Monday, 2012-06-04

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danwenthi folks!  did you remember the time/day change?21:01
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* mestery remembered ...21:01
garykhi guys21:01
danwentok, that's at least a decent showing :)21:01
danwentmaybe give people another minute, but I'll start the meeting and throw up the agenda21:02
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SumitNaiksatamHi All!21:02
danwent#link  Agenda:
carlpgood day!21:03
danwentOk, let's get started.21:03
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danwentso here's the set of work items for F-2:
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danwentF-2 started a week ago, and is only a month out from the branch point, so not much time.21:03
danwentif you're still designing, hopefully you can transition to coding in the next week, at least for the most essential items.21:04
danwentis jkoelker here?21:04
danwentI will ping them to see if they forgot about the time change, but I can give a bit of a v2 API update myself.21:05
danwentwhoops, link on the agenda is wrong.  one sec.21:05
danwentAPI v2 review is here:
danwent#info: API v2 review is here:
danwent#info stacked on top of Authn review:
danwentThere are still some gaps to fill, and we're looking for community help on that (please ping me), but the core stuff is almost all there.21:06
danwentShould be enough that you can start coding against it very soon.21:07
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danwentour main goal is to un-block people who have F-2 items dependent on v2.0 API.21:07
danwent#info  i took a first crack at writing an intro to the v2 API:
danwentthe goal here is to help people who will be coding against the API understand how their code will interact, even though some of the details may change, the big picture should be correct.21:08
danwentThe list of folsom items ( has several BPs that are listed as blocked due to the v2 API.  If you're an owner, I will be contacting you and asking you what additional info you need about the API to become unblocked.21:09
danwent(or if you are unblocked, please switch the BP to a different status).21:09
danwentThere are also a set of open questions at the bottom of the API Intro doc.. please add to that list when things are unclear.21:10
danwentMain blocked BPs are:21:10
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danwentIs yong here?21:12
danwentI dont' see his usual handle...21:12
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danwenthrmmm… maybe should have sent out an earlier reminding today about day change....21:12
danwentcarlp: what's your take on being able to move forward with the DHCP stuff?21:13
PotHixcarlp: do you have some dhcp api to propose?21:14
danwentPotHix: I thought we weren't going to do an API first, so much as a back-end implementation based on the IPs allocated to particular ports.21:14
danwentor rather, we wouldn't do a tenant-facing DHCP api21:14
carlpMArk has been working in it, and he's currently on vacation.  He'll be back tomorrow, we were going to work with the melange API for now and then covert over later.21:14
carlpHe and I are going to be in the same physical place this week, so I expect great things to happen :)21:15
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danwentcarlp: why use the melange API?  I'd much rather have you working against the new API to prove that it has everything you need.21:15
danwentit should have all of the core concepts from melange21:16
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carlpWe can do that too.  Let me look over it and I will let you know if anything is missing21:16
danwentcarlp: yes please… flushing out any issues you think you would have with the existing v2.0 API will be really helpful.21:16
carlpThe big thing we were looking for was a MAC to IP lookup.  That was in Melange before....21:17
danwentcarlp: yes, that should be easy with the v2.0 api, as they are both just attributes on a port.21:17
carlpdanwent: awesome.  We'll work against that for now and see what we can do21:18
danwentanyway, please check out the wiki, and send concerns/ thoughts to the list if you think something won't work for DHCP.21:18
carlpdanwent: will do!21:18
danwentOk, and the last F-2 deliverable I wanted to talk about during the meeting is getting CI gating working with quantum21:19
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danwentthe CI folks (monty and jeblair) have had a patch in review for quite a while.21:19
cdubfirst question...are we passing it as non-gating?21:19
danwentbasically, they need to be able to run all exercise scripts in devstack with quantum enabled.  They are seeing some errors, and we need someone to investigate those errors, fix them.  They are likely test + setup issues, not real code bugs.21:20
danwentcdub: "passing it"?21:20
cdubwow, answer being typed as question being asked...danwent mindreading++21:20
danwentare you asking whether it is their env, or if they are failing in general?21:20
debo-osI know their issue with and its a small fix ... haven't looked at the woes21:20
danwentdebo-os:  yes, though I believe there are several excercise scripts that the gating tests run, all of which must pass for the gating process to "pass".21:21
danwentthe review shows that some of these are failing in devstack when quantum is enabled.21:21
danwentI tracked one of these down to the fact that devstack hardcodes the floating IPs to the interface br100, but there may be others.21:22
danwentI think we really just need someone to dedicate a day or two to getting this working.21:23
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danwentor at the least, uncovering what the issues are, and then farming them out to other peopel to fix.  first step is triage :)21:23
debo-osok I will take a look at it when I fix the woes21:23
debo-ostomorrow maybe21:23
danwentdebo-os:  great.  can you also create a BP to track this for F-2?21:23
debo-osok will do21:24
danwentas you identify specific issues, if they are complex, feel free to create specific bugs for them so others can help pick them off.21:24
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debo-ossure .... will do that21:24
danwentOk, there are a bunch of other important F-2 items, but we probably don't have time to talk about them all in the meeting, so I wanted to see if folks had anything they wanted to raise.21:25
danwentI think our most critical goal this week is getting v2 API stuff solid, and unblocking those that have tasks dependent on it.21:25
danwentok, so on to community topics.21:26
danwent#topic community topics21:26
*** openstack changes topic to "community topics"21:26
danwentour review backlog is getting pretty bad:,n,z21:27
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danwentplus one client review:,n,z21:27
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danwentwe really need people reviewing at leas the minimum21:28
danwentplus we need to get new folks up to speed quickly to have more core devs.21:28
danwentwe also have the option of instituting something along the lines of "review days".21:28
danwent(note: some of these reviews are for stable/essex, so its not quite as bad as it looks, but still needs to be improved)21:29
PotHixI'll start reviewing again soon21:29
danwentPotHix: great, thanks.21:30
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danwentI'd like to avoid having to do anything draconian like actually track peoples reviews, but perhaps we'll try to start collecting stats about lines of code reviewed or something like that.  I'll look into that.21:30
danwentAlso, who is planning on helping with the Bug Triage day?
