Wednesday, 2012-01-25

mtaylorsalv-orlando_: thanks for the catch00:00
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salv-orlando_anyone from the Cisco Openstack team online?00:31
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danwentsalv-orlando_:  maybe ping netstack list?00:42
danwentsalv-orlando_: btw, bhall will be pinging you witha  quick patch for the API errors branch.  there was an issue with a test he just recently added.00:43
bhallprivmsg'd and emailed00:43
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mtaylordanwent: hey ...
mtaylorsalv-orlando_: ^^01:42
salv-orlando_I'm here01:42
mtaylordanwent: that above is needed for your patch in to python-quantumclient to work01:42
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mtaylor(we're close to getting this bad boy done - isn't this fun?)01:43
danwentindeed :)01:43
danwentmtaylor, so lxml needs to be added to quantum-server but not quantum-client?01:43
mtaylordanwent: yeah - quantum-server uses it01:43
salv-orlando_mtaylor: thanks we recently fixed lxml in pip-requires, but that patch should have really fixed as well01:43
danwentgood catch, btw, i think we added it to pip-requires01:43
mtaylorsalv-orlando_: ++01:44
danwentwill approve right now, hopefully salv can also click +201:44
danwentbeat me to it salv!01:44
danwentok, should be getting merged01:45
danwentmtaylor: did you see review from salv-orlando_ about tissue?01:46
danwentafter that, i think we're ready to push the client split01:46
mtayloryes - I'll have a new update for that in a sec01:47
salv-orlando_I'm still here for a +201:47
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danwentbtw, salv, thanks for catching the tissue thing… missed that01:50
salv-orlando_danwent: something to worry about (probably) unit tests in master fail with PLUGIN_DIR=quantum/plugins/openvswitch01:50
salv-orlando_AttributeError: 'module' object has not attribute 'NotImplementedError'01:50
danwenthmm… i am seeing them pass for me.01:51
danwentcan you send me more detailed output?01:51
danwentwhat is your HEAD?01:51
danwentI wonder if this is an issue that brad was seeing with different versions of library for http errors.01:52
danwentthanks for the heads up01:52
salv-orlando_sure... I'll login into IRC from the PC were I do development01:52
danwentyou can just email me as well.01:53
danwentalso, might be helpful to know what distro + version you are running.01:53
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danwenttwo salvs!01:54
another-salv  File "./quantum/plugins/openvswitch/", line 41, in <module>01:54
another-salv    from quantum.api.api_common import OperationalStatus01:54
another-salv  File "/home/salvatore/git/quantum-new/quantum/api/", line 28, in <module>01:54
another-salv    from quantum.api import attachments01:54
another-salv  File "/home/salvatore/git/quantum-new/quantum/api/", line 18, in <module>01:54
another-salv    from quantum.api import api_common as common01:54
another-salv  File "/home/salvatore/git/quantum-new/quantum/api/", line 23, in <module>01:54
another-salv    from quantum.api import faults01:54
another-salv  File "/home/salvatore/git/quantum-new/quantum/api/", line 32, in <module>01:54
another-salv    class QuantumHTTPError(webob.exc.HTTPClientError):01:54
another-salv  File "/home/salvatore/git/quantum-new/quantum/api/", line 68, in QuantumHTTPError01:55
another-salv    'explanation': _NOTIMPLEMENTED_EXPL01:55
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another-salvlast commit is:1dd7766dcadcd52ee0e9cd6c6e4436236816761101:55
danwenthrm, are you running on natty or something else?01:56
salv-orlando_what puzzles me is that this error appears only when PLUGIN_DIR points to openvswitch01:57
danwentI wonder if your install has an outdate version of the "common" code that is in the client repo?01:57
danwentif you reinstall from pip-requires, i'm guessing you'll get updated client code?01:58
salv-orlando_uhm that might explain01:58
danwenti think it probably only happens when you run OVS, because the code that imports NotImplemented is an extension.  Just a guess though.02:00
salv-orlando_I found the issue... it was me being dumb. Basically I though the venv needed to be recreated, and I therefore deleted it before running the test. But since I'm dumb, I deleted .quantum-venv, which was the "old" folder, and not .venv02:01
salv-orlando_still I don't get why it did not happen when running "standard" unit tests...02:01
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danwentafter a quick glance, i don't either02:03
salv-orlando_I think that it is not a high priority issue though.02:04
danwentyes, and a small fix we can push to milestone-proposed tomorrow02:06
salv-orlando_I'll wait a few more minutes for the updated split patch from mtaylor.02:06
danwentok, in the mean time, what are your thoughts on my comment about the filtering branch returning a pair, vs. using a dict passed by reference.02:06
