Wednesday, 2012-05-16

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notmyname#startmeeting foobar17:19
openstackMeeting started Wed May 16 17:19:49 2012 UTC.  The chair is notmyname. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:19
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: foobar)"17:19
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"17:20
openstackMeeting ended Wed May 16 17:20:08 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)17:20
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notmynamedfg: torgomatic: gholt: redbo: chmouel: pandemicsyn: ready?20:31
openstackMeeting started Wed May 16 20:31:48 2012 UTC.  The chair is notmyname. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.20:31
notmynamethree things to talk about. shouldn't take long, I hope20:32
notmyname1) status of what to split out20:32
notmyname2) 1.5.0 release timeframe20:32
notmyname3) keystone stuff20:32
notmyname#topic splitting stuff out of swift20:32
*** openstack changes topic to "splitting stuff out of swift"20:32
notmynameI'd like to list the middleware we have (or had) and if anyone things it should stay in or be discussed, please speak up20:33
chmouelI that should def be split out20:33
notmynamechmouel: were you goign to work with fujita on that?20:33
notmynamehe has the code split out, but no docs/packaging/etc20:33
chmouelnotmyname: I haven't get it touch with him yet (is he on IRC) but i can do as an action to get thing forward20:34
notmynamesomeone could easily propose a patch to add that to hig gihub repo20:34
notmynameacl middleware?20:34
redboI'd prefer it stay in20:34
chmouelyeah it used by all middleware20:35
notmynameya, I think that makes sense20:35
chmouelauth middleware20:35
gholtThose are really helper functions for other middleware tbh, so yeah stays.20:35
gholttempauth? stays20:35
notmynamesame with catch_errors, emcache20:35
notmynametempauth could depend on what we decide with keystone20:35
gholtDid you mean tempauth?20:35
dfgi don't think so- need tempauth for saio20:36
notmynameno. acl.py20:36
gholtI can't imagine separating tempauth. It's whole existence is to provide a test harness for the core swift repo.20:36
notmynamedomain_remap, formpost, tempurl, ratelimit? (they've all been removed. was that good for all of them?)20:36
notmynameoh and staticweb too20:37
notmynameanyone think they should stay in?20:37
redboI kind of do20:37
notmynameall of them? why?20:37
pandemicsynratelimit seems like a core thing20:37
torgomaticI'd like to see ratelimit in20:37
chmouelI think rate limit as well20:37
notmynameanyone want to argue ratelimit should be out?20:38
gholtI'm fine either way with all of those. I separated the ones I did to try to be consistent and hopefully not make other contributors upset that "their" stuff didn't get in.20:38
gholtThat seems like an action item for me then: Revert ratelimit removal.20:39
redboI don't know, staticweb and formpost seem like a good features.20:39
notmynamedomain_remap and cname_lookup (forgot that one) are pretty lightly used (I think). I'm fine with keeping those out. anyone think they should go back in?20:39
gholtIt's not good or not, it's in core repo or not.20:39
gholtI don't want people to think "not in core; it must suck" or something. It's just division of reponsibilities.20:39
notmynameya, do we want to be responsible for maintaining that code and tie it's functionality to swift releases?20:39
redboI don't want people to say "Well we got swift, but to get this feature everyone uses, we've gotta go to"20:40
gholtNot sure what "that" is in the context, but I'm already responsible for staticweb, formpost, tempurl, swauth20:40
pandemicsynis it more about deciding what should be a  "core feature" ?20:40
chmouelredbo: that would be a packaging problem ?20:40
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redboand we don't know if it's been tested to the same rigor as swift core, and we don't know what versions of swift it's been integration tested with20:41
dfgis it "core repo" or "standard prod deploy".  don't we want to make standard deployements of swift as easy / robust as possible?  i'm worried about testing separate repos20:41
pandemicsynas the token ops guy im 100% with dfg20:41
notmynameya, we want installs to be as easy as possible, but we also want to keep the scope as small as reasonable20:42