ncodeI'm reviewing every thing that I fell confortable to talk about :D, after some days coding I will help more21:31
danwent#info openstack-wide bug triage day, this thursday:
garykdanwent: i will take part21:31
danwentncode:  great… the more the merrier :)21:31
salv-orlandoQuantum's intake of patches is growing. Might be time for introducing "review days" for core devs21:31
danwentgaryk: much appreciated.21:31
salv-orlandothis way patch submitters will also know who's the on-duty reviewer every given day of the week.21:32
s0mikagree with salv-orlando  on review days, we discussed that earlier21:32
danwentsalv-orlando: i agree.  I had been thinking that our core team was so small that peole would be "on review" very frequently, but perhaps thats the best option.21:32
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ncodedanwent: I will take part21:33
danwentI do like having somone who everyone knows is on-call21:33
danwentsalv-orlando: do you want to take the lead on setting it up?21:33
danwenti'm definitely in favor of giving it a shot.21:33
danwent#todo salv-orlando to setup review day schedule for quantum.21:33
salv-orlandoI'll start a discussion on the mailing list. Hopefully we'll get a couple of cores on duty each workday of the week21:34
garykgreat idea21:34
danwentbased on experience with nova, the key is actually getting people to follow through with the schedule.21:34
danwenti.e., if reviews are ignored, find out who was the core assigned that day, and find out why they didn't review.21:34
salv-orlandoI think the PTL should be the whipcracker :)21:34
danwenthehe, i think that's implied :)21:35
danwentOk, so garyk and I will be doing the bug triage.  Anyone else want to help?21:35
danwentI actually think it won't be too bad, as I cleaned out a lot of stuff at the end of Essex.21:36
danwentok, its you and me garyk :)  we'll coordinate logistics, as we're in totally different timezones :)21:36
danwent#topic open discussion21:37
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion"21:37
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danwentanything else to add?21:37
danwentone concern I have is that people with important BPs aren't at the meetings...21:37
*** dhellmann_ has quit IRC21:37
danwentthough that's a pretty bad topic to bring up at the meeting :)21:37
danwentso I will be following up with those folks via email.21:37
danwentif you have an important BP, please be sure to attend the meeting, or make sure someone who will be at the meeting has a recent update from you.21:38
danwentOk, if that's it, please pitch in on reviews, and if you can spare some dev cycles, ping me about helping out with the API v2 related work so we can clear the log-jam.21:39
rkukuradanwent: I'm here but I haven't volunteered for anything so I can focus on the provider-networks BP this week.21:39
danwentrkukura: yup… everyone should just do what they can.21:40
danwentprovider networks are definitely important21:40
danwentbye folks!21:40
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack meeting channel. See for schedule and for meeting logs"21:40
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openstackMinutes (text):
s0miktake care folks!21:40
garykthanks and good night21:40
mesterylater folks!21:41
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PotHixcarlp and danwent I'll reply the dhcp e-mail adding other locaweb folks21:41
danwentPotHix: great, thanks.21:42
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jkoelkerdanwent: sorry i got double booked and had a meeting IRL22:10
danwentjkoelker: hehe, ok.  will this timeslot work in general though?22:11
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jkoelkerjust had a meeting that ran over22:15
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danwentjkoelker: ok, great.22:23
danwentjkoelker: btw, just want to make sure you saw this:  suggestions for improvements welcome, i've just taken one pass :)22:25
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