Thursday, 2012-03-22

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jaypipesdwalleck: yo!16:45
dwalleckjaypipes: Howdy!16:46
jaypipesdwalleck: see my reviews for your branches up on Gerrit...16:46
dwalleckSorry I missed out last week. Team outing :)16:46
jaypipesdwalleck: np!16:46
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jaypipesdwalleck: also, you need to unabandon the quantum tests branch...16:46
dwalleckMeh, it got tossed also? I thought I had more time. I'll take care of that16:47
jaypipesdwalleck: this one too:
jaypipesdwalleck: never mind that second one... looks like a true abandoned one.16:48
dwalleckjaypipes: That one I resubmitted as a new branch. I made a mistake and made a commit while doing a rebase16:48
jaypipesdwalleck: yep, sorry, noticed that after...16:50
jaypipesWe've got a ton of abandoned branches:,status:abandoned+project:openstack/tempest,n,z16:50
dwalleckWhich I've found is a tough thing to undo...I need to stop working on patches at 2 am16:50
jaypipesWe should get through those today and see which ones are good.16:50
jaypipesdwalleck: lol :)16:50
dwalleckYeah, some of these (especially around volumes) we really need16:51
dwalleckThough volumes are the tricky default devstack sets some low limits on the volumes you can create. I'm wondering if there's something we can do/something devstack can do to make it so either people understand why the tests are failing, or know to up their volume backing file size16:52
jaypipesdwalleck: yeah...16:52
dwalleckOne sec, grabbing a plate of lunch. BBQ!16:52
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anotherjessedwalleck: with devstack you can back the volumes to a real volume group16:57
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dwalleckanotherjesse: ahh, gotcha. I've just been using the devstack defaults17:00
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anotherjessedwalleck: the reason for the small number is that when it was larger people would run out of space -- since many folks run it in a VM17:00
jaypipesafternoon QAers, about to start the meeting...17:00
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jaypipesdwalleck: done getting lunch?17:01
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anotherjessedwalleck: that doesn't mean we can't try harder to have a default based on introspecting the environment17:01
dwalleckyup! I'm back17:01
dwalleckanotherjesse: Not a problem, that makes total sense.17:01
jaypipesOK, so couple major items...17:02
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jaypipes1) does anyone know what happened to Chris Fattarsi?17:02
dwallecknot I17:02
jaypipesHe was working on the Keystone tests but seems to have vanished.17:02
jaypipesand it's to the point now that I'm about to just take over the work...17:02
dwalleckyeah, I halted our submission because he had started17:03
jaypipesdwalleck: I think we need to just push ahead...17:03
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jaypipesKeystone is a critical functional test area..17:03
dwalleckProbably not a bad idea17:03
jaypipesdavidkranz_: afternoon17:03
jaypipesdwalleck: OK, you have a lot on your plate already...17:03
dwalleckdavidkranz_: howdy17:03
Carlos_Swifthello room17:03
jaypipesdwalleck: do you have someone on your team who can do the keystone work?17:04
davidkranz_I can't even get keystone to work!17:04
jaypipesCarlos_Swift: heyo :)17:04
jaypipesdavidkranz_: well, that's another story ;_)17:04
dwalleckjaypipes: That's an understatement :) I do. He had some code to merge, but chris beat him to the punch17:04
dwalleckBut I can either have him pick up those branches, submit his branches, or work with you to get them into a good state17:04
dwalleckWhatever is the easiest and/or makes the most sense17:05
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jaypipesdwalleck: submit it ASAP in whatever state...17:05
jaypipesdwalleck: if it gets in before chris' work, so be it.17:05
dwalleckjaypipes: you got it boss17:05
jaypipesdwalleck: but we need to start iterating on the keystone stuff ASAP.17:05
jaypipesdwalleck: thx mate17:05
dwalleckjaypipes: agreed17:06
jaypipesdwalleck: as for the Quantum tests, you are working on unabandoning those, right?17:06
dwalleckjaypipes: Right. I just need to make some minor fixes17:06
jaypipesdwalleck: k.17:06
jaypipesI will write an email to Ravi about Sapan's branches. They are long abandoned, even though they have review comments to address17:07
jaypipesso hopefully Ravi can have someone else pick those up if Sapan cannot do them.17:07