salv-orlando_Have a look here:,296802:07
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danwentah, sorry missed that.02:07
salv-orlando_The last changeset basically leverages the fact the filters are passed by reference.02:08
danwentyup, see that.  thanks.02:08
salv-orlando_Should any problem arise with that while I'm sleeping, the previous changeset returns the pair02:08
mtaylorsalv-orlando_, danwent: so I'm hitting the NotImplemented thing above when I try to test the quantumclient code now02:08
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danwentmtaylor, do you need to update the version of quantum-client pulled in?02:09
mtaylordanwent: this is in the quantumclient tests :)02:09
danwenthaey salv, why don't you head to bed.  I can get bhall or someone else to be the second +2 once monty and I figure this out.02:09
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mtaylordanwent: if you grab your latest patch and run "tox -v -r -epy27"  ... you'll see the same traceback from above02:10
salv-orlando_Yes, that might be better. Talk to you in a bit, guys!02:10
danwentmtaylor: i think this is pretty easy.  brad made a change to quantum.client after you pulled your repo, I think02:10
danwentlet me check02:10
mtaylordanwent: ah, cool02:10
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danwentchanges to quantum/client/ and quantum/common/exceptions.py02:11
danwentrepo change race condition :)02:12
danwentI should have noticed it during review02:12
danwenti can propose02:12
mtaylordanwent: ah - well, I think also I'm testing quantumclient against a non-split quantum server - which is also probably fun02:13
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mtaylordanwent: w00t!02:20
danwentyou win02:20
mtaylordanwent: if that patch goes in, then your patch can go in02:20
danwentok, are you going to push both?02:20
mtaylorand then quantumclient is good02:20
mtaylorwell- you review mine, I'll review yours :)02:21
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mtayloroh - you know - I betcha we're going to need to squash them ... I don't think the first one will pass jenkins02:23
mtaylorwelp. I was wrong. :)02:26
* mtaylor is going to learn to have more patience02:26
danwentI was rushing to beat you to push a squashed commit, then i didn't need it :P02:27
danwentbtw, tox always hangs when I run it (either that, or I am impatient)02:28
mtaylorah - next time try tox -v02:29
mtaylorthat's verbose mode02:29
mtaylorit's likely that you're impatient - it's building a virtualenv02:29
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danwentright you are :)02:30
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danwentbtw, were you going to push something in response to Salv's question about using tissue?02:31
mtaylordanwent: ok. I have updated the patch (removing tissue for now, we don't have it fully working yet - we'll submit a patch to actually use it)02:33
danwentok, sounds good.  I will run tests, then +2 it.  Will try to track down someone else to +2 as well, but it has been pretty heavily reviewed, so if needed, I can just approve it directly.02:34
mtaylork. it is a big patch though - a proper 2 +2's is proably nice02:34
danwentindeed :)02:35
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danwentI want bhall to look through it anyway, so that should do02:35
danwentyou should head out… i imagine it is getting late for you02:35
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danwentmtaylor: ok, i +2'd and ping brad02:42
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mtaylordanwent: don't shoot me - I found one more issue. sigh02:48
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danwentok, no worries, it hasn't gone in yet.02:49
danwentand even if we find issues tomorrow, we can cherry-pick them to milestone-proposed02:49
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mtaylordanwent: somehow I thought that we needed pep8 >= 0.6.3 - everything else is == 0.6.102:49
mtaylordanwent: check it one more time :(02:50
danwentour required >=0.6.1, not ==, does that matter?02:52
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mtaylordanwent: not today - 0.6.1 is the latest02:52
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mtaylordanwent: (this is the issue - there is no 0.6.3 :) )02:53
danwentah, got it02:53
danwentok, bhall said he will do second review tonight.  unless there's a huge issue, I will push and assume we can fix any minor issues as part of milestone-proposed.02:54
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danwentmtaylor: heading out for food. will be online later if anything pops up.  thanks again for all your help getting quantum integrated into the CI process.03:06
mtaylordanwent: my pleasure! I have a few more non-urgent patches coming03:07
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danwentgreat.  ttyl03:08
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