gholtAre we just talking about ratelimit? Or everything again?20:42
redbowas maintaining these things really causing anyone pain?20:42
gholt[Pronouns are irritating. :)]20:43
dfgi'm talking about everything (sorry) i just want a good reason for the bugs that will happen because of this20:43
gholtDang, would've been cool for all this speak up while the geritt review was up. Hehe :)20:43
chmouelI think it's because it opens door for other middleware to be added in swift core20:43
notmynameredbo: I think swift3 compat causes some pain20:43
dfgi was i little busy with SOS...20:43
gholtdfg: :P20:44
redboWell, we can pull swift3 out, especially if the primary maintainers don't mind.20:44
notmynameya, and 3rd party APIs are to be separate now, per openstack policy (aws, cdmi, etc)20:44
redbowhile I reject their right to mandate that, I agree with the conclusion ;)20:45
gholtI guess I'll go back to my position that maybe caused a lot of this ruckus. I personally don't want to maintain CDMI and ZFS code. I feel it's pretty complicated and my brain in kinda full. If that's just my problem, I'll deal.20:45
torgomaticgholt: +120:45
pandemicsyntheres a set of features that Swift has to have or ship with to make it a viable product for operations teams, but i don't think it has to be a "keep all" or "discard all" type of scenario20:46
redboI'm fine with that, I just don't like that that logic lead to a lot of things that I consider useful features to be pulled out of swift.20:46
notmynamegholt: I don't think it's just your problem20:46
dfgif there was a plan for how they'd all be tested i'd feel better.  before I approve commits I run unittests and functests.  those just became a lot less meaningful.20:46
dfg(i do other stuf too :p)20:46
notmynameok, so swift3 should stay out. should all of the others come back in? or should some of them stay out too?20:47
notmyname(and the next thing is the separation of the client libs and CLI)20:47
chmouelshould we make a vote with that #vote thing?20:48
redboI don't know, staticweb is the only thing that's kind of big enough to stand on its own.  But I think it's a pretty sweet feature and should probably be part of core.20:48
pandemicsynnotmyname: im indifferent on tempurl/formpost, but stuff like ratelimit/healthcheck/tempauth should stay for sure20:48
notmynamewould you like to vote on each of them or have a bulk vote?20:48
gholtHave to vote on the vote. :)20:48
pandemicsynprevote survey20:48
redbono exit polling20:49
notmyname#startvote all middleware except swift3 should be included (or re-added) to swift: yes no20:49
notmynameis that not how that works?20:49
gholtFingers crossed20:49
gholtvote: yes20:49
notmynameyes for include it, no for keep it separate20:49
chmoueli think it's #agreed20:49
notmyname#vote yes20:49
gholt#vote yes20:49
redbogholt's mom got exit polled.  After she voted in the last election.20:50
redbo#vote yes20:50
pandemicsyn#vote yes20:50
torgomatic#vote yes20:50
dfg#vote yes20:50
chmouel#vote yes20:50
notmynameI don't think I did that right, but we have a decision20:51
notmyname#agreed keep or readd all the middleware except swift320:51
notmynameok, so the client lib and CLI20:51
gholtThat includes Swauth.20:51
notmynamechmouel: are you working on splitting that out?20:51
gholtJoking joking20:51
redboI would now like to read glange's absentee vote.    glange: #vote discgolf20:51
redboI don't think he knew what we'd be voting on20:51
chmouelnotmyname: yeah my only concern is if we want to add the direct_api there20:51
notmynameya, what should be pulled out?20:52
chmouelgholt: ^^20:52
notmynamethis would be stuff pulled out into a separate repo but still managed by the swift core team20:52
gholtI'm not sure why really, if everything else is in.20:52
gholtJust package stuff differently.20:52
chmouelyeah well it would make easier for a lot of people to include it in pip20:53
chmoueland not have to keep copy with bug or outdated in their own repos20:53
redbowell, should swauth be in a repo that's controlled by the group, or just by you?20:53
chmouelor have them to use python-cloudfiles20:53
redbogholt: ^ what I said20:53
notmynameredbo: you'll have to beg him for collaborator access :-)20:53
notmynamechmouel: is that solvable simply by packaging or does it require separate code locations20:53
gholtor fork it and move on, hehe20:54
redboall of my precious swauth ideas wasted20:54
chmouelnotmyname: it is code location20:54