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jaypipesdavidkranz_: approved the updates to the stress tests from Adam G.17:07
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jaypipesdavidkranz_: they should be merged in trunk now.17:07
davidkranz_jaypipes: thanks.17:07
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davidkranz_As far as I can tell, there are no complete instructions for keystone/essex  that work anywhere. Are there? Or at least some kind of code one can read other than devstack which uses this template catalog stuff.17:08
jaypipesdavidkranz_: yes, that is correct (but being worked on)17:08
jaypipesdavidkranz_: devstack is a source of info on setting it up, but as you say, it uses the templated catalog.17:08
jaypipeswhereas the ubuntu packages use the SQL backends17:09
davidkranz_I am pretty sure I am only one or two bugs away from having it working bug debugging is tricky.17:09
anotherjesseare you hoping to get coverage of both styles?17:09
jaypipesdavidkranz_: that's good to hear.17:09
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davidkranz_Is there an easy way to watch the exchange between nova and keyhstone that happens when you do 'nova list'?17:09
jaypipesanotherjesse: not really a matter of something that tempest controls :) we just point the API calls at an environment. If that environment is devstack, it will stress the template backend, if the env is ubuntu, it will stress the SQL backend :)17:10
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adam_gdavidkranz_: other than tailing logs on either end, none that i can think of. someone mentioned using ngrep for this on the ML the other da17:10
jaypipesdavidkranz_: I have screen open on my devstack install box and run tempest from another machine. having a look at the n-api and k-api screens will show you the communication.17:11
jaypipesOK, so let's move on to the next topic...17:11
jaypipes#topic Jenkins job(s) firing Tempest17:12
*** openstack changes topic to "Jenkins job(s) firing Tempest"17:12
jaypipesOK, so I put in a first stab at this a couple days ago.17:12
jaypipesjeblair gave me some heads up on the code review and I'm going to try again today.17:12
* jeblair is very excited about this17:13
jaypipesit involves changes to the devstack-gate subproject in the openstack-ci repo (
* anotherjesse too17:13
adam_gis this going to be another pre-commit gating job?17:14
jaypipesI kinda borked the original merge proposal but hope to have another one submitted today to jeblair17:14
anotherjesseadam_g: I think this is a job that runs, not a gate?17:14
anotherjesseat least at the begininng17:14
jaypipesadam_g: eventually, perhaps a subset of Tempest will gate, yes, depending on how long the tests take17:14
jaypipesanotherjesse: correct17:14
adam_gi see17:14
jaypipesadam_g: we are going to see how long the tests take, then try to get the performance better, and gradually include more and more of the tempest tests as a gate17:15
jaypipesat least, that's the plan.17:15
adam_gwe're in the process of getting the same up and going here for post-commit testing we do in addition to devstack exercises -
jaypipesIn other performance news, I ran tempest with --processes=8 on my "uberbox" and got the time down about 15%.17:15
dwalleckThat seems like a reasonable goal17:16
dprinceWhen I run Tempest... I just run the 'smoke' tests.17:16
jaypipesNow, this isn't great, but it's a start, and the tests completed successfully, so we should be able to get some better parallelization with a little effort17:16
dprinceRunning the entire suite takes *way* to long at this point.17:16
jaypipesdprince: yes, agreed.17:16
dalangjaypipes: thanks for looking review earlier, ill resubmit later today17:16
jaypipesdalang: rock on.17:17
dwalleckWell, I've had it running at 50 kind of screams :) But, that was using a different runner17:17
jaypipesdalang: ah! you are Chris Fattarsi!17:17
jaypipesdwalleck: what different runner?17:17
jeblairjaypipes: to make it easier to have two jobs, one that runs all of tempest, and one that won't (starting with not running tempest at all, and moving onto running part of tempest for gating)...17:17
dalangi should probably make that easier to spot :)17:17
jeblairjaypipes: i'd recommend adding an argument to the that controls whether/to what degree to run tempest17:18
jaypipesjeblair: OK, will do.17:18
dwalleckjaypipes: One of my devs has an experimental branch using py.test. It has some very slick, easy to configure multithreaded/distributed testing capabilities17:18
