomik: not yet.  I will be workin gon the docs this week22:47
somikdendrobates: sounds great! looking forward to getting the next leg of netstack started.22:47
dendrobatesme too!22:47
danwent#topic open discussion22:48
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"22:48
dendrobatesis anyone going to oscon in a couple weeks?22:48
* markvoelker wishes he was22:48
dendrobatesif so, we should try to have a meetup22:48
danwentdon't think anyone from my team will be there.22:49
*** eperdomo has joined #openstack-meeting22:49
danwentsounds like fun though22:49
dendrobatesalso I am speaking at the ogf meeting this week in Salt lake city, if anyone is around22:49
danwentany more open discussion?22:49
dendrobatesdan it is fun, I encourage everyone to attend oscon22:49
* heckj will be there22:50
salvdendrobates: I think Ewan will be there22:50
dendrobatesI have a question for salv:  Why did you guys buy cloud.com  :)22:50
danwentwell, i guess the topic is "open discussion" ... :P22:50
dendrobatessorry, just a joke22:50
danwentok, sounds like we're good?22:51
*** openstack changes topic to "Openstack Meetings: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings | Minutes: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack-meeting/2011/"22:51
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salvdendrobates: for the reasons you see on our website! Jokes apart, it is no "plan B" to Openstack22:51
danwenttake care all!22:52
somikhave a good one everybody!22:52
*** danwent has left #openstack-meeting22:52
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