notmynamethe other openstack projects have separate code repos for their associated client libs20:54
chmouelnotmyname: as a pip cannot do subpackage20:54
notmynameah ok20:54
notmynameso what needs to be in that separate code repo? just the the CLI? direct_client?20:54
pandemicsynseparate client libs make sense20:55
notmynameya, I like the idea too20:55
pandemicsynbreaking out the cli seems odd20:55
chmoueldefinitively bin/swift and swift.common.client20:55
annegentlehow shall we do docs for the separate code use cases?20:55 and the CLI sound good; not sure about direct_client20:55
notmynameannegentle: how is it done for nova/glance/etc?20:55
notmynameannegentle: I'd assume the same way20:55
chmouelyeah the cli and the client is a different package for all other os projects20:56
annegentle"important" use cases are documented in priority order, however we haven't had to have people go to separate code repos for those yet.20:56
notmynameannegentle: ah. I thought that was already done for all the other projects20:56
notmynamechmouel: is it not?20:56
annegentlemostly stuff that has been split out from nova has had its own API20:56
notmyname(to clarify, this is to move this code to another openstack repo, but with the same -core team (ie us))20:57
pandemicsynahh, in that case moving the cli makes sense20:57
pandemicsynthought the cli would move to some random persons github20:57
notmynameok. anyone opposed to moving just the client lib and CLI to a separate openstack repo still managed by us?20:57
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chmouel(this is by the way ready here for just the CLI and client )20:58
notmynamechmouel: can you working with mtaylor and jeblair about getting that set up in openstack?20:58
chmouelnotmyname: yep will do that20:58
notmyname(chmouel is getting a big list of stuff to do)20:58
annegentlewe're already pondering this on doc-core with the additional options to the .conf files, such as
chmouelhey hey and i'm on leave tomo and friday20:59
notmynameok, swift 1.5.0 release date20:59
notmyname#topic swift 1.5.0 release20:59
*** openstack changes topic to "swift 1.5.0 release"20:59
notmynamewe'll release it when it's ready. what are we calling ready?20:59
notmyname1) getting the middleware situation cleaned up21:00
notmynamedo we need to get the client libs split off first?21:00
dfgwhat's currently in there? i haven't been paying much attention?21:00
mtaylornotmyname: ola21:00
mtaylorchmouel: yay!21:00
notmynamedfg: everything since before the summit21:00
notmynameI'd like to see the expanded recon support and proxy logging middleware be in 1.5.0, but those are lower priority to me21:01
notmyname(less important == less important than solving the middleware issue, not that they aren't important)21:02
notmynameanyone want to release 1.5.0 before those land? or should they be essential to the release?21:02
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away21:03
chmouelthe proxy logging middleware has problem with swift3 i think21:03
notmynameok, I'll take that to mean that they should all land :-)21:03
chmouelbut is it a problem anymore if it's pulled away?21:03
notmynameyes, it's a problem overall, but it's not something that should block21:04
redbothat might be fixed.  I don't have a good functional test for swift3.21:04
notmynameok, chmouel and redbo can work together to make sure that works21:04
notmynamecan we get these things merged by May 25th?21:05
notmynamethen we can test/QA the next week and release 1.5.0 on the 31st21:05
chmouelcool ok, i think zaictev was interested as well to work on that21:05
notmynameanyone opposed to that?21:05
notmynamechmouel: cool21:05
dfgfine with me21:06
notmynameok, I'll let ttx know that our tentative date for 1.5.0 is May 31st21:07
notmynamenow for the unexpected topic that came up yesterday: keystone21:07
notmyname#topic swift+keystone sitting in a tree....21:07
*** openstack changes topic to "swift+keystone sitting in a tree...."21:07
chmouelI am personally all fine with the current situation21:08
notmynamecurrently the swift+keystone middleware lives in the keystone project21:08
notmynameI think the hard part is not who maintains the code but how the integration testing is done21:08
chmouelas long we communicate the change that need to be done on the other auth middleware clearly21:08