jaypipesdwalleck: dalang == Chris Fattarsi. :) cancel the request about Keystone tests17:18
jaypipesdwalleck: gotcha17:18
dwalleckEither way, performance is my next priority. I think we can pull a few easy tricks to make things pretty fast17:19
jaypipesOK, so as far as tempest goes, today I'm just going to be doing that Jenkins job stuff and a blog article on running Tempest + devstack + RC1 Essex stuff to get folks to do more testing17:19
jaypipesdwalleck: ++17:19
jaypipesJoseSwiftQA: how's Swift tests going?17:20
dwalleckWell performance + documentation + autoconfig + deep validation17:20
JoseSwiftQAstill a little ugle, need to update it to work better with auth 2.017:20
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jaypipesJoseSwiftQA: gotcha. any ETA?17:21
JoseSwiftQAthat's a tough one17:21
jaypipesJoseSwiftQA: any chance we can get a few tests added in for starters?17:21
jaypipesJoseSwiftQA: and then build from there?17:21
JoseSwiftQAI don't think that's a problem.  I had to throw away my old outdated branch, but that made me refactor a lot of bad code out17:21
JoseSwiftQAso it's  alot closer to presentable now.17:22
jaypipesk. well don't hesitate to grab us if you get into a rabbithole17:22
jaypipeshappy to assist17:22
JoseSwiftQAwill do, thanks17:22
jaypipesOK folks, anything else to bring up today?17:23
jaypipes#topic Open Discussion17:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion"17:23
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dwalleckDesign conference?17:24
jaypipesdwalleck: ah..17:24
dwalleckIt'd be nice to sit together in a room and work through future plans17:24
jaypipesI have one talk so far submitted for QA (from Ravi about test strategy)17:25
jaypipesin the next week or two, I will submit 2 sessions -- one for the general overview of tempest and usage, and another for planning Folsom improvements.17:26
jaypipesI encourage folks to submit talks on stuff that interests them.17:26
dwalleckjaypipes: sounds great!17:26
dwalleckI'll be finding something to talk about I'm sure. What is the process for submitting sessions?17:27
* dwalleck still an OpenStack noob17:27
jaypipesdwalleck: should be a submit a session button.17:27
dwalleckwow, that's quite a few sessions. Thanks!17:27
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jaypipesdwalleck: well there's close to 400 developers coming to the summit this time!17:28
dwalleckIt'll be interesting for sure. Looking forward to it17:29
jaypipesOK y'all, I'm ready to end the meeting. Be prepared for me bugging people more and more for reviews and fixes over the next couple weeks :)17:29
*** carlp has quit IRC17:29
jaypipesI'd like our team to go into the design summit with a Jenkins job and some successful Tempest test runs under our belt.17:30
dwalleckjaypipes: ++17:30
dwalleckI'll get my nose back to the grindstone17:30
jaypipesdavidkranz_: would be good if you proposed a session about the stress tests at the DS (hint, hint) :)17:30
davidkranz_jaypipes: Sure.17:30
jaypipesalrighty, time to end. catch you all in the etherwebs.17:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"17:30
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openstackMeeting started Thu Mar 22 18:03:12 2012 UTC.  The chair is jdg. Information about MeetBot at
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jdgAny folks present for the block storage meeting today?18:03
jdurginI'm here if people have things to discuss18:04
jdgI was hoping to discuss boot from volume some more, as well as updates on volume uuid18:05
jdgLooks like it's another no show18:06
DuncanTI'm here18:06
jdgOk, so there was a pretty lively discussion on boot from volume last time18:07
jdgI didn't see any note written up or proposals, was thinking I'd go ahead and do a high level description on what we talked about18:07
jdgsubmit on the wiki or something18:07
jdgMainly wanted to focus on defining what we're looking for, as there seems to be different ideas about what BFV is18:08
jdgie booting an instance with a volume attached versus actually having an instance on the volume18:08
DuncanTWe've been having some internal discussions here on same, they got lively too for the same reasons18:08
jdgAny thoughts?18:08
jdgDuncanT: Sorry... didn't mean to cut you off18:09
jdgSo I can see both use cases, however the second is NOT boot from volume in my mind.  It's boot with volume18:09
jdgplain and simple18:09
DuncanTDifferent issue, also needs doing :-)18:09