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notmynameone argument is that we should manage the keystone integration so as to provide a "drop-in" usability of swift with the other projects21:09
notmynameI was hoping that heckj would be able to be here for this, but he doesn't seem to be online21:10
*** markvoelker has quit IRC21:10
notmynamefirst question: where should the keystone middleware live? in swift or in keystone?21:11
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
chmouelshould we vote?21:11
notmyname#startvote where should the keystone middleware live? in swift or in keystone?21:11
openstackBegin voting on: where should the keystone middleware live? in swift or in keystone? Valid vote options are Yes, No.21:11
openstackVote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.21:11
redbo#vote no21:12
openstackredbo: no is not a valid option. Valid options are Yes, No.21:12
*** danwent has quit IRC21:12
notmynameok, yes == keystone, no == swift21:12
dfgputting it into swift would also mean that its controlled by our core devs who don't have any experience with it and don't really use it. doesn't that mean we shouldn't control it?21:12
* notmyname slaps openstack21:12
chmoueldfg: well the argument can be seen from the other side21:12
dfgchmouel: does anyone run both?21:12
annegentlewho gets to vote?21:12
notmynameannegentle: core devs please :-)21:13
annegentlenotmyname: you got it21:13
notmynameannegentle: but I welcome your input21:13
redbo#vote whatever causes the least friction21:13
chmoueldfg: and to tell truth the auth_token middleware abstract most of the keystone interaction21:13
openstackredbo: whatever causes the least friction is not a valid option. Valid options are Yes, No.21:13
annegentlehee hee openstack21:13
notmynamechmouel: where does the middleware for the other projects live?21:13
chmouelin their own21:13
notmynameso nova in nova, etc?21:13
chmoueli think that's the plan21:13
chmouelyeah not for essex but for folsom that't the plan AFAIK21:14
chmoueland have auth_token middleware only in keystone21:14
notmynamewhat does auth_token do?21:14
chmouelit sits in the pipeline21:15
chmouelbefore the swift middleware and takes the login and do the validation21:15
chmouelthe credential i mean21:15
notmynameso the admin token (as opposed to the user's token)?21:15
chmoueland pass headers to the next middleware if authenticated with the roles etc...21:15
chmouelnotmyname: it will use the admin token to the validation21:16
notmynameok, so the responsibility is split? keystone does part of it and nova does another part of it?21:16
notmynameand that's the plan overall for all openstack projects?21:17
*** rnirmal has quit IRC21:17
chmoueli need to double check but that was my understanding21:17
notmynametorgomatic: thoughts from your perspective?21:18
notmynamepandemicsyn: gholt: you've been quiet too21:18
gholtI don't have enough information or concern to make a decision here. Abstain.21:18
notmynamedfg: I think most swift-only deployments (most swift deployments) don't use keystone. but all openstack deployments use keystone21:18
anotherjessechmouel: there is the generic auth_token middleware that can validate a token and set some context variables in wsgi21:19
notmynamebut that's a guess based only on what I've heard21:19
torgomaticI haven't used Keystone enough (at all, really) to have any useful input21:19
*** patelna has quit IRC21:19
dfgso- if we added keystone. it would be good for openstack deployments? since they'd have a single auth system?21:19
anotherjessethere is actually a header with docs about what it does21:19
anotherjessethe thing that needs to be in each project is the conversion of the auth_token variables to project specific shims21:20
torgomaticmy only concern would be that, if I do spin up a Swift cluster using Keystone, that I don't have to install all of Keystone on my Swift nodes just to get some auth middleware21:20
notmynamedfg: well, if it's a full openstack deploy, then they already have keysone so they have the middleware either way21:20
anotherjessetheoretically new services could consume auth_token directly and not need a shim between auth_token and the service21:20
notmynametorgomatic: I think it would still be optional in that you could use tempauth21:20
dfgdoes it have unit / func tests?21:20
anotherjessetorgomatic: there is talk of moving to openstack-common21:20
chmouelnotmyname: yeah right to answer the question as anotherjesse is saying all the glance/nova middleware are out of keystone only swift_auth is there21:21
anotherjessesince it is a standalone "module" that doesn't require anything else21:21
torgomaticnotmyname: right; I'm just talking about the quantity of unused (on my Swift nodes) code that comes along with a full Keystone install21:21
chmouelyeah definitively auth_token stays in keystone21:21
anotherjessechmouel: correct - we used to have the nova-specific shim in keystone (due to the delays in keystone existing and nova being released while the middleware was still being tweaked)21:21
notmynametorgomatic: ya, ok. I misread21:21
anotherjessebut it is now in nova21:22
anotherjessetorgomatic: we (openstack) should allow packagers to deploy keystone's auth_token middleware without the rest of keystone - nothing stops it currently21:22
notmynameso moving the keystone piece into swift means that we are responsible for testing it with each release (commit, rather)21:22
mtaylorchmouel: should the unittests in python-swiftclient be expected to work right now?21:23
anotherjessenotmyname: is the file we are talking about right?21:23
notmynameanotherjesse: ya21:23
chmouelmtaylor: it should I think but it doesn't i'll take a look again at it21:24
anotherjessenotmyname: that is a file that converts the settings from authtoken (in the example pipeline) to swift specific variables21:24
mtaylorchmouel: ImportError: No module named unit.proxy.test_server21:24
anotherjesseit is swift specific code - not keystone specific - although it does rely on the environment coming from authtoken21:24
chmouelmtaylor: hum i'll follow up with you in #openstack-dev later21:25
mtaylorchmouel: cool21:25
anotherjessethe contract from authtoken *SHOULD* not change without considerable effort by all projects21:25
notmynameanotherjesse: doesnt' that tie release schedules together (or at least tie them to freezing that env every 6 months)?21:25
anotherjessesince it requires updating all the other projects21:25
anotherjessenotmyname: we haven't changed the interface since diablo21:25
anotherjesseand don't expect to for folsom21:25
notmynamethat's good. I'm not sure either way yet. I'm still learning what taking responsibility for that truly entails21:26
anotherjessenotmyname: the expectation is that you might want to change what the mapping is21:26
anotherjessefor instance the reseller stuff21:26
dfgits not much code. if it causes a problem it can be removed. i guess my only concern is who'll maintain / peer review it / will it cause bad dependencies between projects on different schedules21:27
openstackVoted on "where should the keystone middleware live? in swift or in keystone?" Results are21:28
chmoueldfg: I can def maintain it in there and I know that the HP guys and mnewby from internet has been involved21:28
chmoueli mean internap :)21:28
dfgok- then i'm fine with it being in.21:29
chmouelthere is more swift specifics than keystone specifics tbh21:29
notmyname#startvote move middleware from keystone to swift21:29
notmynamestupid openstack bot21:29
notmyname#startvote move middleware from keystone to swift? yes no21:29
openstackBegin voting on: move middleware from keystone to swift? Valid vote options are yes, no.21:29
openstackVote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.21:29
notmynamewow it has to have a ?21:29
notmynamestupid openstack bot21:30
dfg#vote yes21:30
chmouel#vote yes21:30
mnewby#vote yes21:30
pandemicsyn#vote yes21:30
notmyname#vote yes21:30
notmynameredbo abstains too21:31
notmynametorgomatic: ?21:31
openstackVoted on "move middleware from keystone to swift?" Results are21:31
openstackyes (5): mnewby, dfg, pandemicsyn, chmouel, notmyname21:31
notmynameok, I'll work with heckj and see what needs to be done21:31
notmynameI'll add this as a requirement to 1.5.0 since it shouldn't take much21:31
mnewbysweet, finally.21:32
notmynameok, sorry this went longer that I expected. I wasn't planning on talking about keystone until yesterday21:32
notmynamethanks all21:32
*** openstack changes topic to "Status and Progress (Meeting topic: keystone-meeting)"21:32
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openstackMinutes (text):
notmynamechmouel: I'll ping you later this week or early next week for status on the client split and the swift3 move21:33
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