jdgOk, so we're looking at two seperate blueprints then18:10
timr1tim here as well, yep agree "boot from" is different to" boot with" we are intertsted in the former18:10
DuncanTMaybe more than two... it all gets a bit complicated when you start looking a possible semantics for BFV18:10
jdgDuncanT: Good point, the other wrench to throw in is breaking out block storage18:11
jdgBut I think if that's done correctly and the API looks right it will allow alot of those use cases18:11
DuncanTIf it doesn't allow both these cases it is broken and will need fixing IMO18:12
jdgSeems like the right thinking to me18:12
DuncanTWe (HP) have been discussing BFV a lot in the last week or so, we plan on having a blueprint out before the summit for discussion there18:12
jdgthe trouble I'm having is I don't want to wait until the summit to figure out what we're doing.18:12
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timr1sure, we would do the bprint before then,18:14
jdgI think it might be good to get some ideas around use cases going into the summit18:14
jdgtimr1: ok... what sort of timeline are you thinking?18:14
jdurgina thread on the mailing list might collect more use cases from a wider audience, even before blueprints are ready18:15
jdgjdurgin: good idea, do you want to send it out or shall I?18:15
jdurginjdg: I can do it18:15
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jdg#action jdurgin to send out mailing list request for BFV use cases18:16
DuncanTWe hope to have a blueprint in two weeks, purely so there is something concrete to discuss at the summit18:16
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DuncanTMaybe a week if other pressures allow18:16
jdgDucnanT: sounds good18:16
jdg#action DuncanT to submit blueprint for BFV in the next 2 weeks18:17
DuncanTPart of the problem is that you need not just the use cases, but the cognative model to go with it, e.g. is a snapshot of a bootable volume the same as a glace image?18:17
jdgDuncanT: I would say that's something that would be good to have18:18
jdgDuncanT: But I also don't know that it needs to be first pass18:18
jdurginthere are already two kinds of snapshots in nova, and cleaning up that sounds like a separate issue18:19
jdgI guess I'm thinking of coming up with the cognitive model based on use cases18:19
jdgOtherwise you end up with a screwy paradigm18:19
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DuncanTjdg: The two go together. There should be some beginnings of our thoughts on the subject in the blueprint18:19
DuncanTIf you implement use-cases without thinking of the model then you end up with screwy APIs :-)18:20
jdgDuncanT: Agreed18:20
jdgBut the other direction is true as well18:21
jdgOk, so this is good.  We at least have some steps for where to go18:21
jdgI think there are quite a few things that can be done with block storage, seems like a priority list should be put together at the summit18:22
jdghint, hint... propose sessions on the web page :)18:22
jdgOk, does anybody have any topics they want to discuss today?  We have a couple action items already.18:24
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman18:24
jdgIf anybody is interested in uuid conversion for volume ID's I'll fill ya in on that?18:24
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jdurginsounds good18:25
DuncanTWe have some interest in getting some firming up of the semantics of snapshot & backup18:25
jdgDuncanT: any specific proposals/ideas?18:25
DuncanTThere's an old blueprint about it, but getting some agreement would be nice, and we only really have a view of what our storage system can do rather than what other people want/can do18:26
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jdgDuncanT: Do you have a link to the blueprint?18:27
*** dalang is now known as fattarsi18:28
DuncanTBasically, a snapshot is a lightweight point-in-time frozen copy of a volume, a backup is an external, pan-availabily zone thing e.g. to swift18:29
jdgDuncanT: So is there some controversy around these definitions?18:30
DuncanTjdg: There seemed to be a couple of weeks ago, yes18:31
*** littleidea has quit IRC18:31
jdgDuncanT: Ahh, yes... from within this meeting in fact18:31
DuncanTjdg: Indeed18:31
jdgPersonally I don't necessarily see why.  I'd have to go back through the notes.18:32
jdgWRT lifetime of the snapshot, I would tie it to the originating volume18:32
*** joearnold has quit IRC18:32
timr1there was also controversy when there was only one term "SNAPSHOT"  some people wanted it to be a quick point in time snap, others wanted it to be a swift copy.18:32
timr1that lifecycle has issues:18:33
jdgSo I think that's why you have clones and snapshots no?18:33
*** littleidea has joined #openstack-meeting18:33
timr1if I create a new volume from a s snapshot (a clone) then that should be able to live even if the original is deleted - no?18:34
timr1original volume that is18:34
jdgtimr1: agreed18:34
jdgtimr1: But that's assuming you do a "create volume from snapshot"18:34
jdgtimr1: so I would propose it's an additional step18:35
timr1eh, yes18:35
jdgIn other words the definition:  snapshots are for point in time restores to a volume18:35
jdgThey can be used to create a new volume (clone)18:35
jdgThe new volume is not tied to the snapshot it orignates from18:36
*** fattarsi has quit IRC18:36
jdgdoes anybody have any issues with going that route?18:36
*** dalang has joined #openstack-meeting18:37
DuncanTjdg: We see no reason to tie the lifetime of a snapshot with that of any volume18:37
timr1can you expand on what you mean by: "snapshots are for point in time restores to a volume"18:37
jdgDuncanT: So you're proposing that even if you delete the originating volume the snapshot should "live on"18:37
DuncanTjdg: Yes18:38
jdgDuncanT: timr1:  Ok... so why?18:38
timr1but you cannot delete the snap if clones are in existence ?18:38
*** adjohn has quit IRC18:39
DuncanTA use-case:18:39
jdgtimr1: seems like you're making life difficult by doing that18:39
jdurginit sounds like different volume backends have different assumptions about the lifetime of snapshots/volumes/clones, and whether they're tied together, so we can't have a single global policy18:39
timr1jdg: sorry 0 that was a question, not an assertion :)18:39
jdgtimr1: Oh... sorry.18:40
DuncanTI setup a volume with my basic ubuntu install, and snapshot it. I then clone this many times for different purposes. The fact my first volume eventually moves on and maybe becomes useless doesn't stop the snapshot still being useful18:41
jdgDuncanT:  Ok, good use case18:41
jdgHowever, depending on how the clone is implemented it may or may not know anything about the snapshot18:42
*** dalang has quit IRC18:42
jdgThe other problem is then you have to deal with managing which snapshots are valid for which clones18:42
timr1ok, so we agree we can delete the original volume and the snap and any clones can live on - OK ?18:42
DuncanTI don't understand what you mean by that18:43
jdgtimr1: Not sure I agree, however if the majority likes that approach that's cool18:43
jdgDucanT: Say you have volume-1, you create snapshot-a18:44
timr1jdg, I was tryign to sumarise what Duncan was saying - thougth you did agree with his use case ?18:44
jdurgintimr1: it still seems backend dependent - i.e. lvm and rbd can't use snapshots after their associated volume has been deleted (not sure about other backends)18:44
DuncanTjdurgin: Then the implementation can in that case refuse to delete the volume until the snaps are deleted?18:44
jdgThen you clone18:44
jdgThen you snap volume-a again... you didn't do anything with volume-b18:45
jdgPoint in time discrepencies start cropping up all over the place18:45
*** dalang has joined #openstack-meeting18:46
jdgjdurgin: The backend dependency is another concern18:46
jdurginDuncanT: yeah, my point is that the varying semantics support different use cases, but this means drivers have to handle the discrepancies18:46
jdgDepending on how snapshots are implemented it might not work at all18:46
*** dalang has left #openstack-meeting18:46
DuncanTjdg: I don't see the descrepacies... both snaps are logically copies of the volume at the instant of time they were created. Once you clone them, the clone becomes a (semantically) separate entity that can do its own thing18:47
jdgDucanT: right but then you're talking about restoring snaps from "other" volumes18:49
jdgThat's not a snapshot, that's a clone18:49
jdgSo what I'm saying is... once you create volume from a snapshot that should be the start of it's lifetime18:50
*** anotherjesse is now known as anotherjesse_zz18:50
DuncanTRight, I see, we're using the terms differently here. In your parlance, creating any volume from a snapshot is a clone18:50
jdgDepending on how snapshots are implemented it actually has to be this way18:50
jdgDucanT: correct, thanks :)18:51
jdgDoes that mean we actually agree on this?18:51
DuncanTI /think/ we're talking about the same thing here. If I email out some examples and see if they match your idea?18:52
jdgSounds like a great plan.18:52
timr1I alos agree that the capabilities of back end implementations will differ depending on the technology used. For this reason the Nova semantics should be more relaxed and allow the back end decide what is possible in its own context18:52
jdgtimr1: +118:52
timr1ok - more write ups needed from Duncan :)18:53
*** fattarsi has joined #openstack-meeting18:53
*** jastr has quit IRC18:53
jdurgintimr1: agreed18:53
jdgIt seems to me there are some generalized semantics already around these terms, we should stick with them18:53
timr1I'll help him18:53
jdgDo you want to do mass email first, or just to this group to start?18:53
*** mattray1 has joined #openstack-meeting18:54
jdgMight be easier to hash it out amongst the smaller group then propose it to the entire list18:54
jdgAlright, anything else?  Or should we keep going and assign more tasks to DuncanT  :)18:55
rnirmaljdg: sorry I missed the earlier part... do you have an update on moving id's to uuid's18:55
jdg#topic volume uuid18:55
*** openstack changes topic to "volume uuid"18:55
jdgrnirmal:  thanks for reminding me18:55
jdgSo I implemented the migrations as well as the model and the db api18:56
rnirmalis there a way we can get this for essex or is it just folsom18:56
jdgfighting with the EC2 tests now18:56
*** mikeyp has joined #openstack-meeting18:56
jdgrnirmal: So I haven't been really agressive with it because it sounded like it was nixed from essex18:56
rnirmalyeah that's what I thought too18:57
rnirmaljust wanted to make sure18:57
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:57
*** mattray has quit IRC18:57
jdgrnirmal: So now I'm sort of in a spot, trying to keep up with changes but not submitting until after Essex18:57
jdgMay be smarter to just get it figured out and then wait until after release18:58
rnirmalyeah I think we can work on getting it now... the release has been cut and trunk open for folsom18:58
rnirmalatleast from one of the last commits... but I may be wrong18:58
jdgOh, that's right forgot Thierry sent out an email18:58
*** n0ano has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
*** mattray1 is now known as mattray18:59
*** mattray has joined #openstack-meeting18:59
rnirmalI'm interested in testing it out. I'll probably merge from your branch18:59
jdgOk, I'll try devote some more time to it next week and try to get it done.18:59
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:59
jdgrnirmal: I'll shoot you a note when there's something ready on my github branch.18:59
rnirmaljdg: perfect thanks.19:00
jdgIt's terribly out of date right now  :(19:00
jdgOk, anybody have anything else?19:00
jdgAlrighty, thanks everyone for showing up.  Same time and place next week.  :)19:00
DuncanTI've volenteered for enough for one week :-)19:00
jdgDont' forget if you want to add agenda items to the wiki feel free.19:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"19:01
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openstackMinutes (text):
*** sriramhere has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
*** fattarsi has quit IRC19:03
mikeypDo we have a quorum for an orchestration meeting ?  Is this the correct time ?19:03
sriramherei am here for the orchestration meeting19:04
n0anoI'm here but I understand that, due to DST, technically the meeting should start an hour from now19:04
sriramhereoh ok19:04
mikeypn0ano - that is a possibility19:04
mikeypI updated wiki to change to PDT, but haven't been chairing the meetings19:05
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:05
mikeypSo, what is correct time in UTC ?19:05
n0anoI'm willing to chair but we should get the time down right19:05
n0anoAccording to Thierry all meetings are in UTS and don't change due to DST so that makes our time 2PM MDT19:06
ttxnova-volume is 1800 UTC19:07
ttxorchestration is 2000 UTC19:08
ttxone hour frmo now :)19:08
n0anoI think we agree then, re-convene in 50 minutes19:09
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n0anoSo, anyone back for the Orchestration meeting?20:00
* mikeyp is here 20:01
n0anoanyone else?20:02
*** johnpur has joined #openstack-meeting20:03
n0anoI think sriramhere should be back, let's wait a minute two20:03
*** jastr has joined #openstack-meeting20:03
n0anowell, looks like it's you & I for now, did you have an agenda you wanted to raise?20:06
mikeypmostly want'ed to sync up on meeting time going forward.20:06
mikeypbeen busy, so orchestration was back burner till essex RC20:07
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*** jjm3lp has joined #openstack-meeting20:07
n0anounderstand, I've kind of been in holding mode thinking that we'll do most of the work at the essex summit20:07
n0ano#topic meeting time20:07
*** openstack changes topic to "meeting time"20:07
n0anoGiven Thierry's email let's just definitively say that the Orchestration meeing is at 20:00UTC irrespective of daylight savings time20:08
mikeypagreed.  Updated wiki to that effect,to avoid confusion20:09
*** davidkranz_ has quit IRC20:10
n0anosounds good20:10
mikeypMain other agenda item is the summit, and what we should accomplish before then.20:10
n0ano#agreed meeting time is 20:00UTC20:10
mikeypIs orchestration listed as a session topic yet ?20:10
n0ano#topic Orchestration summit topic20:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Orchestration summit topic"20:11
sriramheresorry guys20:11
sriramhereu am ack20:11
sriramherei'm back20:11
n0anosriramhere, np, did you see what we've talked over so far?20:11
sriramhereI submitted a session proposal20:11
mikeypsriramhere: ack :-)20:12
n0anoexcellent, have you heard any confirmation on that?20:12
sriramherenot yet.20:13
n0anoOK, we'll keep and eye on that and try and make sure it happens20:13
sriramherei wanted to briefly talk abt what i had in my mind while submitting the proposal, and what more we can do before the summit20:13
sriramherei submitted under Brainstorm -20:13
n0anobrainstorm sounds appropriate20:13
sriramheremainly to hash out the gaps in the previous blueprints (if at all) and why orchestration slipped out of Essex (so that we can address that)20:14
sriramherealso, if we can make more progress on blueprint, that d be good.20:14
sriramherei also would have liked a presentation session - if we have more clarity on the design.20:15
sriramherecurrently, we have bunch of alternatives talked about, but we need to get to the next step20:15
n0anonot sure we have a full idea for a presentation yet, the multiple alternatives would indicate the brainstorm is really what's required20:16
n0anodo we have the alternatives written down anywhere?20:16
sriramhereyes, they are under
mikeypbiggest issue is weaving this all into the cells and resource caching changes.  That will probably impact the design.20:17
n0anoso where are the resource caching changes being documented, we'll need to know that to do things right20:18
sriramhereAlso, session proposal made me submit new blueprint - which uses the above wiki as spec placeholder20:19
sriramherebp itself (derived mostly from previous bp) is at
mikeypwould need to look at capacity cache changes.20:19
sriramherewhat i found on the cache changes is old. let me get the link20:20
sriramhereit would be good if someone can update it20:20
*** GheRivero_ has quit IRC20:20
sriramhere - is this correct?20:21
mikeypAll of this is why I suspect we're somewhat stalled until the summit - the orchestration idea is valide, but there have been significant changes in essex20:22
mikeypmainly scalability, and the referece I'm using is the code20:22
*** adjohn has joined #openstack-meeting20:22
mikeypalso, I need to jump off shortly.20:22
mikeypCan we post an agenda for next week so we can be more productive ?20:23
n0anomikeyp, sure, that's a good idea, that'll give us some time to think about things a little.20:23
sriramheremikeyp - would you be able to document something about the cache?20:24
*** LinuxJedi has quit IRC20:24
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack-meeting20:25
mikeypI can dig up the existing documentation and get references on it20:25
n0anoI'm thinking the agenda for next week is `Orchestration and resource cache - read the linked blueprints and come prepared'.20:25
mikeypsounds like a plan20:25
n0ano#action mikeyp - provide references to docs on resource cache20:26
n0ano#action n0ano - post agenda for next week's meeting20:26
sriramhere#action n0ano sriramhere  - read the blueprints mikeyp publishes and come prepared for discussion.20:27
n0anoso I'm thinking we're good for today (all the work is next week), anything else before we close?20:27
mikeypnothing from me.20:27
sriramherealso, can we do skype or some voice call for more active disccusions?20:27
sriramhereother than that, nothing from me20:28
mikeypthats possible20:28
n0anonote we don't know who will be there, there could be others trying to attend the IRC channel20:28
sriramherelets convene here, and take it from there20:28
*** dolphm has quit IRC20:29
n0anoOK, talk to you then20:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"20:29
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